Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • Gav and Dan take 1 piece of vinyl and spin it so fast it becomes about 50,000 pieces of vinyl. The results are obviously captured by a very high speed camera.
    Thanks to Vision Research for lending the Phantom v2640.
    Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Dead Eyed Demon
    Dead Eyed Demon Hour ago

    Gotta love Dan's lab coat.

  • Richard Adams
    Richard Adams 3 hours ago

    shouldn't be 12500k rpm ?

  • Sam Lund
    Sam Lund 4 hours ago

    You guys just broke a record for breaking the most records

  • ubik ubiquitous
    ubik ubiquitous 4 hours ago

    Dust. Anybody? No? Dust.

  • TMD Pianos
    TMD Pianos 5 hours ago


  • Gon Freecss!
    Gon Freecss! 5 hours ago

    Make a vídeo in 0,125 fps

  • Christopher Wong
    Christopher Wong 6 hours ago

    You definitely broke the record

  • Frandysworld
    Frandysworld 6 hours ago

    Now i know what became of roko and nitz from undergrads

  • james Carpenter
    james Carpenter 6 hours ago

    the newest model of a cannon

  • Jordan Gonzales
    Jordan Gonzales 7 hours ago

    Rolling shutter? Welp, I learned something today

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio 9 hours ago


  • Nathan Kamenar
    Nathan Kamenar 10 hours ago

    @slomoguys you guys should put a pig body in-front of the blast and see the damage

  • Дмитрий Козуб

    Казалось бы при чем тут СССР

  • Beaghex
    Beaghex 13 hours ago

    Maybe we should hang out or something

  • Sarunas J.
    Sarunas J. 19 hours ago

    I hope those were christmas records

  • Spyder
    Spyder 19 hours ago

    I wonder what would happen if you did it to people

  • Eye of the Fractal
    Eye of the Fractal 20 hours ago

    You should put more than one record on there with different colors. 6 records stacked from red in front to purple in back like this rainbow. 🌈 If you could spread the safety area out more then you could get an awesome spread. It would be like a record firework 😆!!!

  • major cinnamon sweet
    major cinnamon sweet 21 hour ago

    13:37 you guys have broken the record of the worst record puns ever

  • Not Telling
    Not Telling 22 hours ago

    That second one sounded like a racecar

  • William Pearl
    William Pearl 22 hours ago

    Rip headphone users ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀

  • SPUNTY The Gamer

    I guess you can say that was a "record"

  • Joshua Prasad
    Joshua Prasad Day ago

    Now that's a record breaker.

  • Minethink 144
    Minethink 144 Day ago

    Someone call Guinness, this guys are breaking some records

    I want to die

  • VeryWings1909
    VeryWings1909 Day ago

    The action- 3:30

  • GunSlacr
    GunSlacr Day ago

    I wouldn't say the two tweets got that right, a record and a CD are different things.

  • Milosz Wila
    Milosz Wila Day ago

    9:43 that noice they make

  • Lars Landsem
    Lars Landsem Day ago

    What they need to do it get it to that speed then stop it instantly and see what the momentum does to it. And they should play it as that speed in a record player!

  • Sytijinx
    Sytijinx Day ago

    It's a certainty that there are reasons why some people don't like these vids posted in the comments, but who cares? Slo Mo Guys are awesome!

  • David Long
    David Long Day ago

    No, the archeologists will think that they are religious symbols, and they were destroyed when that religion fell out of favor.

  • Jacksepticeye .i Got Bored.

    12:25 what'd you put in those brownies duuuddeee....

  • The Gaming Robot

    Never walk around these guys backyard without any shoes

  • BananaBoss12
    BananaBoss12 Day ago

    8:10 5:16 - V8 Motor

  • attack helicopter mi 28

    next try circular saw disc in slow mo

  • Skt1 jax
    Skt1 jax Day ago

    no adds?

  • Leslie Royce
    Leslie Royce Day ago

    The warping record looks a bit like a pancake.

  • Evelyn Rojas
    Evelyn Rojas Day ago

    Lol I really enjoyed the vid and the record bad puns 😂

  • Jorge A. Garza V

    9:00 blue sky LOL

  • Nathan Grassick
    Nathan Grassick Day ago

    She’s a witch.

  • Adam White
    Adam White 2 days ago

    12:26 made me feel sick

  • Дмитрий Павлов

    Try with CD

  • stillFLiP
    stillFLiP 2 days ago

    Make a slow-mo video of Dan assembling the pieces, like a puzzle.

  • Mika
    Mika 2 days ago


  • sidharth kv
    sidharth kv 2 days ago

    Congrats. You guys just created a weapon out of scraps.......👏👏👏

  • commissionergordan
    commissionergordan 2 days ago

    would be better with rare old jazz records

  • okkcomputer
    okkcomputer 2 days ago

    just get on with it

  • Joseph Shoults
    Joseph Shoults 2 days ago


  • WEEABOO 64
    WEEABOO 64 2 days ago


  • Kareem Masalkhi
    Kareem Masalkhi 2 days ago

    If i can make a 1 hr video of that colored disc spinning with the distortion, then satisfaction = %100👌🏻☺️

  • theRAGINGcorgi
    theRAGINGcorgi 3 days ago

    Thats a lot of damage

  • weegaz22
    weegaz22 3 days ago

    Next time add a ballistics gel wall

  • Kiên
    Kiên 3 days ago

    Im not smoking weed but Im very high after this video =))

  • snappy 462
    snappy 462 3 days ago


  • Henriliciouz
    Henriliciouz 3 days ago

    have you ever tried a propeller from electric fan? that would good..

  • Masked Man
    Masked Man 3 days ago

    Try a light object yet strong so it doesn’t break apart as easy.. I wanna see dat

    IsUMADBR0 4 days ago

    You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round right round...

  • Mr Peruna
    Mr Peruna 4 days ago


  • jlucasound
    jlucasound 4 days ago

    It was a record "setting", record "breaking". The puns put a new "spin" on things. "Groovy" guys. Am I "needling" you with my puns? How did you get a blue sky (assuming you are) in England?

  • Dylan Filian
    Dylan Filian 5 days ago +2

    Google Chrome? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 6:40

  • BrokenSilence32
    BrokenSilence32 5 days ago

    "That goes! Fwoah!"
    --Dan, 2018

  • Jackie Holmes
    Jackie Holmes 5 days ago

    At 11:31 it sounds like a portal/vortex opened

  • Valerio Cardarelli
    Valerio Cardarelli 5 days ago

    9:39 "WOW that's a lot of damage! but flex seal can repair it!"

  • Jonathan Weaver
    Jonathan Weaver 5 days ago

    Sounds better than most Honda’s

  • adilese Fanlone
    adilese Fanlone 6 days ago

    i have got to think of something like this and become famous.

  • Eclipsed Soul
    Eclipsed Soul 6 days ago

    Sounds like a futuristic car. 5:14

  • THE SILENT MAN projecting into the past

    I'm not going to lend you my precious vinyl.

  • Jordan Vella
    Jordan Vella 6 days ago

    think you'd protect that expensive camera a little more. these videos are interesting though

  • greggv8
    greggv8 6 days ago

    Do it to some old 45 RPM records.

  • consicedisc
    consicedisc 7 days ago

    when it focused on the record and the world was spinning what life was

  • Tyru Canue
    Tyru Canue 7 days ago

    Looked like red did it

  • Matt McFarlane
    Matt McFarlane 7 days ago

    If you filmed this again in the middle of nowhere, I think it would be interesting to see how far the pieces would go.

  • Jxmie Reeves
    Jxmie Reeves 7 days ago

    Ahhh the editing is too trippy

  • 명준김
    명준김 7 days ago


  • Gar Alun
    Gar Alun 7 days ago

    It's not a Hoover Motor Dan!!!

  • skonkfactory
    skonkfactory 7 days ago

    Try a laserdisc!

  • ABC (American Bull Crap)

    This video could be a phenomenal source of album art tbh

  • Viciouspirahna 7
    Viciouspirahna 7 8 days ago

    Anybody? No? Dust.

  • hymtomz
    hymtomz 8 days ago


  • Darvin
    Darvin 8 days ago

    It would be amazing to see this with ballistic gel walls as well as the cinderblocks just to get an idea of the damage it would do

  • 2waringring,UKAIRISA


  • 2waringring,UKAIRISA


  • gatan sandaga
    gatan sandaga 8 days ago

    wat motor did u use?

  • Misosoupbaby
    Misosoupbaby 8 days ago

    glad your using your money to invest in that high tech barrier made of wood

  • jonnyczi
    jonnyczi 8 days ago

    Do this with a saw blade and grinder disc.

  • onafixedincome
    onafixedincome 9 days ago

    "We've shattered all the records".....GROOOOOAAAAAANNNNN.....!!! Yegods!

  • Clickbait Hunter
    Clickbait Hunter 9 days ago

    5:12 - 5:20 *legit sounds like an engine out of a toyota AE86 (4AGE)*

  • BloodyKandi
    BloodyKandi 10 days ago

    Ok I did NOT know what you meant by “spin it in post”, and I was NOT ready for that 😂

  • Monty Wilson
    Monty Wilson 10 days ago


  • MrG G
    MrG G 10 days ago

    look closely and the record could actually worth a little money...1958, Crown Records Label...Greatest Hits, including Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Goodbye Baby....

  • YoshiTM
    YoshiTM 11 days ago

    5:12 sport car aceleration

  • Jovan Zhang
    Jovan Zhang 11 days ago

    *decapitated bird falls from the sky*

  • Zombie Killer 911
    Zombie Killer 911 11 days ago

    Play play I have a party party good to go to the data don’t forget the right time does the car is my no noise oink oink

  • Zombie Killer 911
    Zombie Killer 911 11 days ago

    Look at the 3-D nature of the stuff

  • Nick Haakman
    Nick Haakman 12 days ago

    You should do this with a bakalit record, will be even crazier, trust me

  • Fred
    Fred 12 days ago

    Y'all decided to do this video just to make the puns, Didn't you?

  • Orange
    Orange 12 days ago

    This is what I call, Spinin Records

  • Reagan Moore
    Reagan Moore 13 days ago

    Jack White’s worst nightmare

  • Redeyes Drago
    Redeyes Drago 13 days ago

    12:25 got me tripping

  • Luke Stamer
    Luke Stamer 13 days ago

    Who's that lady?

  • Quinn Hawkes
    Quinn Hawkes 13 days ago

    all epic moments: 2:17 8:14

  • C. iNat
    C. iNat 13 days ago

    the discovery channel needs to give Gav & Dan a "Record Deal"