Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Charlie Puth, Josh Gad, Michelle Dockery & Rachel Bloom

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • James invites his guests Charlie Puth, Josh Gad, Michelle Dockery and Rachel Bloom to play a game of Spill Your Guts, where you must either answer a tough question or eat something disgusting, like a cow's tongue.
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Comments • 6 806

  • Gerard Tan
    Gerard Tan 2 hours ago

    Bruh imagine if he just comes across a pile of shit

  • Not a Fury
    Not a Fury 5 hours ago

    Cow tongue is actually pretty good. With some lemon and sauce.

  • Joeybon123
    Joeybon123 6 hours ago

    Can Charlie stop being so sensitive oml

  • Joeybon123
    Joeybon123 6 hours ago

    Charlie is literally such an attention whore when it comes to this shit

  • Joeybon123
    Joeybon123 6 hours ago

    Charlie Puth literally acts like a 5 year old like holy shit man up

  • Joeybon123
    Joeybon123 6 hours ago

    Charlie Puth is so dramatic holy shit.

  • Joeybon123
    Joeybon123 6 hours ago

    Charlie Puth is such a pussy🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Bts Forever
    Bts Forever 8 hours ago

    You should do one with BTs

    MK LUV THE MKX 8 hours ago

    I really love watching charlie puth gag but I feel so bad since he’s such a sweetheart

  • Marlee Gammage
    Marlee Gammage 9 hours ago

    Omg I couldn’t stop laughing at Charlie when he gagged

  • Bulbusaurus
    Bulbusaurus 10 hours ago

    Charlie is soooo cute!

  • Keven Estrada
    Keven Estrada 10 hours ago

    Charlie Puth is such a pussy

  • Nab Ster
    Nab Ster 11 hours ago

    Michele doesn’t even eat the food

  • Gina Marisa
    Gina Marisa 11 hours ago

    This was the funniest one I have ever seen.

  • barbara Mora
    barbara Mora 12 hours ago


  • I hate my Life
    I hate my Life 13 hours ago

    This makes me hate Charlie puth even more 😂 like grow up

  • AbaYaa Austin
    AbaYaa Austin 13 hours ago

    3:47 charlie's laugh is the male version of a witch's laugh.

  • Athan Shmathan
    Athan Shmathan 15 hours ago

    Meghan is the better singer, but Selena has some bangin songs.

  • Tinou
    Tinou 15 hours ago

    Best episode by far, God bless Charlie ! :')

  • Sarah Gaudet
    Sarah Gaudet 16 hours ago

    This is the best game ever!!

  • Hello Ppl
    Hello Ppl 19 hours ago

    Charlies face when James asked " you did songs with Meghan Trainer and Selena Gomez who is a better singer?"

  • Abi Solo
    Abi Solo 20 hours ago

    “my maternal instinct is kicking in” ME

  • Ammar Gill
    Ammar Gill 21 hour ago

    More like Charlie Puke.

  • mystery s
    mystery s 22 hours ago

    I feel you Charlie

  • Marthe houze-cambier
    Marthe houze-cambier 22 hours ago +1

    Poor charlie...

  • Zoja Belak
    Zoja Belak Day ago

    Poor charlie

  • Aqua Dino
    Aqua Dino Day ago

    Charlie lost it at the end ... precious thing lol

  • Aqua Dino
    Aqua Dino Day ago

    Poor Charlie .

  • oxlmxo
    oxlmxo Day ago

    gosh Charlie is an adorable human being

  • Nandditta Tiara Tamil Selvan

    this makes me sad

  • Eryn J
    Eryn J Day ago

    I love how extra Charlie was

  • natasha P
    natasha P Day ago

    Charlie is such a little gem 😍

  • OneGorgeousMess
    OneGorgeousMess Day ago

    I think bird saliva is actually called nido soup in chinese cuisine.

  • noura nd
    noura nd Day ago

    poor charlie😞

  • News of stars and songs extracted ghada

    io333333333333 6:26 hhhhhhh

  • Beauty By Gabby
    Beauty By Gabby Day ago

    Three Charlie puth songs is such a easy question: attention, how long, and see you again

  • nia morris
    nia morris Day ago

    4:09 james just stops laughing and turns completely serious

  • moon moon
    moon moon 2 days ago

    charlie puth is so precious omg

  • Bill Cross
    Bill Cross 2 days ago

    It's all fake

  • Avani Ashok
    Avani Ashok 2 days ago

    Awww Charlie 😍

  • AbaYaa Austin
    AbaYaa Austin 2 days ago

    Poor Charlie...

  • AbaYaa Austin
    AbaYaa Austin 2 days ago

    I love at the beginning how Charlie is just looking at the side like.. I’m not ready for this.. help

  • Akira Blac
    Akira Blac 2 days ago

    Charlie is such a pussy

  • Zane' van Saden
    Zane' van Saden 2 days ago

    Tongue is actually verry delicious

  • Julz Baby
    Julz Baby 3 days ago

    I feel sick after watching this.. Charlie's dry retching 🤢

  • Im SoLo Zeus
    Im SoLo Zeus 3 days ago

    Why would Charlie go on the show if he can’t take it what a dumbass

  • an asian
    an asian 3 days ago

    jellyfish is yummy

  • Matthew Kurosky
    Matthew Kurosky 3 days ago

    8:18 one call away, attention, and we don’t talk anymore.

  • Donovyn Nelson
    Donovyn Nelson 3 days ago

    Michelle's characters name is lady

  • T'monie Anne Jordan
    T'monie Anne Jordan 3 days ago

    Poor Charlie

  • Art Rojas
    Art Rojas 3 days ago

    Charlie Puke

  • Edith Zurita
    Edith Zurita 3 days ago

    I know about 20 K-pop groups and when people ask me to tell them the names im like SHINee !,shine..from pentogon..thats it.

  • Edith Zurita
    Edith Zurita 3 days ago

    I think the only thing i wouldn't drink is the the bird spit. The cow tung makes for a good mexican taco

  • Edith Zurita
    Edith Zurita 3 days ago

    CuPs is alway loved by older woman.

  • Manic The Hedgehog
    Manic The Hedgehog 3 days ago

    1:00 Chicken Feet xD

  • Safiyah Leane
    Safiyah Leane 3 days ago

    I haven’t seen any puns about Charlie in this video so here we go:
    -He’s gagging so much you’d think he was a drag queen
    -Charlie Puth? Thought it was Charlie Puke.
    -Gosh he got so much attention whilst throwing up
    -What did Charlie say when he saw the grasshopper? When I see you again...

  • EmShakAttack
    EmShakAttack 3 days ago

    Where’s Willy Wonka? I see Charlie Bucket!

    THAI'SS 4 days ago

    guys i'm sirieus i love this video!!!!!!

  • your average channel

    Shawn and Charlie look alike

    THAI'SS 4 days ago

    look at the face of charlie hahahaha

  • arif jawad alam
    arif jawad alam 4 days ago

    Charlie puth dying inside literally

  • Pauline YouDon'tKnow

    Poor Charlie, he's so cute 😐❣️

  • Acefamilyfan1234 K
    Acefamilyfan1234 K 4 days ago

    I almost threw up when Charlie and that girl had to drink that bird saliva

  • Wishbear 4444
    Wishbear 4444 4 days ago +1


  • Alyssa B
    Alyssa B 4 days ago

    Why even bring Charlie on if he won't eat anything

  • kcjo campbell
    kcjo campbell 4 days ago

    carpool kareoke charlie puth!!!

  • Melissa Kwan
    Melissa Kwan 5 days ago

    In China bird saliva, fish eyes and chicken fish and jelly fish is not that disgusting

  • a guy
    a guy 5 days ago

    Ohhhhh Rachel got *exposed*

  • Zahayra Flores
    Zahayra Flores 5 days ago

    I'm I the only one who wants to see BTS do this

  • Olivia Gianelloni
    Olivia Gianelloni 5 days ago

    That's a nice buckets tho

  • Harry Truesdale
    Harry Truesdale 5 days ago

    9:13 what was that sip😑

  • 長井剣一
    長井剣一 6 days ago

    This guy charlie being such a pussy ugh

  • Jay Chapman
    Jay Chapman 6 days ago +1

    I'm sorry, ...Charlie WHO?
    All I see is an overly-dramatic child sitting at the adults' table.

  • Tom O'Donnell
    Tom O'Donnell 6 days ago

    10:00 "James you and I know their both shit"

  • 박예린
    박예린 6 days ago

    poor charlie oml

  • Aniston Kemmerer
    Aniston Kemmerer 6 days ago

    this is a very amazingly messed up game of truth XD love this. WAY TO BE TOUGH CHARLIE!!! IM ROOTING FORYOU BUDDY!!

  • Dragonfly Wings
    Dragonfly Wings 6 days ago

    Attention one call away and how long

  • Ismini
    Ismini 7 days ago

    Michelle and Charlie are everything

  • Martha Artyomova
    Martha Artyomova 7 days ago

    *I\'аМ strеssеd. I nееd u tо f.vсk Ме until I саn\’t rеМеМbеr Му nаМе.*
    *сl1сk H.е.r.е Tо Wаtсh S.е.X.у W3bсаМ Girls.* >>> kish.io/1k4961?d=5V8m1I409

  • Cole Nick
    Cole Nick 7 days ago

    He always eats the tongue lol

  • Mauimuzik808
    Mauimuzik808 7 days ago

    I would totally be Josh on this show, randomly reaching for stuff and eating it, whether we answer the question or not. Lol.

  • Karlie's Leg
    Karlie's Leg 7 days ago

    Just say selena gomez is the worst singer. Its so obvious.

  • Mordikye Miller
    Mordikye Miller 7 days ago

    Why am I Charlie Puth?

  • Johanna Coleman
    Johanna Coleman 7 days ago

    Put demi to the test

  • Paloma Arrondell
    Paloma Arrondell 7 days ago

    I think we all know Selena is the worst singer 💀

  • Sheena Celestine Samalea

    Charlie's so cute😍😍

  • valentine
    valentine 7 days ago

    charlie puth such a pussy he over exagerated like fuck

  • Andy Maritanu
    Andy Maritanu 8 days ago

    damn charlie is such a pussy

    LPS TYÜZÜ 8 days ago +1

    chicken feets are yummy you know they're just not yummy when their raw..

  • Jaden Mendez
    Jaden Mendez 8 days ago

    "i'm a 39 year old father of two!"
    "but you're cool"
    "aw i love you for that 😘"

  • Amelie Phan
    Amelie Phan 8 days ago

    I feel reallybad for Charlie!!!😂😂😄😄

  • m b
    m b 8 days ago

    Poor thing😂😭

  • Meah Boo
    Meah Boo 9 days ago

    0:07 charlie: I'm scared 😨😨

  • Itsjust Lily
    Itsjust Lily 9 days ago +1

    -Charlie puth 2017

  • Human paper
    Human paper 9 days ago

    "See you later" lol!😂😂😂😂

  • rigold nainggolan
    rigold nainggolan 9 days ago

    easy, meghan trainor ofc, it's not so hard

  • Clifton Cheng
    Clifton Cheng 9 days ago

    I’ve had ox tongue many times before. I would imagine that it’s quite similar to cow tongues.

  • Clifton Cheng
    Clifton Cheng 9 days ago

    Honestly, I’m Chinese, and ,pst of these ingredients are found in Chinese cuisine. I’ve had jellyfish, fish eyes, and chicken feet. And as long as you prepare it well, it tastes very good.

  • omar6781
    omar6781 9 days ago


  • November Ajax
    November Ajax 9 days ago

    চার্লি পিউথ