SYMFUHNY *PROPOSED* To Brooke And Buys Her $50,000 Engagment Ring WOW (Fortnite)

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • In this video symfuhny proposed to brooke and buys her a 50k engagement ring. You can find Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments here!
    SYMFUHNY *PROPOSED* To Brooke And Buys Her $50,000 Engagment Ring WOW (Fortnite)
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  • Omar Roast
    Omar Roast Month ago

    first you use fortnite first's intro now you say what yubg chip says in his intro

  • Brodie Whalen
    Brodie Whalen Month ago


  • Gunnar Schmidt
    Gunnar Schmidt Month ago

    5:25 is what you came for

  • Green Bean
    Green Bean Month ago

    Green CBG

  • FernOnKickStart
    FernOnKickStart Month ago

    Ur English tbh isn’t even good not to be rude and u put 300,000 and u trying to reach 500,000? What?

  • Jonathan De Jesus
    Jonathan De Jesus Month ago

    Geez y’all needa stop talking many other people copy other youtubers just grow up already you 10 yearolds

  • J4K3
    J4K3 Month ago +1

    I’m on PS4 and my tag is czX_J4K3
    Use code Trends in the item shop

  • Johnny Orozco
    Johnny Orozco Month ago +1

    Is it just me or that he copied yung chips intro

  • armando salcido
    armando salcido Month ago

    The owner of this channel sucks small penises for click baiting and not knowing what sarcasm is

  • Phiwinhlanhla Zondo

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  • Toxic snipezz37
    Toxic snipezz37 Month ago

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  • Christian ChristianChristian

    Your intro is just like this one guy called Yung chip hahah

  • iPaapiixFlappy Xx
    iPaapiixFlappy Xx Month ago

    Epic tag

  • Vortex optic
    Vortex optic Month ago

    Better intros

  • mattyCU
    mattyCU Month ago

    You yung chip scrape tut tut tut

  • Owen 909
    Owen 909 Month ago

    He finally dropped the sub. Thing

  • Drillings
    Drillings Month ago

    My epic name is madtingjm
    Subbed with post notifs love you vids
    Not clickbat
    And not begging 4 likes
    Have a great day

  • Asael Malonas
    Asael Malonas Month ago

    Just start the video right away but first explain what happens and dont say like and sub

  • Dammend
    Dammend Month ago +1

    Y everyone copying yung chip?

  • Ez Clapz
    Ez Clapz Month ago


  • SAmOnSTer
    SAmOnSTer Month ago

    U stole that intro from chip

  • Sense
    Sense Month ago

    But I understand what U gots to doo!?

  • Sense
    Sense Month ago

    Wow this guy is so good

    At clickbaiting

  • beast Ibrahim gaming


  • xd_ Pinkalicious
    xd_ Pinkalicious Month ago

    Omg omg omg no more spider!!!!!!! Lul

  • BxppedByCaden Yt
    BxppedByCaden Yt Month ago

    I liked
    I use code fortnite trends
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    My epic is REALYcaden
    And. Let’s get this channel to 500,000 subs

  • ViZe Rain
    ViZe Rain Month ago

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  • Brodie Hookens
    Brodie Hookens Month ago

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  • qtCustomz
    qtCustomz Month ago

    My epic is Twitchsweatytae

  • Zvmbiee- Fn
    Zvmbiee- Fn Month ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I came here for 5:23 and you did too

  • RXN Ro-Higz
    RXN Ro-Higz Month ago

    You are a shit channel stop click baiting

  • Joseph Aldrete
    Joseph Aldrete Month ago

    Miss the old intro man!! Good work tho!!

  • Thijs Van Zelst
    Thijs Van Zelst Month ago

    Click bait

  • Ruben kruger
    Ruben kruger Month ago +1

    FaZe sway

  • Zach Terry
    Zach Terry Month ago

    I subscribed turned on post notification and liked the video 👌👌

  • Gwilym Logan
    Gwilym Logan Month ago

    Oh McDonald's Makes sense SYM

  • TSK_KilZz
    TSK_KilZz Month ago

    U just faked yung chips intro!

  • John Carnicelli
    John Carnicelli Month ago

    What's he gonna do bye her a happy meal for there honeymoon

    vSYPHIC Month ago


    vSYPHIC Month ago


  • Jony 1925
    Jony 1925 Month ago

    sub to my channel im a goated mouse and keyboard player

  • White Murphy
    White Murphy Month ago

    No one: sym:what up what up what up lets go lets go lets go

  • Risky HD
    Risky HD Month ago

    Loved this intro I got scared almost clicked off I though u was gone say a bug would crawl on my face 😂😂

  • TheHawk2007
    TheHawk2007 Month ago +1

    Why are you sterling yung-chips intro

  • Jollycollins 06
    Jollycollins 06 Month ago +2

    Bro big clickbait he was sarcastic and said it after six minutes but you stretched it 20 minutes waste of time 5:23
    My bad I said 5.50 to begin

  • Smoki Loki
    Smoki Loki Month ago

    Get an s10+ or note 10+

  • Code ; Lazar
    Code ; Lazar Month ago

    He was joking when he said he proposed hahaha

  • Crank
    Crank Month ago

    I phone gang - like this video
    Android gang like this video

  • Whoisjonah
    Whoisjonah Month ago +1

    Thank you for not doing the intro

  • Hazardous_Kidz ,
    Hazardous_Kidz , Month ago +1

    5:23 can you thank me by subbing to my channel thank you so much have a great day/night

  • jason green
    jason green Month ago

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  • lilcrush15
    lilcrush15 Month ago +1

    12 year olds😂

  • Ben Parrish
    Ben Parrish Month ago

    He literally is joking you moron clickbait channel

  • Ben Parrish
    Ben Parrish Month ago

    Bro your channel is dogshit

  • Evo-Xport -
    Evo-Xport - Month ago

    Epic : Xport ت

  • djrerok 85
    djrerok 85 Month ago +1

    That intro is form Yung-chip isn't it

  • Ttv quinton Morrison


  • Agron1984
    Agron1984 Month ago

    actually like the intro

  • Brandon Torreblanca


  • Shawn Kim
    Shawn Kim Month ago +55

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I came for 5:23
    And you did too :)