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BLACKPINK performs 'Ddu-du-Ddu-du' live in Times Square | GMA

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • The K-Pop super group's hit song has over 660 million views on TVclip. Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo were met with a crowd of their loyal fans known as the "Blinks" as they geared up to perform live in Times Square. READ MORE:
    BLACKPINK is a South Korea-based girl group but each member hails from parts of the world. They have more than 18 million subscribers on TVclip and have garnered hundreds of thousands of views for their music videos.
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Comments • 9 870

  • Jeffree Star's Baby

    3:05 *Jisoo I saw You LMAO HAHAH*

  • Young Forever Ami
    Young Forever Ami 6 hours ago

    My first time watching this video just to check them out...ekk not feeling it at all. Hardly any live energy. Jenny dances sloppy and lazy. Overall, performance is just very boring.


    Okay just saying this. If you're giving constructive criticsm, it doesn't matter cause neither YG nor blackpink will look at the comment section, so its useless. And stop bringing other idol groups into this like Bts, exo and others, its just annoying cause you're comparing a group who has been in the kpop industry for 3 years (bp) and another group (bts) who has been in the kpop industry for 7 years, so just stop it. Its hella annoying.
    And stop focusing on the past and start focusing on their future

  • Vyrax
    Vyrax Day ago

    dont forget these bitches do cultural appropration as well for the music videos. tryna steal our culture then come to the us, slags

  • Vyrax
    Vyrax Day ago

    this is just proof kpop is the most overrated and fakest shit that uses camera effects to make the performance look good. Stay in fucking Asia, your talents are not for the west

  • Vyrax
    Vyrax Day ago +3

    have yall seen what the blue hair top looked like in her childhood lmfaoooooooo
    plastic surgery and she needs to cool down on the botox, her face looks like its going to explode

  • Psycho Fangirl_04

    Idc what y'all say. Imma be the one nice comment.
    I actually like this performance. Yes, I can see what all of you are talking about, but come on.
    *I* think it's pretty good. Flame me if you must, but that's my opinion and I won't change it.


    I loved this performance they did amazing but the stage is so small and there are no stage effects if there were it would be perfect.

  • Fire Goddess6706
    Fire Goddess6706 Day ago +1

    hey every star/ group has their bad performances, it's all good fam. LOL i just said fam.

  • ague 01
    ague 01 Day ago

    premios awards voten

  • Zkml Gladio
    Zkml Gladio Day ago

    this is definitely not a dance outfit, it looks uncomfortable to dance with these outfit lol

  • Adriana García Cansaya

    Armys, remember all the times people hated on BTS because of their looks or dancing skill o singing. Just think about it... ‘cause you are doing exactly the same.

    • Adriana García Cansaya
      Adriana García Cansaya 19 hours ago

      Alice so what? You degrade someone because of its skills? Seriously?
      I know BTS can do both now but they practiced a lot and they felt so sad when the couldn’t son or dance like they would have wished. These BP girl need more practice and improve but that doesn’t mean being insulted or receive jokes about it, that is so disrespectful.

    • Alice
      Alice 20 hours ago

      but BTS can dance and sing live so???

  • Adriana García Cansaya

    Why many ARMY criticizing BP? You are so wrong you think that is good. I really like BTS, not an ARMY but wtf you are really wrong, you are dragging these girls down but when a BTS boy is being criticized we fight them (I also protect them). Understand that.

  • Satria Alghfry
    Satria Alghfry 2 days ago +1

    Love them!

  • Miles Harris
    Miles Harris 2 days ago +1

    Why is everybody hating on this performance I thought they did good. And when did everyone become a critic

  • yum sushi
    yum sushi 2 days ago +5

    dude, they trainded for this for however many years. all your excuses are invalid.

  • Babe Martinez
    Babe Martinez 2 days ago +1

    Please go check out my Blackpink DDU DU DDU DU dance cover by my little sister

  • Sallairius
    Sallairius 2 days ago

    Ngl but this is just another video where ARMYs can target Blackpink...
    Also I am an Army and my ult is BTS so shut up

  • Guitar 22
    Guitar 22 3 days ago +1

    Everyone's saying they're performance was really bad but I think it may be they are probably really exhausted.. No one really knows what goes on behind doors with the record label

    LOVELY JAHANNAIAH 3 days ago

    Is that all their fans???

  • laly rivera21
    laly rivera21 3 days ago

    Why blame the energy they get overworked

  • Nardos Zerai
    Nardos Zerai 3 days ago

    At 1:45 just look at Rose's arms

  • Nina
    Nina 4 days ago

    Oof, not great.

  • Trinity Green
    Trinity Green 4 days ago

    They should feature on SNL. So I can see can see them "slay".😹😅😅😂😂
    Cardi B's backup dancers bring more energy on the stage than them. One time it was only two backup dancers.

  • tae army
    tae army 4 days ago

    Their choreography is bad but kill this love nd dont know wht to do is the warst thing ever

  • TheBabbyNick
    TheBabbyNick 4 days ago

    This performance isn't great, but tbh everyone has bad days, even kpop stars. They have a lot of other great performances

  • Christine 10
    Christine 10 4 days ago +1

    I love them and no hate but this performance is awful to watch they look like they are just performing in P.E dance class, their performance here is dull and boring, you can't really see that they dont have stage presence plus their outfits it doesn't show their personalities. I hope they will cahange their choreographer and their stylist. I love blackpink and i dont want them to look shameful on stage especially now they are performing in US and people are expecting that their performance will be like bts and other kpop group who perform on sync because we all know that Kpop industry are very strict when it comes to kpop groups they should be perfect because they train in so many years that all my opinion no hate guys just telling the truth 😊

  • Angel H
    Angel H 5 days ago

    Maybe it’s because I’m new to kpop but I don’t agree with most of the commenters. I thought it was great! Not cringey nor lacks stage presence nor bad choreography nor style.

  • Ilybp 62
    Ilybp 62 6 days ago +2

    why are y’all hating on them so much. who gon tell y’all that hating ain’t a personality trait😐🤚

  • Chip
    Chip 6 days ago +1

    the amount of *** fans in the comments...find a hobby...

  • LunarSpace
    LunarSpace 6 days ago +12

    People commenting: "Let's talk about how bad they are"

  • Steph Smith
    Steph Smith 6 days ago +2

    I feel really bad for people who watch the performances in person, because they can't enjoy watching their idols perform because the cameras float all over the place. :(

  • meep meep
    meep meep 7 days ago +24

    I never noticed how much of this choreo is just them walking around ...

  • a ball of rice
    a ball of rice 7 days ago +9

    Me and my friends performing for the school talent show knowing damn well we’re not even gonna win:

  • Nardos Zerai
    Nardos Zerai 7 days ago +1

    The only one enjoying is Lisa like everyone else is half asleep

  • Nardos Zerai
    Nardos Zerai 7 days ago +4

    Is it just me or does Jisoo sound like she is being strangled?

  • Nardos Zerai
    Nardos Zerai 7 days ago +6

    Even tho I'm a blink, this performance was just trash and besides the fans look bored

  • Prasanna Karandagolla
    Prasanna Karandagolla 8 days ago +2

    Wow they are really bad at singing after this my hope of becoming a blink is 0%

  • LalisaMyBias
    LalisaMyBias 8 days ago

    Guys and girls get to thinking ... If you were dancing in front of new people you never see, you would surely feel uncomfortable, right? They might be a little shy, they are also dancing and singing in front of a television show.
    If they were in their place they would also be nervous about dancing in front of the audience and on a live television show.

  • Pranav ShaliKumar
    Pranav ShaliKumar 8 days ago +1

    To be honest...BP really lacked their stage presence here.

    If the choreography was a bit more you know Intense...Then this would have been great...If it hadn't for Lisa this performance would have been a complete flop.
    Also I'm not at all hating on BP...I love them but you know stating the negatives about a person helps them improve and improve their work and career which is only what im doing...Dont hate on me for this guys...Just my personal thoughts!

  • Chloe Tan Xuan Xuan
    Chloe Tan Xuan Xuan 8 days ago

    Why is everyone in the comments so rude!?i love blackpink!

  • ALVI Algaz
    ALVI Algaz 8 days ago +1


  • ALVI Algaz
    ALVI Algaz 8 days ago +1

    Jennie rap is fire

  • ALVI Algaz
    ALVI Algaz 8 days ago +1

    My bias JENNIE

  • ALVI Algaz
    ALVI Algaz 8 days ago +1

    Jennie is gorgeous

  • Toby Jung
    Toby Jung 9 days ago +1

    They must have slept with many Korean producers to get to that level .... :)

    • Thank me later Guy
      Thank me later Guy Day ago


    • Toby Jung
      Toby Jung 6 days ago

      Chapay G
      Read it carefully, dumbass.

    • Toby Jung
      Toby Jung 6 days ago

      Chapay G check Yang Hyun-Suk, you little dumbass 😄

    • gob dob
      gob dob 6 days ago

      Toby Jung what makes you say that

    • Chapay G
      Chapay G 6 days ago

      @Toby Jung lmfao, u reply too, so just stfu and stop it.

  • chita jina
    chita jina 9 days ago

    My Queen Lisa cannot forget to smile while doing perfomance 🤗😍😍😍

  • ja g
    ja g 9 days ago

    wicked people thinking writing something hateful gives'em satisfaction
    its poison to that thick head of yursss, cleanse that shit
    let them work and earn, damn.

  • K. T. S
    K. T. S 9 days ago

    Who's that guy in the suit? Lol

  • tokyo - ンョス
    tokyo - ンョス 9 days ago +3

    Lisa is perfection, but like everyone else was like, holy shit, this is their worst performance.

  • Adrian Denila
    Adrian Denila 10 days ago +1


  • jennie kim ysshyt
    jennie kim ysshyt 10 days ago


  • cindydoll87
    cindydoll87 10 days ago +3

    Someone get that one w the grey dress a slice or 5 of deep dish pizza. 😟

    BTS IS MY LIFEU 10 days ago +2

    Only reason there here is cuz of bts 😒

  • Lillian Cui崔依婷
    Lillian Cui崔依婷 10 days ago

    I don’t feel their normal stage presence, but that could’ve been cause they’re nervous. Congrats on debuting in America ❤️

  • Lexi Chan
    Lexi Chan 10 days ago


  • Trần Linh
    Trần Linh 10 days ago +2


  • Mumu
    Mumu 11 days ago

    I don't see anything bad in this😂
    They slayed💕

  • Belnardo Castelo
    Belnardo Castelo 11 days ago +2

    What's with the lazy dancing?

  • Blink Army
    Blink Army 11 days ago

    they look so alone?