Whats inside 30-Yr-Old Can of Soup?


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  • Memetastic
    Memetastic 14 hours ago

    The soup looks like something from “The Exorcist”

  • Zaeem Khan
    Zaeem Khan Day ago +1

    Justine will probably never let you come in her home again

  • sniper vs thieves gaming

    He said 30 years old it's 27 years old

  • Natsirt Gaming
    Natsirt Gaming Day ago +1

    I mean stuff dosen't really go bad if its in a can expiration dates are just recomendations

  • canadianrocketfan vees

    I hope the can got recycled

  • Parkour Savage
    Parkour Savage 2 days ago


  • Griselda Bankroll
    Griselda Bankroll 3 days ago

    I smelled this video omg 😩 gross

  • FudgePupper6619
    FudgePupper6619 4 days ago +1

    I just realized that Lincon is the same age as me.😂

  • Rory Meehan
    Rory Meehan 4 days ago

    The soup that comes out of my bum hole will be more edible

  • spa beauty
    spa beauty 4 days ago

    I once had a can of mushy peas from 2004.... 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤒😵

  • rwesley10
    rwesley10 4 days ago

    I tru up after this

  • Josh Oden
    Josh Oden 5 days ago

    She started her TVclip channel exactly when I was born

  • Hayden McAdam
    Hayden McAdam 5 days ago

    I was born in 06 too so we are both 13 now cool... this was a random comment...😎

  • Berget Vistamista
    Berget Vistamista 5 days ago

    Whats inside a 30 year old can of soup?
    *Old soup*

  • Samuel Aves
    Samuel Aves 6 days ago +1

    You should cut open a a Ozobot or a sphero

  • Kittenslover99
    Kittenslover99 6 days ago

    4:44 the perfect chorus

  • Jason Torres
    Jason Torres 6 days ago

    - 2 Broke Girls

  • Trick Room
    Trick Room 6 days ago

    my friend and I freaked when we watched this video

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf 7 days ago

    My b day is may 6

  • Sahil Tiwari
    Sahil Tiwari 9 days ago

    This can of gross things is older than me (what has humanity come to...)

  • Tollefblåe
    Tollefblåe 10 days ago


    Its soup inside

  • Louise McConnel
    Louise McConnel 10 days ago


  • Louise McConnel
    Louise McConnel 10 days ago


  • Louise McConnel
    Louise McConnel 10 days ago


  • Jubilee Short
    Jubilee Short 11 days ago

    it is going to be clumpy smell bad and seperated and yeah

  • Donald Brudnowski
    Donald Brudnowski 12 days ago +1

    "Maybe we'll start a new trend" says Dan. Yea um,dan people have been opening old cans and boxes of food for a long time.

    GAMING GURU 13 days ago

    He (lincon) is the same age as me
    I was also born in 2006

  • Eric Harris
    Eric Harris 13 days ago

    91 was 28 years ago...if it was 30 it would be from 1988

  • LucasToyChest
    LucasToyChest 13 days ago

    I vomited a bit in my mouth.

  • Zurkster
    Zurkster 14 days ago

    As long as the integrity remains undamaged and the can's internal coating is unaffected by aging, the content usually remains consumable years after their printed use-by date. I've tried army rations many decades out of date and a few cans of surplus 'food-mountain' stewed steak, back in my homeless days. You'd be surprised, shocked even at what some people are willing to eat when desperate and hungry enough.

  • Brian Nickerson
    Brian Nickerson 14 days ago

    I was born in 2008

  • trixtrixandthenews
    trixtrixandthenews 14 days ago

    whats inside an adidas soccer smartball

  • KittyCat 717
    KittyCat 717 15 days ago

    OMG THAT IS ..... YUCK

  • Big P
    Big P 15 days ago +1

    0:22 He's so pale. No offence.

  • Austin Toler
    Austin Toler 16 days ago

    Yo I was born in 2006 too love the vids

  • Hendy Halim
    Hendy Halim 16 days ago

    Ready for stomachache 🤢

  • Roblox gamer guy
    Roblox gamer guy 16 days ago +9

    Did anyone see that fortnite lama at 7:28

  • Paul Wilks MLH
    Paul Wilks MLH 17 days ago


    KITTY VLOGER 17 days ago

    That’s what I eat

  • DinoKID 229
    DinoKID 229 17 days ago


  • иιккι ѕαяιαиα

    I just saw someone eating expired food

  • MrHans818
    MrHans818 17 days ago

    As long as the cans are not puffed on the ends they should be basically be ok. It when the cans are puffed DO NOT EAT!!!. That's why why you the rings in the ends of the cans. If they start to go bad, the rings allow for expansion before it will explode. I used to be in the imported food industry and seen pretty much everything when it comes to caned foods.

  • aws7778 7778
    aws7778 7778 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw the "ewe" typo?

  • mikey jr
    mikey jr 17 days ago

    No hiss

  • Nicole Lu
    Nicole Lu 18 days ago


  • kid blogger
    kid blogger 19 days ago

    I saw the inside of a human being on Facebook and I thought it was epic

  • James Davis
    James Davis 19 days ago


  • ashlynn sommers
    ashlynn sommers 19 days ago


  • Vanessa Harris
    Vanessa Harris 19 days ago

    Your using the can opener the wrong way

  • StopDropAndGame
    StopDropAndGame 20 days ago

    All three of ya better get to slurping.

  • Mark Peeler
    Mark Peeler 20 days ago


  • B Ningthouja
    B Ningthouja 20 days ago +1

    Finally iJustine is here.

  • hopy
    hopy 20 days ago

    Lol I was born in 2006 also

  • coolstephers
    coolstephers 21 day ago

    at my grandma's house we found a box of mac and cheese that expired in 1979 never been opened. Everything was expired at her house lol but nothing like the box from 1979 she loved to cook also

  • Alligator IC
    Alligator IC 21 day ago

    A big cup

  • flukedust22
    flukedust22 21 day ago

    She looked crazy when she said hello hahaha.. thumbs down!!!

  • Unicorngamergirl Unicorn

    Not a joke

  • Unicorngamergirl Unicorn

    It was 2:43. When that comment at 2:43 came up

  • Hannah Tweten
    Hannah Tweten 22 days ago

    It’s not even 30 years

  • KK Geek
    KK Geek 22 days ago

    Bla bla

  • Taragh Nelson
    Taragh Nelson 22 days ago

    I think the soups gonna be smelly and moldy??

  • Aedan Shorr
    Aedan Shorr 22 days ago

    I threw up when he tried it

  • jaseh xxxtentacion editss

    U came for 3:52

  • Crazy YT
    Crazy YT 23 days ago +1

    I was eating cranberries while watching this video and after i watched it i thought my cranberries were 30 years old.

  • Ewan Ogston
    Ewan Ogston 23 days ago

    Lincon's face in the thumbnail is so funny that i was laughing for 5 minutes strait

  • Double A
    Double A 23 days ago

    Expired soup

  • itsameman
    itsameman 23 days ago +3

    All the comments about bacteria and mold are laughable. My great grandma taught me a good rule of thumb about canned food: If the can has bacteria growing inside it will swell up from the pressure due to gasses being released from the growth of bacteria.

    • Adrienne Torres
      Adrienne Torres 10 days ago +1

      That IS really good way of knowing something in a can has gone bad.. But, even the can is not bulging the food could be bad.

  • Yohan Sheth
    Yohan Sheth 24 days ago

    What about zack

  • kmackay9554
    kmackay9554 24 days ago

    There will be $42.47 in nickels inside the can

  • JKL Jump kool loads Olds

    6:13 when your sitting in a bush and you feel something smush, daireoa

  • LNCBRICK Productions
    LNCBRICK Productions 24 days ago

    I was feeling sick 🤢 almost the entire time.

  • Asad Gang
    Asad Gang 24 days ago

    I will eat that for $100,000

  • Mikayla Guzman
    Mikayla Guzman 24 days ago


  • zUltra
    zUltra 24 days ago

    You forgot the apostrophe.

  • Bradley Jackson
    Bradley Jackson 24 days ago

    You I would never eat that very old soup whatever you do do not throw away the can it's a antique now

  • Pierre Evers
    Pierre Evers 25 days ago

    How justine look like she almost 30 but still act like she 15?

  • Silver Stream
    Silver Stream 25 days ago +1

    I have a Can of Coke from 14 years ago but everything inside of it evaporated so now it is an empty Can of Coke that was never open.

  • J Jey
    J Jey 26 days ago


  • FoxyMan Xx
    FoxyMan Xx 26 days ago

    5:33 ANGRY MOMMA 6:09 AGAIN ANGRY MOMMA Edit: That looks like Oxford soup that I had yesterday 7:13 (BTW Oxford soup is English not American)

    WESLEY PEDERSEN 26 days ago

    Hi was born in the same year as your son

  • nadia guadarrama
    nadia guadarrama 26 days ago

    other title: opening 30 year old Campbell's soup ft. iJustine

  • Jackman MØTH
    Jackman MØTH 26 days ago

    Short answer, soup

  • Made the right way
    Made the right way 26 days ago

    any body else actually hold there breath when he open it?

  • Lavender Luver
    Lavender Luver 27 days ago

    Ayy I'm also born in 2006~

  • Genesis Rivera
    Genesis Rivera 27 days ago


  • Pure_Exotics Yt
    Pure_Exotics Yt 27 days ago


  • Zoompy Reichman
    Zoompy Reichman 28 days ago

    im born in
    in 2006

  • Evan Yu
    Evan Yu 29 days ago

    I Know I Justine!!!!

  • Zayed Haque
    Zayed Haque Month ago


  • Stephen G
    Stephen G Month ago

    It says manhandler. I'm offended.

  • Oh Golly
    Oh Golly Month ago

    30 dollars I take 1 bite

  • Genevieve Manuele
    Genevieve Manuele Month ago

    I think old gross stuff is in that can.

    ELECTRONICS _FAN Month ago


    ELECTRONICS _FAN Month ago


  • Brayan Velez
    Brayan Velez Month ago +2

    Whats inside Justine ?🤣🤣❤️

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson Month ago