Palm Phone Review - Minimalism At It's Finest

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • After using the Palm phone for a month, I wanted to sit down and do my full review of this fantastic little device. I have the unlocked version of the Palm phone, and I've been using it with the TMobile DIGITS, so that I've been able to have full connectivity and access to my primary line, so that I could really test it out in the real world and see whether it's viable or not. I made a "day in the life" video, did a camera review, and an unboxing video. This is the final video in the series for my Palm reviews and should give you a pretty good idea what the phone is about, what it's capable of, and how it could fit in your life.
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Comments • 11

  • douglas strait
    douglas strait 16 days ago

    Good trap phone and spy phone

  • Levi K
    Levi K 26 days ago +1

    can you buy this at best buy and if you can how much it cost

    • Anthony
      Anthony 6 days ago

      @TechOdyssey Great review. Price definitely dropped. You can buy this phone unlocked for $80 on ebay

    • TechOdyssey
      TechOdyssey  26 days ago +1

      You can die Verizon only, internet purchase. And it’s $350

  • mason s.
    mason s. Month ago +5

    This is kind of what I want for my main phone. I'm don't want more features , I want a phone that fits in my pocket .

    • caleb.
      caleb. 13 days ago

      I'm using one right now. On eBay it has for 40-50$ its worth it!

  • Joe Hussey
    Joe Hussey Month ago +1

    Seems like a great little companion phone when you want to be connected but not immersed!! Great review Adam. 🤓👍

  • Armardillotek Texas
    Armardillotek Texas Month ago +1

    How many phones you have now

  • Life of Tech
    Life of Tech Month ago

    Great video, Adam. Seems like a really awesome little handset. In the UK it's only available exclusively (for 6 months) on a network that I don't use. I did reach out to Palm about a month ago as I really wanted to check it out. I think they have different Marketing teams in the USA and the UK though.
    If I manage to get my hands on one in the end...I might finally be free from these awful notifications I normally receive hahaha.
    Enjoyed the video sir 👍🏻