Ace Family Child Controversy, Anti-Vaxxer Measles Mess, Vegetative State Pregnancy, Kevin Hart & ...


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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco 9 days ago +2003

    Wanna jump around? I got you covered. Hope you enjoy the video.

    • Just ME Onlyme
      Just ME Onlyme Day ago

      3:59 BAN from social media! #Lollipop, #CPS BAN from social media!

    • Lady NoShoes
      Lady NoShoes Day ago

      +bradenj4a Also, you and I have different opinion over what good parenting means. Foolish, wrongly informed parents does not can still produce children with outstanding and functional characters. What it does imply is the particular character of the parent as an individual person. Their action may b done with good e intent but their action may cause lives of others not just their children but other human being their children came in contact with. That would make them what I call as intelligent idiots.

    • Lady NoShoes
      Lady NoShoes Day ago

      +bradenj4a Causation studies are just that, causation. It does not always support nor does it imply significantly on whether certain medical intervention to be recommended or stopped. Most of these studies has not given a conclusive evidence that Vit K were the causes of SIDS. In fact, many factors were given and they were mostly related to genetic, environment and predisposed condition of the babies. You sort of implied that the result on the studies done on VKD or SIDS cases were because babies were given Vit K. You might need to add here that those cases were the result of majority of infant without Vit K injection and was purely breastfed by their mothers. Even further studies were done on these mothers who believes that breastfeeding and no vaccination are good for the babies so they refused to even formula feed their babies inspite of informed knowledge about the deficits of Vit K in breastmilk.
      As far as Zika is concerned, what are the odds of the same zealous anti prophylaxis parents will allow a vaccine to be administered to their children???
      I'd like a link to this Nashville study of Vit K mortality cases on newborns. Preferrably a causation studies as a result of Vitamin K injection.

    • bradenj4a
      bradenj4a Day ago

      +Lady NoShoes Sure, and I am sure we both have basic reading comprehension, researching, and critical thinking skills based on our responses. But hey, I am definitely more than qualified to read and understand medical jargon, even though sadly most parents and people in general who are approached with these decisions do not always understand what they are given by doctors at the time of the decision. Just from the evidence based birth site, where most people get their information on the shot, (not including numerous research journals that review VKDB - an article from the Netherlands report that out of 100,000 births studied, 6 were diagnosed with VKDB, 1 died (.001%) and 5 had complications - 1 intracranial bleeding and the others with liver complications) out of 490,000 live births in Nashville from 2013 - 16,660 did not get the vitamin K shot from their hospital (not including the percentage of those who did not get the shot at the birthing centers), 6 were diagnosed with VKDB, did not die (0.0%), and 3 had intellectual disabilities for complications. The site did a correlation study, not a causation study, otherwise, they would have also considered accounting for genetic predispositions or liver issues that may have complicated those cases.

      VKDB is not an outbreak, as they say on the evidenced based birthing site, and the numbers do not justify the hard push for vitamin K shots. Compared to the Zika virus, which had less than 1000 cases in the world recorded, Zika is more deadly than VKDB. In the Nashville study, we are also not accounting for the 473,340 kids who got their vitamin K shot and still died within the first 6 months (the cause is often chalked up to SIDS - 91 deaths out of 100,000 births (.09%) and still more deadly than VKDB, yet we have no explanation of why SIDS occur - see the black box warning on vitamin K1 shot, phytonadione, and the symptoms compared to SIDS). The point is that we cannot assume why people choose to not give their kids shots, as there are many reasons behind their decisions, such as allergens or preservatives, within the shot. Please do read the black box warning on phytonadione - at the very least, the slow injection recommendation is something our nurse did not know about. Statistically speaking, a non-K1 parent is not a "bad parent" - a parent who doesn't read is.

    • Lady NoShoes
      Lady NoShoes 2 days ago

      +bradenj4a and do tell the percentage of neonates getting brain injury over Vit K? Why? Have you made a research on the rate of infant mortality due to low Vit K (no injection) and compared it to mortality rate after Vit K injection?
      Also, you seemed to forget that medical intervention sometimes need to be done or exercised in stages. This is why you never see a baby being injected with vaccines all at once. Prioritizing is important. At birth, which one requires immediate intervention? Baby's immune system or their low level of clotting factor? Considering the likely factor that babies will suffer internal bleeding than infection, no wonder it is recommended that Vit K to be administered as early as possible.
      But, hey. You seemed well read. I'm assuming you're a qualified medical professional and when I say, medical professional, I meant - Nurse, Pharmacist, Physicians. Physio Therapist Anesthesia technicians, etc... aren't exactly qualified to be included in this context. So, with all that said, you could provide me the evidence base links - right?

  • Esther the Brunette
    Esther the Brunette 3 hours ago

    I think anyone who wants constant apologies is on a serious power trip. They're holding this man's career hostage and they're enjoying it. Yeah, what the guy said ten years ago is gross. He doesn't think that anymore, and whether it's one apology or thirteen, nothing is gonna change the past. So either you're going to forgive him based on the sincere apology, or you never plan to. So just shut up and pick a side, and stop trying to play puppetmaster.

  • Esther the Brunette
    Esther the Brunette 3 hours ago

    How do you not notice the woman stopped having monthly menstrual cycles? For nine months? Don't say that because she was in a vegetative state she wouldn't have them, because the only way a woman can become pregnant is if she is releasing an egg. It's not just the safety of patients that should be called into question, but the quality of care. How could caregivers not be concerned?

  • Sofia Sanchez
    Sofia Sanchez 4 hours ago

    My mom is so stupid and refuses to get me vaccinated even though I asked almost every single month I’ve had a lot of diseases including mumps and I get sick almost every week..

  • krys
    krys 5 hours ago

    I really dont like gay people

  • Olivia Graber
    Olivia Graber 6 hours ago

    As an LGBT person, I personally hate the reputation we have for being overly sensitive and I think refusing to forgive someone for something they said YEARS ago and apologized for and has changed since is not helping that reputation. We all understand that it's bad but Kevin Hart has obviously changed and matured and theres a certain point which it's unreasonable to still be mad.
    Hes apologized and there's nothing left that he can do to make it better. Hes changed as a person and it doesn't even seem like he used to have any genuine distaste towards gay people or the LGBT community. They were just jokes made by someone why didnt realize the consequences of what they were saying and now people need to move on and let the man be

  • Igot7CandY
    Igot7CandY 7 hours ago

    Ace family are so gross

  • Brandon Withnell
    Brandon Withnell 9 hours ago

    people who ignore an apology for a joke made years ago are not fixing a problem, they are just creating a new one, all its doing is just making their own comunity look bad and pushing people further apart, even i made homophobic jokes as a kid because back then it was seen as normal, now that ive grown up i realize why it was wrong and regret such jokes, the past is the past whats important is that you learn and move on

  • Lori Kim
    Lori Kim 9 hours ago

    I think the lollipop thing should land him in jail. Her parents must be mortified 🤮🤮

  • Blueeyedjenn14
    Blueeyedjenn14 16 hours ago

    I made it this far, Kevin Hart owned up, he apologized, he made amends which isn’t that what people wanted? All you can do is live and learn, grow and move on, instead this isn’t good enough now? Come on. Now it’s just vengeance. These people still calling for his head on a platter are becoming the monsters they claim to be against. We’ve all eff’ed up, we all regret things we have said, but if someone is man enough to say hey I realized what I said was erroneous, I apologize for my words, I can own my mistakes, I’m sorry - if you can’t accept it and move on then maybe the offender isn’t wrong maybe it’s you for being so pigheaded and unwilling to accept the apology. Does the man have to offer a blood sacarfice to please you? Again don’t become the monster you claim to be against. #Kevinhart

  • the1tigglet
    the1tigglet 16 hours ago

    I find it funny that now the only people who are complaining are the millenials. Guess what's happening? A paradigm shift. The Gen after Millenials is coming up, and they aren't as stupid as the millennials have shown themselves to be. Once the millennials are out of the hair of the college deans, and this new gen is in college, we'll see a new balance come about and those who are just wondering around aimless sure of their vegan lifestyles and their anal bleaching, they'll be forgotten. 20 years from now we'll be like, remember when millennials complained about everything, oh remember those funny words like On Fleek, and mansplaining, or white privilege? HAhaha I know right OMG!

  • the1tigglet
    the1tigglet 17 hours ago

    Oh and I support Kevin Hart! Unlike Eminem, Kevin Hart stopped using those words. Why do I bring up Eminem? The same gays that supported Eminem talking bad about our president are the ones attacking Kevin Hart and now Ellen. They are nobodies.

  • the1tigglet
    the1tigglet 17 hours ago

    nothing like a whole bunch of nobodies getting mad at somebodies because the nobodies didn't get their whiny ways.
    I'm gay, have been all my life, and I used to subscribe to the whole boycott to make them pay narrative, until I realized due to my age I guess, that it does nothing.
    It doesn't make people change, it doesn't make you look like the good guy, and it does nothing to really help.
    Go ahead nobodies, attack me, as a sufferer of fibromyalgia I have nothing anyway. ;)

  • The Turf Burglar
    The Turf Burglar 17 hours ago +1

    I live in az and this is the first time I've heard this story

  • GlamAngel24
    GlamAngel24 18 hours ago

    The Measles outbreaks are a HUGE concern for people like me. I have been vaccinated with MMR 4 TIMES. I HAVE NO immunity to Rubeola (regular measles) I do to German Measles (Rubella). My doctors do not know why my body will not accept it, but because I have been vaccinated so many times and it won't take I am now exempt...this makes me susceptible to becoming a carrier or becoming infected with the virus....I wish ANTI VAXers realized they are putting people like me and those around me in danger. I can't control the fact that my immune system will not recognize the vaccine...

  • Vin
    Vin 18 hours ago

    i agree with louis virtel - homophobic and transphobic slurs n sentiments do hold weight because they normalize violence against lgbt+ people especially tpoc. i don't think hart needs to keep apologizing but if he could like stop talking about us it would be cool because he has made it clear he's not interested in being an ally. i think cancel culture is kinda dumb because we're never gonna find a limit to what's problematic. but at the end of the day he's a rich celebrity who doesn't get beat up for being gay so he should be able to take criticism in stride for the things he says on his public platform. his response is half-hearted and apathetic

  • Highbaby9
    Highbaby9 18 hours ago

    How about the scam having a three point basketball game where he allowed family and basketball players be a part of it. One of his friends won the $100,000. Talk about a scam artist and no one does a thing about.

  • Highbaby9
    Highbaby9 18 hours ago

    My opinion on Austin McBroom is he is scum, if this doesn’t prove it by buying a child a penis sucker to lick while being on camera I don’t know what is. This should be investigated by the police and he should be charged with sexually exploiting of a child.


    Hello brother

  • tpamel
    tpamel 23 hours ago

    ACE Family = An anglophone mulatto man has 2 daughters with a hispanic mestiza woman while not married to her. Yet millions of watchers call this shacking up "relationship goals" because the oldest illegitimate baby is adorable? I hope the mother makes sure that this man has a life insurance policy and also has done his estate planning to financially protect her. Isn't his daughter close in age as his young sister-in-law?

  • tpamel
    tpamel 23 hours ago

    Not a fan of Kevin Hart. Milo Yiannopoulos warned y'all the LGBTQ+ are bullies chasing people with pitchforks. This a prime example why you NEVER apologize to SJW outrage. It's one thing to not accept his accept his apology, it's another thing to say his comments warrant him losing his career then groveling through mud. If I was Kevin, then I'd tell the fruits & fairies to fuck off because I'm ignoring their implicit demand that I flagellate myself for eternity or crucify myself. If you're not going to accept my apology, then why the fuck should I continue to care about your grievances or feelings? I'd be over it too. Just like he doesn't have the right to demand forgiveness, the alphabet soup have no right to hold him hostage to a burned bridge. He can find another bridge to cross or go a different direction. If he's "canceled" with no chance of redemption, then why do you care that he moves on with his life if you're not going to support his projects anyways? Isn't that the point? No one's going to jump off a bridge because you were offended beyond atonement. To be quite honest, not every one is going to apologize to you in life, and you being insufferable about your grudges will not change that.

  • lh
    lh Day ago

    as a member of the lgbtq+ community, i think kevin hart either needs to leave this in the past and stop talking about it completely (and stop getting the promotion from it in interviews, articles, etc.), or he simply wants to feel like the victim and that's why he does keep talking about it, even though he's "over it."
    clearly, he's not over the attention it's giving him and the sympathy he's garnering from supporters and people like ellen.
    either he needs to stop talking about it, or he needs to stop going for the pity angle. no sympathy from me.

  • Ghostyy
    Ghostyy Day ago

    These poor celbritys.

  • Lovin'Life2016
    Lovin'Life2016 Day ago

    I think people are missing the main point with the Ace-hole family item. Why would that item be manufactured/created except to train children? I have watched only one video of them and it was them giving away their daughter's puppy because the mother wanted only purebreed dogs.

  • Night Raven
    Night Raven Day ago

    So the woman in the first story was basically Sleeping Beauty. Wonder if her baby will suck the flax out of her finger to awaken her.

  • Amanda Amanda
    Amanda Amanda Day ago

    Why are people who choose to be vaccinated so angry about people who choose not to? What are you worried about if your children are vaccinated? The only people who would be getting the disease is the ones who choose not to vaccinate. Why are you so threatened?

  • David Hollingsworth

    Nothing should happen people just need to SHUT UP ABOUT THIS everybody used to talk like that now that everybody has a online personality they wanna act as a good samaritan and a “hero” but it seriously is not a big deal. People get upset over issues like this just so they can get a head nod from someone else 🙄

  • FanaticalTactician

    It seems like they want Kevin Hart to lower himself to his knees and beg for their forgiveness before they'll accept it. They don't seem like they're content with anything other than that. That to me, is disgusting. To think so little of a person that you disregard any apology they make in an effort to appease you and it's never enough to satisfy because all you want is someone to step on so you can make yourself seem taller.

  • Drkliter Plays Poorly

    really really horrible.

  • Silxnt Scout
    Silxnt Scout Day ago

    I loved the Anti vax response part

  • Joshua A TM
    Joshua A TM Day ago

    Anti vaxxers shouldn’t be allowed to have kids

  • Goody Beats
    Goody Beats Day ago

    Kill Bill Vol.3 ????

  • Morgan S
    Morgan S Day ago

    The ACE family kept being shown on my Instagram and they always rubbed me the wrong way on how they tried to be picture perfect and then THIS happened. Really inappropriate way to show your child to the entire internet. If I was that child and I saw that growing up I'd be horrified that my parents filmed that.

  • Sarai Rodriguez
    Sarai Rodriguez Day ago

    I would be annoyed if i had to apologize over and over again.

  • abbi dagg
    abbi dagg 2 days ago

    I think Kevin Hart should just donate to a lgbqt+ organization and then be done with it. You’re right him apologizing a 7th time isn’t going to change anything

  • Allekatrase
    Allekatrase 2 days ago

    Ignoring for the moment that there is absolutely no solid evidence that links vaccines to autism, let's just grant that the hypothesis is true. Let's imagine that every case of autism is directly caused by vaccines. We'll just grant that for the sake of argument. Now, let's look at the rate of occurrence of autism as a whole. It's a relatively small percentage of the population. Now let's compare that to the virulence of the diseases that had been eliminated from our country by vaccines...
    Conclusion: even if these morons were right about their claims of damage caused by vaccines, and they're not, vaccines are still better than the alternative and you should get vaccinated!

  • Cristian Kubiak
    Cristian Kubiak 2 days ago

    My lil brother went unvaccinated for like the first 8 years of his life and still has autism smfh 😅😅

  • Camel Agent
    Camel Agent 2 days ago

    *M Y B R A I N W A S H A C K E D*

  • Gobsnachaz
    Gobsnachaz 2 days ago

    If all anti vaxxers were killed, we would be so much better off as a society.

  • Gobsnachaz
    Gobsnachaz 2 days ago

    With the first story, though it’s not really relevant at the moment: why is someone being kept alive in a vegetative state for ten years?
    That time, money and resources could be used for people who are still functionally alive. That’s just my opinion.

  • Syierra Elise Shandle

    is your background real? 🤔 i need to know.

  • Space Themed Dreams
    Space Themed Dreams 2 days ago

    Bro get your kids vaccinated, it’s not going to make your kids gay or give them autism or whatever.

  • Claire D
    Claire D 2 days ago

    My daughters gay and had no problem with Kevin Hart she knows it was a long time ago.

  • Quasar TG
    Quasar TG 2 days ago +1

    *N A T U R A L S E L E C T I O N*

  • TheFace
    TheFace 2 days ago

    My Mom is an anti-vaxxer and I've lived 13 great years whilst only being of medication once, "I was around 5" and I almost never get sick. I've never had a flu shot, and I've never had the flu, some doctor thought I had mumps but I only had swollen lymphnodes which is completely normal. There is a vaccine which has Aborted fetal tissue... they give this to babies so no, I think vaxxers are all messed up, or uninformed. So before you go and attack anti-vaxxers, have some empathy and see it through their eyes.

  • Ami Árva
    Ami Árva 2 days ago

    As a member of the lgbt community I can say that this Kevin Hart story went too far. I don't get why people are so upset even after he apologized. They just want to be angry at him no matter what he does.

  • Taehyunggie
    Taehyunggie 2 days ago +1

    I'm trans and I have no respect for the LGBT "community" anymore. Over it. White privilege isn't a thing. Mansplaining isn't real. Get over yourselves and grow up. I can't stand Kevin Hart but come on, get over it. Y'all look like fools.

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 2 days ago

    People have the “not me” thought when it comes to vaccines.
    I work at an Animal clinic, and if it wasn’t for the fact that by law your dog and cat need to be up to date on the rabies vaccines people wouldn’t get them.
    People are cheap, and they don’t think “oh, my dog won’t get rabies.” “Oh, my child won’t get measles.” I think vaccines should be required by law regardless of your religion. Sorry, but the health of others is way more important than your religion.
    Avaccine is a lot cheaper than a treatment for that virus and for a funeral. Just saying.

  • Taehyunggie
    Taehyunggie 2 days ago +1

    Why keep people in a vegetative state like that alive? There is no purpose and no one would want that for themselves. It is inhumane and if something like that happened to an animal it'd be put down. It would've been more humane to put her down than make her body live 10 years like that. Fucking horrible.

  • ReRun Dilemas
    ReRun Dilemas 2 days ago

    I like how nobody thinks that she was pregnant before the vegetative state, joes wife from family guy was pregnant for half the show

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo 2 days ago

    My name is Buck...........

  • Pop D
    Pop D 2 days ago

    hurdles and harassment? Try growing up as a HISPANIC American Indian in the early 90s. Try not being ran down simply for your race, attacked for your looks, and shunned for everything. Instead of bitching and moaning I told myself that it won't always be like this and that I'll be better. During my short 30 years, my cousin had gone through the same thing, he was raped in a prison, contracted hep c and then committed suicide leaving his little girl behind. But hey, that's nothing right? We didn't try to get a place in the pop culture world, we just tried to live. We tried to do our own thing not hurting anyone, but that doesn't warrant outrage. People who want to claim to be of opposite sex, or attracted to the same sex takes precedent to people who have been not only taken advantage of but abused for years. Telling little boys they are girls and mutilating their genitals also is more important than actually caring for your community and people. But that's fine. Let evil reign since it's been going for so long. Remember that the definition of a phobia is a fear, not making a joke or insult but being scared of something.

  • jeff monson
    jeff monson 2 days ago

    anti-vaxxers will bring upon us the new black plague!

  • Don Roshan
    Don Roshan 2 days ago

    Re: Ace Family. Everyone needs to write to TVclip and ask them what they intend to do about this family after this video is now public and they are aware of it. They are giving this couple, both on the scene and participating in this sexualizing of a child, a platform to profit from children no less. It all needs reported to TVclip and addressed and handled by them. Will they continue giving these individuals a platform to access and influence children? Will they continue allowing them to dupe and profit from children, as they have been all along and which was bad enough, but now go even further in allowing them to corrupt them? If you care about children and recognize this as the sickening act is it, report them by leaving feedback to TVclip.

  • GyroMurphy
    GyroMurphy 2 days ago

    Kevin hart is a god damn comedian. Ya know.. He's joking.
    As a great man once said regarding these issues..
    Bob Marley didn't actually shoot the sheriff people..

  • Caroline C
    Caroline C 3 days ago

    5:14 favorite part

  • steve johnson
    steve johnson 3 days ago

    Ignoring Mumkey Jones. Nice.

  • JinsokuMan
    JinsokuMan 3 days ago

    I wish I could like this video more than once for that amazingly beautiful anti-vax rant. Bravo sir. Love yo face.

  • MayuriKurotsuchi
    MayuriKurotsuchi 3 days ago

    As regards the Kevin Heart story, I think we need to keep in mind how quickly what is considered politically correct has changed. Am I saying making homophobic comments were okay back then? No. I'm saying those comments wouldn't have even been viewed offensively by most people outside the gay community. Which is to say, we have collectively changed our understanding. To impose today's understanding of right and wrong on an earlier time is to invoke an undue double standard.

  • Ashleigh Calloway
    Ashleigh Calloway 3 days ago

    **Kat von D has left the chat**

  • Ashleigh Calloway
    Ashleigh Calloway 3 days ago

    I don't get anti-vaxxers. I mean no one wants their child to be disabled, but I'd rather have a disabled kid than a dead one.

  • PabloWan
    PabloWan 3 days ago

    snowflake era

  • Shelly A.
    Shelly A. 3 days ago +1

    Even before having a child, it amazed me that there are people willing to put their children in danger over the false possibility that vaccines cause autism. It makes them look like they would rather have a dead child than a child with a disability.

  • pinkbearx3ily
    pinkbearx3ily 3 days ago +1

    This whole Kevin Hart thing literally sounds like every fight my grandma has with my grandpa. She brings up something terrible he 20 years ago and it doesn’t matter how many times apologies it’s never enough. It’s an apology not Beetlejuice saying three times doesn’t erase those comments. He didn’t commit a hate crime against your group. With how big this issue has become you would think he kicked a puppy with a pride flag. We can’t move forward if you keep looking back. No one is asking you to forget just forgive. Well actually I just want to stop hearing about this thing with Kevin Hart and would rather hear about people doing something active to help the community. Like NY signing into law protections for the LGBTQ+community. Action that help instead words that harp on one issue to no end. This is one issue with one person y’all are wasting your time on Kevin. Do something productive.

  • Samuel Hearfield
    Samuel Hearfield 3 days ago

    My faith in the Human Race is dwindling massively.

  • Angeli Murray
    Angeli Murray 3 days ago +1

    i get vaccines for the soul purpose to get autism and be a child sacrifice

  • Greg Steingraber
    Greg Steingraber 3 days ago

    I was with you up until the flue shot, but allwell. You do you boo.

  • GB Games
    GB Games 3 days ago

    Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD, is the author of the book Vaccine Illusion. She has studied immunology in some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions. She earned her PhD in Immunology at the Rockefeller University in New York and did postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA and Stanford University in California.
    © Neon Nettle

  • Sugandha
    Sugandha 3 days ago +1

    * kat von d disliked this video* 😂

  • Dynam1c Smurf
    Dynam1c Smurf 3 days ago

    People forget Kevin Hart is black right

  • Muazen
    Muazen 3 days ago

    Endlessly going after a guy for a juvenile joke from 10 years ago, that he stopped doing, that he apologized for. People will get fed up with this ridiculousness, then REAL problems and REAL complaints will be ignored, just dismissed as "more social justice nonsense".

  • Almis Sharaf
    Almis Sharaf 3 days ago

    Kevin Hart I support you. The guy just has to keep in mind that these people are a minority of individual gay or not. Average people just go on with their lives and I don't understand how this minority of people took control of the audiovisual industry. Insulting a community for no reason is bad although legal, if he has apologized it is enough for me. And by the way he doesn't have to support them either. Not being homophobic doesn't imply supporting the LGBTQ community, the majority of americans just dont care and have other problems.

  • They Told Me I Could Become Anything, So I became an Eggplant

    Jesus! the gay community. Just accept the Apology! It's better than nothing!

  • Chris N.
    Chris N. 3 days ago +1

    Thing is about the Kevin Hart debacle… Every single one of us have made plenty of mistakes throughout our lives, whether it’s telling a “Yo Momma” joke in front of the wrong person, or burning our hand on something that was too hot. No one goes around apologizing for every mistake they’ve made, again, and again, and again. Why should this be any different?
    Is he supposed to feel guilty for this his entire life? Like is he supposed to wake up every morning and say three apologies like they were prayer beads, or something?
    I’ve offended people at my work, and you know what, we still have to work together. I’ve been offended, and you know what, I’ve moved on. Maybe I like someone a little less for insulting me, but whatever man.

  • dr mabuto
    dr mabuto 3 days ago +1

    As far as the first story. I am a caregiver and currently work with a quadriplegic person. We track everything, weight gain, loss, vitals, plus for women when check the regulation or abnormalities of their cycles. Unless some all caregiver/CNA/Nurse or doctor were looking the other constantly I don't see how this case would be anything other than multiple people abusing this individual. It pisses me off on a professional level, the amount of protocols people were apparently ignoring is fucking staggering. I have to sign a sheet when changing the adult diapers of the individuals if they menstrate. How did no one catch that it wasn't happening? What about signs vaginal swelling, hell increased weight!! This is exactly why working in the field is so Damn hard, we have to account for sick fuckss like this.

  • Earl Francart
    Earl Francart 3 days ago

    as far as Kevin Heart goes. i dont blame him for being over it, and those who are still bitching about should do the same. they are becoming what was harming us in the first place. now the ones who do need to keep apologizing, the FRC, and the GOP. and the myriad churches that preach homophobia. and a lot of christians in general. who are intentionally trying to harm us in the LGBTQ community.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 3 days ago

    I think the people picking on Kevin Heart are just looking for a fight. As an LGBT person, I understand that a person’s past does not define them. People grow. Of course his past words hurt, but they are not his current mindset. I don’t think he’s trying to seem like a victim, I think he’s just frustrated that people don’t believe him.

  • Lenseless
    Lenseless 3 days ago

    It makes me sad every time he says brought to you by mid roll and it doesn’t come

  • MythRobo
    MythRobo 3 days ago

    "if you have empathy for your enemy or try to see their side of the story, you now become that enemy"

  • fall of society
    fall of society 3 days ago +2

    How is that an anti-vaxxer mess? Do your research please. Mostly people traveling from Israel, moving into close knit Orthodox Jewish communities spread it amongst each other. It wasn't a bunch of "crazy anti-vaxxer citizens"

  • Wearyshadow
    Wearyshadow 3 days ago

    For the Kevin Hart piece, those LGBT can just be shut it. He has changed and showed change and people need to stop and just drop it. He is very patient and as a "LGBT person of color", those other people of color can really be quiet. Hes only human and at people just keep attacking it. Words are just words- actions are louder and he hasn't returned to his past. I will not apologize indefinitely for everything that I've done that offends people, neither would a regular person and neither should he. Drop it.

  • Ari Faith
    Ari Faith 3 days ago

    I’ve seen those lollipops at my Spencer’s but it was in the BACK. And the back of Spencer’s is cut off in most stores and if not, shouldn’t a parent know not to take their kid back there?

  • nopenope xx
    nopenope xx 3 days ago

    Completely out of topic but at 10:06 why is the lady holding an apple and smiling so big? I was caught off guard.

  • WolframKKM
    WolframKKM 3 days ago

    SVU did an episode similar to the first story years ago. I hope Phil keeps up with this story because I want to know what dumpster fire the DNA leads the police back to and I want absolute certainty he never sees the light of day or that child for the rest of his miserable existence.

  • marysteacups
    marysteacups 3 days ago

    I didnt get my flu shot this year and now I feel like im dying and spent a ton €€€€ on drugs, lesson well learnt

  • Elaine
    Elaine 3 days ago

    I support Kevin Hart in this case. When Identity Politics is played everybody loses in the end. I think the people that are going after Kevin Hart are on the far left and apologies mean nothing to them no matter how sincere. I think they just want his career destroyed. Glad you stood up to the Anti-Vaxxers as I almost died as a child from measles. As for the Ace family, they are bad parents.

  • hailey grey
    hailey grey 4 days ago

    I am scared for what society is becoming. More and more disgusting things are happening and at most you might get a weak apology. But it's still out there. They are conditioning us to accept this sick sh!t.

  • Vironica Raye
    Vironica Raye 4 days ago +7

    My opinion as a member of lgbt+ honestly we create more enemies for our cause with our blood in the water behavior. We find someone who has changed and wants to move on who's life cause isn't this (which is ok) and fucking crucify them because they validate us. We don't go after the dismissive violators because they don't validate us. They don't hear us. We lose compassion for other people and act like fucking sharks over mistakes that have been corrected.

  • Alayibo Semenitari
    Alayibo Semenitari 4 days ago +1

    I don't understand WTF you guys want from Kevin Hart. Like I'm just confused at this point

  • Ratchex
    Ratchex 4 days ago

    Identity politics is tearing the media apart. Never apologize.

  • Michael Lubeck
    Michael Lubeck 4 days ago

    thanks Phil, all of the most interesting topics from the news as usual. -M.P.L.

  • Alanna Wolf
    Alanna Wolf 4 days ago

    I really appreciated your anti-vax rant. So much misinformation is literally getting thousands of children killed. So many people wanna be armchair doctors without any full understanding of what vaccines do and how they eradicated diseases in general.
    Also, Kevin Hart shouldn't have to re-apologize for the rest of his life. I don't think Louis Virtel would want to apologize for a mistake from his past a million times either. Apologies and changes in behavior for the better SHOULD be considered sufficient. PR moves like donating to charity can be good as well, but those are also treated with disdain and accusations of insincerity. You really can't win nowadays.

  • boo
    boo 4 days ago

    you can never win in our society now-a-days. you will never be able to please everybody

  • boo
    boo 4 days ago

    how tf are people going to say that kevin hart’s comments weren’t towards her? she’s a gay woman, she has all the right to acknowledge his apologies and chose to accept them for HERSELF, you don’t have to take his apologies if you don’t want to, but she has all the right to take his apologies and do what she wants with them.

  • Maccabee Luke 22:36
    Maccabee Luke 22:36 4 days ago

    Please cover Patty Mayo being exposed as a fake cop.

  • Demi S1606
    Demi S1606 4 days ago

    The Austin thing was disgusting. I used to watch them, but haven't for about a year and some change...

  • Jonathan Peña Pizaña

    I particularly liked your take on antivaxxers, sad thing is I can't give you the likes you deserve. Anyway, well done.

  • VitGerivaz
    VitGerivaz 4 days ago

    I fee like the second half of this show was just a massive waste of my time. Every single non-straight person I know in my country denounces the LGBT movement as disgusting, none want anything to do with it, and as for gay jokes, they make them themselves and laugh at them.. I'm not sure what kind of education people are getting in the USA but you need to stop NOW. These people have no future.

  • Vincente Crowe
    Vincente Crowe 4 days ago

    Hmm 2.4 thousand dislikes that’s a lot of stupid Mother Fuckers.

  • Shereen G
    Shereen G 4 days ago

    Cancel culture has went way over the top recently. Since when were humans so perfect and don't do anything wrong? As long as the person admits their mistakes and grows from it, why can't people let it go? Didn't (almost) everyone forgive James Gunn for his jokes years ago and were furious when Disney fired him? Why can't people do that for Kevin Hart as well? Bullying goes both ways, not letting someone live down their mistakes is wrong as well.