I miss her so much.

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • I promised myself I wouldn't make a video until I could make the video without crying. Your love and support over the last month has been incredible. We are so blessed to have you. Thank you for loving my Mom.

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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs  Month ago +84652

    Thank you for loving my Mom.

    • ITZ_-Julian_PR FT
      ITZ_-Julian_PR FT 11 days ago

      Roman Atwood Vlogs I’m sorry for ur loss 😭😭😭😭🙏🏼

    • Aidan Guida
      Aidan Guida 11 days ago


    • Angelo Aguirre
      Angelo Aguirre Month ago

      Roman Atwood Vlogs 💜

    • Ben Martinez
      Ben Martinez Month ago +1

      Roman Atwood Vlogs she’s with Zeus u will see her again no worries

  • Mystic_Assassin
    Mystic_Assassin 4 hours ago

    I loveyou man im so sorry for your loss hope y'all are ok

  • Marissa J
    Marissa J 8 hours ago

    i had... no idea that your mom had passed. im so sorry Roman and I hope you are doing well I love everyone so much. We will all miss her...💔😭

  • papi ttv
    papi ttv 10 hours ago

    She died

  • Celina Contreras
    Celina Contreras 10 hours ago

    I saw her and started crying

  • h ush
    h ush 10 hours ago

    Omg your mom got game ended😱

  • Jonah Luffe
    Jonah Luffe 16 hours ago

    I don’t understand how this video go 1.9 dislikes

  • Greendude44016 YT
    Greendude44016 YT 18 hours ago +3

    To the 1.9 people who dislike why on earth would u do that

  • Ziah
    Ziah 19 hours ago

    Omg its been awhile since i watch Roman's vlog and now im watching the latest vlog where its his dad's birthday and im confused why his mom is not there didn't know that she's passed away 💔 im sorry for you lost Atwood family. I know your family is strong and positive, Godbless. 😔

  • Hope Adjutant
    Hope Adjutant 20 hours ago

    For the 1.9 people who disliked this video you should be giving Roman support,Roman you have my support and I loved your mom and her amazing spirit I couldn't make this comment right away because I was in shock and in tears.😢😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Alex Jordan
    Alex Jordan 22 hours ago

    I'm sorry Roman

  • Ugly
    Ugly Day ago

    I'm so sorry man

  • Shawn Coulter
    Shawn Coulter Day ago

    You got this Roman if you need someone to talk to I’m here I’m also trying to get my license to be a chaplain

  • Desto Trill
    Desto Trill Day ago

    How his mom pass

  • Alicia Mcclain
    Alicia Mcclain Day ago

    Omg I haven’t kept up with the vlogs but I’m crying so much I loved her so so much omg I’m so so sorry Roman but she’s watching you and she’s your little angel I’m so sorry

  • Dark Doom41
    Dark Doom41 Day ago

    I started crying when I saw the pictures


    How could anyone dislike this😞😭

  • Deadfuzzypotato
    Deadfuzzypotato Day ago +1

    Dude I grew up watching you and I leave for a bit then come back and boom I’m crying

  • Cortlyn Hayden
    Cortlyn Hayden Day ago

    She was so sweet it will get better and hope you feel better soon

  • kevinnboy25
    kevinnboy25 Day ago

    Love you Roman, I wana be more like you

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher Day ago

    To sad😪

  • Barry K
    Barry K Day ago

    Roman you probably wont see this. But you helped me when I was losing my father to cancer. We would struggle but for 10 minutes a day in 2014 i would watch your daily vlogs and it just made me a bit happier. Thank You. Im sad to see you go through this. I hope the best for you and your growing family.

  • adrian leakey
    adrian leakey Day ago

    so sorry for your loss, incredibly sad, everything you said at the end is so true, as you never know whats next so treat people with that in mind.

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans Day ago

    I miss her to 😪

  • Rhys williams
    Rhys williams Day ago

    so sad spend time with your family as much as you can and take some time off youtube so you can be with your family instead of editting and filming everyday

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans Day ago

    Head up sorry for your Lost

  • Alexander Chavez-villa

    Respect 🙏

  • theworld sweetness

    Sorry bro I miss that part

  • Xo Desiree
    Xo Desiree Day ago

    How did she pass away ? 😢😢

  • Daniel Cassidy
    Daniel Cassidy Day ago

    God bless roman

  • Sevde Seda Ünal

    I can’t believe it.. cried through all the video couldn’t stop. She was happy and thankful this birthday video is so special💎 We are here for you.. Smile more she would want that for you.

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King Day ago +1

    I remember the food vlogs... when Brit cooked amazing food and is film it 😌 I’m sorry for your loss 😔

  • Brandon Tan
    Brandon Tan Day ago

    Mad respect to you my man! Your mum would be so proud of you. Big love all the way ❤️❤️❤️🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • Ashley Chacon
    Ashley Chacon Day ago +1

    She loves you

  • Diana L.
    Diana L. Day ago

    So sorry.

  • Noah Buttigieg
    Noah Buttigieg 2 days ago +1

    How did she pass away

  • Davina Lynn
    Davina Lynn 2 days ago +1

    I’m so sorry for you loss :( I lost my dad at 10. Prayers for you and your beautiful family

  • billy kincaid
    billy kincaid 2 days ago +1

    If you disliked f u

  • hitler fan boy
    hitler fan boy 2 days ago


  • Holly
    Holly 2 days ago +1

    She was such a strong women! A great grandparent! And I didn’t expect this. So so so sorry fir you lost we all love her. Xx

  • VileFN
    VileFN 2 days ago +1

    I looked up your name and this popped up... I’m so sorry to hear about this, I hope you and your family are doing ok... she will be missed

  • WillWillDoIt
    WillWillDoIt 2 days ago +1

    Im so sorry roman

  • Matthew Groschel
    Matthew Groschel 2 days ago +1

    Who cried watching this

  • Shelby Bruce
    Shelby Bruce 2 days ago

    So sorry for your loss 💔

  • Kali Bosse
    Kali Bosse 2 days ago +1

    I’m crying :’( I’m so sorry for your loss

  • Christy Carrasco
    Christy Carrasco 2 days ago

    You were definitely blessed to have a mother and father as great and supportive as they are. Sending love, blessings, and prayers for peace.

  • Kaiden hyche
    Kaiden hyche 2 days ago

    Roman it's ok she's in a better place now, and screw the people who disliked this video there a piece of s***

  • English
    English 2 days ago

    I despise all those shitty TVcliprs who said Roman faked her death. Her energetic feel added so much to the vlogs.

  • Comment King
    Comment King 2 days ago

    I know it’s sensitive but how did she pass?

  • Courtney Manning
    Courtney Manning 2 days ago

    I’m sorry for your lose I’m glad that she got to be at your birthday 😢😔 love your vids one like is one prayer

  • LHockey14
    LHockey14 2 days ago +4

    I know this is late, I just couldn’t bring it upon myself to comment. I felt bad, it is just I was completely speechless. She was a special woman and had created a very special guy. I know she was everything to you and mattered to even the people who never met her. It was sad that her life went too quickly and I could never imagine the pain. All my condolences go out to you. Everyone pray for Roman and all the people who cared about her. 🙏🙏🙏

  • R&R J
    R&R J 2 days ago

    :( :( :( :( :( :( 😯😦😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😔😫

  • squidwards bleach
    squidwards bleach 2 days ago +1

    haven’t been here in roughly 2 years or so. i am crying man. very sorry for your loss and hope everything goes well.

  • raaad9000
    raaad9000 2 days ago

    Bro I used to watch you videos a few months ago then I came back to this bro I’m sorry about our mom I just went through the same with my grandfather and again I’m so sorry

  • Ferda 363
    Ferda 363 2 days ago

    Im so sorry..

  • Nolan Harrigan
    Nolan Harrigan 2 days ago

    How did she pass?

  • PAUL Schade
    PAUL Schade 2 days ago +1

    Please just tell me how you can be that heartless to dislike this vid

    TOXICX2 2 days ago +2

    Are you guys serious 1.9k people disliked this video when his mum sadly passed away idk but i would never do that and also i dont think i have ever disliked one of romans videos always like always been watching idk how people could dislike

  • gamer lewis colman
    gamer lewis colman 2 days ago

    So sorry roomin

  • Kaat LOwI
    Kaat LOwI 2 days ago

    Hows your father doing?

  • Robby White Head
    Robby White Head 2 days ago

    Ik its hard my dad died when i was 15 and my parents were divorced when i was 3 so i didnt get to spend too much time with him. So I understand.

  • ProEvIl EdItS [FN]
    ProEvIl EdItS [FN] 2 days ago +1

    Who ever put dislikes on this video are fucked in the head I'm not kidding

  • Trae in the Game
    Trae in the Game 2 days ago

    I love you and your mom

  • Ali Balochi
    Ali Balochi 3 days ago +1


  • Ali Balochi
    Ali Balochi 3 days ago

    How she passed away I heard that she fell down from scooter

  • Zander GOMEZ
    Zander GOMEZ 3 days ago +4

    Perfect example of tomorrow is never promised!

  • Tyson dubstep
    Tyson dubstep 3 days ago

    I made a comment a couple days ago and my great grandma pased today

  • Football KD Squad
    Football KD Squad 3 days ago

    I MISS her to I been watching you guys for five years

  • FaTe xNIx
    FaTe xNIx 3 days ago +1

    omg i nearly cried a the fact this was released the day before my bday

  • ChildMolester 69
    ChildMolester 69 3 days ago +1

    I love your mom sexualy

  • Watch Me Art
    Watch Me Art 3 days ago +1

    Nooo😭im sorry for your loss Roman she was such an amazing person. She will be missed💔

  • Barneybeast123s
    Barneybeast123s 3 days ago +1

    Stay strong Roman. Your an amazing guy and dad to 3. Hope you ok. Your beautiful, your one of a kind. Smile More

  • The Ben Kerzer Show
    The Ben Kerzer Show 3 days ago

    sorry for you loss I know how you feel last year I lost my mom

  • Scorponkiller
    Scorponkiller 4 days ago

    Atleast u got to have fun with her before she passed 😭R.I.P