Zedd - Beautiful Now (Official Music Video) ft. Jon Bellion

  • Published on Jun 11, 2015
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    Written and directed by Jodeb
    Director of photography: Kristof Brandl
    Producer: Jamee Ranta
    1st AC: Nicholas Kramer
    Edit + Colors: Jodeb
    Executive producer: Geoff Mclean
    Produced by Vision
    Cast (in order of appearance)
    Emmaline, murderer girl (CZ): Katerina Vintrova
    Blair, mountain man (GT): Luis Eduardo Escobedo Gowans
    Hernian, young man (GT): Luiiziitoo Saantay
    Isaac, young thug (CZ): Anton Zaslavski
    Audrey, "suicidal" girl (CZ): Tereza Sindelarova
    Guatemala team
    Production company: The Bigger Picture Pictures
    Fixer/1st AD: Gg
    Craft Services: Louisa Aguilar
    Volcano Expedition Leader: Julio Rolando Menchu
    Production assistant/2nd AC: Eeko
    Production assistant: Bob Trimper
    Prague team
    Production company: Stillking Films
    Executive producer: Lida Ortungova
    Production manager: Michal 'Red' Cerveny
    1st AD: Petr 'Olmic' Olma
    Location Manager: Josef Hanukik
    Art Director: Patrik Riegl
    Make Up: Veronika Vandasova
    Styling: Tereza Dvorakova, Kacena kovarikova
    Music video by Zedd performing Beautiful Now. (C) 2015 Interscope Records
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  • Adam Burianek
    Adam Burianek 33 minutes ago

    As a native Slovak, I spotted that this video was shooted in Czech republic :o

  • Zinc
    Zinc 5 hours ago

    This song give me memories I don’t even have

  • Gamaury Carbajal por Olad Garcia

    !!Mikecrack has bien sloted your song mames pickachu Mike!!
    Al español :
    Mikecrack ha robado tu canción y lo llamo pickachu mike

  • BirdsCan't Fly
    BirdsCan't Fly 18 hours ago

    I love this song!.

  • Kamiksha Sharma
    Kamiksha Sharma 19 hours ago

    One of the best songs ever made

  • 華
     20 hours ago


  • Erick Millán
    Erick Millán Day ago


  • Ace加老King ak4072

    beaultiful now pan pan pan pan pan pan pan

  • Berlin Turnip
    Berlin Turnip Day ago

    Untill now i still like this song💙

  • Joel Enrique
    Joel Enrique Day ago

    I don't know why this song remembers me to L.A 😔

  • Arlindo Goncalves De Araujo Neto

    wait!! Jon Bellion???? OMG

    SY 《YOUSEF》 Day ago +1


  • Eggcelent 369
    Eggcelent 369 Day ago

    So this where the babababbaa sound stuck in my head from

  • sam booker
    sam booker Day ago +1


  • Quang Tú
    Quang Tú Day ago

    I'm from Vietnam's

  • Luther chen
    Luther chen 2 days ago

    To all ur BEAUTIFUL... no matter what..

    BTS GIRL FOREVER 2 days ago +2

    Okay so any army here because bts always say they want to collaborate with zedd😂💜

    Okay only me

  • jake tluma
    jake tluma 2 days ago

    What happens when you loop a section of and old rhyme
    You get a Zedd Song

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 2 days ago

    This will always be a beautiful song 😍😍😍

  • Smile SB
    Smile SB 2 days ago


  • Y A
    Y A 2 days ago +4

    この歌は人それぞれの幸せ 価値観 そして美しさがあると受け取るのが正しいのでしょうか

    • Y A
      Y A 7 hours ago

      三宮葵 明日から僕海外行くので

    • Y A
      Y A 9 hours ago


    • りあんー
      りあんー 9 hours ago +1


    • 三宮葵
      三宮葵 Day ago +1

      Y A そうだね!価値観って人それぞれだど、海外に留学して思った!

    • Mr. MARVEL
      Mr. MARVEL Day ago +1

      Y A 多分そうだと思いますよ!

  • Saleh1only
    Saleh1only 2 days ago


  • A normal person Not an alien

    Can't believe this video is 4 yo now. I started listening to zedd because of this song

  • Her Husband
    Her Husband 3 days ago

    Still beautiful now

  • Sandhya Nadan
    Sandhya Nadan 3 days ago

    Honey boo boo, do yourself a favor and stop being delusional. Nulllll. Ham aithiin. Within you. But shit, it was 99€£

  • ImpossibleGameing1
    ImpossibleGameing1 3 days ago

    The video inspired me .........wow amazing

  • UtKarsh 10
    UtKarsh 10 3 days ago +5

    Whenever I listen to this song it brings back my special memories.

  • d3cay visuals
    d3cay visuals 3 days ago

    Beautiful video the director and writer did great with the backstory the lyrics are beautiful and meaning full the actors potrayed their roles perfectly and where do I even begin with the song itself like I said the audio and lyrics are absolutely beautiful thank you for producing Zedd and jodeb

  • Faishal Fadh
    Faishal Fadh 3 days ago +7

    This song's like have a soul inside it !

  • 테이
    테이 3 days ago +1


  • Paulina
    Paulina 3 days ago +3

    I first hear this song in 2015 wtf time goes fast

  • Sandhya Nadan
    Sandhya Nadan 3 days ago +2

    Makes you think about a few tings huh?

  • igor nasimov
    igor nasimov 3 days ago

    (BEAUTIFUL NOW @2020)

  • Yuza Yusry
    Yuza Yusry 3 days ago +1

    this song is forever in my heart since 2015 :')

    NMR STUDIO 4 days ago +24

    Who is here in oct 2019

  • marko_mne
    marko_mne 4 days ago

    Band in China :) support man!

  • Rheneas Lennox
    Rheneas Lennox 4 days ago

    Beatdrop: pan
    Zedd: Russo/German
    Pan: Bread (spanish)
    Germans like bread.
    Geometry: p

  • Ra apti
    Ra apti 4 days ago

    best song ever.

  • Linda O
    Linda O 4 days ago

    No tiene tantos suscriptores como los polinesios

  • Maii Rosas
    Maii Rosas 4 days ago

    Aayy nuuu

  • STRIKE 1314
    STRIKE 1314 4 days ago +6

    ┗┛┗┻━┻━┻━┻ ФctoღeЯ-2019

  • apv130716
    apv130716 4 days ago +4

    Best Zedd's song who agree?

  • Albert Green
    Albert Green 4 days ago


  • Indrajid Suryaputra
    Indrajid Suryaputra 4 days ago +1

    Beautiful Now, and forever.
    Most epic and beautiful music video imo

  • Gitansh SS
    Gitansh SS 5 days ago +138

    who is here in oct 2019?

  • seoknai chen
    seoknai chen 5 days ago +1

    Wait so if Audrey is now 16 y/o...she was 12 when this mv was filmed...wtf???? She look older

    • Rachel B
      Rachel B 4 days ago

      was at least 17, i mean

    • Rachel B
      Rachel B 4 days ago

      i always thought the girl looked at least 17

  • Mẫn Phạm Đức
    Mẫn Phạm Đức 5 days ago +1


  • Sean
    Sean 5 days ago

    Why are people obsessed with what year it is? Or are they asking what year it is?

  • Renauldo Moore
    Renauldo Moore 5 days ago +2

    October 2019 we still beautiful 2039 😊

  • 私を見つけて
    私を見つけて 5 days ago +2

    サビ 1:30

  • Sadeem
    Sadeem 5 days ago

    What happened to the old man😞

  • Olli FY
    Olli FY 5 days ago

    #marcoreus2019Video brought me here

  • Brajesh Kumar
    Brajesh Kumar 5 days ago


  • Ayldien
    Ayldien 5 days ago

    Sims 4

  • Sil Knegt
    Sil Knegt 5 days ago

    Pon pon

  • Tevi pro19
    Tevi pro19 5 days ago +1

    Soy Pikachu Mike pi pi pi pi pi kachu

  • Uyên Nabi
    Uyên Nabi 6 days ago


  • おんちゃん
    おんちゃん 6 days ago +1

    beautiful nooooooow💠💠

  • DJ freddy3041 :v
    DJ freddy3041 :v 6 days ago

    For me it is my favorite song. Not bad

  • Made of Noodles
    Made of Noodles 6 days ago

    honestly what the fuck is this video about