Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • Gav and Dan take 1 piece of vinyl and spin it so fast it becomes about 50,000 pieces of vinyl. The results are obviously captured by a very high speed camera.
    Thanks to Vision Research for lending the Phantom v2640.
    Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Reece Crump
    Reece Crump 2 hours ago

    when it first started spinning, th sound spooked my cat

  • Abhijay Chauhan
    Abhijay Chauhan 2 hours ago

    That's a record breaking moment!!! Get it?

  • kensaimage
    kensaimage 3 hours ago

    Don't forget to make newer videos guys!

    To 'The Slow mo guys'

  • damon harris-Brennan
    damon harris-Brennan 3 hours ago

    You guys should crush/shoot a bowling ball

  • Артём Басов
    Артём Басов 3 hours ago +1

    their channel is a trip in flashtime

  • DiewildeMathilde
    DiewildeMathilde 5 hours ago

    can you place a round of ammuniton on the railroad tracks and watch it go off when a train goes over it please?

  • Kishore Shenoy
    Kishore Shenoy 5 hours ago

    Is this the vinyl test for the dyson test?

  • Isaac Lewan
    Isaac Lewan 5 hours ago

    Do an angle grinder blade next!!

  • itsvictorman
    itsvictorman 5 hours ago

    I'm leaving a like for the blue sky joke lol

  • copperjarhead
    copperjarhead 6 hours ago

    You clearly need more Di-lithium Crystals. It sounds like you are just about to hit Warp when you suffer the catastrophic failure due to the main, and auxiliary systems being pushed too hard to make up for the lack of power.

  • Mlp_fan 325
    Mlp_fan 325 7 hours ago

    Bruh vinyl scratch would be mad as heck

  • Ur mom classic
    Ur mom classic 8 hours ago

    That starting getting creepy with the slow mo sounds and the memorizing spin for the rainbow one

  • Joe Flint
    Joe Flint 11 hours ago

    Y'all should shoot at some bullet proof glass

  • FirebirdMiner
    FirebirdMiner 11 hours ago +1

    someone send this to Charlie Puth

  • Liam Bob
    Liam Bob 12 hours ago

    Seriously guys you have over 11 million subscribers you need to upload more often and not videos you have posted before😔😟....

  • Godric Gryffindor
    Godric Gryffindor 13 hours ago +1

    the CD looks like "guys, i don't feel so good" lol

  • Leona Walters
    Leona Walters 14 hours ago


  • Jackson Reed
    Jackson Reed 14 hours ago

    I wanna hear what that record sounds like

  • Justin Haven
    Justin Haven 14 hours ago

    Too much rotation 🤢

  • AndypandyFTW
    AndypandyFTW 14 hours ago +1

    U guys should do Coca Cola vs a heat gun

  • Jack Witchalls
    Jack Witchalls 14 hours ago

    Do you really think phil was faking his accent?

  • petabyte99
    petabyte99 15 hours ago

    12'30" great idea to let the picture rotate to get the disk fixed.

  • Whitefire Fox
    Whitefire Fox 16 hours ago

    Is it me or did it look like one of those illusions where it's the same size but gets bigger if you no what I mean

  • 愛宕Atago
    愛宕Atago 18 hours ago +1

    That sounded like a A6M0 from WWII

  • Miodrag Petrovič
    Miodrag Petrovič 18 hours ago

    I wanted to point out and error in what you guys said.
    Red Green and Blue are the colors needed in light.
    Red yellow and blue are the colors needed in paint.
    Blue and yellow make green in paint.
    Blue and green make to us looking through screens actually make the color Cyan. You need Green and Red light waves to make Yellow on a screen. I don't know why the color spectrums change between light and between paint or objects. It's odd to me. I think you guys should investigate this further. Maybe I'm wrong.

  • dominoboy 66
    dominoboy 66 18 hours ago

    I'm just imaging them putting a block of cheese on there...

  • the wild runners
    the wild runners 19 hours ago

    try a cose uo from a tlc led and glow lamp

  • Rob Swope
    Rob Swope 21 hour ago

    It’s a dyson not a hoover

  • Schalk van der Merwe
    Schalk van der Merwe 21 hour ago

    You guys should do a show where you try to destroy a Nokia 3310

  • Alex
    Alex 21 hour ago

    9:37 thats alot of damage

  • Snap, Crackle, Cube
    Snap, Crackle, Cube 21 hour ago +2


  • Angel Cumplido
    Angel Cumplido 21 hour ago

    You guys should do something with orbeez. Maybe get a ton of them on a trampoline and have dan to a back/front flip and capture it all in slow motion. Just an idea

  • IPuntBabies
    IPuntBabies 22 hours ago

    That sound is badass.

  • Pm Clh
    Pm Clh 23 hours ago

    how to break a record! Congrat !

  • Reganss 18
    Reganss 18 23 hours ago

    Where's the new video??

  • Cody Dowling
    Cody Dowling 23 hours ago

    It’s hitting natural resonances as you increase speed. That is why it “warbles” more at some speeds than another.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 23 hours ago

    You spin me right round, baby...

  • hellraiser319
    hellraiser319 Day ago

    I can’t imagine what a 78rpm record would do...

  • davide coppa
    davide coppa Day ago

    Imagine these like a motorbike engine

  • Ja Wot
    Ja Wot Day ago

    Poke a rod into a glass jar under water. That looks absolutely mental in slow motion!

  • Kruqtion
    Kruqtion Day ago

    Did the colours like pause when it was spinning for anyone else?

  • Askobhal Labostru

    The action lab smashed a "vacuum chamber"(Mason jar under vacuum) while it was under water I'm curious if y'all could do it better

  • Cyber Tech Tube
    Cyber Tech Tube Day ago

    That was record breaking 😂 !!

  • Vinny V
    Vinny V Day ago

    Do Tesla coil in slow motion

  • Vinny V
    Vinny V Day ago

    Photonicinduction approves.

  • Sewer Tapes
    Sewer Tapes Day ago

    I was thinking if I did this I'd stand close with my back to it. . . you know. . . for a laugh. . . until I saw what it did to the wood.

  • wrhythm
    wrhythm Day ago

    What did you call that potentiometer?

  • soupisgoodfood
    soupisgoodfood Day ago

    The odd harmonics are neat. You can hear the strange sound as the wave that causes the warping travels much slower than the rpm of the record, putting it under stress.

  • Leprechaun Jackson

    Pete Burns would've enjoyed this video...

  • Matt Burrows
    Matt Burrows Day ago

    Spin a saw blade till it breaks ;-p

  • KoltonSaurus62
    KoltonSaurus62 Day ago

    Now that weapon from Sunset Overdrive makes a lot more sense.

  • Kelsenpai
    Kelsenpai Day ago

    I like how unprotected they are from the deadly projectiles. bravo.

  • timtrainage
    timtrainage Day ago

    Good thing I took a bunch of drugs before watching this

  • Prithu Nepal
    Prithu Nepal Day ago

    I know what you should do... How about slow Mo of a cricket making sound by rubbing its feet!

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield Day ago

    Next do it with a person. So if you can get Trump to volunteer. Tell him it's a ride with teenaged girls.

  • SerpentGaming25 #sg25

    7:59 It looks like they activated a wormhole/vortex

  • Zack willard
    Zack willard Day ago

    You should record some 4k telescope videos.

  • SerpentGaming25 #sg25

    Go from this: (6:07) to this! (a clip of an IPhone X playing music)

  • aaronairn
    aaronairn Day ago

    Oooo just had an idea for a video you guys could do. Slow mo ice trampoline.

  • Dante DM
    Dante DM Day ago

    I tried 0.25 into the slow mo part

  • Jiedos Goodrich
    Jiedos Goodrich Day ago

    You would've died if you didn't have the wood.

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  • S P
    S P Day ago

    laserdisc next

  • Robert Hoxworth
    Robert Hoxworth Day ago

    Few seconds away from figuring out how they made the pyramids

  • Julian Chavez
    Julian Chavez Day ago

    The special effect at 16:06 unexpectedly affected me and I felt dizzy and nauseous... LOL

  • Farhan Yasser
    Farhan Yasser Day ago

    Pls make how to make slow motion video pls pls pls

  • Jim Medcraft
    Jim Medcraft Day ago

    TBH I am a little surprised at the power of the Dyson motor considering how chinsy they look in pull downs

  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper Day ago

    thank you for your video, I love that !

  • Levi Visconti
    Levi Visconti Day ago

    That's all i could hear.

  • wenchinatrenchcoat

    Do brake discs from cars next.

  • yose42
    yose42 Day ago

    very nice guys! record breaking^2 :) :) u made my day!

  • 1128nesecret
    1128nesecret Day ago

    Do it

  • fearofchicken
    fearofchicken Day ago

    “Fully almost cracked the wood”

  • themadsamplist
    themadsamplist Day ago

    And now try it horizontally

  • Hello Jikken
    Hello Jikken Day ago

    That's the first record I ever bought!!

  • Johnnyboy23109
    Johnnyboy23109 Day ago

    You should record a lightbulb turning on

  • klandersen42
    klandersen42 Day ago

    Anybody else curious about what the record titles were? I'm sure they were worthless haven't heard of these guys but it would be a fun little trivia tidbit. Another thing that would be interesting is using different types of record discs. Through the years of records there were several different materials that were used in producing the discs. The older harder discs will shatter at a weaker force and with that spinning device would probably disintegrate into dust. Also earlier discs would be slightly rarer had better be some pointless recording that had been remade zillions of times.

    RR PLANB Day ago

    6:28 sniff.
    The Bird is the word.

  • Some Random Dude Dude


  • Uziel
    Uziel Day ago


  • zuluula
    zuluula Day ago

    12:25 you made me vomit

  • GeoByJustin
    GeoByJustin Day ago

    Make this with a phone

  • Patrick
    Patrick Day ago


  • Patrick
    Patrick Day ago

    "Hoover motor" 😂😂😂

  • Zenndark
    Zenndark Day ago


  • CrAzYgIrL
    CrAzYgIrL Day ago

    It's like an awesome fractal animation.

  • Shashank Mishra
    Shashank Mishra Day ago

    You guys are amazing! I've watched every single video that you put on your channel. 👍

  • Mike Pacitti
    Mike Pacitti Day ago

    9:37 dirty mind test

  • Tyler Mcay
    Tyler Mcay Day ago +1

    I need to RECORD this... ahhhh...

  • Tyler Mcay
    Tyler Mcay Day ago +3

    (14:47) Dan: "I don't think a record has ever been used in that way before"
    Ummm... haven't you seen Shaun of the Dead? So British

  • Tyler Mcay
    Tyler Mcay Day ago +1

    What was the name of the records?

  • Tyler Mcay
    Tyler Mcay Day ago +1

    What records were they?

  • Good Mythical Wilson

    So satisfying

  • Atomic Turtle
    Atomic Turtle Day ago

    When you pause at THAT moment.

  • ForRealLeii/RichardMcKee

    Why is it 50 fps and not 60 fps?

  • AwesomeComedystuff

    Are they bank rupt

  • Louis Buteau
    Louis Buteau 2 days ago

    9:40 that’s a lot of DAMAGE 😏😏🤣🤣

  • Diego Lozada Lafosse

    Really, awesome video guys. thanks for 15 minutes of pure fun.

  • Kinzsters172
    Kinzsters172 2 days ago +1

    Despacito 2 is being spun on a record player so much it broke OwO

  • The Bendix Trinity
    The Bendix Trinity 2 days ago

    9:51 nice watch!! I always like blue face watches!! :D