90% of you will go to FEMA camps willingly and this is why.

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • This is why 90% of you will go to FEMA camps willingly. A good solar day. Legacy will now ship food in 1 or 2 days after the order use the discount code of FASTSHIPPING and you will get 20% off order threw February 19th.

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  • Janis Hackler
    Janis Hackler 9 days ago

    Not me๐Ÿ™

  • menames liam
    menames liam 11 days ago

    the purge... they want population to go down? why not have the purge, aims for the homeless and the sick, less money for the 'useless' people

  • Ed Po
    Ed Po 16 days ago

    I just subscribed very informative looking forward to next video

  • karl Cauckwell
    karl Cauckwell 18 days ago

    They will come get u as easy too you cant hid when they eound up people for fema

  • Paul Jenkins
    Paul Jenkins 19 days ago

    But what's the end game? Say we become self-sufficient and can survive for a very long time, maybe a few years off the grid. What does that really mean for us? What will happen to the 90% who go into the FEMA camps? Are they going to be exterminated? After a couple of years of surviving off the grid, will we be in a position to defend the USA from the evil and all powerful government? It would be us with our pop-guns against an all-powerful highly advanced military with weapons far beyond anything we've ever seen. Again, where are we going with this plan? Will we all become nothing but a vagabond in our own country just trying to stay alive while avoiding areas where the government has a strong presence? This doesn't sound like an end-game that I want to be part of. It sounds more like a horrible post-apocalyptic world portrayed in the Mad Max movies.
    I really believe that if all these things happen, as expected, we the people of the United States are in deep shit. We are going to need outside help. Sadly, no other nation can hold a candle to the power of the USA, so no other nation can help us. And they wouldn't anyway. So, the only help we can get is from another civilization outside of this planet that may be monitoring our progress and keeping tabs on our status. If they, whoever they might be, are unwilling to help us overcome this terrible evil, I am afraid that humanity is doomed to whatever fate the Illuminati has in mind for us. There are many good people in this nation and the world, but overall, wickedness abounds far beyond the good. Thus, the human race may not be worth saving.

  • Dottie Smith
    Dottie Smith 19 days ago

    Get a lot of vits.

  • Emmanuel Cabillan
    Emmanuel Cabillan 19 days ago

    If you control food, water and starve those what you called bad individual this called puppetry (Manipulation) not Freedom. If US. Government think like that it will doomed your country.

  • Catherine Shaw
    Catherine Shaw 20 days ago

    Your Videos Are ๐Ÿ‘ Great.

  • Scott Tammaro
    Scott Tammaro 20 days ago

    This FEMA doom and gloom has been the work of the democratic party for years, yes they had an agenda. But they weren't counting on, ya you guessed it, our current president. He has thrown a proverbial wrench in the gearbox of the left wing libs. Why do you think they have spent the past two years trying to dismantle his administration. Our president has the most powerful military on earth at his disposal. Martial law will be the law enforcement. Do you really believe the meek, who God said will inherit the earth, are going to be rounded up and disposed of?

  • candidandy52
    candidandy52 23 days ago

    Thank-u, fellow Harley Earth Angel!

  • vincentj
    vincentj 25 days ago

    Cut of food and water, fagetaboutit, all they have to do it cut off WiFi. People will freak out if the canโ€™t check their Facebook page.

    NPC TARD 27 days ago

    Now they are poisoning derr precious animals CJD type infenction!!
    They wont lay dwn weapons=fight to the DEATH!!
    I wull just do as my ancestors did take to the hills do guerilla tactics on hostile forces!
    William wallace is our nations mascot,we wont back DWN,dont care if have to lick rocks 4 sustaintainment
    PS how do these ppl live with themselves get up go to work=just doing ma job,joseph mengala was only doing his job as well,murdering thousands of children,if u cooperate rounding up ppl etc,u are complicit and just doing ma job wont wash!!

  • jason nelson
    jason nelson 27 days ago

    If you get 3 before they get you then you did your job. We will win this I have no doubt

  • Hope Michels
    Hope Michels 27 days ago

    So I've never seen this pop up on a TVclip video, underneath the video....
    I clicked to the left of the captioned FEMA wiki panel " why am I seeing this" Google says it is "Information panel providing topical context"
    And this is the link....

    Did this happen to any one else?

  • neil blackman
    neil blackman 27 days ago

    many will go willingly to fema, who wouldn't when they've no food , and there's a war....

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin Month ago

    Why is the government herding the American people into camps?

  • paul devlin
    paul devlin Month ago

    How you gonna stop people taking everything you have ....?

  • AlphineWolf
    AlphineWolf Month ago

    why did I end up here

  • ramsy420
    ramsy420 Month ago

    If Hillary would have won we would have seen the cute fake alien invasion and then the sheeple would have been taken away

  • Zece Kobold
    Zece Kobold Month ago

    Will I, as a Canadian, go to a FEMA camp? That would be kind of cool I guess, I've got more American friends than Canadian.

  • Queen's Spirit
    Queen's Spirit Month ago

    White nationalist /Supremacy has created more havoc than Black Lives Matters group's I assure you.

  • Fallen Sisterhood
    Fallen Sisterhood Month ago

    I love your set up!

  • Wanda Parham
    Wanda Parham Month ago

    If you're not living off the grid the government can find you. They know some people have been prepping.

  • Dennis Hunt
    Dennis Hunt Month ago

    What are Mre's?

  • onediva69
    onediva69 Month ago

    Who wants to even survive this?? Yall better start prepping your souls by inviting Christ into your life!

  • Hannah Z
    Hannah Z Month ago

    If you don't mind me asking, what part of the country are you in?

  • Melkisedek777
    Melkisedek777 Month ago

    You dont think that if you are self sufficient others will come and take it from you, take it over. It is always like that, people do not respect mine and yours, specially not if all that comes to take place! So it will not do you any good when all that happen, it will change everything because of how people can act in such difficult times!

  • Maria rapture ready

    (tribulation) please God the bride of christ will be out of here.

  • Lily Moon Willow
    Lily Moon Willow Month ago

    Ur so right

  • Ordinary Non Player Character

    I was in a real FEMA camp after hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. Ask me anything.

  • Me
    Me Month ago

    I would just eat my neighbors first. Hell meat is meat. Yummy!!!

  • sherree weber
    sherree weber Month ago

    Myself and my family could use your advice could you please help us we are starting the preparations to go off grid

  • Assanouan Gโ€™bado

    An informative video & I feel that it would be wise to heed the message here. Iโ€™ve left the USA & Iโ€™m currently looking for land to build my Earthship complex. Good fortune to all โœŠ๐Ÿฟ

  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson Month ago

    I have been scrolling through the comments and have come to some opinionated conclusion . I am FEMA certified and trained in a number of areas of the branch. General interpretation iI hear is fear and antism . Now our country is facing a many dangers that we need to be prepared to handle from other areas of the world to our own back yards . The Camps are set up in conglomeration with WalMart to give access to any supplies that may be needed in times of crisis. The camps are set up to control the looters, assailants and dangerous citizens. in any form there needs to be some form of control over chaos that in any circumstance can bring a mass hysteria of misinformation and fear, The coffins that are manufactured are available because people do die in camps for all kinds of reasons and can not just be put in a coffin and laid to rest. If you take a look at the big picture i fell it dire need to be prepared for anything that we could think of that may arise hence preparedness response divisions, locate and recovery departments, and yes morgues . We are trained to be militiant in our attempts to maintain civility . Of course not everyone is going to see the underlying porpose . There is a real threat to our humanity with germ warfare, biologic warfare and nuclear warfare which leads to the idea that not only trained personel but himanity as a whole needs to be prepared for anything . As a society we dont discord the morgues in military installations, or even our own communities but the misunderstanding of FEMA need to be more clarified. Not everyone will be looking out the same"window" of interpretation but in the end we need structure to maintain humanity.

  • Maine Wills
    Maine Wills Month ago

    Thank you for your information brother. Good information you have provided.

    CODEX Month ago

    They will use trickery. They sent men to the guillotine saying to cooperate - they will get a reprieve at any minute, but it didnt happen.

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  • Stephen West
    Stephen West Month ago

    if you have a cell phone recording this then you are not off the grid.

    • preppernurse1
      preppernurse1  Month ago

      That is me on the video and I am off grid. Its called sarcasm.

    • Stephen West
      Stephen West Month ago

      preppernurse1 I'm talking about the dude on the video dip shit, he said he was off the grid.

    • preppernurse1
      preppernurse1  Month ago

      Wow thank you for clearing that up.

  • Lizzie Sangi
    Lizzie Sangi Month ago

    "They" are already doing and hve been controlling people through GMOs, microwaves in the air, and now 5G towers. Fiber optics go into the home, 5G towers are unnecessary. They travel less than 1/2 mile, and destroy oxygen cells in the air. They will be taking out 80ft. high trees and putting cell towers in those holes. 3 small trees can grow in one 80ft. high tree hole.
    I don't believe any weather is Mother Nature, anymore. The sun is hotter than it's ever been, due to HAARP, the earths' core is heating up and planting seasons are out of whack. A fake el nino drought WILL occur again - somewhere. A 5 yr drought will cause famine.
    Starving is one way, but you're missing a zillion other ways they are controlling people, now.

  • 3rd eYe
    3rd eYe Month ago

    the truth is that no-one really knows what will happen and when. I suspect that many things could happen in a systematic phasing of various weapons. The Weather - Earth Wind and Fire, DEW, Viruses ( developed Flu ,Polio...) , Food, Water and more. You will be weakened, turned against each other (Zombie Chaos). You forget that these same entities created Wars, they will use every Law in the book and break them. Every Geography and populous will require differing strategies. They will shut down your power and communications instantly by the use of Smart meters. Once they have done all that they will hunt the survivors who may be 1-2% and that will be done by region and they use that as entertainment as in the Hunger Games. They will want survivors, the ones they don't will be used and deleted eventually. With luck you may survive longer than others but eventually time is on their side. I hope I am wrong but who is going to stop it?.

  • shelly bud
    shelly bud Month ago

    The country is divided into 10 federal emergency districts and they have FEMA camps in each district. The agency feigns that it was established to aid people, when in fact the AGENCY is being implemented as part of the UNITED NATIONS' SINISTER AGENDA 21 PLAN. Agenda 21 plans to DEPOPULATE 95% of the world by 2030. That's the true purpose of the agency and the true reason for its FEMA CAMPS. Depopulation is part of the UN's SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPEMENT PLAN, AND EXTERMINATION IS THEIR BRILLIANT SOLUTION TO MAINTAINING A SUSTAINABLE PLANET. Hence, this country essentially has been divided into 10 EXTERMINATION DISTRICTS, AND THE GOOD OLE' FEMA CAMPS WILL BE USED TO DO JUST THAT. My speculation is that ONCE MARTIAL LAW OCCURS AND YOU GO INTO A FEMA, WAL-MART, MART-LAW CAMP YOU WILL NOT COME OUT ALIVE.

  • Coraly Rivera
    Coraly Rivera Month ago

    Hey ! Wanted to ask how can I start this I have 3kids

  • Rogelio Duran
    Rogelio Duran Month ago

    U seem to know a lot about who the government will choose to chase after๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”


    The powerz that be promote strife.. they will not round it up, but they will fund it !

  • Bobby McCowan
    Bobby McCowan Month ago

    I have s kid I want to go to Canada to the mountains the only thing bothers me is my son miss out on school an more things I wish a bunch of us move together and have a small school for the kids and training for us is there anything like that ??

  • Numero Uno
    Numero Uno Month ago

    Why would the government want to harm its own citizens?

  • rrred lipz
    rrred lipz Month ago

    What good will it really do to think anyone will be able to do all of the things you are saying? You think you can stay on your land with your stored foods and also plant and cultivate foods?? Those gardens will need watered frequently in order to produce crops so what happens when you cant get water? And as far as wells, they will eventually run dry also...you mentioned stocking up on beans and rice...they also need water to be cooked. And i have a feeling water isnt going to be so easily obtainable. I have a friend who has said with the shortages that will come dont be surprised if we end up facing a Soylant Green scenario...and give this some thought..what if its planned for HARP to create massive disaster and destruction so that people have no choice but to go to Fema camps. I used to think my closet was a scary place...what a scary place the world has become.

  • Dottie Gipson
    Dottie Gipson Month ago

    Everything a person needs to survive is already provided around us,look up berries,flowers,weedsAll have a certain purpouse..From the land.

  • Mkadt
    Mkadt Month ago

    They're not going to stop the trucks, we're already gonna stop 4/19/19 until they listen to us about the HOS

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright Month ago

    Your right once food runs out utter panic.

  • Sy Holliday
    Sy Holliday Month ago +1

    The food stamps program has been eliminated sooo i guess ur right ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ’ i will be listening to more of your survival videos please post links of where to start from beginning i want ro learn how.

  • Sy Holliday
    Sy Holliday Month ago

    I just subscribed thank u ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • X-ians stink
    X-ians stink Month ago

    preppernurse1 Okay pardner, whatever you say.

  • Gorgoroth Bergen
    Gorgoroth Bergen Month ago

    Americans have to accept their laws and enter the FEMA Campsites, accept it .

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check Month ago

    Food controls all of our lives. Government or no. Once that is understood you can begin to take control of your own life.

  • LaBradford Smith
    LaBradford Smith Month ago

    How rent going to get paid? Everyone will be homeless

  • LaBradford Smith
    LaBradford Smith Month ago

    Actually that's bs..no 1 will give up. We will go to stores n steal. Common sense will say go grow your own garden

  • the womble
    the womble Month ago

    Part of the problem is you Americans think that this is all about your country and you. The whole world is involved in this , not just North America.

  • Otman Ziani
    Otman Ziani Month ago

    the solution to all of dis is face to face with a government with EK47 imagine 15 million people with automatic weapons going all at ones jest think about that i have found slouching for you people can i gat thanks for taht.

  • MrCongas3
    MrCongas3 Month ago

    Tents, campers, mobile home.

  • MrCongas3
    MrCongas3 Month ago

    Hey Bro you need some help Iโ€™m in.

  • evelyn firestone
    evelyn firestone Month ago +1


  • Richard Poulson
    Richard Poulson Month ago

    @preppernurse1 you look like George Clooney

  • lala owens
    lala owens Month ago

    And here we are government shutdown๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • lala owens
    lala owens Month ago


  • 2ndGen HXNCHX
    2ndGen HXNCHX 2 months ago

    Not me I got a gf that has a hillbilly dad with hillbilly friends, knows how to farm, construction, etc we gonna eat

  • Lordani66
    Lordani66 2 months ago

    I kinda want to stop watching it at 3:20 already. First of all you are basically enabling "THE GOVERNMENT" (aka puppets of the real rulers) to do whatever they want by fear mongering people into "behaving" by saying "they will go after the protesters". This is what the elite wants. People calming down because they think THEY will specifically be taken into the FEMA camps for rioting. What a perfect plan. Second and maybe most importantly, you give examples of antifa, blm and similar groups while everyone with eyes to see knows, that THESE GROUPS ARE GOVT-MADE AND CONTROLLED. If anything, yes, they (these groups) are their (elite's) sheep but are doing their work.
    Okay I have watched the whole video and I have to say, you are a very full of yourself person. Watch out because your own ego may take you to the FEMA camp.

  • Stardust
    Stardust 2 months ago

    Sad, but i agree with you! I see this is the way to get us

  • Erik Klapp
    Erik Klapp 2 months ago

    Welcome to the storm! For far too long, have these vile villainous vultures been sadistically destroying the spirit of mankind on a global scale, that's network showed no limits to its reaches or lengths that it would go to suppress the human fight and will, not knowing that those same actions have been what has been filling the powderkegs of the people! With every sinister act, with every evil deed done to us and others they were throwing another handful of gunpowder into what would ultimately be their undoing, that we the people, us the 99% were poised and positioned to blow up in their faces...well brothers and sisters, the fuses have been lit! and if we don't stand for our rights and for the rights of all others and if WE don't stand for justice and if WE don't stand against the perpatraitors who have and are continuing to commit the most sadistic injustices to our earthly family and to our homes and environments all around our beautiful planet, then "they" have already Won and you, You reading this have allowed this all to continue, with every Grande frap and new video game you bought, You have allowed these "people" to feel so comfortable in our slaughter. So if you still have even a little energy for hope in you, then use that energy to wake up and awaken these masses of brainwashed men and women, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters and in love and compassion incite the fire that still continues to burn in your soul and show others the part of yourself that would not for one second sit idle by while these so called "people" were using and killing everyone on a daily basis. Wake up your senses and stay awake, the storm is here and the time is Now because all you or I have is this hour, this minute, this second! So I ask, what will you do with yourself in this hour. ~ยฐยทยฐ~ HappyEAnon
    Ig Happydoesit to bring truth into the light

  • Christian Anderson
    Christian Anderson 2 months ago

    Plus people would probs start making militias or gangs and start fighting for food and resource . ( That's what I'm gonna do )

  • John Tunney
    John Tunney 2 months ago

    You know how to make a faraday cage, could protect from emo

  • Marion Page
    Marion Page 2 months ago

    You may think I'm nuts, but I have been reading information on the Illuminati, and I've listened to Bill Gates as they talk of ways to reduce the worlds population. Years ago the Illuminati spoke of using poison to reduce the population, in order to save the world. They have bunkers for themselves that will hold thousands. I worked for a man that invented a filter that is on every military helicopter in the US and maybe the world. well I was talking to him about the bunkers, and he didn't call me a liar, but didn't believe me. well the next week the military summoned him to travel to Colorado to show him and several other scientist where they would be living if SHTF.
    When he returned he apologized to me, and affirmed that they do exist. As I understand it the elite plan to reduce the worlds population to around five hundred million. It is my opinion that they will use poison. they have fed us food with GMO's for years perhaps the GMO's have the first part of a two part poison. Now lets assume that the second part is in water. Most of the world is on Municipal water. all they would have to do is inject the second part, in the water, and the job would be over by noon.
    They don't want to destroy infrastructure, if they do it any other way the wars and anarchy will destroy lots of infrastructure. Remember the bible said, in the day of the lord it said that the dead would be from one end of the earth to the other, and I don't believe it said who did the killing. However it did say there would be a remnant that remained.
    Think about it these are end times

  • B M
    B M 2 months ago

    Here's the thing with is your video dated February when the is January 14

  • lisa anne
    lisa anne 2 months ago

    thank you so much this whole time, Everyone at preppernurse. bless you.

  • Waylon Wilson
    Waylon Wilson 2 months ago

    You are the dumbest "prepper" I've ever seen... You just made your community aware or your prepping status. Guess where there are going first for food. Oh, wait... the argument "I have guns and will defend my property" is coming. To which I will reply you have to sleep sometime...

  • Judgment Proof
    Judgment Proof 2 months ago

    I guess it really all depends on how gullible people really are. Not everyone is that gullible and yes you're right, there are definitely preppers. There's always ways people who are not gullible can always survive if they really know how. Think of how life was back in history before all the services we have now. We may have to revert back to those days. What you need to do is learn all you can on what seeds to save depending on where you are if you don't move to a warmer climate. Learn how to filter your water even without a filter

  • bob bagshawe
    bob bagshawe 2 months ago

    Yup, cut off Water, Food, Power, Fuel and Medical Aid.
    Then starts the mass thefts, shooting, rapes and Murder.
    They can turn up the Microwave Towers and Cook you out. Fly over with more Chemtrails of higher Toxins etc.

  • Marty N
    Marty N 2 months ago

    OR........if they call out for the Chinese and or Russians for help with the issues coming. Yes, they WILL hunt and kill people; they don't buy 200 million .223 bullets and fema prefab coffins that hold at least 4 bodies for nothing. But I do like your scenario. Time tells does it not. This vid was made in 2018; it's now 2019...it's a government shutdown and things have changed. War against Americans is coming and what they did with direct energy weapons in causing the California fires in incredible. They're toys have changed. The weather modifications they do with HAARP, etc will damage and kill people and property. The SHTF is going on now,...then the BIG one...it will shock all. Thanks.

  • FreedomIsNotFree
    FreedomIsNotFree 2 months ago

    I could go and buy the mres and all of these prepper resources but do I really want to survive?

  • Every Day
    Every Day 2 months ago

    Hide , no trace, have food. Survive

  • Probe NASA 2
    Probe NASA 2 2 months ago

    FEMA is for national emergencies. Illegal immigrants be prepared. Trump already has wheels in motion to get his national emergency to detain illegal immigrants under the guise of funding for his wall. Ask yourself where they put the adults and children separate from each other with their new immigrant policies? Next will be homeless people. Under the guise of federal rescue to sanitize America's cities. Techmanity will not only allow this but have been brainwashed to hate the homeless and want them out of their sight. Next will be guys like this prepped so they can steal his land and resources. Then the police state will auction off his stuff for tax relief to keep him caged.

  • Val Willman
    Val Willman 2 months ago

    I'm gonna try and do it myself at 67. On disability, of course funds are very limited! But with your help with what your doing and the Grace of God, perseverance, ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™maybe, just maybe, I'll make it! Me and my shopping cart! Those are my wheels. Right now I'm trying to save for a all season tent.
    Thanks for all this info!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™for all!!โค

  • Mojo Jeinxs
    Mojo Jeinxs 2 months ago

    Yes I would get on a fema train to stay alive . Hell I join the Illuminati to be rich too.

  • dude dude
    dude dude 2 months ago

    in the 70's they said there was going to be a new ice age in our time they say global warming and now this stuff ...bottom line no one knows the future so just live your life and ignore all the craziness

  • Francis Bowes
    Francis Bowes 2 months ago

    I do believe what your saying but the government will not stop at the food supply it will be food, water , electricity, live stock, medication. They will use chemical to infect people so the only way to survive will be to submit. after the total control of the population they will start to categorize people as what they will be use for, the one not choose will be permanently dispose of. It will be time for the depopulation by they own standard,if you don"t qualify you will be use at fertilizer. only a few will run the show, not for money but for the power to control other, this is there only reason and no body will do anything about it. one billion control by only hundred . Only my opinion.

  • Matteus733
    Matteus733 2 months ago

    Nice vid subscribed

  • Rev. Kaelene Lord
    Rev. Kaelene Lord 2 months ago

    I looked for the Legacy link that you said you'd provide in the underscore of this video. All that was listed was your homesite. No link at all for Legacy.

    • Rev. Kaelene Lord
      Rev. Kaelene Lord 2 months ago

      +preppernurse1 I tried accessing it from one of your post links and it said something about ' no page available', but on one of your older posts, the link worked. God Bless. ( If you have need a non- denominational Spiritual leader, with military backround, let me know.)

    • preppernurse1
      preppernurse1  2 months ago

      My homesite has the legacy foods on it.

  • 3000kitesurfer
    3000kitesurfer 2 months ago

    Where can I find diagram and part list of your power grid?

  • McNasty Hackers
    McNasty Hackers 2 months ago

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but are the prepers and the people that are trying to plan for survival after the judgement day, I have known or been told about the seven year war will rage on ,after those who have accepted him as our Lord and saviour which is the heavenly father are taken into heaven. Those that are left have not truly accepted him in their hearts and have been left to witness and experience the torment of the war, just curious but to me that would be the prepers planning to survive with out the mark of the beast.... is that assumption the correct way to think or am I wrong? Just askin not sure?...

  • alysa mcneill
    alysa mcneill 2 months ago

    I would love to meet u in person & have one of these talks me & my family strongley bleve in these things.

  • Sabrina J
    Sabrina J 2 months ago

    Gov herds people like cattle in camps. Ok. They kill off half the population. OK. Preppers hide out. Ok. Then what? Oh and they will change the weather and poison the preppers out.

  • Cameron Christon
    Cameron Christon 2 months ago

    So after the 90% surrender willingly, and the remaining 10% are all that's left, won't it be a lot easier for them to come in and round up the rest of us? I mean they'll easily spot a self-sufficient community once there are no other people out in the wild.

  • fizucktDafuckuped
    fizucktDafuckuped 2 months ago

    Stand with your Flag! A Nation divided from it's Flag, will Fall!

  • Tori Manning
    Tori Manning 2 months ago

    Why would people give up guns to fema for food instead of hunting. I disagree

  • Dan Kinslow
    Dan Kinslow 2 months ago +1

    They already know what you think!
    They already know where you are!
    They will send drones!
    There will be no place to hide!!

    • Des & Jen Rainbow
      Des & Jen Rainbow 2 months ago

      Won't even need that IMHO.

  • David from Brighton
    David from Brighton 2 months ago

    Here in the UK most are still asleep not enough of us that are awake might be enough of us to hold out for a few months but that's about it its fucking scary shit going down I just found out about 788finchley road biggest scandal In UK history top politicians stealing billions through shell companies

  • Rick Picone
    Rick Picone 2 months ago

    Also good to have things on hand that you can barter with, like coffee.

  • Adam Huber
    Adam Huber 2 months ago

    Well, some FEMA CAMPS will have arrived appreciation Thursdays and some will have interpretive dance shower room porno after lights out on Saturday night. Interpretive dance.

  • K Llo
    K Llo 2 months ago

    Hmm.... Interesting ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  • Kimberlie Clark
    Kimberlie Clark 2 months ago +1

    Uhgg! A few last thoughts for you all who are quoting the Bible. Doesn't it also say in there God helps those who help themselves? When the time comes God is supposed to wake up His people. Well I think this is your wake up call!