8 Times a Game Over was More Fun than Winning: Commenter Edition

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • Recently we looked at the times when getting a game over was more fun than beating the game properly -- then you suggested loads more! Here are your examples of times it was more entertaining to lose.
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    Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments.
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  • Outside Xtra
    Outside Xtra  Year ago +280

    A while ago we found some games that had some really fun game overs, and you lot left us with some excellent suggestions in the comments. So, here are some game overs you decided were more fun or rewarding than the actual ending. Enjoy!

    • Mike Warnke
      Mike Warnke 3 months ago

      Outside Xtra Someone help jane, shes floundering! *keep it going*

    • Jessica Join Ijiuk
      Jessica Join Ijiuk 5 months ago

      Lol what

    • Alaina Bode (Student)
      Alaina Bode (Student) 6 months ago

      Cuphead Bad ending please it's WAY better than winning

    • Splotch the Cat-Thing
      Splotch the Cat-Thing 7 months ago

      At 28, I've never had a dream where my teeth fell out. I think that makes me the strange one?
      Just as well. I'm pretty attached to these fangs.

  • Morgan Watson
    Morgan Watson 5 days ago

    Styx nothing more fun then being mocked on your tenth try at the boss loved it becuse there was diffrent ones for falling

  • Jonathan Bowie
    Jonathan Bowie 5 days ago

    I didn’t get why the great gatsby was listed as a spoiler until much later than I should have

  • the lousy game r
    the lousy game r 7 days ago

    9:10 and the judgment is (mafia city ad) DEATH

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper 14 days ago

    Trevor, go join the cast of human fall flat.
    Also I love your puns. UwU

  • Chara Dreamer
    Chara Dreamer 14 days ago

    The jokes are soul breaking

  • Throwing cats productions The child

    Who else came *ONLY* for the undertale part. And then left the video because enough weren’t interested in the video anymore lol

  • Dragunity Art
    Dragunity Art 14 days ago

    I loved jokers game over commentary!! It was hilarious 😂

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia 15 days ago

    I remember once playing GTA4 with the soul intention of driving Niko full speed with a motorbike on a car to send him flying into another, oncoming, car. It took me about 2 hours but it was worth it.

  • Jeremiah Alleyne
    Jeremiah Alleyne 16 days ago

    Dieing in cuphead Isn't comedy, it's TORTURE

  • nirriii
    nirriii 17 days ago

    - Finnish people

  • Puppet gamer Georgia and Friends

    Aaanddd that’s y sans is best character in undertale XD

  • Stephan Jordan
    Stephan Jordan 19 days ago

    Also a funny way to die? From a giant, you get smashed to death and go WOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD BYE, as you're sent hundreds upon hundreds of feet into the air... in skyrim....

  • Stephan Jordan
    Stephan Jordan 19 days ago

    Wait! Bowser breathed in space... MULTIPLE TIMES, SAME WITH MARIO COUGHCOUGH Mariogalaxy 1-2... I think there were some others.. oh, right, IN ODDESSY

  • Airei Sparks
    Airei Sparks 22 days ago

    The witch's house should've been included tbh

  • Frankenspine
    Frankenspine 26 days ago

    Sparing dell in Overtime is horrible.
    Especially if you saved after!

  • C Gacha
    C Gacha 28 days ago

    Fnaf ultimate custom night the hippo😂

  • Black Ice
    Black Ice Month ago

    Cuphead II: Butthead

  • Popcorndirt 73
    Popcorndirt 73 Month ago

    You have the bad GTA flying but not the Bethesda one? What gives?

  • maxi
    maxi Month ago

    Gonna have to disagree with the cup head one. That game can suck a dick

  • bono bono
    bono bono Month ago

    How to get views
    STEP 1:sans
    4: *real content*
    (Im not hating this is a joke)

  • Blue Ninja Gamer
    Blue Ninja Gamer Month ago +1


  • Blue Ninja Gamer
    Blue Ninja Gamer Month ago +1

    10:47 GET DUNKED ON!

  • Rishav Ganguly
    Rishav Ganguly Month ago

    It's even better in gta iv

  • Julian James De Leon


  • pokemon trainer Shulk

    how about Gal Gun games where cute school girls/sexy teachers confess their love for you by asking for a kiss

  • pokemon trainer Shulk

    Two-Face: And the judgement is...
    ad: Little Caesars
    me: sweet Two-Face is going to treat me with pizza

  • Calvin Cuaton
    Calvin Cuaton Month ago

    You say game over

    We say Get Dunked On

  • Kezia Xoxo
    Kezia Xoxo Month ago

    who came here for the puns ?

  • Kezia Xoxo
    Kezia Xoxo Month ago

    fallout, death by supermutants or deathclaws or flying mutant bats

  • Mystery Triangle
    Mystery Triangle Month ago

    Super mario 64!

  • UndertaleGamerGirl !

    I only clicked because of sans, i am putting this coment before i see the video fully but i think the
    Game over from undertale is the GETTT DUNNNKKED ONNNNNNNNN game over when you spare sans when he ofers in a no mercy route

  • crazy boy
    crazy boy Month ago

    And the judgement is *ad pops up* very classy

  • TheNumber 0
    TheNumber 0 Month ago +1

    Oh cool someone liked my comment... Wait why is it blue?

  • Dragon Flame
    Dragon Flame Month ago

    GEEEEEETTTTTT DUNKED ON! geeeeettttttt dunked on! Which one is the real one.

  • Kevin Zakowicz
    Kevin Zakowicz Month ago

    Fun facts about Sans:
    1. Sans inflicts PD (Poison Damage), meaning when you get hit, your health will drain away to until the point were the pink stops.
    2. If you get hit, there are NO invincibility frames, meaning that you will CONTINUE to be inflicted with damage.
    3. The only way to progress through the fight is FIGHTING. Healing or Acting does not.

  • Gaby Gacha
    Gaby Gacha Month ago

    1 sans fight
    2 sans fight
    3 sans
    4 sans
    5 previous
    6 previous
    7 first
    8 second

  • young jez
    young jez Month ago

    What book is he reading

  • DarkFox Eclipse
    DarkFox Eclipse Month ago

    10:47 Undertale

  • Alex Yaremchuk
    Alex Yaremchuk Month ago

    No Stanley Parable?

  • Cheeky Chimp
    Cheeky Chimp Month ago


  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton Month ago

    Now I get the feeling that the kid keeps coming back to fight me just so they can die on purpose

  • Diamond Death
    Diamond Death Month ago

    I haven't watched it yet but is it sans that made you *GET DUNKED ON* in undertale?

  • Falchion1984
    Falchion1984 Month ago

    Most of the deaths in such old school Sierra games such as King's Quest, Quest for Glory, etc.

    (Walk then-Sir Graham into the moat, where he flails helplessly for a moment, is pulled under, and is posthumously dissed when one of the moat monsters appears wearing his iconic adventuring hat).

    This means that the Three Magic Treasures of Daventry will never be recovered, dooming the land to destruction by starvation, invasion, and/or destitution on top of being left leaderless by the imminent death of the aged and childless King Edward. And, what does our oh-so-eloquent and insightful narrator have to say about this?

    "The moat monsters appreciate your good taste".

    At which point, we burst out laughing, do it again about twenty times, and then find as many ways to kill Graham as we can because we're easily amused sadists.

  • Chris N
    Chris N Month ago

    I see your Cuphead, and raise you Contra.

  • Adrien Barker
    Adrien Barker Month ago

    The undertale on was the funniest

  • Andres Sanchez
    Andres Sanchez Month ago

    What about Borderlands 2?

  • neolithiumproduction

    My favorite game over vs winning a game. Tales of Xillia 2. Choosing to NOT sacrifice my brother for the world. Screw you, world. xD

  • Oshawott 19
    Oshawott 19 Month ago

    16:18 My reaction to this channels jokes

  • RockinRev
    RockinRev Month ago

    I'm surprised Stixs wasn't on this list

  • Pikachu ToyChica2
    Pikachu ToyChica2 Month ago

    Make a part three know because MY FRIENDS you forgot one game. That is Ultimate Custom Night. "Why?" you ask, well you just need to find out your self.

  • Zyper YT
    Zyper YT Month ago

    99.999999999999999999999% of people: comes for title
    0.0000000000000000000001% comes becuse sans is in the thumbnail

  • K.C. Elliott
    K.C. Elliott Month ago

    Two Face: And your judgement is -
    Interrupting Ad: Your hair is unique....
    Wasn't watching the scene so I got so confused 🤣

  • HudsonDZCraftin
    HudsonDZCraftin Month ago

    When I watched the Batman Arkham game over videos I known a few things...
    1: Killer Croc in Arkham Asylum looks like a complete horror show
    2: I can’t see Scarecrow’s mouth
    3: I didn’t know the tubes on Bane in Asylum were titan powered poison which when I watched it, it horrified me.

  • Piggi5X the Derp
    Piggi5X the Derp Month ago

    so maNY *_P U N S ._*

  • bj Max
    bj Max Month ago


  • 7AndInwards Gaming
    7AndInwards Gaming Month ago

    If Paper Mario doesn’t mean ‘Astro suffocation’ then I’m upset
    Fyi: This is my fav game so I feel strongly about it
    Edit: ah, thank you

  • Amit Bar
    Amit Bar 2 months ago

    the riddler taunted me with "I always knew I was better then you" for at least a 1000000000000 times

  • Creeper Catgirl
    Creeper Catgirl 2 months ago

    i really like death by cuco

  • Oddly Allaway
    Oddly Allaway 2 months ago

    I’m not going into detail but the ad placement is amazing

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson 2 months ago

    Fight Omega flowey

  • Alan Olson
    Alan Olson 2 months ago

    what about when you dont get at least 25 ship parts in pikmin in the 30 days and the pikmin plant olimar

  • Dolan Luigi
    Dolan Luigi 2 months ago


  • Tirzah Rose
    Tirzah Rose 2 months ago

    No reference to Daxter's death commentary in any of these lists? For shame!

  • DJ Sketches
    DJ Sketches 2 months ago

    I just realized the spoiler list is, in fact, a spoiler for the video

  • Emily Kinero
    Emily Kinero 2 months ago

    dwarf fortress? the game's tagline is "losing is fun!"

  • tijn57
    tijn57 2 months ago

    Skyrim giant smash send you flying is the best game over ever.

  • Nico
    Nico 2 months ago

    Did anyone else sometimes just jump of cliffs in the older tomb raider games just to hear laras hilarious scream or in the crystal dynamics games where she would just bounce all over the place after swan diving onto the ground

  • Joker
    Joker 2 months ago

    No-one said anything about the Metal Gear series? I'm disappointed

  • yuliy Boitchouk
    yuliy Boitchouk 3 months ago

    While watching i thought wait what about the " it's over" screen from just shapes and beats, and I thought yeah that is probably better than some of the levels from that game.

  • Mike Warnke
    Mike Warnke 3 months ago +1

    Someone help jane, shes floundering! *keep it going*

  • DeadlyKitten
    DeadlyKitten 3 months ago +1

    Wait, Count Bleck? Are you sure its not Kaito Kid (AKA Kid the Phantom Thief) from Magic Kaito?

  • Nyper old
    Nyper old 3 months ago

    I'm sure someone's said it, but... most of the Space Quest series. You can get cut up wafer-style (with an instant replay courtesy of the TGFA in the remake of SQ1), chestbursted sometime after a xenomorph parody smooches you, be twisted up by an android, and many more!

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 3 months ago


  • Voch 123
    Voch 123 3 months ago +1

    i see undertale in a top ten list
    i click

  • oh yeah yeah police
    oh yeah yeah police 3 months ago

    Gettttttttttttttttttt dunkeddddddddddddd onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • LuckyBlackCat
    LuckyBlackCat 3 months ago

    This one online game I love called Dragon Fable has the option to say you won't help a woman named Robana and it tells you it's in your best interest to say yes, because otherwise the world will end

  • Can O’ Beans
    Can O’ Beans 3 months ago

    If your wondering how they show a spoiler for the Great Gatsby, I’m pretty that’s the book that Luke was reading. Nice and subtle joke guys keep it up!

  • Maurice Marcus
    Maurice Marcus 3 months ago


  • Rot Z
    Rot Z 3 months ago

    Me playing Undertale genocide run:
    Sure, I'll give sans some mercy
    *gets rekt*
    *GTA 5 WASTED*

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 3 months ago

    Catamari is sooo weird. What drugs was the creator on. Paper Mario is hilarious with game overs! Bowser as much as I love him, squirming is so sad. 9:01 True! 10:19 That’s a meme 12:11 Get dunked on

  • Wheng Torres
    Wheng Torres 3 months ago

    What you disrespected gaster those are not floating skulls those are gaster blasters

  • Straight on Gaming
    Straight on Gaming 3 months ago

    "floating skulls"

    well they are called gaster blasters

    SHELDON WINSTON 3 months ago

    Naked+teeth falling out=inside out

  • novelgt1 786
    novelgt1 786 3 months ago

    i like play undertale!

  • Lukia Frye
    Lukia Frye 3 months ago


  • Sleep Kirby6472
    Sleep Kirby6472 3 months ago

    3:30 there are more katamari game overs like that one.

  • Gta ac solid dude
    Gta ac solid dude 3 months ago

    You mean the ones most likely to give batman a BAD time

    Get it? Sans… fights is Hard…
    K I'll leave

  • Luke Pitchford
    Luke Pitchford 4 months ago

    Just saying because I am a fact nerd is that the OS chip is completely different to the CPU. The OS chip is we’re the operating system is on like windows or Linux.

  • Some nerd 157
    Some nerd 157 4 months ago

    In Portal 2 (spoilers)
    During a level you get tricked by Wheatly and get put on a platform with lots of crushers. Escaping causing the crushes to crush and a pit to form. If you follow Wheatly's jump in you get an achievement called pit boss... good way to die.

  • GG Gamer
    GG Gamer 4 months ago

    15:07 Oh yes! I love the game over screen of Cuphead, never gets old! 😁😂

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ...help me...

  • sans
    sans 4 months ago

    i just came for sans

  • Mihajlo Jovanovic
    Mihajlo Jovanovic 4 months ago

    I think Deadpool has funny game over screen.

  • The Greatnarwhal
    The Greatnarwhal 4 months ago

    when you jump off a mountaon in skyrim and you watch your character roll down the mounain for a minute before you can even respawn

  • Cooper Wessling
    Cooper Wessling 4 months ago

    Where is five nights at Freddy’s ultimate custom night ?

  • Keith Graham
    Keith Graham 4 months ago

    Haf-Life 2 Deathmatch has the best rag-doll-effect I have seen, I played only to see me die, it was hilarious. That gravity gun was awesome.

  • Hugo Holmdahl
    Hugo Holmdahl 4 months ago

    Zelda botw deth is fun (and i Know i prunonse everiting wrong)

  • Willow_Wilt IBENERD
    Willow_Wilt IBENERD 4 months ago

    Sansy !

  • SuperSansCraft Comment Edition


  • Cella4246
    Cella4246 4 months ago

    There a donkey Kong game where if you got a game over it will show DK. Fool laughing and pressing a button to shoot a beam at Donkey Kong’s home while the words “Game Over” fade in

    • Cella4246
      Cella4246 4 months ago

      When I said fool I mean Rool autocorrect am I right