Ace Family Child Controversy, Anti-Vaxxer Measles Mess, Vegetative State Pregnancy, Kevin Hart & ...

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • FRI-YAY! Wait… no, what have I become?! No happiness on Fridays or ever. Heh.
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    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Neena Pesqueda, Cecelia Applegate, Brian Espinoza
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  2 months ago +2060

    Wanna jump around? I got you covered. Hope you enjoy the video.

    • Lady NoShoes
      Lady NoShoes 2 months ago

      +bradenj4a Also, you and I have different opinion over what good parenting means. Foolish, wrongly informed parents does not can still produce children with outstanding and functional characters. What it does imply is the particular character of the parent as an individual person. Their action may b done with good e intent but their action may cause lives of others not just their children but other human being their children came in contact with. That would make them what I call as intelligent idiots.

    • Lady NoShoes
      Lady NoShoes 2 months ago

      +bradenj4a Causation studies are just that, causation. It does not always support nor does it imply significantly on whether certain medical intervention to be recommended or stopped. Most of these studies has not given a conclusive evidence that Vit K were the causes of SIDS. In fact, many factors were given and they were mostly related to genetic, environment and predisposed condition of the babies. You sort of implied that the result on the studies done on VKD or SIDS cases were because babies were given Vit K. You might need to add here that those cases were the result of majority of infant without Vit K injection and was purely breastfed by their mothers. Even further studies were done on these mothers who believes that breastfeeding and no vaccination are good for the babies so they refused to even formula feed their babies inspite of informed knowledge about the deficits of Vit K in breastmilk.
      As far as Zika is concerned, what are the odds of the same zealous anti prophylaxis parents will allow a vaccine to be administered to their children???
      I'd like a link to this Nashville study of Vit K mortality cases on newborns. Preferrably a causation studies as a result of Vitamin K injection.

    • bradenj4a
      bradenj4a 2 months ago

      +Lady NoShoes Sure, and I am sure we both have basic reading comprehension, researching, and critical thinking skills based on our responses. But hey, I am definitely more than qualified to read and understand medical jargon, even though sadly most parents and people in general who are approached with these decisions do not always understand what they are given by doctors at the time of the decision. Just from the evidence based birth site, where most people get their information on the shot, (not including numerous research journals that review VKDB - an article from the Netherlands report that out of 100,000 births studied, 6 were diagnosed with VKDB, 1 died (.001%) and 5 had complications - 1 intracranial bleeding and the others with liver complications) out of 490,000 live births in Nashville from 2013 - 16,660 did not get the vitamin K shot from their hospital (not including the percentage of those who did not get the shot at the birthing centers), 6 were diagnosed with VKDB, did not die (0.0%), and 3 had intellectual disabilities for complications. The site did a correlation study, not a causation study, otherwise, they would have also considered accounting for genetic predispositions or liver issues that may have complicated those cases.

      VKDB is not an outbreak, as they say on the evidenced based birthing site, and the numbers do not justify the hard push for vitamin K shots. Compared to the Zika virus, which had less than 1000 cases in the world recorded, Zika is more deadly than VKDB. In the Nashville study, we are also not accounting for the 473,340 kids who got their vitamin K shot and still died within the first 6 months (the cause is often chalked up to SIDS - 91 deaths out of 100,000 births (.09%) and still more deadly than VKDB, yet we have no explanation of why SIDS occur - see the black box warning on vitamin K1 shot, phytonadione, and the symptoms compared to SIDS). The point is that we cannot assume why people choose to not give their kids shots, as there are many reasons behind their decisions, such as allergens or preservatives, within the shot. Please do read the black box warning on phytonadione - at the very least, the slow injection recommendation is something our nurse did not know about. Statistically speaking, a non-K1 parent is not a "bad parent" - a parent who doesn't read is.

    • Lady NoShoes
      Lady NoShoes 2 months ago

      +bradenj4a and do tell the percentage of neonates getting brain injury over Vit K? Why? Have you made a research on the rate of infant mortality due to low Vit K (no injection) and compared it to mortality rate after Vit K injection?
      Also, you seemed to forget that medical intervention sometimes need to be done or exercised in stages. This is why you never see a baby being injected with vaccines all at once. Prioritizing is important. At birth, which one requires immediate intervention? Baby's immune system or their low level of clotting factor? Considering the likely factor that babies will suffer internal bleeding than infection, no wonder it is recommended that Vit K to be administered as early as possible.
      But, hey. You seemed well read. I'm assuming you're a qualified medical professional and when I say, medical professional, I meant - Nurse, Pharmacist, Physicians. Physio Therapist Anesthesia technicians, etc... aren't exactly qualified to be included in this context. So, with all that said, you could provide me the evidence base links - right?

    • bradenj4a
      bradenj4a 2 months ago

      +BecxIsAwsome1 are you just quoting common side effects or are you listing all of the factors associated with phytonadione? The vitamin K's shot to clot blood immensely also has the inverse effect of slowing the baby's potent stem cells from flowing freely to improve an infant's immune system during the first few days of their lives. This excessive clotting can also cause hemorrhaging in the brain, the very thing that people are trying to avoid for their infants by agreeing for their kid to take the shot. It even says on the shot itself (see box warning) that the shot should only be used if medically necessary (i.e., circumcised children) and "the safety and effectiveness in pediatric patients have not been established with MEPHYTON (phytonadione)."

  • Rebecca Hoferer
    Rebecca Hoferer 4 days ago

    I'm just wondering if there was any update on the Vegetative pregnancy?

  • Ronnie Keel
    Ronnie Keel 8 days ago

    On the Ace family what about the fact of him saying he has to buy it or she would just steal it That's just sickening

  • Critical Unity
    Critical Unity 8 days ago

    13:00 - I believe calling someone a stupid mother fuxker is bullying. Why has youtube not removed this video? It's not just about autism, but you are just believing something on the internet that there is no actual connection. Vaccination is not even natural and degrades humanities ability to fight sickness naturally. Kids used to play in the mud and naturally develop immunity better. Last time I checked, injecting mercury, aluminum and who knows what else is not the best thing to do. Especially given the fact that the powers that should not be are on record wanting to reduce the population by 90%. It's literally written in stone in the Georgia Guidestones, you bright, bright MF you.

  • Critical Unity
    Critical Unity 8 days ago

    A speed between normal and 0.75 would be perfect.

  • El Heft
    El Heft 8 days ago

    Vaccines make you see the world different and and are planted by the government

  • emily dobbs
    emily dobbs 9 days ago

    I hate this whole narrative that people can't change, Like, I used to believe in Santa, now I don't, Does that mean every time, People change and evolve.

  • aldo gonzalez
    aldo gonzalez 9 days ago

    I like your videos and I will keep watching all your videos even if I'm 2 weeks late

  • TonksRules
    TonksRules 10 days ago

    I'm fed up with this culture of not allowing people to get better and change. I hate his statements...but they are old and he has apologised with seemingly no new comments that match. I swear people just want to be mad. People shouldn't have to grovel with apologies forever when they do things wrong. We all make mistakes. If he hasn't done anything to imply he's the same than let it go! And before you assume. I'm LGBT. But that shouldn't matter. This should just make sense to people. None of us are perfect... especially not our whole lives.

  • Carly Greiner
    Carly Greiner 10 days ago

    I'm not the biggest fan of Kevin Hart's humor, but any offense he meant was apologized for multiple times. When someone apologizes several times over the years and shows that he no longer makes those kinds of comments or jokes, then continuing to hold a grudge against him seems pointless. He's learned from his past prejudices. I don't think bringing up someone's regretted past is productive.

  • kenhakku
    kenhakku 11 days ago

    man, Caitlin Jenner had to make fewer apologies for literally killing someone that Kevin Hart had to make for a fucking tweet

  • kenhakku
    kenhakku 11 days ago

    I love the "theory" that if you get your vaccination, then put a peeled potato on the injection site, that it'll "suck out the toxins". Frankly I hope this idea gets traction, I hope it'll get more morons to get their vaccinations

  • LivyWeird
    LivyWeird 13 days ago

    I really don't know where I stand on vaccines anymore. A doctor that spent around 10 years on post-secondary education including biological psychology, and medicine, has said that the aluminium/mercury in vaccines can cause "blood sludge"(gross, I know). It can lead to temporary strokes, and sometimes permanent strokes.
    There have been children that now have a lazy eye, drooping mouth, etc, because the aluminium provoked the immune system to push more white blood cells. Those white blood cells can block capillaries in certain areas of the brain, leading to strokes presented in affected areas.
    Apparently, when I was about 3 I had my vaccines and I got swollen ankles and knees. I would bawl because it hurt so bad to crawl onto a soft couch. My brother got his vaccines, and got a lump/bruise thing on his leg, the doctor called in two other nurses because she was concerned, and then concluded to my mom that it was fine/normal.
    I am worried about people getting possibly life-threatening diseases, and I did/do think vaccines can help. We just need the right ones. Not ones with heavy metals in them to preserve the vaccines or provoke the immune system to make antibodies.
    Again, still not totally sure where I stand here, but I am open to discussion. I really think there needs to be more discussion, research, an open-mindedness on this topic.
    Thank you.
    -A slightly confused 15 year old

  • Onra G
    Onra G 17 days ago

    The truth about measles, btw people born prior to 1957 do not require the measles vaccine, why is that?
    -1 in 10,000 or 0.01% of measles cases are fatal.3
    -3 to 3.5 in 10,000 or 0.03-0.035% of measles cases result in seizure.9
    -1 in 20,000 or 0.005% of measles cases result in measles encephalitis.4
    -1 in 80,000 or 0.00125% of cases result in permanent disability from measles encephalitis.4
    -7 in 1,000 or 0.7% of cases are hospitalized.

  • Tonya Simons
    Tonya Simons 20 days ago

    The message being a dead baby is better than a baby with autism. My grandson has autism and I love him with all of my heart. My husband has an auto-immune disease, Crohn's disease, and can get very sick from crap like this. In January of last year, he got pneumonia and had to have surgery and was hospitalized for two weeks. The doctor believes that because we were traveling across the country and went through some rural areas they believe that he caught it from somebody that was a carrier. Most people, especially young people don't get pneumonia vaccines and/or the flu shot. A simple cold for my husband can last weeks or months. It is frustrating that all of these people/parents that are electing to not vaccinate their children are vaccinated and there is no risk to their body. They elect to throw their children into harm's way because there is no risk to them. It is fucked up.

  • RedEvee
    RedEvee 20 days ago

    again Religien in the way ... REMOVE IT !!! ITS ALL LIES ANYWAYS !!!

    STIGUTIN _ 21 day ago

    If you are vaccinated why would you be scared of getting sick If you are protected by the vaccine? Why does the biggest spokeman for the vaccines Bill Gates does not vaccinate his children? Or Dr.Oz who is Pro vaccinate? Go to sleep america. Get your aluminium in your veins and go to sleep. Remember! Everything that governement gives you free is bad news.

  • Angelo Espada
    Angelo Espada 22 days ago

    You look like a tweaker..Franco...😵😳😲 $ 💰💰💰 Paid by the establishment to push their vaccination agenda.. to kill us. If you really cared about health speak about the air..yes the air we breath.. Chemtrails spraying of our skies with toxic chemicals..😉😉

  • O K
    O K 22 days ago

    You’re a complete shill.

  • Kristy Lee
    Kristy Lee 22 days ago

    While I completely agree that the fact that we are having this anti-vax debate in 2019 is insane, I think, Phil, that the language you take in this video contributes to the growing problem. Anti-vaxxers are curious but often not science-literate. Maybe they also don't have access or the ability to understand the evidence the rest of us can. Ultimately, this is an ignorant, vulnerable group of people that are scared about their baby's safety. They aren't the devil. In telling them they are "profoundly fucking stupid" unfortunately does absolutely nothing to help the situation, possibly making it worse by turning away an anti-vax viewer from listening to the rest of the helpful information you included. I think in future conversations about this topic, you and I and everyone watching need to keep in mind the end goal: more vaccination. Not more animosity.

  • Charlie Spurr
    Charlie Spurr 23 days ago +1

    Good on you Phil. Screw anti-vaxxers.

  • jason sanchez
    jason sanchez 26 days ago

    How does somebody not having a vaccination effect some who has it? Isn’t the point of immunization that you cant get sick from them. So how does other people decision to not get the vaccine effect you ah? You really think people dont look into the issue and just decide to not get vaccinated because they are stupid and you are just so fucking smarter than us. Fuck you propagandists

  • Try Learn Try
    Try Learn Try 27 days ago

    That is terrible. As someone who has worked in a care facility, this type of thing is very horrible an IMO the worst kind of evil but its not unheard of. I wish it wasn't true but through working at multiple facilities its always been mentioned as something everyone has to keep a watchful eye for. Abuse of all kinds, sadly, happen in all kinds of nursing and care facilities :(.

  • Liza DeLeon
    Liza DeLeon Month ago

    Wow! Tell us how you really feel. lol

  • Mαяsbαяs
    Mαяsbαяs Month ago

    I like to let Phil’s vids pile up so I can binge the hell out of them so I’m reasonably late for this. I already knew about the whole Ace Family crap back when it happened through another creator I watch. I love how the ever so smart Austin decides to explain that little lady was going to STEAL THE LOLLIPOP if she didn’t get it when we all clearly saw that she was struggling to reach it in the first place. So he was the one who took it down for her to hold and for her to have. But, you know, “better to buy it for her than have her steal it.”
    I never seen their videos either, Phil so don’t worry about that. Hell, I never even heard of them until the incident. I’m not hip with the kids nowadays. But you’re absolutely right, there were a million options he could have chosen to do in that situation than what he actually did. I can’t tell with people like that if monetization surpasses common sense because of that’s true, that’s damn well sad. Especially at the expense of an innocent little girl who only sees a lollipop and not what it really is. And also, partial shame on the cashier for going through with the purchase. Had that been me, I would have flat out said that I do not feel comfortable allowing a purchase clearly after overhearing that it’s going to her. Take it up with my manager then, I’ll have no part of it 😒
    *Side note - Standing ovation for Phil after that vaccination bit. I don’t understand how anti vaxxers can just disregard their children’s safety, their lives, along with others around them. I have Sickle Cell Anemia, my immune system is pure shit. I’ve gotten all my main vaccinations, not counting the ones I’ll need for the rest of my life due to not having a spleen since childhood or the different pneumonia vaccines I need because of my suppressed immune system and the 100s of times I’ve had it (wish I were exaggerating) in my 32 years of life. Please vaccinate your pups! The majority of us are living proof, use common sense and stop putting your kids and others at risk ffs!!

  • e w
    e w Month ago

    I honestly hate to be the person that says I've stopped watching the news but I believe I'm justified in it by spending 20 minutes every day watching DeFranco... applause to you. Getting the information out there in a concise way and making such a vast audience aware of problems they wouldn't learn about in other places. Meaning people that watch youtube usually aren't the same audience that's watching the news in the morning yet you bring awareness to international, national, and citywide issues to the screen, with passion.

  • prismo
    prismo Month ago

    If we don’t accept sincere apologies than what are we saying as a society? There’s no room for change, growth? You can never learn from an experience? You can’t change from someone you used to be in your past? That’s destructive thinking and will only pit people against each other more.

    • prismo
      prismo Month ago

      P.S I’m gay.

  • J. Sarma
    J. Sarma Month ago

    Actions truly do speak louder than words. So the fact that Kevin Hart refuses to verbally apologize again (and again) isn't what I take issue with - it's the fact that he has done nothing (besides apologize) to repair the damage caused by his hateful words. LGBTQ youth are in danger because of the "joke" he made, and if he truly felt remorseful about it, he would step up as an ally and help the people he's hurt.

  • Safir
    Safir Month ago


    • Safir
      Safir Month ago

      This is true

  • Calvin Mcdonald
    Calvin Mcdonald Month ago

    the ace family is the new tana mojo

  • Simon Starcke
    Simon Starcke Month ago

    I'm dying after hearing about the Ace Family story. That's friggin hilarious

  • TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal

    Mmr is live virus. So it gives off measles mumps and rubella for 7-28 days. Kids who dont or cant dont get others sticks. Also vaccines dont always work and you are not always covered. Just some facts.
    Also 1990s is was way higher and more got vaccines. This is a big thing to scare people. It's a money maker. And it's ageist the law to force anyone to get vaccines.
    My siblings all got it, heck most in the 70s and earlier did and shock all are ok. And the vaccines last 10 years max so adults need it.
    AND NO IM NOT SCARED OF AUTISM IM SCARED OF DEATH CAUSE THE POLIO VACCINE DID TOO MUCH HARM AS IT IS. Autism is the last thing we all fear. Death etc is worse.
    Watch "the greater good" and "vaxed"
    I hope you have vaccines up to date. Also I'm dumb lol. Glad I know to not watch you again peace.

  • A.C. VLOGS
    A.C. VLOGS Month ago

    The ace family is my favourite TVcliprs they make me positive and happy when I'm not good

  • Jingkiftic Films
    Jingkiftic Films Month ago

    I roll my eyes at the videos of anti-vaxxers using misinformation they Google'd in two seconds. However... Every single time I get the flu shot, I get deathly ill, to the point where I end up in the hospital for the night. When I don't get the flu shot, I don't get sick at all that season. I'm not an anti-vaxxer, but from a personal standpoint, I'm against it. Meaning that I think people should have it done, just it's not for me. I think I might be allergic to it or something.

  • Gemma Lawler
    Gemma Lawler Month ago

    On the Kevin Hart thing I get where he is coming from. A couple years ago I said some racist/homophobic/sexist shit because "it was funny" I have since learnt how messed up it was. Coming out as a member of the LGBTQ group I'm ashamed of the shit I said but I'm not going to apologise every day for it.
    Also vaccinate your damn kids

  • Amber Dent
    Amber Dent Month ago

    Anti-vaxxers need their ass beat, no joke. If my kid or family member somehow got infected because of an anti-vaxxer I'd be so, so angry.

  • elliewellie
    elliewellie Month ago +2

    I had nightmares about the Hacienda situation. Absolutely traumatic

  • TimTrowerArt
    TimTrowerArt Month ago

    Why was he bring his child into Spencer's???

  • Jordan Hall
    Jordan Hall Month ago

    Can I just say how ashamed I am? I am ashamed because I live in Phoenix and worked in healthcare before becoming disabled a few years ago. This case literally disgusts me. I honestly don't know what else to say about it. But now that we know who this monster is that did this, I'm even more concerned. I felt like there was no way a nurse would do this, hoping it was a one time isolated incident. This is a whole new case now as I'm sure this monster has done this over the YEARS that he worked there. But what is almost more concerning is that... No one else knew?!? Give me a break! They are covering for each other. Anyone who was in contact with the woman over the last six months or so should lose their license and the place needs to be shutdown. Think about the doctors... Did they never palpate her abdomen? The nurses... Didn't notice she wasn't having periods? Because she does normally have them. The nurse assistants... They bathe her and didn't notice anything? And the care managers... They didn't put those "clues" together? That's just really hard for me to believe. And that baby... All the pregnancy-unsafe meds she was probably given and he wasn't breathing at birth? I can't even imagine... I just pray he is okay. What a shame for something like this to happen. Places like this are so badly needed here. They are difficult to start, but make a lot of money after opening. Unfortunately, it seems like this draws in some money-hungry people with little interest in patients. About 80% of them in the valley are not good and many are so below the standard of care, that they probably shouldn't be open. But many are either too big to fail or closing would put a bigger load on an already stressed market where many are spread thin, etc. It's just sad, really sad. And makes me sick for that poor girl and her family. And equally for all that man's other patients who are also likely-victims.
    If you'll excuse me, I'm going to vomit... And if you need me, I'll be fighting for patient's rights.

  • Fukui Hisoka
    Fukui Hisoka Month ago

    (Hears coma patient gave birth) Oh, that’s cool
    (Coma for at least 10 years) Oh, that’s co-

  • Dionne Mcilroy
    Dionne Mcilroy Month ago

    It’s all kat Von d’s fault

  • dana !-/
    dana !-/ Month ago

    your anti-vax rant!!

  • Shana Paulus
    Shana Paulus Month ago

    I haven't been doing an in-depth following of Kevin Hart's story about the tweets and his offer to host the Oscar's. From this video and the few clips I've seen circulating the internet, it feels like he's apologizing because he's being scrutinized for it. Would he have made an active effort to "evolve" had he not been called out for the tweets? Who knows.

  • Josée Joliat
    Josée Joliat Month ago

    I've also been wrestling with this thought. I think at one point, we need to stop crucifying everyone for being a part of a culture that had normalized this behaviour. I think everyone can be accused of having said shit in the past that we now know is not ok. I know I have. We need to stop having a Us vs Them mentality since at the end of the day, we all have to live and interact with each other. People are not perfect, people evolve. Learn and understand where this past behaviour comes from, own it, apologize and be a more thoughtful a kind person. I think that's all we can ask from people. If we keep putting a permanent label on people, no one will put the effort to change.

  • RoyalReyna
    RoyalReyna Month ago

    Man the Kevin Hart situation really pisses me off. Im a member of the LGBT community, and I grew up in a small town in Texas. I've faced real homophobia, been harrassed by faculty at schools and told by other people that I should leave because they don't want "gays" in their town. I've been told countless times to my face that I was going to burn in hell for being gay, that I was a sinner, etc. Calling someone (who isn't gay btw) a fag is NOT homophobic. Poor choice of words, yeah, but the Rock knew what he meant and wasn't offended, im not offended, so I don't understand why everyone has their panties in a wad. There are too many real homophobes, and real concerns to worry about instead of wasting time getting mad at someone who understands our struggles and supports us. Part of equality means knowing when to take a joke, and when to actually get upset about something. Being overly sensitive doesn't help the image of the LGBT community, and lashing out at people that are on our side certainly doesn't help us. I don't think he should have to appologize at all, much less repeatedly.

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago

    People don't want to forgive and move on. The goal for these kinda of people, the outrage addicts, is to tear down. That's it. They don't care about the apology because they have zero intention to forgive. There is nothing anyone can do to appease them. They are only looking for excuses to be offended and find a target they can attack. That is their only goal.

  • Nunu Bomba
    Nunu Bomba Month ago

    I was nervous about getting my 4 month old his vaccines. I got them, but I won't say the fear isn't real. I understand why people don't want to do it, but despite the risk it's not worth your child getting something horrible or spreading something worse. Even one claim it can cause illness or disease is enough to frighten a parent, but don't let that fear stop you from protecting your child from things far worse than your imagination. After the vaccines were done, and as the weeks rolled by the fear was gone and the protection those vaccines provided was still working.

  • FujoshiPeanut
    FujoshiPeanut Month ago

    People!!! Get your kids vaccinated!!! It protects your children and it protects kids with immunodeficiencies who can't get vaccinated!!
    Autism doesn't kill but MEASLES DO!!!

  • Nosraceroom
    Nosraceroom Month ago

    The LGBTQ community is really painting themselves in a bad light by bullying Kevin Hart like this. It just makes them look like assholes

  • MsEwelinaG
    MsEwelinaG Month ago +3

    "Apologising and moving on does not make a world a better place for people who are gay or people who are transgender.
    (...)" So, does he basicaly say "Don't bother apologising because it does not change anything"? So why do people demand another apology from him if they are not gonna take it anyway? It only takes several apologies for the same thing until you just go "fuck it".

  • Lubizzle86
    Lubizzle86 Month ago

    I know letting go can be hard but why keep someone in a constant vegetive state, totally dependent on machines to keep you alive, and you have no awareness or can move? I think it’s abit selfish if there’s absolutely no chance of them coming out of this coma. I don’t think I could put a loved one through that, and especially knowing they’re organs could be donated to save other lives. Just my opinion.

  • Geahk Burchill
    Geahk Burchill Month ago

    Mumkey Jones

  • ace p
    ace p Month ago

    I'm a trans man and a queer man. While I'm personally if the view that you should forgive people who genuinely apologise and show they have changed I am not a black man so I can't state my opion having not had that experience. I want to say that I really respect Phillip Defranco for acknowledging he can't speak as someone from experience its reallt admirable.

  • Basically I'm Egg?!

    Sometimes I just want to throw those anti-vaxx people into a doctor's office and force them to get every single vaccination without any form of warning or preparation

  • FruitBasketyay
    FruitBasketyay Month ago

    2.5 Stupid people passed by so far

  • Hunter Lehman
    Hunter Lehman Month ago

    People need to stop letting words hurt them. The only person who can hurt you in that way is yourself. Come talk to me when someone actually physically attacks you because you're gay

  • absintheaddict10
    absintheaddict10 Month ago

    BTW the outbreak of measles in Colombia it is said to be related to the influx of Venezuelan people, the first cases reported being people of said nationality. Given the crisis in Venezuela it is understandable that we had an outbreak over here. That being said we have the health care system heavily invested in vaccination which is why there's free massive vaccinations days (last one being on this past weekend).

  • Kelly R
    Kelly R Month ago

    the ace family are forever being exposed for something, why the hell they still on youtube. there a weird family for buying ur child that
    even if ur child accidently picked it up u wudnt allow them to have it and any normal person would put it down and show them the more appropriate
    candys to buy.

  • Trikish Broom
    Trikish Broom Month ago

    Me as a autistic boy.... say that its better to be autistic than sick/dead of viruses...

  • Tanya G Davies
    Tanya G Davies Month ago

    Your direct statement to anti-vaxxers was true and funny. Especially after they are spreading the disease and still adamantly sticking to their unreasonable view.

  • Dovah Girlie
    Dovah Girlie Month ago

    *_FACT OF THE DECADE:_*_ Autistic people are BORN with autism. The needles come after. Most of the world's population is not born autistic._

  • Relative Points Now

    People worried about kids being sexualized yet don’t speak up w drag kids going to night clubs dressing like hoes.

  • Michelle Hao
    Michelle Hao Month ago

    we keep hearing about phils dark past but I nevergot the full story. Would love like idk a small segment on how when why phil changed heart

  • Sara Forney
    Sara Forney Month ago

    The Ace family is trying to be edgy cute kinda like the Batdad I always see on Facebook, however Batdad succeeds where the Ace family fails in that the Ace family is disingenuine. & gross. & way too cocky. & fake. Yeah, I don't care for that Ace family.

  • Sebia Jaffer - Clarke
    Sebia Jaffer - Clarke Month ago +2

    So I am not vaccinated. Now as a teenager, I don’t agree with that... I love my mum, and I believe that she did what she thought was best for me as a child as she had bad reactions to certain vaccinations growing up. I do NOT agree with her, she’s not backed by science and now I’m working with my doctor to get all my vaccinations that I missed growing up. However I have to say a lot of anti-vaxxers are just under informed or unaware of the consequences of not vaccinating your kid... Even now my mum worries about the effect it might have on me, but now I’m older and it’s my decision, I want to protect myself. My mum is a very smart and intuitive woman so I wouldn’t say all anti-vaxxers are stupid- but I’d have to agree that there are a LOT (especially the ones who refuse vaccination based on religion) who are very dumb and are just shooting themselves and their kids in the foot!

  • emeralddragon1144
    emeralddragon1144 Month ago

    I fear the only way Kevin Hart's apology would ever be truly excepted is if he puts out a video of him getting boinked it the booty by a Ricardo.

  • Jessamyn Garner
    Jessamyn Garner Month ago

    I agree that not all past actions are equally weighted. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I had internalized homophobia for several years before coming out to myself. If we are not allowed to grow from mistakes then we’re all in trouble. What Kevin Hart said matters. But if the offensive stuff matters, his apology and his current actions/words should also matter.
    Side note: headlines need to stop being so click-baity. That’s part of the problem.

  • MisfitPanda
    MisfitPanda Month ago

    When I have kids, and they become friends with a child whose parents doesn't believe in vaccinating their child I will home school my child and not allow the child in my home until I know that they actually got the vaccines.
    Because bish your child won't infect my kid.

  • Robert Shields Jr.
    Robert Shields Jr. Month ago

    With the Kevin heart thing I think that members of the Community want his career over with and him to be banished from Hollywood. This, based off the way people are reacting to the situation and not letting it go. As a member of the community, I accept that apology and will defend the fact that he isn't like that anymore. He has made strides to change his behavior and rather than keep punishing him for his past, encourage the future.
    There is a section of people that demand people change, but will not let them move on from the poor choices that person has made constantly harassing them for their past. This is toxic to our culture as a nation and needs to come to an end. People change, views change, we are not 1 thing for life. People need to wake up and realize that, and when the apology is not to your liking from 10 years ago but nothing else since has happened, guess what, it was real.
    Sorry to rant there, I'm just getting tired of this black mirror type social justice over 'perceived crimes' against the world. The episodes were warnings not instruction manuals.

  • stephanie gonzalez
    stephanie gonzalez Month ago

    I'm beyond tired of people bringing out the cross and nailing people to it; for things that they've said or done in the past. If it's not sexual assault or rape, get the hell over it.
    " shouldn't have an issue apologizing over and over again..." what!?!
    Of course after a while a person would get hostile reliving something over and over and over again. That's now what Kevin stands for. That's not his platform. He's about empowering people, uplifting people, and moving forward a better man. Look at his cheating scandal with his beautiful wife. Don't look down on someone unless you're helping them up, and these ass holes are just trying to push him further down.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +1

    Antivaxxers should get ZERO sympathy. Nothing. They are DANGEROUSLY stupid and should be treated as such.

  • Nataley
    Nataley Month ago

    2.5K stupid people I see lol

  • Kendra Vonda
    Kendra Vonda Month ago

    I say no more apologies from Kevin Hart. Superrrr annoying............... to have to repeat yourself over and over and over again............... IDK, it kinda reminds me of the fact that I may have eaten vegan at one point and since I am back to eating meat again I would be so irritated if people criticized my eating meat again when no one would say anything to me as a person always eating meat. He did make himself a target and he is in the public eye.......... but if I were him I would be irritated too... That's all I'm saying.

  • Jenny M
    Jenny M Month ago +1

    It’s a shame that the Ace family guy can’t be disciplined in some way, like footballers are when they misbehave.
    TVclip administrators need to put in place better community guidelines and discipline creators more.
    That video of his child will be with his daughter forever...whether she’s applying for a job or making new friends.
    Imo encouraging a young child to lick a phallic object is child abuse. And videoing it and releasing it is pornography.
    #tightenourlaws #toughenyoutubeguidelines

  • thtsDCent
    thtsDCent Month ago

    I don't understand. If the LGBTQ community wants to change people's prejudices/opinions/actions and a person makes the change, why attack them for the rest of their lives? They aren't the only group doing this either. You want acceptance and change, then accept that others can change. Cutting off people for life, or entire groups, as allies is something I cannot wrap my head around.

  • thtsDCent
    thtsDCent Month ago

    If I let you borrow $5 and you pay me back $5. Do you have to give me another $5 every time I remind you that you borrowed $5 from me?

  • The Lundy Family
    The Lundy Family Month ago

    This was temperance or help for the ace family their videos get 3 to 10 million views consistently without controversial issues I don't think he intended on this being a boost smh I chalk it up to just a bad decision

  • Stephen Kennedy
    Stephen Kennedy Month ago

    I am by no means someone to throw around bible verse. As a non-practicing Catholic, I have always felt that only the actual teachings of Jesus were of any merit, and as such: "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone". I truly believe that if more people kept this thought in mind, the internet and world would be better off.

  • Iceman5613
    Iceman5613 Month ago

    chad + stoner + ASMR = "Let's just jump into it..."

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago

    I'll be honest.... why does anyone feel an apology is even needed? Lol I'm not offended if someone doesn't like me... especially someone I don't even know and will never meet. Move on. He's over it and you should be too. are u gonna hound them forever for an apology or are u just gonna say miss me with that ignorance and go on and live your life? Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.

  • drummerman1206
    drummerman1206 Month ago

    Love the anti vaccine rant. Lol.

  • Made to Watch 18 videos

    Looks like about 2.5k

  • Justin Lewis
    Justin Lewis Month ago

    Hey Phil, have you heard of the Tuskegee experiment before? I think you calling these people stupid is going to far considering this country has a history of telling people something is good when there's a hidden negative agenda. You shouldn't blame people for not putting 100% faith in the government. You just talked about how many lies POTUS has said

  • Holly
    Holly Month ago

    Honestly it’s true tho if youre actively seeking equality and acceptance why are you destroying and ridiculing someone who is constantly trying to make amends for their wrongs and trying to accept you you shouldn’t be denying others trying to fight with you

  • Jake38nine
    Jake38nine Month ago

    Phil also proves he's the king of pandering by how he panders to people about how he's changed from his past self. No he hasn't. It's still a part of you. That's just a PR move. JUST LET PEOPLE LIVE AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIVES. QUIT WORRYING ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY. THEY AIN'T HURTING YOU. And this is coming from a guy who has had a bunch of bullying throughout my life. I don't care anymore. It's funny. it's stupid. It's harmless.

  • Jake38nine
    Jake38nine Month ago

    Everyone. Slurs. Get. Over. It. Even blacks make fun of themselves. Even gays make fun of themselves. Hell, I'm a straight guy and make gay jokes about myself. Quit being offended world.

  • Jory Porteous
    Jory Porteous Month ago

    In this situation, because he is such a high profile person, he shouldn't have to keep apologizing if he isn't homophobic. Because it will only continue the circle of apologies and conversation. Which in turn makes the apology less and less, genuine after a while. Because if it's not him apologizing enough, people will say he is apologizing too much. No one will be happy.

  • Kuba Kowalik
    Kuba Kowalik Month ago +1

    To see you lie this way Phil is just sad. A group of innocent children get attacked by some old maniacs, activists and fanatics... and the media shows the children as the oppressors! The boy did not do ANYTHING, he just stood there patiently, yet hollywood stars like Chris Evans and Terry Crews and journalists like you called him a bandit and racist. Now it is obvious this were all lies and the boy was a victim... but none of you feel responsible of your actions, no one corrects his statement. Apparently the only thing that matters is either being racist to white people, or just attack conservatism, no matter the truth. It is such a sad thing to see.

    • HarpsiFizz- Mortuary Student
      HarpsiFizz- Mortuary Student 23 days ago

      Have you ever wondered why people aren't into conservatism, especially educated people? It's because conservatism relies on ignorance to thrive. It relies on hatred and fear. When people learn more about others, they learn that we're all just people. They learn that homosexuality isn't contagious, that Muslim beliefs are not that different from Christian ones, that they might actually have a lot in common with someone who isn't from their country, and that science really does make sense. What's more, they learn that hating white people is _not_ a "liberal" value because you can't group all white people together and make generalizations about them.
      I'm not going to act like all conservatives generalize people under one group. I am, however, going to say that in the past, many conservative candidates have run on platforms that encourage generalizing and demonizing groups of people (Black people, Muslims, Gays, Scientists). That's why a lot of people stop being conservative when they become more educated.

  • succubus8080
    succubus8080 Month ago

    I am curious if I need to say sorry or do I get a pass since I am Bisexual? I have said the word gay in a negative way in the past growing up. I feel like if you say you are sorry and show it by your actions that is enough. I do not feel he should have to be an ally to be sorry. He can be understanding of the LBGT community without having to support us.

  • Rot Bake
    Rot Bake Month ago +1

    Is anybody still watching this ignorant racist who helped promote violence and fake news about children? Make America great again and deport Franco. His brand of ignorance and hate towards those Covington children has no place in this country. He and his globalist comrades promote beating n killing children. Disgusting!

  • D N
    D N Month ago

    Can youtube just shut down these creepy ass channels that use children for views. How disturbed will those kids be when they grow up!

  • Lota Lota
    Lota Lota Month ago

    When you gonna apology to the MAGA kids??

  • Wednesday April
    Wednesday April Month ago

    I'm half black and I'm bi and I've been harrased by people because of who I am and I still am and not only by just white people I mean I've been called Oreo and told that I chose to like females because it's more acceptable by society. And those jokes by Kevin are funny and aren't that bad to begin with and the more he apologizes the more they feel fake so I'm just saying that leave a brother alone and that not all gay or poc are perfect ether and can say a lot of dumb shit

  • This Suckd
    This Suckd Month ago

    this is as intelligent as your post on catholic school kids FALSE!!

  • melissa
    melissa Month ago

    Dr William Thompson

  • melissa
    melissa Month ago

    MRC5 WI38 RA273 and now Walvax 2

  • melissa
    melissa Month ago

    Vaccine manufacturer insert

  • melissa
    melissa Month ago

  • melissa
    melissa Month ago Excipient list

  • QDOM
    QDOM Month ago

    Sjw’s destroying another life:(