Pilots heard on audio recording pleading with Boeing

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • American Airline pilot union officials met with Boeing engineers in Dallas after the first 737 Max crash and pushed them to take more action in a heated conversation.

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  • Bobwehada Babyitzaboy

    So the software was uploaded. American Airlines knew it (they had to, because they paid for it. They DID NOT buy the proprietary breakdown of what the software did, because it's not cheap. They kept costs low and put their pilots in the dark.
    I am not advocating for Boeing or for the software, but American Airlines is trying to pass the blame and using the media to do so. I would bet every dollar that I have that pilot/maintainer training, breakdown of codes (failures reported to the cockpit in hexadecimal), and additional support was offered in the software upgrade. They didn't want to pay.
    Since they didn't, I also guarantee that the pilots and crew were not qualified to clear a plane 'safe for flight', and did not reach out to Boeing Field Reps.
    No, I am not a current employee, but am very aware of how Boeing and the rest of the aircraft manufacturers conduct business. If American Airlines wanted an upgrade they needed to not penny pinch.

  • Elhadji Amadou Johnson

    These American CEOs must be devil’s worshippers.

  • Teresa Harris
    Teresa Harris 6 hours ago

    Boeing might as well scrap those planes. No one wants to fly on one.

  • Master Gorfield
    Master Gorfield 7 hours ago

    "Boeing execs hijack 737 at gunpoint to prove it flies perfectly fine"

  • fsaari
    fsaari 11 hours ago


  • fsaari
    fsaari 11 hours ago

    Its always about cutting corners to increase profits or less work hours for overworked employees. Capitalism will always make profits (GREED) more important than quality work, and disaster is the only inevitable outcome. THIS IS WHY CAPITALISM AND CAPITALISTS NEED TO BE BROUGHT TO HEEL IN AMERICA!!! CAPITALISM NEEDS TO BE CHOPPED DOWN TO SIZE AND TEMPERED WITH A LITTLE MORE SOCIALISM (dont worry were not going to become venezuela or the former soviet union you airheaded chicken-shit centrists and conservatives).

  • HaloHamstur
    HaloHamstur 13 hours ago

    The problem is their talking to someone that doesn't know how it works or anything works. They need to be talking to an engineer.

  • anh da đen
    anh da đen 14 hours ago

    "but we dont want to do a crappy job"
    i wonder how many times that was not the case 🤔

  • Lynn Gee
    Lynn Gee 15 hours ago

    Planes need to be flown by humans. Not computers!!!

  • Ganesh Singh
    Ganesh Singh 16 hours ago

    That was not a heated argument...wtf

  • Petx X
    Petx X 17 hours ago


  • Chuck Pinter
    Chuck Pinter 23 hours ago +1

    Yep, they are too software dependent. The original 737 planes did not have that problem

  • heather henson
    heather henson Day ago +1

    Both crashes could have been prevented. They owed their pilots more credit.

  • Jan Juan
    Jan Juan Day ago

    OMG, so evasive about their mistakes and so clear about ignorance!

  • Andrew Nevarez
    Andrew Nevarez Day ago

    Michael strahan is a full on news guy? Good for him

  • clay collins
    clay collins Day ago

    Bunch of circle talk

    JOHN RMIREZ Day ago

    i dont here any angry pilots its just a discussion stop with the clickbait

  • 91rss
    91rss Day ago


  • Kuziai
    Kuziai Day ago

    After Ethiopia their share dropped 100$

  • A Adofoadom
    A Adofoadom Day ago

    Just finished watching Chernobyl on HBO. This reminds me of that.

  • Patrick Farrell
    Patrick Farrell Day ago

    It will only get worse in the future as companies get bigger and bigger.

  • militaryminded85
    militaryminded85 Day ago +1

    we have the power.....stop flying completely and watch big companies squirm

  • Buck Buck
    Buck Buck Day ago

    Strahan you cant been speak clearly.your a god damm token

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B Day ago

    This is but one example of the corruption that now permeates all of governance in the United States.

  • John Butler
    John Butler Day ago

    Boeing is criminal in this...they need to be punished

  • Carl Brutananadilewski

    The FAA and airlines are corrupt. They hide evidence of UFOs.

  • Kenton McBride
    Kenton McBride Day ago


  • man bearpig
    man bearpig Day ago

    I don't care , I will never fly on a plane, they also ruin our atmosphere

  • EastSide NYC
    EastSide NYC Day ago


  • Tony D.
    Tony D. Day ago

    Watching as there are 737k views

  • koushinproductions

    And you wonder why people are switching to Airbus, your move Boeing, your fucking move.

  • Arash Sh
    Arash Sh Day ago

    It's funny; those Ethiopians can't even get visa to come to us present their case. This is how they figured out to protect boeing

  • Ken Clark
    Ken Clark Day ago

    Boeing saying they don't want to overwhelm pilots with information as an excuse? What a cop-out, total B.S. This is really damning of the company.

    WRONG_ TARGET_ Day ago +1

    Folks this is what monopoly looks like; Profits at any cost even if it means a bunch of dead bodies. There has to be more aircraft companies competing in this space.

  • Jay Deee
    Jay Deee 2 days ago

    When thid mike thyson become a newths reporter?

  • Kim
    Kim 2 days ago

    SOUNDS INSANE!! Boeing sounds like they don't know what theyre doing, very scary!

  • Limbos Vi
    Limbos Vi 2 days ago

    How is it that if I modify my wife's car with an evil intent unbeknown to her and she crashes and dies I'm charged with manslaughter. But if I modify a plane and hundreds of innocents die I get to shrug my shoulder and call it just another day at work???

  • honeydewbunson
    honeydewbunson 2 days ago

    Why is Michael Strahan pretending to be a news personality ? Shits hella weird

  • Freddy Chale
    Freddy Chale 2 days ago

    This gets better everyday...

  • Float Uphill
    Float Uphill 2 days ago

    I worked for a vendor for Boeing. You do not know how bad Boeing is on safety. They truly believe in"Tombstone Technology".

  • John McDiarmid
    John McDiarmid 2 days ago

    I refuse to fly on Boeing aircraft . Have done so for thirty years.

  • Sludge Pump
    Sludge Pump 2 days ago

    fly a boeing through that guys teeth gap

  • Niki 9ine
    Niki 9ine 2 days ago

    Thank god it was Ethiopia and not a useful country

  • Hal Davis
    Hal Davis 2 days ago

    Feels so nice not giving my money to airlines anymore. Road trips are much better anyway.

  • YouTube Bitch Center

    And.... here’s a perfect example of a company man blowing smoke up your ass!

  • Caito Jones
    Caito Jones 2 days ago

    An Uber driver claims it’s all a hoax - the pilots worked for the UN and were assassinated. No idea what kind of motive there could be, but apparently people don’t care about logic anymore.

  • Marshmell0
    Marshmell0 3 days ago

    They’re so lucky the crashes didn’t happen in America or Boeing would’ve been screwed

  • Pinoy Boy
    Pinoy Boy 3 days ago

    The truth is they’ll just get away for this again.

  • We all Seek the same

    @1:40 so in other words when it happens your fucked!

  • Jason K.
    Jason K. 3 days ago

    Hey Boeing. Fuck you today too.

  • maniackyjr
    maniackyjr 3 days ago

    Is this that gay nfl player? Lmao

  • Lynda White
    Lynda White 3 days ago

    The Aviation industry better make up their minds do you want pilots or some freakin machine flying the plane, those so called life savers have killed more people than Engine failure, mid airs fuel exhaustion put together.

  • You know me...
    You know me... 3 days ago

    I never had a good experience flying with AA. Flight attendants are awful and impolite. Food is a piece of shit. They never reform it. I hope AA to going out of business. Shouldn't increase victims.

  • Wee Crowdfund
    Wee Crowdfund 3 days ago

    Smells like a planned and rigged corporate Coup.....
    Just like 911
    Ohhhhhhh Aaahhhhhhmereeeeekkka

  • Mr Blue 90210
    Mr Blue 90210 3 days ago

    "Once in a million miles and we do not think its necessary to give then that information" Ummm HOW IS HE NOT LOCKED UP?

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 3 days ago

    Pleading? Angry? No- the pilots demonstrated a surprisingly controlled (almost emotionless) and underwhelming response to the Boeing rep talking to them like a 10 year old. "Now we don't want to fix the wrong things and we do want to fix the right things, see Johnny?" WTF?!

  • Steven Alvarado
    Steven Alvarado 3 days ago

    Don’t fly American

  • J.R. Vasquez
    J.R. Vasquez 3 days ago

    The ownership, the shareholders, the designers, no freakin' shame. The BOTTOM LINE is all that matters. American style Capitalism at its most raw... MULTIPLE people in leadership positions NEED to go to prison.

  • Luke
    Luke 3 days ago

    They gonna sell this airplanes to Chinese for trade balance and depopulation of Chinese

  • red ryno
    red ryno 3 days ago

    I will never feel safe flying.

  • mtssvnsn
    mtssvnsn 3 days ago

    Another day, another dollar, another life.

  • Erol B.
    Erol B. 3 days ago

    These companies are calculating human lives and lawsuits into their profit margins. Human life is not priceless. You have a number in their excel statistics.

  • B n
    B n 3 days ago +1

    So, they introduced a system that more or less takes control of the plane in an emergency, but didn't tell the pilots?


    • Herve B
      Herve B 2 days ago

      B n Not “more or less”. Completely takes over the flight path of the plane. And if the sensor is faulty (only one sensor to avoid regulations that would have required additional flight training) then it will nose down into the ground. It’s the biggest scandal in aviation history.

  • Chris Facts
    Chris Facts 3 days ago +1

    Big corporations always get away with murder! Nothing to see here folks

  • JP
    JP 3 days ago +2

    2:28 I hear a lot of words but not a lot of information. That's just nonsensical dribble.

  • Brian Q
    Brian Q 3 days ago

    un be lie va ble

  • RedRose7997
    RedRose7997 3 days ago

    The Boeing official sounds shady and the pilots sound like honest, good guys.

  • slimventor_sumo
    slimventor_sumo 3 days ago

    It's really sad to think that drone Pilots are testing their software more than Boeing is testing their actual pilot software

    FUDDLEYP JONES 3 days ago

    Skynet is alive!

    FUDDLEYP JONES 3 days ago

    Boeing should have revealed the MCAS system to the pilots - no doubt. But they also failed to make an override for it.
    Every system on an airplane should not only have a backup to verify but also a way to override - period!
    Boeing has two angle of attack sensors but it only takes info from one at a time - an essence leaving the fate of every passenger in crew up to one stupid sensor - How dumb is that? What's the purpose of the other sensor then?
    Boeing has traditionally had redundant systems to avoid catastrophic accidents but in the max 737 has only one system with two sensors but only takes information from one at a time. Duh!
    In comparison, Airbus has three sensors...
    While Boeing is now trying to upgrade their software to incorporate the information from BOTH sensors the Seattle times says "Boeing has indicated that the MCAS safety system will not function when the sensors record substantial disagreement."
    So, essentially we're back in the same boat.
    Boeing needs a third, Independent sensor to verify the data with a way to dismiss the erroneous data AND they need to create a way to override the whole damn thing.

  • kandy Girl
    kandy Girl 3 days ago

    Made in America

  • Maienduo Nava
    Maienduo Nava 3 days ago

    There goes the almighty dollar against human safety and wellbeing

  • Interesting Creepy and Abandoned

    I have a 16 hour flight in 2 weeks with AA. Am I gonna die?

  • Katie xox
    Katie xox 3 days ago

    I'm so confused.. Why does this software push the stick down? Is it if that planes about to stall?

  • Che Lo
    Che Lo 4 days ago

    Does this man actually have a picture of the twin towers in his mouth ?

  • Dodge Ram
    Dodge Ram 4 days ago +1

    Designed to crash a plane, prevent terrorist form landing in buildings.
    Enabling software to nose down when away from public areas...don’t want to scare us that they can remotely do this, so they don’t tell us.
    Welcome to America folks

  • A G
    A G 4 days ago

    Flying is fkking scary. The opportunities to make mistakes or come out alive from a mishap are very slim......

  • Melodi Masaniai
    Melodi Masaniai 4 days ago

    The entire C-suite of executives should be fired and the in-house/consultants for risk management. Fired, sued, jailed. Worse than Enron.

    JASON KALANI 4 days ago

    This reporter needs to shut the fuck up and let us listen to the conversation.

  • Honkytonkified
    Honkytonkified 4 days ago

    Manslaughter motivated by greed. Why haven't the perpetrators been arrested and charged?

  • niconestra
    niconestra 4 days ago

    A bombshell? Pleading?

  • rob robi
    rob robi 4 days ago +1

    Didn't hear anyone ''bordering on anger'' as the clowns at abc said, more fake news

    • Herve B
      Herve B 2 days ago

      rob robi The pilots are pissed off but were being professional enough to not let it show too much. Watch other videos from pilots talking about this being kept secret. They were livid.

  • Henry T. Williams
    Henry T. Williams 4 days ago +2

    *That a new system could nose down the aircraft and may have contributed to the crash*
    This sounds like straight out of the Onion

  • Pen Lavits
    Pen Lavits 4 days ago

    Why do people even fly with boeing is the tickets cheap or something ?

  • Ny State of mind
    Ny State of mind 4 days ago

    If the pilot gets fired or anything that prohibits this man to feed his family due to his brave actions we must set up a Gofund me page man. True hero right there

  • 9thGenerationCajun
    9thGenerationCajun 4 days ago

    This should bring criminal charges! But you can kill people to save a buck if you're a Billionaire apparently.

  • Sameer M
    Sameer M 4 days ago

    Boeing Should be shut down, it lost it's credibility and so should FAA. #shutdoenboeing

  • Toussaint Chivars
    Toussaint Chivars 4 days ago

    A number of Boeing & FAA directors & executives need to be charged for manslaughter. To include any politicians who tried to provide cover for them.

    1982LHERNANDEZ 4 days ago

    1:50 really? What a stupid excuse they should make that person travel in nothing but this planes ✈️

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 4 days ago

    Boeing is hella stupid,, revenge,eye for an eye..no amount of money can replace loved ones.

  • Monty Chronik
    Monty Chronik 4 days ago

    Cull the ultrarich

  • Monty Chronik
    Monty Chronik 4 days ago

    Fuck Boeing, where is all that competition that capitalism is suppose to create??

  • Steve Holland
    Steve Holland 4 days ago +1

    This is what happens when they permit accountants to make decisions over Engineers.

  • Joe Lewis
    Joe Lewis 4 days ago

    I flew once. Wasn't bad, but after the last 20 years, no thanks, if we were meant to fly, we'd have wings.

    • Joe Lewis
      Joe Lewis 3 days ago

      @CriscDogs22 No fear my friend, if it were necessary for me to fly, I would. Yet there is no necessity for me. I prefer absolute control over my means of conveyance.

    • CriscDogs22
      CriscDogs22 3 days ago

      Joe Lewis yes but the last American commercial flight to crash was 2009. 2017 saw no commercial flight crashes. Statistically every time you get in your car you are more likely to die in an accident too. Fear is only in your head, and I’d encourage you to explore the world while you can, but to each their own.

    • Joe Lewis
      Joe Lewis 3 days ago

      @CriscDogs22 sure sure, agreed, but are you aware of the jump in statistical possibility of death in the last 20 yrs?

    • CriscDogs22
      CriscDogs22 4 days ago

      Joe Lewis is your life that boring? Do u intend to sail to see Rome, or Paris, or Moscow, or Tokyo?? God gave man a “mind” to achieve what is beyond the limit of other species...

  • Scuff Studios
    Scuff Studios 5 days ago

    Damage was done...
    Make a new plane... change the name ot something.

  • soniqLCD
    soniqLCD 5 days ago +1

    software fix or not my ass ain’t gonna be flying on a max ever. It’s a design flaw that tries using software to correct the way the plane should fly.

  • 1209Misty
    1209Misty 5 days ago

    Why are the pilots going on strike/Sue

  • AnotherTekGuy
    AnotherTekGuy 5 days ago

    I really hope America paying attention to this.

  • Paul Denet
    Paul Denet 5 days ago +3

    It's not just a software fix that's needed, it's a HARDWARE FIX !

  • John Quinlan
    John Quinlan 5 days ago

    One word... manslaughter