The Events In North America Before 2050


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  • Tom Villars
    Tom Villars 4 hours ago

    No mention of SpaceX by name and you entirely left out Elon's other companies: Tesla, The Boring Company, and most important Neuralink.

    Also the assumption that China's and the USA's growth rate will remain static is improbable at best.

  • Rose Wave
    Rose Wave Day ago

    No hate but, Asia (China, India) will take over US by the middle of this century.
    And tbh, looking at the population growth, some races may even go extinct in a hundred years.

  • Gurjot Singh kalsi
    Gurjot Singh kalsi 2 days ago

    correction james webb will be launched in 30 March 2021

    THE GREEN MACHINE 2 days ago +1

    To bad America won't be around to see any of this.

  • Mckenzie Welsh
    Mckenzie Welsh 2 days ago

    Us falls yee

  • Alex Upton
    Alex Upton 7 days ago

    If America doesn't implode on itself before then.

  • shadowdance4666
    shadowdance4666 7 days ago

    Let’s hear for the flying robots 🤖

  • kevin couture
    kevin couture 7 days ago

    u think us will just sit there and lose position? thats gonna be ww3

  • the bobo
    the bobo 7 days ago

    half life 3 will be here bc it will be real life half life got a future right

  • David Earnest
    David Earnest 7 days ago

    Yeah . GNP is not melting. So that's BS. I just spent a week up there. The Glaciers are still there glaciering. Not much different then they were when I first visited there in 1970.

  • b3to91frca
    b3to91frca 7 days ago +1

    In 2041 The New World Order will be in full effect

  • boawesomeness the awesome

    This is depressing

  • Garrett
    Garrett 8 days ago

    More drones patrolling the us? More like police state..

  • Reddblue
    Reddblue 9 days ago

    rip australia lol

  • kenan Sljivo gaming
    kenan Sljivo gaming 10 days ago

    Why do people don’t want the government to know about them do they want to hide something?

  • Ólöf Jónsdóttir
    Ólöf Jónsdóttir 10 days ago

    Am i the only one that learns in school that greenland is in europe?? Like ive done loads of projects with this

  • Donavan LoForte
    Donavan LoForte 15 days ago

    Extremely exciting to hear the usa decline.

  • Shazam 03
    Shazam 03 15 days ago

    Why don't you do a vídeo about Europe ?

  • T306 41
    T306 41 16 days ago

    *sees drones on their own city
    Fuck that im moving out!!!

  • WJValente
    WJValente 17 days ago

    Is it "Climate Change" or just "H.A.R.R.P."?

  • Bubbling Babbler
    Bubbling Babbler 19 days ago

    I don't think so...

  • final Fantasy master
    final Fantasy master 22 days ago

    Will the school system change by 2050

  • Caribbean Mapping and Animations

    Do Africa

    Their future is bleak
    *Cough China *Cough

  • Aurelious Maximus
    Aurelious Maximus 22 days ago

    But but but we are not north america we are central america

  • Dev
    Dev 26 days ago

    Why can’t the US and Canada just become one? The flag can have the original 13 stripes but replace the stars with maple leafs lmao

  • Tj Naptown
    Tj Naptown 27 days ago

    Space is fake so stop talking about it

  • Cardboard Tenshi
    Cardboard Tenshi 27 days ago

    Transglobal highway is bullshit. It should be a railway.

  • Herobrine 145-YT Gaming

    Colab with the king of random

  • MN-14
    MN-14 Month ago

    Hearing the US losing most of its power makes me very concerned; it sounds like the beginning of either another depression...or war...

  • The Genre Switcher
    The Genre Switcher Month ago

    Highly doubt that the USA will lose that much power

  • RTXgameing MEMES
    RTXgameing MEMES Month ago

    Will Elon musk be alive in 2030 or 2040’s

  • Mario Camacho
    Mario Camacho Month ago

    well rip us china is getting strong

  • Mario Camacho
    Mario Camacho Month ago

    city of modesto has drones well I have been spied and haven't realized

  • Mario Camacho
    Mario Camacho Month ago

    I live in Modesto and didn't even know they had drones

  • 田中ハルト
    田中ハルト Month ago

    Let’s decide the America’s, oh let’s put it back together

  • Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Month ago

    Welp, if i die now, i won't see these things happen

  • chubby narwhal
    chubby narwhal Month ago

    I'm really sad cause i don't want animals to keep going extinct and if we can bring them back to life the earth would already be changed too much to where they wouldn't have a habitat. just look at colder climate animals, the world is get hotter and people just believe we'll bring them back because SCIENCE. no the fucking north damn pole is melting and i just can't want til places like Florida disappear cause of rising sea levels. we are literally running out of space and i find it so damn funny cause we did this ourselves. everyone did you, your friends, me. and it's just wow. but hey if we find a planet in which we can start over again at least we know not to fuck it up like how we did to our home planet.

  • He Did Dat
    He Did Dat Month ago

    2020 us North Americans will steal oil then sell it back

    I DO COCAINE Month ago

    every time when some one trying to predict future, its never really happen....

  • Peter Santos
    Peter Santos Month ago

    North America consists of only 3 countries

  • polla2256
    polla2256 Month ago

    Yo never mentioned the results of population decline, immigration and the impact on economy

  • Roblox Studio
    Roblox Studio Month ago

    I'm so sad because I aint no american

  • Brazil
    Brazil Month ago

    By 2050, the Brazilian government probably will not have finished the trans-amazonian highway

    IELITE Xx Month ago

    The future is now

  • Nitrex Prime
    Nitrex Prime Month ago

    What about the Wall Trump has been talking about

  • Ebon Hawk
    Ebon Hawk Month ago

    hold on what is this revisionist history.
    maybe I am wrong but I seem to remember the 2018 launch having been a delay from the previously proposed launch year.
    it is getting a little difficult to keep track of considering how many times it has been delayed, but I think I remember reading about it having been proposed to launch in 2017 and even 2016.
    am I completely off here?

  • NotYou
    NotYou Month ago

    Lol we get to see Dodo birds!

  • Wow I’m a Meme
    Wow I’m a Meme Month ago +2

    I know two: WW3, 2020 Tokyo Olympics,

  • Carlos E
    Carlos E Month ago

    Bringing species back to life! Haven’t the scientists watched Jurassic Park?

  • Max Wild
    Max Wild Month ago

    I like how it goes through the amazon and the sahara but not Australia.

  • New Haven News
    New Haven News Month ago

    if i and some other smartasses owned the world it should have got much much better...

  • RealMorePink
    RealMorePink Month ago

    Global warming is a scare tactic made up by liberals

  • Generic Goat
    Generic Goat Month ago

    Don't forget that in 2019, someone will comment on this video saying, "2019 anyone?"

  • F B I
    F B I Month ago +1

    How do you know this

  • Gaming Universe 1101

    *Europe has left the server*

  • Skylack
    Skylack Month ago +1

    "Humans and spiral creatures, because of their nature are limitless in their potential.. and that's why we are trying to destroy them"

  • Oreo cheese Cake
    Oreo cheese Cake Month ago

    Are you a dinosaur?

  • MichaelDV4
    MichaelDV4 Month ago

    If they bring back the Dodo I want 1 as a pet xd

  • 1684484448848
    1684484448848 Month ago

    I’m waiting for a unification on North America under USA government ( I live in canada and we have shit laws)

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    In 2050, Texas,California,Florida, and Quebec will become there own countries and Alaska will be a Province of Canada

  • Lazs Sas
    Lazs Sas Month ago

    I Hope Oasis Was Real in 2047.

  • Isaac Cool
    Isaac Cool Month ago

    So you just mention Canada and Mexico twice in passing?

  • Tpelzy
    Tpelzy Month ago

    Never say never, but I have a hard believeing they will ever build a road across the Darrien Gap.

  • Josh Stephens
    Josh Stephens Month ago

    I’m so glad I got to go to Glacier National Park this past summer before it melted away

  • Tichomír Dunlop
    Tichomír Dunlop Month ago +1


  • ph11lyfan2004
    ph11lyfan2004 Month ago

    This all better not happen 😭

  • Animation and extra

    when they find out that a intelligent life died 20 years before humans existed

  • Arek Sterbenz
    Arek Sterbenz Month ago


  • Alex Valin
    Alex Valin Month ago

    First contact with the Vulcans will be pretty awesome if I survive WWIII

  • orcawalrus
    orcawalrus Month ago

    the us wouldnt weaken actually brics countries are weakening please do youre research

  • Mal Saviourdogz
    Mal Saviourdogz Month ago

    Aye modesto

  • dagmastr12
    dagmastr12 Month ago

    You lost me at super hurricane.

  • Gaming Kid
    Gaming Kid Month ago

    No fishes in 2050

  • Natalie Robertson
    Natalie Robertson Month ago

    Could you do one of these for Australia and the pacific!!

  • Aidan Tiffany
    Aidan Tiffany Month ago

    welp time to move to canada so im not in debt

  • Last Name First Name

    Most of Connecticut is destroyed

  • Marius
    Marius Month ago

    This video proves that everything you can think can be found and talked about on the internet

  • Mike Rurak
    Mike Rurak Month ago

    There are other total solar eclipses in addition to 2024 visible in the US before 2050. TWO more occur in the 2040s. First up is for Montana, Alberta, and parts of the Arctic August 23 2044 with ~2 minutes of totality. Next is literally the following year!!!! Aug 12 2045 following a very similar to 2017 but more southern path across the US from coast to coast. Landfall in northern California and going out to sea around Miami, Florida and be in totality for around 6 minutes!!! Two total eclipses back to back in the same country is significant. Some large cities(over 1 million in 2018) in totally(or very close) for these two events: Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta(2044). Salt Lake City, Denver, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami(2045). So literally without leaving the USA(if that is where you live) you can see totality in Montana in 2044 and the very next year see it again in a long line from California to Florida.

  • El Guiñolo
    El Guiñolo Month ago

    2020 : Trump reelected. 2024 : Trump Jr elected. 2028 : Trump Jr reelected. 2032 : Melania elected. 2036: Melania reelected. 2040 : Barron elected. 2044 : Barron reelected.

  • Struan McPhillips
    Struan McPhillips Month ago

    Can you do one about Europe?

  • Yuzuuzu
    Yuzuuzu Month ago +1

    Why build the trans-global highway so close to the coastlines when we know that the sea levels will rise significantly?

  • Cameron Wical
    Cameron Wical 2 months ago

    You forgot about agenda 21 in 2030

  • Dylan Hutchison
    Dylan Hutchison 2 months ago

    6:55 I live right y that on ramp thats crazy how I even caught that

  • Barbara Debel
    Barbara Debel 2 months ago

    AMERICA es 1 CONTINENTE America del norte América central América insular (islas del Caribe)y America del sur son REGIONES GEOGRÁFICAS del CONTINENTE AMERICA ignorantes idiotas dejen de mentir America central y las islas del Caribe no forman parte de América del norte

    • Barbara Debel
      Barbara Debel 2 months ago

      De América del norte solo forman parte Canadá EEUU y México y es una REGIÓN GEOGRAFIA del CONTINENTE AMERICA no un "continente"

  • Jacob Reynolds
    Jacob Reynolds 2 months ago

    I'm super excited for that submarine probe

  • Hosanna
    Hosanna 2 months ago

    In 2077 they voted my city the worst place to live in America

  • Atticus s
    Atticus s 2 months ago

    Man isn't so kind

  • Hamza Elkharrobi
    Hamza Elkharrobi 2 months ago

    Wich software are you using for this kind of videos ... they're very interesting btw

  • Seby S
    Seby S 2 months ago

    Fuck, Australia is shit, we wont have the highway system cuz we r shit

  • Me Mexico Is Mexican
    Me Mexico Is Mexican 2 months ago

    That’s Me I’m Mexico

  • Alexander Kunitsugu
    Alexander Kunitsugu 2 months ago

    Will Florida get affected by a mega hurricane by 2050

  • kiwi potato
    kiwi potato 2 months ago

    Good luck with that.....

    If we make it there

  • raytul12
    raytul12 2 months ago

    Disclaimer: much of this is speculation

  • Asdf101
    Asdf101 2 months ago

    Something we never would have thought of would probably be invented.
    In the 18-1900s would you have thought of smartphones?

  • Bhanu pratap
    Bhanu pratap 2 months ago

    Shut the fuck up nobody can predict future

  • Science 2020
    Science 2020 2 months ago

    I doubt that the US would let itself fade into irrelevancy.

  • Jake Waugh
    Jake Waugh 2 months ago

    I want selfdriving cars ASAP. People cant drive worth shit in America. THE LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING DUMBASSES

  • Imapuddles1
    Imapuddles1 2 months ago

    So let's sum it up... We're screwed.

  • ItsRDR
    ItsRDR 2 months ago

    This makes me depressed

  • marco s
    marco s 2 months ago

    You forgot legal cocaine