8 Times a Game Over was More Fun than Winning: Commenter Edition


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  • Outside Xtra
    Outside Xtra  Year ago +265

    A while ago we found some games that had some really fun game overs, and you lot left us with some excellent suggestions in the comments. So, here are some game overs you decided were more fun or rewarding than the actual ending. Enjoy!

    • Mike Warnke
      Mike Warnke 7 days ago

      Outside Xtra Someone help jane, shes floundering! *keep it going*

    • Jessica Join Ijiuk
      Jessica Join Ijiuk 2 months ago

      Lol what

    • Alaina Bode (Student)
      Alaina Bode (Student) 4 months ago

      Cuphead Bad ending please it's WAY better than winning

    • Splotch the Cat-Thing
      Splotch the Cat-Thing 4 months ago

      At 28, I've never had a dream where my teeth fell out. I think that makes me the strange one?
      Just as well. I'm pretty attached to these fangs.

  • tijn57
    tijn57 Day ago

    Skyrim giant smash send you flying is the best game over ever.

  • ChatCat
    ChatCat Day ago

    Did anyone else sometimes just jump of cliffs in the older tomb raider games just to hear laras hilarious scream or in the crystal dynamics games where she would just bounce all over the place after swan diving onto the ground

  • Joker
    Joker 2 days ago

    No-one said anything about the Metal Gear series? I'm disappointed

  • yuliy Boitchouk
    yuliy Boitchouk 4 days ago

    While watching i thought wait what about the " it's over" screen from just shapes and beats, and I thought yeah that is probably better than some of the levels from that game.

  • Mike Warnke
    Mike Warnke 7 days ago +1

    Someone help jane, shes floundering! *keep it going*

  • DeadlyKitten
    DeadlyKitten 7 days ago +1

    Wait, Count Bleck? Are you sure its not Kaito Kid (AKA Kid the Phantom Thief) from Magic Kaito?

  • Nyper old
    Nyper old 11 days ago

    I'm sure someone's said it, but... most of the Space Quest series. You can get cut up wafer-style (with an instant replay courtesy of the TGFA in the remake of SQ1), chestbursted sometime after a xenomorph parody smooches you, be twisted up by an android, and many more!

  • Bill Cypher
    Bill Cypher 11 days ago


  • Voch 123
    Voch 123 12 days ago +1

    i see undertale in a top ten list
    i click

  • oh yeah yeah police
    oh yeah yeah police 14 days ago

    Gettttttttttttttttttt dunkeddddddddddddd onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • LuckyBlackCat
    LuckyBlackCat 18 days ago

    This one online game I love called Dragon Fable has the option to say you won't help a woman named Robana and it tells you it's in your best interest to say yes, because otherwise the world will end

  • CanO’ Beans
    CanO’ Beans 19 days ago

    If your wondering how they show a spoiler for the Great Gatsby, I’m pretty that’s the book that Luke was reading. Nice and subtle joke guys keep it up!

  • Maurice Marcus
    Maurice Marcus 19 days ago


  • Rot Z
    Rot Z 19 days ago

    Me playing Undertale genocide run:
    Sure, I'll give sans some mercy
    *gets rekt*
    *GTA 5 WASTED*

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 20 days ago

    Catamari is sooo weird. What drugs was the creator on. Paper Mario is hilarious with game overs! Bowser as much as I love him, squirming is so sad. 9:01 True! 10:19 That’s a meme 12:11 Get dunked on

  • Wheng Torres
    Wheng Torres 21 day ago

    What you disrespected gaster those are not floating skulls those are gaster blasters

  • Straight on Gaming
    Straight on Gaming 26 days ago

    "floating skulls"

    well they are called gaster blasters

    SHELDON WINSTON 26 days ago

    Naked+teeth falling out=inside out

  • novelgt1 786
    novelgt1 786 27 days ago

    i like play undertale!

  • Lukia Frye
    Lukia Frye 27 days ago


  • Sleep Kirby6472
    Sleep Kirby6472 27 days ago

    3:30 there are more katamari game overs like that one.

  • batbro guy
    batbro guy 28 days ago

    You mean the ones most likely to give batman a BAD time

    Get it? Sans… fights is Hard…
    K I'll leave

  • Tristan Mendiola
    Tristan Mendiola Month ago

    Is no one going to talk about there dope chair?

  • Luke Pitchford
    Luke Pitchford Month ago

    Just saying because I am a fact nerd is that the OS chip is completely different to the CPU. The OS chip is we’re the operating system is on like windows or Linux.

  • Some nerd 157
    Some nerd 157 Month ago

    In Portal 2 (spoilers)
    During a level you get tricked by Wheatly and get put on a platform with lots of crushers. Escaping causing the crushes to crush and a pit to form. If you follow Wheatly's jump in you get an achievement called pit boss... good way to die.

  • GG Gamer
    GG Gamer Month ago

    15:07 Oh yes! I love the game over screen of Cuphead, never gets old! 😁😂

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ...help me...

  • sans
    sans Month ago

    i just came for sans

  • Mihajlo Jovanovic
    Mihajlo Jovanovic Month ago

    I think Deadpool has funny game over screen.

  • The Greatnarwhal
    The Greatnarwhal Month ago

    when you jump off a mountaon in skyrim and you watch your character roll down the mounain for a minute before you can even respawn

  • Cooper Wessling
    Cooper Wessling Month ago

    Where is five nights at Freddy’s ultimate custom night ?

  • Keith Graham
    Keith Graham Month ago

    Haf-Life 2 Deathmatch has the best rag-doll-effect I have seen, I played only to see me die, it was hilarious. That gravity gun was awesome.

  • Hugo Holmdahl
    Hugo Holmdahl Month ago

    Zelda botw deth is fun (and i Know i prunonse everiting wrong)

  • Willow_Wilt IBENERD

    Sansy !

  • SuperSansCraft Comment Edition


  • sienna4642
    sienna4642 Month ago

    There a donkey Kong game where if you got a game over it will show DK. Fool laughing and pressing a button to shoot a beam at Donkey Kong’s home while the words “Game Over” fade in

    • sienna4642
      sienna4642 Month ago

      When I said fool I mean Rool autocorrect am I right

  • mattwo7
    mattwo7 Month ago

    9:22 I'll take Daytona USA's game over over Sega Rally's any day. G! A! M! E! O! Vu! E! R! G-A-M-E-O-Vu-E-R! Ey oh! Ey oh! Ey oh!

  • Snake Juice
    Snake Juice Month ago +1

    I laughed my ass off when I saw the name kuk

  • luna dreamur
    luna dreamur Month ago

    Who came for undertale

  • Red5
    Red5 Month ago +1

    Garry’s mod also has the rag doll death

  • ian brades
    ian brades Month ago +1

    "somebody save me!"
    spiderman proceeds to flop onto the ground
    "I'm going to die!"

  • Creative Username
    Creative Username Month ago +1

    get dunked on

  • Greninjaboy Lovesroblox

    Maybe roblox? Default death sound is the big meme. OOOOOF.

  • Strahinja strahinja
    Strahinja strahinja Month ago +1

    ...like in happy whells

  • TheDinosaurQueen
    TheDinosaurQueen Month ago +1

    Once in GTA I was driving quite fast and I hit a deer. “Wasted”

  • Hannah please dont click on this

    No Stanley parable can't believe wasn't mentioned I love the wife ending 😂

  • Electric Energy
    Electric Energy Month ago +1

    *_B O N E T R O U S L E I N T E N S I F I E S_*

  • Yuki Kyutie
    Yuki Kyutie Month ago +1

    The fact that in the Batman game EVERY villain has something to say when you die.....
    They went too far there.

  • Umbra Deus
    Umbra Deus 2 months ago

    i can go hours killing myself in GTAs lol just wish the ragdolling lasted longer lol

  • Gavan Tan
    Gavan Tan 2 months ago

    Cuphead’s bad end is creepy

  • Jonas Trosch
    Jonas Trosch 2 months ago

    Even though it's technically not a game over, my favorite is in Life is Strange where I let the train run over Chloe and then just exit the game instead of rewinding.

  • SansTheComedian
    SansTheComedian 2 months ago

    Those are gaster blasters

  • Geck Melon
    Geck Melon 2 months ago


  • Kingdom Key 2015
    Kingdom Key 2015 2 months ago

    16:00 A pun and a rhyme in one!
    This Game Over seemed most fun!

  • 907Norseman
    907Norseman 2 months ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the great Gatsby being a spoiler, then later being revealed to us as a joke for the paper Mario bit

  • Milk And Cookies
    Milk And Cookies 2 months ago

    I always thought it said


  • Is A piece of garbage
    Is A piece of garbage 2 months ago

    Getting Dunked on IS better than genocide route ending (-_-)

  • Elias Elias
    Elias Elias 2 months ago

    Tanagotchi how one

  • OnlyHuman :D
    OnlyHuman :D 2 months ago +1

    Puts something undertale in thumbnail


  • ImBatman 4Reals
    ImBatman 4Reals 2 months ago

    12:09 Sans: GETTTTTttttt

  • Philip B
    Philip B 2 months ago

    13:24 top ten anime deaths

  • Patrick Bright
    Patrick Bright 2 months ago

    I got so close with Cup head but then my save file fuckered up and I was back to isle three

  • Ryder Mulkern
    Ryder Mulkern 2 months ago

    With Cuphead, the game overs aren’t better than winning when you see the same death screen over and over and over again, to the point where it gets infuriating

  • booda boop
    booda boop 2 months ago

    He's using an xbox360 controller when it was him playing cuphead

  • AVeryAngryKermit
    AVeryAngryKermit 2 months ago

    *_S A N S U N D E R T A L E_*

    I regret nothing

  • WeebTrash Ari
    WeebTrash Ari 2 months ago

    that's right kids, you have to be a ninja munk to beat cuphead

  • Agent of Chaos
    Agent of Chaos 2 months ago

    In super paper Mario there's another game over screen where you say yes in aiding Dimentio in castle bleck and he puts a mind control sprout on your head.

    CAMROC IAN 2 months ago

    Losing with sans was nor fun I wasted 3 hours

  • Kittykat Gamrgrl
    Kittykat Gamrgrl 2 months ago


  • CupcakeDancerTheSecond - Link of the Wild

    I love Cuphead.

  • Jabe rosier
    Jabe rosier 2 months ago +1

    I was wondering why the great Gatsby was In the spoiler list lol. You put a spoiler warning in for your joke fucking brilliant guys!!!

  • Lisa Parry
    Lisa Parry 3 months ago

    can you play undertale? please

  • Cdv3
    Cdv3 3 months ago

    In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon there’s an item called the itemizer orb. Using it can turn an enemy into a random item. If an enemy uses mirror move and you still decide to use the orb, *YOU* turn into an item, giving you an instant game over, regardless of whether or not you have revive seeds.
    It can be pretty funny playing as a Pokémon with godlike powers such as Dialga, and then becoming an apple afterwards.

  • Sans the skeleton
    Sans the skeleton 3 months ago


  • The FusionPhoenix
    The FusionPhoenix 3 months ago

    If you ever watched a Game Theory on Mario, he is more evil than you thought.

  • Maria F Brunberg
    Maria F Brunberg 3 months ago

    What about: "Let us go out this evening for pleasure, the night is still young!" 😍

  • Jhon Ian Lorilla
    Jhon Ian Lorilla 3 months ago

    don't click read more.....


  • Game Crusader
    Game Crusader 3 months ago

    If you want to see your character flail play skyrim and die

  • CaptainsEyePatch
    CaptainsEyePatch 3 months ago

    3:03 I just snorted while laughing.... Is it bad that I actually love her dad jokes?

  • This Person Isn't Cool
    This Person Isn't Cool 3 months ago


  • DroidGamer PW
    DroidGamer PW 3 months ago

    Ye i dont play by the rules

  • Gun Toting Stylist
    Gun Toting Stylist 4 months ago

    I was SO confused why The Great Gatsby was on the spoilers list... Now I know. (Don't worry I read it two years ago, barely comprehended what was going on but eh)

  • Bubblegum Donuts
    Bubblegum Donuts 4 months ago

    Get dunked on!

  • megan allen
    megan allen 4 months ago

    The Undetale one will forever be the best o e

  • J〈3s Caravan
    J〈3s Caravan 4 months ago

    Any death in Zandalar with Bwonsamdi as the spirit healer is the funniest thing ever! The new xpac B4A made dying in WoW as the funniest thing EVER.

  • Crazy Undertale FANgirl

    Undertale is in this. My life is completely.

  • Denizen _
    Denizen _ 4 months ago

    I like your chair

  • Ethan Mellefont
    Ethan Mellefont 4 months ago

    Any games i should download?

  • Eli Mitchell
    Eli Mitchell 4 months ago

    giant flinging you into the air in skyrim

  • Darth Zayder X
    Darth Zayder X 4 months ago


  • batti591
    batti591 4 months ago

    hah, "tippi" means penis in Icelandic

  • JokerCrowe
    JokerCrowe 4 months ago

    16:37 "may we give you a suggestion in the meantime... nnuah... is that you should go and watch these videos"
    Dammit Ellen you are perfectly adorkable. >w

  • TheBroadwayNerd 0715
    TheBroadwayNerd 0715 4 months ago

    YEAH! Undertale rocks

  • Rotten Legacy
    Rotten Legacy 4 months ago

    VVVVVV, No Death Mode. If you somehow manage to kill yourself in the LAST ROOM OF THE GAME, you'll get a screen that says "Er, how did you do that?"
    I've never seen that message myself, because I haven't even been able to get to the last room in No Death Mode, but I find it to be pretty funny.

  • Krystal Kat
    Krystal Kat 4 months ago

    My class name is 2B 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • hi hi of thot patrol
    hi hi of thot patrol 4 months ago

    get dunked on is sooooo bittersweet.
    megolovania still gives me anxiety

  • that GenericGuy
    that GenericGuy 4 months ago

    My boyHox commented on one your vids, huh, the more ya know.

  • The Demonic Horseman
    The Demonic Horseman 4 months ago

    Get dunked on.

  • seafoamSpirit
    seafoamSpirit 4 months ago +1

    you mention super paper mario, but not that you can (SPOILER) choose to side with dimentio at the end of the game, causing a game over where he plants mind controlling plants on mario and luigi's heads to use them as pawns to backstab count bleck? which i definitely did not totally do the first time. stop lookin at me like that, he wanted to make a perfect world! why not??

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul 4 months ago