90% of you will go to FEMA camps willingly and this is why.


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  • Christian Anderson

    Plus people would probs start making militias or gangs and start fighting for food and resource . ( That's what I'm gonna do )

  • denis fonda
    denis fonda Day ago

    ufo have studied us alot if you hide they find you no problem .but im poor my choices are hopefuly they dont strap me down and rfid me cause im mentally ill .like you say they will start with the low lives but ill go to the woods and starve myself to death or freeze to death thats what im hopeing or an animale will eat me but ill cry to jesus .i will try to be quiet but god has to stop the devil from finding me .nothing is impossable for god .but god allready told me whats going to happen to me i will get chipped by force in somekind of jail they will turture me for 6 month and ill say no to satan then they chop my head off

  • John Tunney
    John Tunney 2 days ago

    You know how to make a faraday cage, could protect from emo

  • Marion Page
    Marion Page 2 days ago

    You may think I'm nuts, but I have been reading information on the Illuminati, and I've listened to Bill Gates as they talk of ways to reduce the worlds population. Years ago the Illuminati spoke of using poison to reduce the population, in order to save the world. They have bunkers for themselves that will hold thousands. I worked for a man that invented a filter that is on every military helicopter in the US and maybe the world. well I was talking to him about the bunkers, and he didn't call me a liar, but didn't believe me. well the next week the military summoned him to travel to Colorado to show him and several other scientist where they would be living if SHTF.
    When he returned he apologized to me, and affirmed that they do exist. As I understand it the elite plan to reduce the worlds population to around five hundred million. It is my opinion that they will use poison. they have fed us food with GMO's for years perhaps the GMO's have the first part of a two part poison. Now lets assume that the second part is in water. Most of the world is on Municipal water. all they would have to do is inject the second part, in the water, and the job would be over by noon.
    They don't want to destroy infrastructure, if they do it any other way the wars and anarchy will destroy lots of infrastructure. Remember the bible said, in the day of the lord it said that the dead would be from one end of the earth to the other, and I don't believe it said who did the killing. However it did say there would be a remnant that remained.
    Think about it these are end times

  • B M
    B M 2 days ago

    Here's the thing with is your video dated February when the is January 14

  • lisa anne
    lisa anne 3 days ago

    thank you so much this whole time, Everyone at preppernurse. bless you.

  • Waylon Wilson
    Waylon Wilson 3 days ago

    You are the dumbest "prepper" I've ever seen... You just made your community aware or your prepping status. Guess where there are going first for food. Oh, wait... the argument "I have guns and will defend my property" is coming. To which I will reply you have to sleep sometime...

  • Judgment Proof
    Judgment Proof 4 days ago

    I guess it really all depends on how gullible people really are. Not everyone is that gullible and yes you're right, there are definitely preppers. There's always ways people who are not gullible can always survive if they really know how. Think of how life was back in history before all the services we have now. We may have to revert back to those days. What you need to do is learn all you can on what seeds to save depending on where you are if you don't move to a warmer climate. Learn how to filter your water even without a filter

  • bob bagshawe
    bob bagshawe 5 days ago

    Yup, cut off Water, Food, Power, Fuel and Medical Aid.
    Then starts the mass thefts, shooting, rapes and Murder.
    They can turn up the Microwave Towers and Cook you out. Fly over with more Chemtrails of higher Toxins etc.

  • Marty N
    Marty N 7 days ago

    OR........if they call out for the Chinese and or Russians for help with the issues coming. Yes, they WILL hunt and kill people; they don't buy 200 million .223 bullets and fema prefab coffins that hold at least 4 bodies for nothing. But I do like your scenario. Time tells does it not. This vid was made in 2018; it's now 2019...it's a government shutdown and things have changed. War against Americans is coming and what they did with direct energy weapons in causing the California fires in incredible. They're toys have changed. The weather modifications they do with HAARP, etc will damage and kill people and property. The SHTF is going on now,...then the BIG one...it will shock all. Thanks.

  • FreedomIsNotFree
    FreedomIsNotFree 7 days ago

    I could go and buy the mres and all of these prepper resources but do I really want to survive?

  • Every Day
    Every Day 9 days ago

    Hide , no trace, have food. Survive

  • Probe NASA 2
    Probe NASA 2 9 days ago

    FEMA is for national emergencies. Illegal immigrants be prepared. Trump already has wheels in motion to get his national emergency to detain illegal immigrants under the guise of funding for his wall. Ask yourself where they put the adults and children separate from each other with their new immigrant policies? Next will be homeless people. Under the guise of federal rescue to sanitize America's cities. Techmanity will not only allow this but have been brainwashed to hate the homeless and want them out of their sight. Next will be guys like this prepped so they can steal his land and resources. Then the police state will auction off his stuff for tax relief to keep him caged.

  • Val Willman
    Val Willman 9 days ago

    I'm gonna try and do it myself at 67. On disability, of course funds are very limited! But with your help with what your doing and the Grace of God, perseverance, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏maybe, just maybe, I'll make it! Me and my shopping cart! Those are my wheels. Right now I'm trying to save for a all season tent.
    Thanks for all this info!👍👍
    🙏🙏🙏for all!!❤

  • Mojo Jeinxs
    Mojo Jeinxs 11 days ago

    Yes I would get on a fema train to stay alive . Hell I join the Illuminati to be rich too.

  • dude dude
    dude dude 11 days ago

    in the 70's they said there was going to be a new ice age in our time they say global warming and now this stuff ...bottom line no one knows the future so just live your life and ignore all the craziness

  • Francis Bowes
    Francis Bowes 12 days ago

    I do believe what your saying but the government will not stop at the food supply it will be food, water , electricity, live stock, medication. They will use chemical to infect people so the only way to survive will be to submit. after the total control of the population they will start to categorize people as what they will be use for, the one not choose will be permanently dispose of. It will be time for the depopulation by they own standard,if you don"t qualify you will be use at fertilizer. only a few will run the show, not for money but for the power to control other, this is there only reason and no body will do anything about it. one billion control by only hundred . Only my opinion.

  • Matteus733
    Matteus733 12 days ago

    Nice vid subscribed

  • Rev. Kaelene Lord
    Rev. Kaelene Lord 13 days ago

    I looked for the Legacy link that you said you'd provide in the underscore of this video. All that was listed was your homesite. No link at all for Legacy.

    • Rev. Kaelene Lord
      Rev. Kaelene Lord 13 days ago

      +preppernurse1 I tried accessing it from one of your post links and it said something about ' no page available', but on one of your older posts, the link worked. God Bless. ( If you have need a non- denominational Spiritual leader, with military backround, let me know.)

    • preppernurse1
      preppernurse1  13 days ago

      My homesite has the legacy foods on it.

  • 3000kitesurfer
    3000kitesurfer 13 days ago

    Where can I find diagram and part list of your power grid?

  • McNasty Hackers
    McNasty Hackers 14 days ago

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but are the prepers and the people that are trying to plan for survival after the judgement day, I have known or been told about the seven year war will rage on ,after those who have accepted him as our Lord and saviour which is the heavenly father are taken into heaven. Those that are left have not truly accepted him in their hearts and have been left to witness and experience the torment of the war, just curious but to me that would be the prepers planning to survive with out the mark of the beast.... is that assumption the correct way to think or am I wrong? Just askin not sure?...

  • alysa mcneill
    alysa mcneill 14 days ago

    I would love to meet u in person & have one of these talks me & my family strongley bleve in these things.

  • Sabrina J
    Sabrina J 14 days ago

    Gov herds people like cattle in camps. Ok. They kill off half the population. OK. Preppers hide out. Ok. Then what? Oh and they will change the weather and poison the preppers out.

  • Cameron Christon
    Cameron Christon 14 days ago

    So after the 90% surrender willingly, and the remaining 10% are all that's left, won't it be a lot easier for them to come in and round up the rest of us? I mean they'll easily spot a self-sufficient community once there are no other people out in the wild.

  • fizucktDafuckuped
    fizucktDafuckuped 15 days ago

    Stand with your Flag! A Nation divided from it's Flag, will Fall!

  • Tori Manning
    Tori Manning 15 days ago

    Why would people give up guns to fema for food instead of hunting. I disagree

  • Dan Kinslow
    Dan Kinslow 15 days ago +1

    They already know what you think!
    They already know where you are!
    They will send drones!
    There will be no place to hide!!

    • Des & Jen Rainbow
      Des & Jen Rainbow Day ago

      Won't even need that IMHO.

  • David from Brighton
    David from Brighton 15 days ago

    Here in the UK most are still asleep not enough of us that are awake might be enough of us to hold out for a few months but that's about it its fucking scary shit going down I just found out about 788finchley road biggest scandal In UK history top politicians stealing billions through shell companies

  • Rick Picone
    Rick Picone 15 days ago

    Also good to have things on hand that you can barter with, like coffee.

  • Adam Huber
    Adam Huber 16 days ago

    Well, some FEMA CAMPS will have arrived appreciation Thursdays and some will have interpretive dance shower room porno after lights out on Saturday night. Interpretive dance.

  • K Llo
    K Llo 17 days ago

    Hmm.... Interesting 👍🏾

  • Kimberlie Clark
    Kimberlie Clark 18 days ago +1

    Uhgg! A few last thoughts for you all who are quoting the Bible. Doesn't it also say in there God helps those who help themselves? When the time comes God is supposed to wake up His people. Well I think this is your wake up call!

  • Kimberlie Clark
    Kimberlie Clark 18 days ago +2

    One more thing all you people trashing preppernurse1, did it occur to you that he is putting his ass on the line to help YOU to learn to prepare yourselves for what's coming? And I think we can all agree after all of the catastrophic natural and unnatural events that have already taken place, something even more catastrophic is coming. You need to listen to him instead of trashing him and give him props for exposing himself to try to help you get yourselves and your families prepared!

  • Kimberlie Clark
    Kimberlie Clark 18 days ago +4

    I believe FEMA camps will be execution camps not there to feed or help people. Just my opinion.

  • 52 Groovin
    52 Groovin 19 days ago +1

    They gonna go after the troublemakers first because they'll be the first ones to rebel.... Wake up!!! Preppers need to be trouble makers too. The only way we overcome this is strength in numbers and killing anything that isn't rebelling against the corrupt government

  • James Wiliams
    James Wiliams 20 days ago

    The coming of the antichrist at this period is a scam served by the devil who wants separated (killed) those who are unworthy in order to eternally collect their souls because he knows of the coming of the new Byzantine Empire and the world establishment God wants where all people on earth will have a chance for Salvation and the return to the presence of God!
    This coming war will be the means by which all those enslaving the world by diabolical means will vanish with the hand on their own armies!
    Amazing Prophecy of Elder Joseph of Vatopedi monastery in Mount Athos

  • Joyce Chapman
    Joyce Chapman 20 days ago

    I believe they are planning for something. To much evidence is coming out. I am not prepared. I am disabled. I live with my son and he just doesn't listen to me as a matter of fact he just gets mad at me every time I bring it up. Sigh. I appreciate you sharing. I just will be one of those who will either die or turn myself in because the one I live with is not on board. There are millions of people like him they don't want to believe it will ever go down like that and nothing I can say or you can say will make them understand until it is to late.

  • lee bowling
    lee bowling 20 days ago

    That number is entirely too high. Where is all these installations located to hold 300 million people ? I call bullshit. The only way out for them is biological. It's simple they go underground and waylay us above. They will not take the chance on nuking us in case something goes wrong underground and they have to emerge...

  • Scarlett Kelsey
    Scarlett Kelsey 20 days ago

    You are so right. I do so wish more people would see the writing on the wall.

  • James Nixon
    James Nixon 21 day ago

    If we all just had the common sense to realize we outnumber and outgun them by the billions.....but we just dont

  • Harley Thorson
    Harley Thorson 22 days ago +1

    You can't destroy land and then expect others to invite you in with open arms and say 'what's ours is yours!' People may say Cartel Or Gov Or Etc.. The mothers and fathers did their job terribly. Holding Order and a Code of Honor is something you need to build exactly what The United States of America has become from fields of land. We have Order, to oblige in an Orderly fashion you must have Honor rooted within you. Rather than Stand Up to the creation of their being; they'd rather run away and cause havoc..? By means of unorderly attempted force which will definitely fail. And running away in itself is an abomination to what America stands for. Now their creations are further from being put on the proper path and the youngins who could've been taught and in turn redeeming the creators of their responsibility in the world: Well now they are taught worse than the teachings of the original creation before them.. What could be worse than the horror that goes on there? The way I see it; If a Scholar says he knows a book forwards and backwards in full context, to his professor knowing his professor is their to eventually guide him through the teachings of that book: and the professor says ,' no I know my duty, even though i've never fully taken the responsibility to interpret all the data of the book in which this class is built around, I am the professor, have been for so and so years and you will not argue." You see you have the Order right out front right? It's only an illusion for those too irresponsible to reprehend the truth and honest meaning of things. The 'Professor' is as he is called because of the fact that he has every little tiny aspect of the specific profession analyzed interpreted memorized, well enough to teach it repeatedly. Yet if the'professor' never took all that there is to know in, he really isn't a professor. He is a Scholar. That is proper order. For the 'professor' to tell the Titled Scholar that he must acknowledge him as the professor and must listen to his sermons about the data that he's not fully equipped with, to someone whose over qualified him and is truly better off in true meaning as being the professor: Then the 'professor' has completely abandoned and let go of all honor all ordervand has taken the disloyalty of truth and beared it as a weapon to hold his title. Now his irresponsibility and if I may; 'maggoty' way of life will be spread to all those Scholars soon to be the next Professors. Thus any Great Values, will systematically crumble the future of everything. Them coming here the way they are shows; they don't represent the future they don't stand for anything and that really all they wish to do is infiltrate and infest spiratically. I say we build the wall and say 'Fuck that.' The New World Order is not Scary. It is rebirth of a Pure Nation while we're still here to save it. Thank you for reading. My name is Harley Thorson. 25 years old from Minnesota. I for one, am one of the few. The very few who actually see true meaning, order entailment, and Honor in everything everywhere Everytime. It's hard to be because you really bust out in tears sometimes. The world is dwindling. We must unite as a nation together. And unite with the other nations that unite under the same visions that can not be faked lied to or manipulated. There is a lot of blinding illusions out there. And they'll take whatever they get. This is pure 100% fact it can not be pieced out any further. Thank you for all that you do. And thank you everyone reading this and actually connecting to it. We are Awesome. Never forget The United States of America.

    SARAH HANSON 22 days ago

    Put Illuminati into the Google bar backwards

  • shinee sponge
    shinee sponge 22 days ago

    Hypothetically speaking, y'all are out gunned all already: and since you have "prepper" as your youtube name....ummm. They see you and will seize your property. Wow...so much for covert. Control, right? That's all your government sinister theories, correct? But being self sufficient and solar independence is impressive. Pretty cool stuff. Stop worrying everyone.

  • guy wing
    guy wing 22 days ago

    The FEMA camps, police militarization and liberty removing laws like the patriot act are all in preparedness for World War 3.

  • tony turtle
    tony turtle 22 days ago

    George bush said the constitution was just a god dam piece of paper ,the leaders are trying to destroy America ,they lost there minds and went crazy with greed ,we don't live long enuf to be that way ,I want to go down being a patriot not a sheeple ,

  • tony turtle
    tony turtle 22 days ago

    the church is behind the globalist agenda and open borders ,they turned into child rapers and stalkers ,they are the ones destroying the usa and the world ,the leaders of the churchs want power over government so they can butt hump your children

  • Robert Kunferman
    Robert Kunferman 22 days ago

    Hopefully, this helps with the British commonwealth we live in. From the 1970s, when manufacturing junk and junk products was more lucrative than making good products.

  • Thomas Hamilton
    Thomas Hamilton 22 days ago

    The one's who survive the anarchy that will fallow this shut down. There will be MASS KILLING the strong will survive for a wile. But you might be right! I will put my trust in MY Lord Jesus Christ A-MEN..As soon as you are found out,, gangs will come and take it!! My Lord Jesus Christ A-MEN will protect and keep you,, not thinking I am in the middle of nowhere and we will be fine..

  • Homer Holloway Jr.
    Homer Holloway Jr. 23 days ago


  • Amy Dunlap
    Amy Dunlap 23 days ago

    Then what are they gonna do with people while in these camps? Enslave them? Kill them? The only thing our government is worried about is how fat uncle sams pocket is.. How does the USA manage after putting us in camps and zero tax dollars coming in. Not to mention our Military isn't coming in their backyard and killing their moms, dads, siblings, and grandparents. Or enslaving them. Also what do we do with our foriegn policys after we go in these camps because once we're in the camps, every other country will know there is no money to be made with the USA anymore since no one is buying anything. This guy says he is a realistic guy. Well realistically our government putting 90 percent of the population in camps, doesn't benefit them unless they are all devil worshiping murderers. That don't realize Americans sin without thinking twice and don't feel bad about it. So why would you institutionalize these people at that point the only thing thing they would have is God. Which is what the Devil doesn't want. He wants us separated, to not communicate with one another be mean, bad people,who only care about themselves. WHICH AMERICA IS!! SO WHY WOULD THEY CHANGE A THING?

  • Fritz_ Airsoft
    Fritz_ Airsoft 23 days ago

    Wind is ear rape if you have earbuds😂

  • pasnthr 62
    pasnthr 62 23 days ago

    For all you off grid people. Your easier to watch and control than your city cousins

  • Servthelord
    Servthelord 23 days ago

    Lack of industrial sugar will do

  • Ulysses Jackson
    Ulysses Jackson 23 days ago

    Y'all really need to get youth involved with this think they have no idea how to survive.

  • Marilyn Dayen
    Marilyn Dayen 23 days ago +1

    A lot of people say "I'll never let them make me do this or that!! I'd rather die first!"I've said that about certain things too.I watched my mother-in-law, in the hospital, after having had a stroke, will herself to leave this world, because she didn't want to be here anymore, she was 88 years old, and life just wasn't enjoyable anymore. All she did was refuse food and water. It didn't take but about 22 days, and she departed this life.But, when gets down to where the rubber meets the road, I don't know if I could do that, I'll probably be one of those unfortunate people who lets their belly dictate to them, and end up in a FEMA camp.

  • Robert Slattery
    Robert Slattery 23 days ago

    They government has try to eliminate people remember we native americans are still here.showing resilience like you have is how its done.You educate the next generation on what survival is.im both apache and Cherokee.my original ancestors come from the lost city of atlantis and were still here.

  • Miodrag Majkic
    Miodrag Majkic 23 days ago

    You know wats funy about you usa people..i respect ordinary like you.butt.you preper for wath..to eath yor food when arest you..go use guns and tekover your country.or you dont have country enymore..you must have ciwil war.if you want your country back..you touch rusia china korea all world you go and kiill people..and yuo suport them.ho help you when this is hepen.wich country.nobody.you close door in all world..and you just talk..talk..im sory maybe you must be punisment for do nothing to stop globalist ho rule usa..

  • Robert Cundiff
    Robert Cundiff 24 days ago

    As a Survivor I tried to teach people how to, but, now people camp out a wal-mart but you need to prep. and trust in Yahweh.

  • Mister GGG
    Mister GGG 24 days ago

    I disagree with your prediction because people will riot and that will bring them together to organize and fight.

  • Yung Stomach Pump
    Yung Stomach Pump 24 days ago

    Lmao y’all been talking bout fema camps forever

  • Pohaku Mana
    Pohaku Mana 24 days ago

    How much did you spend on your solar ststem? $4-5-6K?
    This is a funny video. Preper in the snow? That's not sustainable.
    What are you gonna eat when the game is all gone?
    YOU think you're not a trouble maker group to the gov.??? lol
    Yea you're on the list.
    You need a place where food grows on tree ALL YEAR LONG!
    I will never run out of food. MORE food rots on the ground than I can eat. 100 coconut trees, 24 old growth mango trees, goat milk/cheese, rabbit pate.
    Note: solar above the 35th parrallel isn't cost effective for the maintainence costs.
    What garden do you have going there in the snow?
    Did you do the census in 2010, 2000?
    Ahhhhh son you picked the wrong location.
    The NE is not the place to survive. Why do you think our ancestor moved West? Better weather, more land, less pollution, less people.
    Less government. We ain't goin nowhere.
    You are just getting into chickens? Not skinnin rabbits yet?
    That long term food has ZERO nutrients, it's dead filler.
    But remember......
    “Under a tyranny, most friends are a liability. One quarter of them turn "reasonable" and become your enemies, one quarter are afraid to speak, and one quarter are killed and you die with them. But the blessed final quarter keep you alive."

  • ldfox11
    ldfox11 24 days ago

    Plain and simple, FEMA camps are not for trouble makers or preppers. They are reserved for those who refuse the RFID ID mark. If you do not conform to the New World Order and join the system of the Beast, then the camps are for those who do not comply.

  • Cynthia Gunn
    Cynthia Gunn 24 days ago

    Hey he's absolutely 100% right.

  • Robert Szymanski
    Robert Szymanski 25 days ago

    I know that I'm going to enter the Kingdom of God because I am not a sinner! I'm a change Christian. I'm not a homosexual either! Homosexuality is a ambomination to God! Those who are sinners no matter what the sin is, quit sinning and change your evil ways! Repent ! Turn away from sin and give your life to God! If you want to enter the Kingdom of God....

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B 25 days ago


  • River Wilder
    River Wilder 25 days ago

    If shtf ...idk ifn I wanna survive. I know where's I'm going when I leave this world. Ifn 10 minutes it was my time to go ...I'm not gonna be butt hurt...bye bye bon voyage hasta la vista time served im out!! Until then...I'm smoke eat drink and be merry and take in the show.

  • Erik Van Hofwegen, II
    Erik Van Hofwegen, II 25 days ago

    I say this for everyone. All my brothers and sisters. Black and White. These people may be onto something. Maybe 9/11 was perpetrated by someone other than Bin Laden. The evidence certainly does support that theory. Maybe it is time to prepare yourself to be self sufficient and able to maintain life off the grid for you and your family. Maybe there is truth in some or all of these warnings to the AMERICAN PEOPLE AND HER WOULD BE ALLIES LIVING HERE UNDER HER FLAG. I want to be very clear with my message because I am not an alarmist. I am not in a position of authority or over-educated, or rich or even well to do. I have $142 in my checking account. But I see things happening I've never seen before in my nearly 40 yrs here and they're scary. But know this AMERICANS:

  • A Watkins
    A Watkins 25 days ago

    Thinking they don't have time for "you" is a terrible mistake. If/when the time comes they have just about every scenario covered, from the lone prepper at his/her remote bug out location to the prepper groups operating as a collective, each and everyone will be invited to the party and it's mandatory attendance! Only preppers who stand a chance are those who can effectely hide long enough for the worst to blow over.

  • BlessingTX7
    BlessingTX7 25 days ago

    We would rather die than go to a FEMA camp. We take our stand at home, prepared as possible, we we worried about this all the time we'd go crazy, prepare as best you can and trust in the LORD, He's your only hope anyway, of course you do what you can physically.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 25 days ago


  • Lilmama so mean Love dymond

    We should also make a plan like the government and cripple the government its fuel, ammo, power grids, bombs and poison EYE FOR AN EYE! we should openly have a stragedy to overthrow the government, law enforcement, justice system and the military and hold them accountable instead of focusing on prepping.

  • Lilmama so mean Love dymond

    Seems to me instead of telling people to prepare individually (too much like divide and wait and conquer) we should be telling people and openly planning when this happens we all should band together reguardless of race and beliefs and instantly fight and disarm every branch of government before we become to weak.

  • oxironhorser
    oxironhorser 25 days ago

    You're missing one key aspect of this scenero.
    In order to move supplies from city to city in sufficient amounts to retain control, the govt must use the highways of this nation. If things get bad enough those highways will be our new supply lines. Malitia's will hit those convoys of supplies feeding their people and in the process disrupting the control of cities. After all you said food is the primary motivator, and high jacking supplies means cities will go without causing unrest.
    The place where your theory fails is believing that people wont fight. That also happens to be the Ideals of this govt, make no mistake a good portion of this population can and will fight.
    Its simply human nature.

  • Duggy Dugg
    Duggy Dugg 25 days ago

    fema yes..but more deadly: marauders...once the unprep starve / dehydrate, then off gridding will work..
    my fear is that when society resumes, the bastards who control the issuance of money , rot schild, etc will still be in power even more vicious than now

  • Toxic Foot
    Toxic Foot 25 days ago

    They could try to starve you out, but everyone has guns so we could easily fight back, and take food from them. They would have a massive rebellion on their hands. Even with tanks, and fighter jets their chances are silm took them 10 years in Afghanistan to do anything against al qaeda greatest military my A$$. People give the us government to much power credit. In This country theirs 450 million people most Of Which hate the corrupt oligarchy we have, and only 1 million is the government. Russia, china, and even india could annihilate this country if they felt like it. Only reason they dont is, because the government pays them off "cough" national debt. Now Days everyone hates the us government Civilians treat cops and military like villains now. heavily outnumber the military, and law enforcement, not including taking ally with other Countries like china or Russia which would see a rebelion as a prime time to strike So if we lost china or Russia would finish them off. 90% of people refuse to fight for the us government, and rather die than fight for it. Thats the country we live in now the next civil war is inevitable once robots take all jobs it starts, Thats when you run out of food, because they aren't gonna change and give people without money food ever.

  • Mema Jean
    Mema Jean 25 days ago

    Why do you think Trump was elected. He knew about the Globalists and he's fighting them. Massive arrests are being made, GITMO is active. And pray to support our president.

  • Rob Morrissy
    Rob Morrissy 25 days ago

    Thank you

  • Gorillas & Guns
    Gorillas & Guns 25 days ago

    Plenty of animals running around in my back yard.. and a nice well... but the last thing I need to do is get me some solar panels to keep the house running. .

  • Hippy Dippy
    Hippy Dippy 25 days ago

    If you prefer a fixed location like a farm, they will find you. If you know your landscape and that includes the plant life for food/medicine, you will never starve. Caches can be found, but the woods harbor a bounty beyond belief. Buy field books for plant identification for food/medicine. Herbal remedy books as well. And you are pretty much right on why people will just go in. I've been starving before. Not really the worst way to go, but I'd rather not do it again.

  • Selma Kelly
    Selma Kelly 25 days ago

    Wait, the Antifas are protected by Leftists. Trouble makers would be Christians and 2Amdt gun owners -- right?

  • Selma Kelly
    Selma Kelly 25 days ago

    Yes, I will gladly go to the FEMA camps because I don't want to kill any globalists. (I want others to kill them. Haha.) No, seriously, I don't want to send anyone to hell, exxept in self-defense. So unless Christ takes me up, it's Obama's guillotine for me. So what. I'm not scared. I have Christ.

  • Carol Dold
    Carol Dold 25 days ago

    You seem rather intelligent. Surely it must have occurred to you that, if you have food & look healthy & well fed, there will soon be a gun pointed at your head. When others are starving and you aren't, they will demand you hand over your rations long before the government tries to confiscate your guns. The only hope we have is in Jesus Christ. He offers eternal life which sounds pretty good in light of the fact that our mortal bodies may not last long in this "dog eat dog" world we live in.

  • Michelle Walbey
    Michelle Walbey 25 days ago

    Did you know that the government store's up a lot of food for themselves every day They will be hiding in the mountains under ground They will survive and you will be left to yourself so people it's best now to receive Jesus as your LORD and Savior and don't get left behind to go through all that stuff

  • Montague
    Montague 25 days ago

    You're 100% right. They have already taken the second amendment away from Chicagoans and New Yorkers.

  • Derek Williams
    Derek Williams 25 days ago

    Does anyone have any idea of how long of a food supply one might need to outlast what may be coming (which may be any number of different scenarios)? 6 weeks? 6 months? 2 years? The best water prep I have seen is Ecoloblue's solar powered water machine that turns humidity into purified drinking water.

  • Josef Stahlhirn
    Josef Stahlhirn 25 days ago

    ...if you do not want your house to be burnt down by an artificially produced (camp) fire some or you do not want the tent you planned to live in the wilderness happen to be in the area where the next artificially manufactured winter storm takes place (frostbiting you), get involved in the battle against the geoengineering programs carried by a small but very powerful and psychotic global elite that is trying to slowly kill us all at this very moment!
    tvclip.biz/video/oFDZPM5Iqec/video.html tvclip.biz/video/yX08C7QGQTA/video.html

  • Kalla Susort
    Kalla Susort 25 days ago

    It is the Illuminati that is running the Government - They have stolen from We the People - and now going along with Agenda 21 From the United Nations. We still can protect ourselves by getting the corrupt Government officials out of office with your VOTE. Lets clean up the USA NOW

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith 25 days ago

    What is that eye sign when you text some one ??? Right next to your time you texted ??? Someone what is that ????

  • Killah King
    Killah King 25 days ago

    To be very honest this video is true in so many ways. So many people, me for example do not have the privilege of stockong up food, and energy. I live mainly in a city environment. So if the system falls I'm going to either have to give in or find a way to survive. Also without any knowledge on storing and collecting supplies, i'd turn to looting and collecting what I can for the day. I agree with what you have stated even if your being the devils advocate.

  • Robert Kunferman
    Robert Kunferman 25 days ago

    Nobody is going to survive a lack of food and ammo. Otherwise, not only will they go running to the gubnant clowns, they will try to turn on each other in order to get favor from the traitors. 20 million Russians starved to death in the mid 1920s, and they even dug up graves to eat corpses = the Russians are still here, and their gubnant just did not get food to the people as they promised. Police protect gubnant traitors, not Americans, and they would sell their own mothers to harm a real citizen.

  • SouthernWulf
    SouthernWulf 25 days ago

    FEMA camps and what not are the last places I'll go.

  • Laila Mckinney
    Laila Mckinney 25 days ago

    Right on brother. I eat danilions all day long n make coffee n tea from that plant alone n roots. Wild lettuce all day long. The stuff grows from out between concrete for Christ sakes. Food all day long. Ppl just walk right by it. Wake up ppl

  • Semper Fry
    Semper Fry 25 days ago

    And the first thing that they will do when they have you in those camps is herd vaccinate you with whatever hell things they want to experiment on you with

  • Semper Fry
    Semper Fry 25 days ago

    I already disagree with what you're saying. Antifa black lives matter those are all groups created by the government. They stop crying when they stop getting paid to cry. They are an artificial bunch of actors and idiots with no minds of their own

  • Rebecca Ringler
    Rebecca Ringler 25 days ago

    Scary prospect, but these places seem to be ready for someone.

  • Big DRE
    Big DRE 25 days ago

    Remember that movie Red Dawn? Had all the "bad folks" in a pen downtown for social intermant camps & they had guards at the drug store where u bought what they allowed you to have

  • Big DRE
    Big DRE 25 days ago

    Check this out, I totally agree we have actually had a "trial run" of this during Katrina. I'm a prepper, a hunter/fisher & avid camper but 3-4wks without power, fuel, water & food will show you just how weak your SHTF plan is. You can't be 80% prepared, you must be prepared for a year(s). I hear guys say I'll hunt/live off the land. Ok if there's 660 acres available to you & 50 people have the same idea that kills your wildlife in 2wks time & living off land, only 2 outta 10 folks know medical/food plants that are available. Ironically my best friend ran a FEMA camp, he said they've never been shown how to police & contain the public but it's easily structured to be with contracted security guards or soldiers & camp security ( cameras etc). Also if ur on medications, take into mind months without access. Good info though in video

  • Starafina8
    Starafina8 25 days ago

    #Blacklivesmatter is not a trouble making group. They only want Justice for their family that have only been oppressed openly and acceptingly by the world for almost 400 years.

  • Nagato Uzumaki
    Nagato Uzumaki 26 days ago

    Not even the government there could be any kind of nuclear fallout government civil war WW3 over population starvation there are so many apoptotic situations all we got to do is be prepared by not fully living off the system

  • Nagato Uzumaki
    Nagato Uzumaki 26 days ago

    I can't wait for the day I don't have to to rely on the system any more