Senate Foreign Relations holds hearing on impact of Turkey's offensive in Syria

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a hearing on "Assessing the Impact of Turkey's Offensive in Northeast Syria." Special Rep for Syria Engagement & Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS James Jeffrey testifies.
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Comments • 343

  • GreeKurd Channel
    GreeKurd Channel 4 days ago +1


  • Joel Sattler
    Joel Sattler 18 days ago

    The Russians now know that our President is too cowardly to do anything.

  • Kurdo Bakur
    Kurdo Bakur 18 days ago

    Trump did not bring home the troops, he sent them to Iraq and Saudi Arabia who pays for it. So stop your 'bring troops home' b.s comments you have turned the American military into a mercenary!

  • Kurdo Bakur
    Kurdo Bakur 18 days ago

    Kurds fought and died bravely fighting ISIS not only for themselves but for the security of the world. Shame on anyone who abandons them!!

  • Kurdo Bakur
    Kurdo Bakur 18 days ago

    Not surprised by Trump's supporters comments here, they have no honour, they would never stay by their allies!

  • Aila Kahlfuss
    Aila Kahlfuss 19 days ago

    Too many white men, yet, they still believe that aren't in control of everyone else.

    XXDJOZXX 19 days ago

    Mr. Menendez hates Turkey, we knew that! Mr. Menendez, Turkey is our ally, why did Democrats refused to sell Patriot missiles? What is up with two faced politics against Turkey?

  • James Barthel
    James Barthel 19 days ago +1

    Has anyone considered the situation the US would be in if the 1000 US trigger troops had been left in the 20 mi x 256 mi border safe zone that Turkey seeks, and Turkey invaded the area despite the presence of US troops? There was no guarantee that this would not happen. In fact, As noted by Ambassador James Jeffrey, the Turks had already decided in early October to invade the area in question (regardless of the presence of US troops). A couple of hundred dead US troops as collateral damage to a Turkish invasion (a NATO ally) would be a much greater problem than the present situation. How many Kurdish fighters have died in current Turkish invasion? We’ve not heard much information on this ostensibly because it is hard to get information out of the area, etc., etc., or more likely because very few Kurdish fighters have been killed. We know how many Americans have died. None (this of no doubt is of little importance to the esteemed members of the Committee). The President made the right decision in keeping with the policy direction that he would like to see the State Department transition to with respect to trigger troops stationed in conflict zones throughout the world.
    Also, of interest is the observation that Turkey wants its 3.2 million Syrian asylum seekers to remain in Syria (in the newly established safe zone) while they await their asylum hearings in Turkey. Hmmm. Seems reasonable.
    Senator Rand Paul is the only one with a realistic assessment of the regional political situation.

  • Grace OrL
    Grace OrL 19 days ago

    Preparation started in 2018
    Why it was necessary to bomb our own equipment while withdrawing?

  • Ferdoski
    Ferdoski 19 days ago +1

    1 minute ago
    Since when is it up to The United States to be the Planetary Police? We have enough problems and crime right here in our own country. We have no ethical or legal right to play bodyguard to the Kurds-Turkey-Ukraine-Syria-Mexico-or Bumfuck Egypt! Come home troops, and STAY HOME!

  • Emum
    Emum 19 days ago

    You created this mess by supporting the PKK.

  • David Haug
    David Haug 19 days ago

    Speaking with assad or the Syrian president without some small bit of leverage is putting the cart before the horse. How might Assad be addressed in view of the current conditions. Whatever Trump puppet representative. I could not see your name plate, but then what you had to add was not real important anyway, as is anything Trump says. Fools with mouths moving and saying nothing relevant or even intelligent. It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood. Maybe I can escape and evade my responsibility with some story of (it might work out). Work out for who?

  • Smilester
    Smilester 19 days ago

    How many of these Kurds shot our soldiers in the back.

  • Smilester
    Smilester 20 days ago

    Menendez another corrupt politician. Trying to continue the lie of Syria.

  • Dov BarLeib
    Dov BarLeib 20 days ago

    It seems we need to wait until next Tuesday, Oct 29th to see if this "permanent ceasefire" stays permanent. The Turks and the Russians are giving the Kurds 150 hours to get out of Dodge which has been defined as a 20 mile border strip at the Syrian- Turkish border.

  • Blake
    Blake 20 days ago

    Senator Mr. Menendez is a true American man of Honor!! Thank you for your service! I truly back up your input on the decision to back out, leaving the Kurds alone in a battle against ISIS and the Turkish! I know Russia is stepping in and they, too, fight ISIS; however, Putin is taking the opportunity to increase his world power and respect he will receive in doing what our American Nation should be doing, yet our President is a coward and dishonors all of those who have served and sacrificed during this War on Terrorism, including myself! I wish you were President of the United States of America, right now, Mr. Senator Menendez!

  • Freddy Rojas
    Freddy Rojas 20 days ago

    Put our military to protect our borders and airspace ..... Problem solved.

  • C McLaughlin
    C McLaughlin 20 days ago

    Mitt Romney is an idiot

  • Bernadette Smart
    Bernadette Smart 20 days ago

    Listening to the Chairman just who are the Hawks and who are the Doves?
    Who's really fighting for Peace as opposed to backing the military industrial complex?

  • S M
    S M 20 days ago

    Trump 2020❗️❗️❗️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Bernadette Smart
    Bernadette Smart 20 days ago

    Research just how Obama was responsible for the arming and rise of Isis.
    DJT defeated Isis in two years.
    The difference in ideology is huge.
    Whose side should those who value freedom for all be on?

  • Kerman Koonekerman
    Kerman Koonekerman 20 days ago


  • Kerman Koonekerman
    Kerman Koonekerman 20 days ago


  • Len Pytlewski
    Len Pytlewski 20 days ago

    I wish Cardin would clear his throat instead of gargling on his phlem.

  • Lyn Utermark
    Lyn Utermark 20 days ago

    What is this ?
    Another boring senate production that brings no truth to the people?

  • terry hill
    terry hill 20 days ago

    i like sen. cruz ,he allways has a good jib

  • AskerVR
    AskerVR 20 days ago

    Uaa go ou of Middl east then there gona be peace

  • robbie G
    robbie G 20 days ago

    isis camp? bomb em all and let god sort em out

  • kitsey2
    kitsey2 20 days ago

    Our President made the right decision. None of you know what you are doing. You go over there and protect them from Turkey. so easy to let other people die at your whims.

  • kitsey2
    kitsey2 20 days ago

    Obama and Hillary gave them guns and ammo. stop giving them weapons. Now they can make nuclear bombs as well thanks to uranium one deal. Clinton got a huge kick back for that one. clever woman. cunning. works like a demon. so does Nadler and Schiff. Benghazi gave them even more weapons and they left our people to die. Bleach bit the evidence on Hillary's emails. Pelosi acting like a good little puppy. ISIS in our congress. Drug dealers and Bar tenders running their mouths.

  • kitsey2
    kitsey2 20 days ago

    We have people here suffering as well. All the money it cost us could have fed everyone on earth for a year

  • kitsey2
    kitsey2 20 days ago

    Why are we standing in between these people in the first place? They love to fight. that is their nature. let them work it out. Why are we risking our lives ? We need more police right here in America . crime is running ramped . There is no one attacking America.

  • kitsey2
    kitsey2 20 days ago

    looks like people getting paid to walk around and do nothing. living in mansions while our neighborhoods go to hell. Is Nadler here?

  • Deborah Chesnul
    Deborah Chesnul 20 days ago

    Congress is our ISIS, these overpaid jackasses don't earn a pay check, they just waste our money on unnecessary investigations into the president!!

  • Edward Cassidy
    Edward Cassidy 20 days ago

    Honorable what a Joke.

  • arasto Rabati
    arasto Rabati 20 days ago +1

    You're bullik to I'm kurde this 6 times USA destroying Kurdish we're never ever trust USA again all our life Kurdish people's

  • Don Daddah
    Don Daddah 20 days ago

    How is anyone fighting ISIS for us? WE ARE FIGHTING ISIS FOR EVERYONE ELSE...and what's not acceptable MENDEZ is your KNOWN criminality for one and keeping our troops in a war WE WERE NEVER APPROVED TO BE IN AND NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE IN NEAR THIS LONG. IT IS ALSO CLEAR OBAMA ADMIN FUNDED AND ARMED ISIS FIGHTERS YOU JACKHOLES KEEP CALLING KURDS...PKK IS ISIS WITH A DIFF LABEL TO SUPPORT YOUR SILLY KURD ALLIES...Turkey is an ally too. Turkey is much better able to fight isis than the kurds and by the behavior and treatment we got after spending billions and losing lives to help for YEARS shows exactly who is worth fighting for and it is not them...AMERICA IS TIRED OF YIU WARMINGERS AND CONSTANT COMPLAINING...HAVE YOU SEEN TRUMPS NUMBERS? ITS CLEAR AMERICA IS BEHIND TRUMPS MOVES...NOT YOUR CHEAP TALK AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR LIVES...DEMOCRATS ARE SIMPLY DISGUSTING HORRIBLE PPL...

  • arasto Rabati
    arasto Rabati 20 days ago

    You're all bullik what's USA government looking for control meddle East oil that's all

  • Peggy James
    Peggy James 20 days ago

    Menendez et al should have been gone long ago. We don't trust your foreign policy. This is why we elected President Trump. Get behind the commander and chief and stop opposing his every move.

  • Hans Haller
    Hans Haller 20 days ago

    If you are in a hopelessly inferior situation with your own troops, you must retreat to durable positions. Stop orders are just stupid and cost lives and nobody is served by them. The democrats obviously understand very little about it and get entangled in never-ending wars.

  • Peggy James
    Peggy James 20 days ago

    So you don't trust their own opposing forces to defend themselves on Syria/Turkey border? Yet, you are not even protecting American borders and don't like the idea of our own military protecting our USA borders. Most Americans place our young first. It is past time you start. Pres Trump is right using economic sanctions and being monitor of the situation from here at home. Our military have trained others 7,000 miles away just to be shot in the back by the person they trained.

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith 20 days ago +2

    Traitors to country and people, warmongers afraid that they will lose and unable to milk more money from the taxpayers.

  • don ram
    don ram 20 days ago +1

    Do nothing go HOME and mind your grand kids grandma

  • doubstercom
    doubstercom 20 days ago

    Mitt Romney is a joke once again! REMEMBER: DONALD J. TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT, these clowns have no right to question the leader of the country! They just search for an excuse to attack more sovereign countries around the world.

  • أحمد راديكالي الكوردي

    We don't want you to fight with us we just ask you to re back your soldiers back then will offensive stop immediately because turkey cannot attack if there's American.

    • Sally Portillo
      Sally Portillo 20 days ago

      there will be PEACE, I guarantee the safety of the Kurds population and army.

  • stonehillady
    stonehillady 20 days ago

    NO one asks how and what financed the KURDS, they are not SHIA which is the majority of Iranian, they are Sunni's, so because most Americans are in the dark of this Syrian War, they don't know who is who. Turks are mostly Sunni so they mainly sunni kurds, Syria itself is combo of all 3 religions including the christians. so we should just get the hell out.

  • Sandy G
    Sandy G 20 days ago

    These dem's are fools.

  • james warbrick
    james warbrick 20 days ago +1

    it is in turkeys interest to keep the USA compromised in Syria ,it gives them more power in the area and sows dissent in the u.s.a.

  • stonehillady
    stonehillady 20 days ago +1

    Romney has no love of life, except his life and his pockets, he is a traitor, a neocon and supports communists of us and to become one of the elites to have power over all. in other words a globalist in the highest order.

  • stonehillady
    stonehillady 20 days ago

    Dems. have a big problem with the President as THE Commander n Chief, he dictdates the military moves, our President knows that NOT all Kurds are on our side..the 20 mile free go zone is the perfect solution.

  • Gino
    Gino 20 days ago +1

    What a bunch of evil people but the lord is on Trump side god bless the president

  • Fidel Guevara
    Fidel Guevara 20 days ago +1

    Folks, South Carolina senior Senator Lindsey Graham is up for re-election in 2020. He is a slithering swampy snake, all talk no action. Promises, but zero follow up. He must be primaried and defeated! Any candidates down there??!!

  • Sandy G
    Sandy G 20 days ago

    Are these Congress all dem's?

  • Ugur Altindag
    Ugur Altindag 20 days ago +1

    Jeffrey: "300.000 Kurds fled from pro-PKK YPG to Turkey". Of course, you ll never see this in Western Media.

  • Jim Phillippi
    Jim Phillippi 20 days ago

    Everything Dems want HELPS Iran!!
    Strategic planning sometimes involves movement and positioning/REpositioning!
    Iran is on the move - countering is a MUST. The troops in SA are a part of that counter and so is movement of troops toward the west. NE Syria will be fine - all parties really want this (if you believe otherwise then you are being lied to). All parties have a vested interest in keeping ISIS from resurfacing. Iran is going to get A LOT MIRE resources out if Iraq if you don't pull your heads out if your a**e*!
    Pull yourselves back mentally and look at the bigger picture!

  • Sennie White
    Sennie White 20 days ago +2

    Re-Locating the Syrian/ Arab refugees into the zone that Turkey creates is like carving up Territory after WW1. Another day, another battle!

  • Cary Huff
    Cary Huff 20 days ago +1

    Why is Romney on Foreign Relations Committee?

  • Windsor Castle
    Windsor Castle 20 days ago +1

    How good to see a bipartisan hearing taking a stand. Reading some comments how are you not listening to these questions and answers? The hearing is United for once.

  • Karendal Sadik
    Karendal Sadik 20 days ago

    Cruz couldn’t shave?

  • Candace Weatherlow
    Candace Weatherlow 20 days ago

    Woo! Save money keep us out of the middle east

    • Adele Lawal
      Adele Lawal 20 days ago

      Lol the last time I heard the troops are still in Middle East.