8 Times a Game Over was More Fun than Winning: Commenter Edition


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  • Outside Xtra
    Outside Xtra  Year ago +258

    A while ago we found some games that had some really fun game overs, and you lot left us with some excellent suggestions in the comments. So, here are some game overs you decided were more fun or rewarding than the actual ending. Enjoy!

    • Jessica Join Ijiuk
      Jessica Join Ijiuk 2 days ago

      Lol what

    • Alaina Bode (Student)
      Alaina Bode (Student) Month ago

      Cuphead Bad ending please it's WAY better than winning

    • Splotch the Cat-Thing
      Splotch the Cat-Thing Month ago

      At 28, I've never had a dream where my teeth fell out. I think that makes me the strange one?
      Just as well. I'm pretty attached to these fangs.

    • Supersum Creations
      Supersum Creations 2 months ago

      What's even more of a shame is that _Changed_, a very unknown game, wasn't out yet when _this_ video was released. Getting every Transfur on your way to the True Ending vastly expands your playtime, especially since one of them can only be achieved in Easy mode, which only gets you bad endings. I demand a second commenter's edition!

  • 907Norseman
    907Norseman 7 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the great Gatsby being a spoiler, then later being revealed to us as a joke for the paper Mario bit

  • Milk And Cookies
    Milk And Cookies 2 days ago

    I always thought it said


  • Diego Camacho
    Diego Camacho 3 days ago +1

    geettttttt dunked on!!!

  • Junko Kit
    Junko Kit 3 days ago

    Getting Dunked on IS better than genocide route ending (-_-)

  • Elias Elias
    Elias Elias 5 days ago

    Tanagotchi how one

  • Sophia Zavala
    Sophia Zavala 6 days ago +1

    Puts something undertale in thumbnail


  • ImBatman 4Reals
    ImBatman 4Reals 6 days ago

    12:09 Sans: GETTTTTttttt

  • Philip B
    Philip B 6 days ago

    13:24 top ten anime deaths

  • Patrick Bright
    Patrick Bright 6 days ago

    I got so close with Cup head but then my save file fuckered up and I was back to isle three

  • Ryder Mulkern
    Ryder Mulkern 7 days ago

    With Cuphead, the game overs aren’t better than winning when you see the same death screen over and over and over again, to the point where it gets infuriating

  • booda boop
    booda boop 7 days ago

    He's using an xbox360 controller when it was him playing cuphead

  • JustANormalGuy
    JustANormalGuy 8 days ago

    *_S A N S U N D E R T A L E_*

    I regret nothing

  • WeebTrash Ari
    WeebTrash Ari 9 days ago

    that's right kids, you have to be a ninja munk to beat cuphead

  • Agent of Chaos
    Agent of Chaos 10 days ago

    In super paper Mario there's another game over screen where you say yes in aiding Dimentio in castle bleck and he puts a mind control sprout on your head.

    CAMROC IAN 10 days ago

    Losing with sans was nor fun I wasted 3 hours

  • Kittykat Gamrgrl
    Kittykat Gamrgrl 13 days ago


  • Jabe rosier
    Jabe rosier 15 days ago +1

    I was wondering why the great Gatsby was In the spoiler list lol. You put a spoiler warning in for your joke fucking brilliant guys!!!

  • Lisa Parry
    Lisa Parry 16 days ago

    can you play undertale? please

  • Cdv3
    Cdv3 17 days ago

    In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon there’s an item called the itemizer orb. Using it can turn an enemy into a random item. If an enemy uses mirror move and you still decide to use the orb, *YOU* turn into an item, giving you an instant game over, regardless of whether or not you have revive seeds.
    It can be pretty funny playing as a Pokémon with godlike powers such as Dialga, and then becoming an apple afterwards.

  • HowAbout No
    HowAbout No 19 days ago

    kuk you say ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • sans the skelton
    sans the skelton 21 day ago


  • The FusionPhoenix
    The FusionPhoenix 22 days ago

    If you ever watched a Game Theory on Mario, he is more evil than you thought.

  • Maria F Brunberg
    Maria F Brunberg 23 days ago

    What about: "Let us go out this evening for pleasure, the night is still young!" 😍

  • Jhon Ian Lorilla
    Jhon Ian Lorilla 25 days ago

    don't click read more.....


  • Game Crusader
    Game Crusader Month ago

    If you want to see your character flail play skyrim and die

  • CaptainsEyePatch
    CaptainsEyePatch Month ago

    3:03 I just snorted while laughing.... Is it bad that I actually love her dad jokes?

  • This Person Isn't Cool


  • DroidGamer PW
    DroidGamer PW Month ago

    Ye i dont play by the rules

  • Gun Toting Stylist
    Gun Toting Stylist Month ago

    I was SO confused why The Great Gatsby was on the spoilers list... Now I know. (Don't worry I read it two years ago, barely comprehended what was going on but eh)

  • Bubblegum Donuts
    Bubblegum Donuts Month ago

    Get dunked on!

  • megan allen
    megan allen Month ago

    The Undetale one will forever be the best o e

  • J〈3s Caravan
    J〈3s Caravan Month ago

    Any death in Zandalar with Bwonsamdi as the spirit healer is the funniest thing ever! The new xpac B4A made dying in WoW as the funniest thing EVER.

  • Crazy Undertale FANgirl

    Undertale is in this. My life is completely.

  • Denizen _
    Denizen _ Month ago

    I like your chair

  • Ethan Mellefont
    Ethan Mellefont Month ago

    Any games i should download?

  • Eli Mitchell
    Eli Mitchell Month ago

    giant flinging you into the air in skyrim

  • Darth Zayder X
    Darth Zayder X Month ago


  • batti591
    batti591 Month ago

    hah, "tippi" means penis in Icelandic

  • JokerCrowe
    JokerCrowe Month ago

    16:37 "may we give you a suggestion in the meantime... nnuah... is that you should go and watch these videos"
    Dammit Ellen you are perfectly adorkable. >w

  • Craig Allen
    Craig Allen Month ago

    YEAH! Undertale rocks

  • Rotten Legacy
    Rotten Legacy Month ago

    VVVVVV, No Death Mode. If you somehow manage to kill yourself in the LAST ROOM OF THE GAME, you'll get a screen that says "Er, how did you do that?"
    I've never seen that message myself, because I haven't even been able to get to the last room in No Death Mode, but I find it to be pretty funny.

  • Krystal Kat
    Krystal Kat Month ago

    My class name is 2B 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • hi hi of thot patrol
    hi hi of thot patrol 2 months ago

    get dunked on is sooooo bittersweet.
    megolovania still gives me anxiety

  • that GenericGuy
    that GenericGuy 2 months ago

    My boyHox commented on one your vids, huh, the more ya know.

  • The Demonic Horseman
    The Demonic Horseman 2 months ago

    Get dunked on.

  • seafoamSpirit
    seafoamSpirit 2 months ago +1

    you mention super paper mario, but not that you can (SPOILER) choose to side with dimentio at the end of the game, causing a game over where he plants mind controlling plants on mario and luigi's heads to use them as pawns to backstab count bleck? which i definitely did not totally do the first time. stop lookin at me like that, he wanted to make a perfect world! why not??

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul 2 months ago


  • RobertAYYY
    RobertAYYY 2 months ago

    2:28 "as commenter kuk pointed out" LOOL. dear god tell me that was a joke by mistake. Kuk means cock in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish btw. Like in Penis. Not chickens. Commenter kuk pointed something out alright.

  • Brad Painter
    Brad Painter 2 months ago +1

    That random Gatsby spoiler tho

  • Amanda Symons
    Amanda Symons 2 months ago +1

    How about we happy few? Its fun to see what reasons they "go on holiday" for

  • Sloth Bear
    Sloth Bear 2 months ago +1

    What about that one ending in fallout where you can tell that super mutant where vault 13 is, and it launches this whole cutscene where the vault gets invaded

  • DPP Developer
    DPP Developer 2 months ago +2

    *my lord and savior puns*

  • The anime cat boi
    The anime cat boi 2 months ago

    Flappy bird

  • Desert Assassin
    Desert Assassin 2 months ago

    I did that die to see Batman's deads

  • dark ninja
    dark ninja 2 months ago

    How is dying in undertale fun

  • Ghosty Boy 1417
    Ghosty Boy 1417 2 months ago

    I have undertale on PlayStation 4,and i've beaten the pacifist route 3 times and the netrual route 1 time

  • Double Tube
    Double Tube 2 months ago


  • The fun gang ft sans
    The fun gang ft sans 2 months ago

    Who came because of sans

  • Duncle Sans
    Duncle Sans 2 months ago

    I acme here cuz the thumbnail


    The great gatsby if i made it id put THE GREAT PAPYRUS

  • Emily Garner
    Emily Garner 2 months ago

    10:45 undertale fans you can thank me for that

  • Marek Šťastný
    Marek Šťastný 2 months ago

    Metroid Prime 3 Game Over screen is fun. For me.

  • Snivy Master 360
    Snivy Master 360 2 months ago +1

    Who came to this vid by Sans?
    Give me a like plz

  • Aimey van Beem
    Aimey van Beem 2 months ago

    I was more happy with winning the Sans fight that getting the dunked on game over... but it was still worth it to do is 7 times in a row😂😂😂
    Also i think Undyne the undying is harder than the Sans fight... I don't know why....

  • MarioCraft156 Gaming
    MarioCraft156 Gaming 2 months ago

    Of course Sans is on the thumbnail

  • Pinka Pop
    Pinka Pop 2 months ago

    *geeeeeeet dunked onnnnnnn!!!*
    -srsly i clicked on this video because undertale-

  • Bedrock_Armor
    Bedrock_Armor 2 months ago

    You forgot another fun game over in Super Paper Mario where you can let Dimentio implant a seed in you that sucks away your free will. Plus, there's a new fun game over with FNAF UCN. Several characters have multiple quotes they say when you die to them, and Mr. Hippo tells you one of four stories that last around 2-3 minutes.

  • Скинь Бит
    Скинь Бит 2 months ago

    Gettt dunked on

  • Will Huey
    Will Huey 2 months ago

    what the hell was the classic novel the great gatsby doing on the list

  • KingOfRaptors132
    KingOfRaptors132 2 months ago

    He protec
    He attac
    But suddenly
    He never takes it back

  • Jacklyn Isasi
    Jacklyn Isasi 2 months ago

    I like your puns

  • Ethan Robledo
    Ethan Robledo 2 months ago

    Yay my favorite game over is here and game. Cuphead

  • NoVolt
    NoVolt 2 months ago

    I played Cuphead, Undertale and GTA V.
    Edit: And Super Paper Mario.

  • Blue flares
    Blue flares 2 months ago

    What about the end of Chuphead when you give your soul to the Devil?

  • Foxy The Night Guard
    Foxy The Night Guard 2 months ago

    They arn't floating skulls they are ghaster blasters do you even know undertale

  • Derpy Tale
    Derpy Tale 2 months ago

    O look sans well thats normal...
    Sees Title.........
    Im rooting for ya!

  • CandyChanSweets 125
    CandyChanSweets 125 2 months ago

    *DUNKED ON!*

  • Ragnheiður Kolfinna Magnúsdóttir

    GET DUNKED ONNNNNNNNN KIDDO Pap is cool dont say he isn't conversation OVER

  • peanut butter66
    peanut butter66 2 months ago

    im sad they didnt put dream daddy in here

  • cloud gamer
    cloud gamer 2 months ago

    Actually the real name of count black is diamento

  • Jayden Ryder
    Jayden Ryder 2 months ago +1

    If you do another one do roblox the oof is a game over

  • Klankkbot28
    Klankkbot28 2 months ago


  • Supersum Creations
    Supersum Creations 2 months ago +1

    What's even more of a shame is that _Changed_, a very unknown game, wasn't out yet when _this_ video was released. Trying to get every Transfur on your way to the True Ending vastly expands your playtime, especially since one of them can only be achieved in Easy mode, which only gets you bad endings. I demand a second commenter's edition!

  • Undertale and DeltaRune Lover

    I see Undertale, I click.

  • Determination Club
    Determination Club 2 months ago

    11:38 Gaster Blaster*

  • Determination Club
    Determination Club 2 months ago


  • Ironworld
    Ironworld 2 months ago

    the sans one happens when you spare sans at any point in battle

  • Ayşenur Bingül ayrancı

    Super pokemon eevee saying no at start

    I tought we would be stuck in an endless cycle of saying no until we say yes

    TITAN HUNTER 3 months ago

    10:16 Game Over YYYYAAAAHHHH!!

  • Eevee Fan Gurl :3
    Eevee Fan Gurl :3 3 months ago


  • Henry Marckisotto
    Henry Marckisotto 3 months ago

    Why not just RPG the ground for a cool rag doll effect death in GTA V? They kept trying vehicle stuff

  • alan anlanded
    alan anlanded 3 months ago

    What about the lowest amount of money in wario land

  • Nicholas Farrell
    Nicholas Farrell 3 months ago

    I don't think Harley was asking for approval so much as worried Joker was going to skin her alive for killing Batman.

  • edallencompassingly
    edallencompassingly 3 months ago

    Says a lot about Nier: Automata when unequipping an item or using a consumable in the inventory is "more fun than actually completing the game".

  • Legolover903
    Legolover903 3 months ago


  • Hagane no Saiyajin
    Hagane no Saiyajin 3 months ago

    What about Senran Kagura Burst game overs?

  • The Gaming Family
    The Gaming Family 3 months ago

    With Bones, Beam Attacks and floating Skulls.
    Me:Wait...whats that noise? Oh! I know! That's the entire Fandom laughing at that response. The Floating skulls are Gaster Blasters, the beam attacks are the same thing, And Gaster is a F.U.N Code you can get in the game...well...Multiple Gaster related things...Like the Gaster Follower's and the Lab underneath *Spoiler's* house...The Lab isnt a F.U.N code though...

  • Devon Rogers
    Devon Rogers 3 months ago

    JUST CAUSE 3 also!