Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Charlie Puth, Josh Gad, Michelle Dockery & Rachel Bloom

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  • James invites his guests Charlie Puth, Josh Gad, Michelle Dockery and Rachel Bloom to play a game of Spill Your Guts, where you must either answer a tough question or eat something disgusting, like a cow's tongue.

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  • Runtime: 11:04
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Comments: 3 448

  • Kristina Elizabeth
    Kristina Elizabeth 24 minutes ago

    chicken feet is fine tho... hahaha

  • Rippeur Rippeuse
    Rippeur Rippeuse 31 minute ago


  • noor alshayeb
    noor alshayeb Hour ago

    "See you later" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Im AWESOME.com
    Im AWESOME.com Hour ago

    Charlie looks like the younger brother there 😂😂

  • Zaara Bashir
    Zaara Bashir Hour ago +1

    James's laugh is goals. It can cheer up anyone

  • gretieyn
    gretieyn Hour ago

    I love how rachel was willing to drink more saliva so that charlie didnt have to

  • beastygeorge
    beastygeorge Hour ago +1

    Rachel Bloom seems so demure here!

  • Ashley Horror
    Ashley Horror 2 hours ago

    Bird saliva is actually really healthy, as is chicken feet. I’m kinda shocked no one else eats them? Or is it only an Asian thing

  • sejan jahan
    sejan jahan 2 hours ago

    Oh man!! I can feel Charlie's situation so much when he was gagging 😂😂 alomost like me 😅

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams 2 hours ago

    you know you are getting older when you have no idea who any of the celebrities are.

  • Sushrut
    Sushrut 2 hours ago


    Are they actually 'turkey testicles', 'cow tongue' and 'grasshoppers' or are they edible items with added flavors to make them taste like what their counterparts may taste like?

  • Ben Joseph
    Ben Joseph 3 hours ago

    all these girs here for charlie..... i mean im a dude and im here for him.... no homo

  • King Loz
    King Loz 3 hours ago

    That last question for Charlie tho.. I could answer that in a heartbeat

  • MarieAl Gatuslao
    MarieAl Gatuslao 3 hours ago

    I wonder how many other celebs have used the buckets...

  • Kaytlyn Knight
    Kaytlyn Knight 4 hours ago

    He's so precious and innocent but watching him gag throughout the whole thing was amazing

  • Azra Shakil
    Azra Shakil 4 hours ago

    Three Charlie Puth Songs:
    1. See you Again
    2. We Don't Talk Anymore
    3. Attention

  • Reece Triffitt
    Reece Triffitt 5 hours ago

    Charlie poofda

  • Niña Monixa
    Niña Monixa 5 hours ago

    I felt bad for Charlie yet its so funny to see him struggling.. Is that bad?

  • Tommy Collins
    Tommy Collins 6 hours ago

    prompt biological assistant mirror variable resolve burning inspection twin

  • Diane Chung
    Diane Chung 7 hours ago

    i mean we all know is meghan

  • Evelyn Martinez
    Evelyn Martinez 8 hours ago

    Charlie's facial expressions represent the story of my life.

  • Tanika Stacey
    Tanika Stacey 8 hours ago

    poor charlie ❤

  • ayeitme maya
    ayeitme maya 8 hours ago

    Feel bad for charlie...I dont know either want to laugh or feel sorry for him

  • Ana E Hernandez C
    Ana E Hernandez C 9 hours ago +1

    In Mexico we eat grasshoppers 😂 but they are good thoooo because they are prepared with lime and salt

  • feedthesnake
    feedthesnake 9 hours ago

    mmmm dim sum

  • Megan Mac
    Megan Mac 9 hours ago

    aw poor charlie

  • Maricela Zamudio
    Maricela Zamudio 9 hours ago

    I lurv cow tongue tacos

  • Hariklia Nicola
    Hariklia Nicola 10 hours ago

    charlie you poor thing

  • Amarie.v.lifee *
    Amarie.v.lifee * 10 hours ago

    Charlie was definitely going to say Meghan Trainor bc the song he did w/ Selena wasn’t as grand and singy as Meghan’s and his song. Also, I mean c’mon! They made a song about making out and sex, plus, kissed during performance😂❤️🙌🏼

  • Derrik wRIGHT
    Derrik wRIGHT 10 hours ago

    Charlie...God man I feel for you. I couldn't handle it.

  • Jareth Orozco Sahagún
    Jareth Orozco Sahagún 10 hours ago


  • TheLizard199
    TheLizard199 11 hours ago

    I love how he isn't worried about hurting their feelings but feeling the wrath of the fandoms

  • Skurry The Skuirl
    Skurry The Skuirl 11 hours ago

    If i was there...i wouldn't give a shit about the cow tounge. I would take a BITE OUTTA THAT THING! I eat dat shit with tacoooss!!

  • Allyson Martin
    Allyson Martin 12 hours ago

    Charlie's question was the only one that was actually worth being asked. Any of the others were either trivia based or you could just lie.

  • Azima Begum
    Azima Begum 12 hours ago

    James had the easiest question on the planet

  • Alyssa Collins
    Alyssa Collins 12 hours ago

    How long marvin gay and attention

  • Janelle Gimay
    Janelle Gimay 12 hours ago

    i love rachel for being such a mom to charlie 😂

  • Livny Guardado
    Livny Guardado 12 hours ago

    Charlie was so cute haha

  • B-BALL GIRL bunner
    B-BALL GIRL bunner 12 hours ago

    from the sounds Charlie makes are making my stomach hurt

  • C M
    C M 12 hours ago

    "I like warm cunt"????

  • Shamia Farin
    Shamia Farin 13 hours ago


  • nayelis frias
    nayelis frias 14 hours ago

    i think if had answered it would have been worse than eating is cricket asqueroso

  • SWProductions
    SWProductions 14 hours ago

    Poor Charlie XD

  • SWProductions
    SWProductions 14 hours ago

    This is so funny lol

  • Mary Joy McDaniel
    Mary Joy McDaniel 14 hours ago

    I have not laughed this hard in a long time.

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 14 hours ago

    what's wrong with cow tongue ?!

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M 15 hours ago

    for someone who hosts carpool karaoke james couldn't name 3 charlie songs.....?

  • elygurl02
    elygurl02 15 hours ago

    dang my maternal instinct is going to kick in too then

  • Erola Such
    Erola Such 15 hours ago


  • Key_to_Happiness2009
    Key_to_Happiness2009 15 hours ago

    I would soooo be Charlie if I had to play that game.No joke

  • Mia Scully
    Mia Scully 16 hours ago

    I laughed through it all

  • nada Nada
    nada Nada 16 hours ago

    Sweet cute Charlie .. how could u do that to him 😭♥️♥️♥️

  • S
    S 16 hours ago

    10:00 And at that moment, Charlie knew. He fucked up.

  • S
    S 16 hours ago

    I feel Charlie though, I can't eat any of that shit. I can't even be around that stuff. Even spinach makes me want to throw up. So I'm really sorry for Charlie that he had to go through this

  • S
    S 16 hours ago

    Charlie Puth - *calls manager* remind me to never come on this show again *pukes*

  • S
    S 16 hours ago

    Charlie: James...name three Charlie Puth songs.
    James: *laughs awkwardly*
    Charlie: *flicks card away like, 'if you don't get this right, imma storm outta your fuckin show bitch'*

  • S
    S 16 hours ago

    Looks like I gotta be careful with the food when Charlie and I get married

  • Dehbeejah Robinson
    Dehbeejah Robinson 16 hours ago

    Jungkook: Charlie Puss. Lol

  • Lulu
    Lulu 17 hours ago

    i was fucking CACKLING at charlie gagging. i need an hour long version of this pls. also, michelle is a sweetheart.

  • tantnikki
    tantnikki 17 hours ago

    Seeing Charlie Puth go from "AAAH" to "BLEURGHHHHH" at 4:36 lmfao

  • Meyra
    Meyra 17 hours ago

    Use maternal instinct as an excuse to run your hands up and down Charlie's arm.. I see what you did Rachel Bloom, and I would have done the same.

  • Esther .M
    Esther .M 17 hours ago

    Charlie needs to be on GMM and meet Link.#gagcouple HAHA

  • WDW Bananas
    WDW Bananas 17 hours ago

    Charlie put songs
    1 1 call away
    2 look at me now
    3 Marvin gaye
    4 see you again
    5 Attention
    6 we don't talk anymore

    Any I missed comment below please

  • June July
    June July 17 hours ago

    Poor Charlie his face has turned all red 😂😂

  • Deborah Liu
    Deborah Liu 17 hours ago

    Jellyfish, chicken feet, and fish eyes are actually really good. :)

  • Meagan Rose
    Meagan Rose 17 hours ago

    Don't worry Charlie baby lol we knew the answer

  • Tonka Đukez
    Tonka Đukez 17 hours ago +1

    He's so gay he can't function

  • Zarina Feyzulova
    Zarina Feyzulova 18 hours ago

    I bet James knows all the songs of Charlie puth

  • Adriana Geraldino
    Adriana Geraldino 18 hours ago +1

    So, is nobody going to talk about James laugh at 4:08?

  • AdorbsAnna
    AdorbsAnna 18 hours ago

    Charlie’s facial expressions are me at school all the time

  • Letícia Cunha
    Letícia Cunha 19 hours ago +1

    Charlie is cute even when he's throwing up I can't even

  • Nadia GN
    Nadia GN 19 hours ago

    Poor baby Charly is so cute, Rachel is so sweet, I love her!

  • Shaista Hashimi
    Shaista Hashimi 20 hours ago

    "I just don't want to get the fandoms mad" lmao poor charlie

  • Luana Brahaj
    Luana Brahaj 21 hour ago

    You can see how badly Charlie is struggling throughout the whole video... :( sorta funny but also sosososoooo sorry for him

  • Karol Vina Santiago
    Karol Vina Santiago 21 hour ago

    Rip Charlie

  • Zach Rag
    Zach Rag 21 hour ago

    Rachel's so comforting 😁😁❤

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 21 hour ago


  • P. Smets
    P. Smets 21 hour ago

    Michelle does have a strong stomach! :p

  • Renata Tušek
    Renata Tušek 21 hour ago +1

    Poor Charlie😭😂

  • Ikra
    Ikra 22 hours ago

    "I don't want the fans get mad at me" aka Selena gomez lmao

  • franticfolleys
    franticfolleys 22 hours ago

    "It's just chicken" where did she go to school, its beef ya dummy.

  • Nisha Paliwal
    Nisha Paliwal 22 hours ago

    i almost puked watching this

  • Stevie K.
    Stevie K. 22 hours ago

    I felt really sorry for Charlie!!

  • Hridya Music
    Hridya Music 23 hours ago +1

    Oh My God
    Charlie is so adorable ♥

  • PrErNa ViJ
    PrErNa ViJ 23 hours ago +1

    2 seconds into the video and he already being there

  • Meghan puth mix
    Meghan puth mix 23 hours ago +1

    Omg charlie puth at 10:00

  • Cla_Disney
    Cla_Disney Day ago

    The Charlie guy was suffering so bad, lmao

  • Vansanglura Vanchhawng

    Charlie Puke....anyone? No? Okay...

  • Don'tBeSoSerious

    lol that question for rachel is hilarious

  • d a n i
    d a n i Day ago

    Nooo the legit international Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts was the one with Isla, Nial and Ewan!!! LOL

  • Andy Chan
    Andy Chan Day ago

    charlie is so fuckin cute

  • Venita Ng
    Venita Ng Day ago

    omg i feel so bad for charlie cos i am a picky eater lol :)

  • graciela t
    graciela t Day ago

    See you later 😂

  • Helen Nguyen
    Helen Nguyen Day ago +1

    Im here for Rachel ❤❤❤
    She's an incredible singer and actress!!

  • Aexl Sinoro
    Aexl Sinoro Day ago

    awww charlie

  • 22jna
    22jna Day ago

    Btw grasshoppers and jellyfish didn't taste that bad. Also with cow tongue and chicken feet (the cooked one with seasoning).

  • 22jna
    22jna Day ago

    Omg Charlie 😭😘😘😘

  • Jean Liou
    Jean Liou Day ago

    poor Charlie...he should be in carpool karaoke instead of playing this game

  • Jan1979
    Jan1979 Day ago

    How did he not say One Call Away?!

  • Kylieeebear
    Kylieeebear Day ago