Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Insta-Stalks the Fab Five

  • Published on Apr 11, 2018
  • Calling all fans of the Fab Five! We asked the stars of Netflix’s Queer Eye to Insta-stalk their castmates, and give us the story behind their best Instagram posts. Up next is grooming expert Jonathan van Ness. Watch as he explains Karamo’s go-to poses and praises Tan’s peach emoji.
    Watch Tan France's Insta-Stalk, here: tvclip.biz/video/o8nRoeFeEBg/video.html
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Comments • 750

  • CaGirl MP
    CaGirl MP 3 hours ago

    I love Jonathan, he’s my favorite.

  • tinapatina
    tinapatina 5 hours ago

    4:18 that laugh behind the camera 😂

  • Mele Finau
    Mele Finau 8 hours ago

    Narrate my Life Jonathan! I bet his version is better than my version 🤣

  • Jared Wells
    Jared Wells 18 hours ago

    He definitely the kinkiest one

  • Abel Quintero
    Abel Quintero 18 hours ago

    "his iconic trilingual eggplant"

  • Milena Nellarete
    Milena Nellarete 20 hours ago

    Jonathan cracks me up every single time. I just adore him!

  • gumigumi
    gumigumi 21 hour ago

    he says so many words......

  • Jake Terrell
    Jake Terrell 22 hours ago

    Take a shot every time JVN says "like".

  • Nina Gabrielle
    Nina Gabrielle Day ago

    Omgggg playback speed .75 is “normal” and point 2.0 had me dying!

  • Aliza Jaffa
    Aliza Jaffa Day ago

    I love him

  • 3303jeri
    3303jeri Day ago

    Lol i love him

  • Micaela Cifuentes

    Someone hold this man for gods sake

  • Lily Sapurgi
    Lily Sapurgi Day ago

    Petition for jonathan to run for president

  • Honey L
    Honey L Day ago

    Can you please come over and write my arts exam? Never seen anybody interpreting that much in a picture.

  • Samantha Lopez
    Samantha Lopez 2 days ago

    can everyone just be more like him

  • Niharika
    Niharika 2 days ago

    I love him soooo much! ❤❤❤

  • CrystalHairston2
    CrystalHairston2 2 days ago

    I absolutely for his personality & extranesss

  • Taetae Sinbu
    Taetae Sinbu 2 days ago


  • Hana Phelps
    Hana Phelps 2 days ago

    I’m obsessed with him

  • James Kristoff
    James Kristoff 3 days ago

    This guy is hysterical...

  • Oscar Parrilla
    Oscar Parrilla 3 days ago

    I can’t with him lmao ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ghostlight
    Ghostlight 3 days ago +1

    JVN says what I think but can't express, like damn..

  • esto pesto
    esto pesto 3 days ago

    A picture really paints a thousand words 🤣

  • Sabah Rahil
    Sabah Rahil 4 days ago

    Tan is not from London..

  • Masato Zervoulakos
    Masato Zervoulakos 4 days ago

    to be honest just watching queer eye for jonathan and anthony

  • LuggageLife
    LuggageLife 4 days ago +1

    "They can't help it that they're obsessed with his iconic, trilingual eggplant" 😂😂😂😂 but like, he's right. 😏🤷🏻‍♂️

  • MissGeorgiex1
    MissGeorgiex1 4 days ago

    I only just found you and I love you Jonathan , slay girlll

  • Isadora Ollinger
    Isadora Ollinger 4 days ago

    "umm.....ummm....ummm....i think...umm" me too

  • Tanvi Kejriwal
    Tanvi Kejriwal 4 days ago +2

    I want friends that hype me up like that!

  • Dylan Pritchard
    Dylan Pritchard 5 days ago

    Can we start a “rent-a-Jonathon” business? Pay hourly and he’ll instantly boost your confidence 2000%

  • Nicke Kotevski
    Nicke Kotevski 10 days ago

    Wtf is "shashini"...? He is GAY as fuck.. I pale in comparison! LOL

  • The Struggle Is Brie
    The Struggle Is Brie 15 days ago

    Cashmerey Pakistani OMG

  • Giuls Land
    Giuls Land 29 days ago


  • Tashmeerra S Mehanathan

    He gives me so much life. SO MUCH LIFE!

  • Matsuo
    Matsuo Month ago

    Love ha! she needs a TV solo show

  • Jenny M
    Jenny M Month ago

    I, too, would want to die suffocating under any of these men tbh

  • Talia V
    Talia V Month ago

    This was so funny 😂

  • Christine Foto
    Christine Foto Month ago

    Love you Henny💗💗💗

  • aberu
    aberu Month ago

    i love this so much omg

  • ralph heineman
    ralph heineman 2 months ago

    "Polish pecs"

  • Luis London
    Luis London 2 months ago

    I love Queer eye. Buut this is actually creepy, this guys mind is scary. He can turn into a psychopath in the future.

  • Vicki Reeve
    Vicki Reeve 2 months ago

    sso does the fab five know about these fantasies

  • richard meyer
    richard meyer 2 months ago

    This guy is annoying

  • Yon ce
    Yon ce 2 months ago

    Guys with beards shouldn’t be this camp

  • Eugene de la Rosa
    Eugene de la Rosa 2 months ago


  • Aditi Keertani
    Aditi Keertani 2 months ago

    im just very obsessed with Tan's face" omg sAme such a mOOd

  • Payton the greatest
    Payton the greatest 2 months ago

    He's a quir WTF

  • Melisa D.
    Melisa D. 2 months ago

    Is he jesus

  • Supernova
    Supernova 3 months ago

    This guy is so extraaaaa

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa 3 months ago

    4:15, misuse of Jesus Christ.

  • Mina _
    Mina _ 3 months ago +1

    I see Jonathan, I click.

  • Sophia Chang
    Sophia Chang 3 months ago +1

    i love jonathan with all my heart because not only is he an amazing glowing force of nature but he's also the chaotic gay representation i've always wanted in the world

  • Chrysaura
    Chrysaura 3 months ago

    Keep the gaze down? I think Karamo already knows how to keep them gays down ;)

  • Pvris Suicide
    Pvris Suicide 3 months ago +1

    from what I watched, he's the less shady and I thought he would be the most :')

  • SB K
    SB K 3 months ago

    "Murder me in my temple" hahahaha

  • RachelBee
    RachelBee 3 months ago

    Everything about this man is adorable and he is just hilarious I can't even...

  • Anita Manbadly
    Anita Manbadly 3 months ago +1

    I love how JVN never acknowledges here that he's a total snack.

  • Faint Signals from Vega


  • Phil V
    Phil V 4 months ago

    He is accurate and funny.

  • BumbleBee8323
    BumbleBee8323 4 months ago


  • George Weasley
    George Weasley 4 months ago

    I am like a 100% sure that JVN writes Fab 5 fanfiction...he has way too many specific AUs just prepared

  • Georgia Witt
    Georgia Witt 4 months ago

    i think all of the fab five is in love with tan

  • mucho gosto
    mucho gosto 4 months ago

    He said "like" 39 times... I counted lol

  • Cate C.
    Cate C. 5 months ago

    I’m going to set a calendar reminder to watch this once a month.

  • candy5742
    candy5742 5 months ago

    No he didn't mention someone but cheecks the first Queer eye was classier

  • ainsley exe
    ainsley exe 5 months ago

    jvn for prez 2020

  • Nicole S
    Nicole S 5 months ago


  • cehaikerattnet
    cehaikerattnet 5 months ago

    Jonathan is my spirit animal

  • crushpetals
    crushpetals 5 months ago

    These 5 minutes of Jonathan being Jonathan is exactly what i needed

  • bookofrich
    bookofrich 5 months ago

    Jonathan has to be my fave

  • elle woodz
    elle woodz 5 months ago

    I fucking live

  • jubs :P
    jubs :P 6 months ago +1

    I’m so in love with him

  • Go Buckeyes
    Go Buckeyes 6 months ago

    I'm straight and this guy needs to be my best friend he's awesome how he carries himself. My wife and I want to be your friend JVN!

  • Sidney Sheer
    Sidney Sheer 6 months ago

    That ending was the funniest

  • peachjedi
    peachjedi 6 months ago

    "I already forgave you...and I fixed it. :D "

  • Lizzie Yorke
    Lizzie Yorke 6 months ago

    This is what a real queen looks like.

  • ThankYouPain09
    ThankYouPain09 6 months ago

    No one told Jonathan what personal space is have they? Lol I love it

  • Kokoro T
    Kokoro T 6 months ago


  • Sara Ewen
    Sara Ewen 6 months ago

    I totally love your candid comments! In my early years, I used to go to church with my family. A wee bit of that is still within me and when you let go a real zinger, like being smothered in Tan's bum, I think, oh my, and laugh outrageously!

  • Ing
    Ing 6 months ago

    i wish jonathan is my sister

  • A Shiverdeck
    A Shiverdeck 6 months ago


  • e
    e 6 months ago

    lmao Jonathan talking about Antoni make my life complete

  • Arlee Christian
    Arlee Christian 6 months ago

    I fucking love him

  • ayantae BB
    ayantae BB 6 months ago

    I need more

  • chello
    chello 6 months ago

    I feel like Jonathan and Antonio Garza should meet

  • Katie Richardson
    Katie Richardson 6 months ago

    I want him to be my BFF

  • Bel Filippone
    Bel Filippone 7 months ago

    He's fucking hilarious

  • Aerin Kingsly
    Aerin Kingsly 7 months ago

    I love Johnathan, but I feel so bad for Tan's husband

  • Jesse Obed
    Jesse Obed 7 months ago

    I just made a Jonathan hair tutorial!

  • Beachlover 101
    Beachlover 101 7 months ago

    First off I am just going to say that Jonathan is everything next I love how the guys can say all these things but it’s not weird for them

  • Ayana Ngo
    Ayana Ngo 7 months ago

    Oh my god, Jonathan is so amazing, I could not contain myself. What a doll

  • Renee B
    Renee B 7 months ago

    I wish I could thumbs up this video more than once. Gave me so much joy. 😂❤️

  • Melol
    Melol 7 months ago

    Karama’s ass 😂

  • Gavin Burnes
    Gavin Burnes 7 months ago +3

    Bobby needs to be recast, he just doesn’t fit in

  • Rabellys Soto
    Rabellys Soto 7 months ago

    Obsessed with Jonathan! Yaaas!

  • Ellen Borgmann
    Ellen Borgmann 7 months ago

    I love him.

  • Brendan Hyland
    Brendan Hyland 7 months ago

    Love ❤️

  • Chris Forteza
    Chris Forteza 7 months ago

    Jesus is a gay man

  • Dazzling Krissy
    Dazzling Krissy 7 months ago

    I love love love me some Jonathan!

  • Oliver Arieno
    Oliver Arieno 7 months ago

    I Just want Jonathon to tell me over and over again that I'm serving looks tbh