• Published on Mar 3, 2018
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  • Callie-O
    Callie-O 11 months ago +255

    The official instagram is @otaqapparel
    And facebook is here: facebook.com/otaqapparel/
    I know some of you cuties might want to keep tabs on the business but not have money to support me right away 💕💕

    • Paula Blue
      Paula Blue 11 months ago

      Your stuff is great! So cute

    • Alex Wesker
      Alex Wesker 11 months ago

      Well shit, i didnt see the other comments asking for it lol

    • Alex Wesker
      Alex Wesker 11 months ago +3

      Callie-O are you gonna have the windbreaker with the logo on it? I'd want one that says confetti club too :< its so cute

    • Chloe Underhill
      Chloe Underhill 11 months ago +4


    • strawbrrybambi
      strawbrrybambi 11 months ago +4

      i love your store i'd kill for the confetti club custom jacket omggggg

  • •PorcelainPlanetarium•

    I'm obsessed with these looks! Ota-Q is amazing! I literally just had a conversation with Callie regarding a dress and they are just the sweetest in the whole world to talk to and so helpful! I 10000000000000% recommend this shop!

  • Tyra Saurus
    Tyra Saurus 2 months ago

    You’re such a sweet bean I love you!

  • Ella McCarthy
    Ella McCarthy 5 months ago


  • R & Y
    R & Y 5 months ago

    Tbh, Jillian, or pixie. How ever you want me to call u. I bought the whole ota-q web, thank you. Lol

  • cherry pop
    cherry pop 7 months ago

    that pink shirt is adorable, i'd love to have something that cute!.

  • Damaria Nelson
    Damaria Nelson 8 months ago

    Where do you get most of your clothing from because i really like your kind of style

  • Vidya Mitta
    Vidya Mitta 9 months ago

    I LIKE pixielocks lookbook

  • Duckling in the rough 🦆

    I got the windbreaker and it was so thin and so see through. I was so upset because whatever you wear underneath it shows right through ; w ;

  • Alexx Wretched
    Alexx Wretched 9 months ago

    Their dad shirts give me life??????

  • Nalo Pennings
    Nalo Pennings 9 months ago

    Omg im here for the return of Gretchen from recess

  • Ripley McKeel-Wilson
    Ripley McKeel-Wilson 9 months ago

    Your outfits are so gorgeous. Love you to bits girly.

  • nacimounet
    nacimounet 10 months ago +1

    we're groovin'
    we're boppin'
    we're movin'
    we're rockin'
    WE ARE

  • Red x p0p
    Red x p0p 10 months ago

    THAT BUTTON-UP!!!! *waits a minute* tHAT WINDBREAKER!!!!!!?!!1!1!

  • Lexi Kay
    Lexi Kay 10 months ago

    You remind me of tinkerbell✨💖

  • pinkcooky
    pinkcooky 10 months ago

    Has anyone bought the leggings from this store? Are they worth the 30 bucks?

  • Samara
    Samara 10 months ago

    Can someone help me find that cropped pink sweatshirt?? 💕 what a cutie

  • Wess Adams
    Wess Adams 10 months ago

    Yellows and pastel blues look so nice on you. Hopefully you can incorporate it more in your style~

  • Elizabeth Gorman
    Elizabeth Gorman 10 months ago

    Can u pleaseeee do a updated room tour before u go to the apartment😘

  • 90sDRgirl
    90sDRgirl 10 months ago

    We couldn't be any more different when it comes to styles and aesthetically lol but love your video and your whole vibe and view point :)

  • BBB
    BBB 11 months ago

    Your hair color right know is 😍

  • Anna Lotus
    Anna Lotus 11 months ago

    the confetti club slogan should be "we're all magical here"

  • Lyndsay Olson Fibromyalgia Warrior

    I love the pink jacket & cute skirt! I love the another jacket!

  • Misha Janeé
    Misha Janeé 11 months ago

    Looking like a lil pastely 80s cutie 😍💕👏🏽

  • chantels life
    chantels life 11 months ago

    time to catch up on all your vids!

  • pastelkittycorn
    pastelkittycorn 11 months ago

    Your clothing are GOALS!! I've always adored cute fashion like this, this is just simply adorable!! I need to check out the store.
    your room and fashion are simply amazing. It inspires me to want to dress that way all the time. I've always been afraid if people would look at me if I stand out too much.
    Some of my fav kawaii clothing are MerbunnyBaby on Etsy and chibibunny.

  • bts who
    bts who 11 months ago +1


  • Anya Mae Jackson
    Anya Mae Jackson 11 months ago

    I love your glasses

  • Tess
    Tess 11 months ago

    can I just be you? I love your style but wouldn't be confident in it myself, love how positive you are and ughhhh everything

  • Hello Morgan
    Hello Morgan 11 months ago

    I am not even kidding when I say this is the 4th time ove watched this. It makes me so happy 😊☄💖🦄🌈

  • darkNARUTOpunk
    darkNARUTOpunk 11 months ago

    What's the link to catch the live steams?

  • The Psychic Cell Phones
    The Psychic Cell Phones 11 months ago +1

    Pixieeee I ordered the windbreaker from the ota-q site a few days ago and I'm so excited to get it in the mail 💕💕
    I'm gonna wear it everyday to school even though I live in florida and it's like 80 degrees all year xD

  • King Jack
    King Jack 11 months ago

    Welp, I have a new favorite TVclipr
    You’re so cute? I just absolutely adore your aesthetic owo

  • Sierra Michael
    Sierra Michael 11 months ago

    Sweet scrunch 💕

  • olivya shackelton
    olivya shackelton 11 months ago

    Super cute!! ❤ Get it girl 😜

  • Pijo
    Pijo 11 months ago

    What camera (and lens) are you using in this video?

  • Krissy Louise
    Krissy Louise 11 months ago

    I'm waiting for the day you dye your hair blue. WAITING

  • MagicalRim
    MagicalRim 11 months ago

    Pretty, Pink, and Passionate.

    Floaty dresses are best dresses uwu

  • cilla claire
    cilla claire 11 months ago

    this is cute ^_^ so bright

  • Brittney
    Brittney 11 months ago

    I love her fuzzy scrunchies

  • Morbidbunny3
    Morbidbunny3 11 months ago

    Omg that skirt and hoodie combo 😍

  • Galina Nunnayobiznass
    Galina Nunnayobiznass 11 months ago

    “Just above the cheeks” girl your too much! I don’t know how anyone can’t love your videos.

  • Avery Engstrom
    Avery Engstrom 11 months ago

    holy heck im in love!! super cute designs and plus size options??? THE DREAM

  • Sharnae Nelson
    Sharnae Nelson 11 months ago

    I just found your channel and I adore you already😭💖

  • Goodnight Socialite
    Goodnight Socialite 11 months ago

    This is the second video I've seen. I love your roooooooom its so 90s AHHH

  • Morgan Quinn
    Morgan Quinn 11 months ago

    I clicked on this video thinking “oml a grown adult acting like a child” but honey your personality is so cute I’m not even mad like this video is so cute

  • Julia Bean
    Julia Bean 11 months ago

    we’re groovin, we’re boppin, we’re movin, we’re rockin.. WE ARE.. THE CONFETTI CLUB 🎉

  • Juliet Pecher
    Juliet Pecher 11 months ago

    you look very cute today!

  • Alexandria Rodriguez
    Alexandria Rodriguez 11 months ago


  • Jennifer Simmons
    Jennifer Simmons 11 months ago

    Hey girl I love are video so much

  • Rachel Wilson
    Rachel Wilson 11 months ago

    Happy(late)brithday pixie. Love you. 🎂🍰

  • Zilla
    Zilla 11 months ago

    S O. C U T E.

  • -しそ
    -しそ 11 months ago


  • Aliss Chrétien
    Aliss Chrétien 11 months ago

    i want a collab of you and her for the wind breaker

  • Kai
    Kai 11 months ago

    i wish i was willing to put in the effort to look this cute

  • Jennie Moore
    Jennie Moore 11 months ago

    you're so precious

  • Pixie
    Pixie 11 months ago

    Where did you say the Strawberry Bell necklace was from again? I love Tokyo Mew Mew and Mew Ichigo is my favorite so definitely want to add that necklace to my collection. Thanks :-)

  • Jennae
    Jennae 11 months ago

    Living for that windbreaker jacket. ♡

  • Katja Manning
    Katja Manning 11 months ago +1

    Happy late birthday!!!

  • Eryn
    Eryn 11 months ago

    "Sometimes ya wanna be a lil' pastel!" Pixie isn't that ur whole life???

  • meganlilyflower
    meganlilyflower 11 months ago

    Once you talked about how some people notice when the pop isn’t in the intro and I was like I DONT THINK ID NOTICE THAT well I’ve apparently been a fan long enough now

  • OlliCuppatea2
    OlliCuppatea2 11 months ago


  • Thug Light Gaming82
    Thug Light Gaming82 11 months ago

    Love your videos pixie !!! I’m also an islander!!! 🇨🇦 ❤️❤️

  • Tuva Linnea Hasselqvist
    Tuva Linnea Hasselqvist 11 months ago

    omg I might actully love you?? You're so cute and fun and all!

  • Eb Jean
    Eb Jean 11 months ago

    I love the bowling birthday party story to go with your shirt 😂💗

  • Adrianna G
    Adrianna G 11 months ago


  • Anna Grace
    Anna Grace 11 months ago

    3:49 's outfit is a #looooookkkk What is this style (and Pixie's style in general) called? Is it just bright kawaii kitsch? I need answers so my fur/pom-pom/lounge-wear loving self can find more people to look at constantly.

  • Juli Wartooth
    Juli Wartooth 11 months ago

    Where did you get your fluffy hooooopies?

  • Wicked Megan
    Wicked Megan 11 months ago

    I WANT those glasses so bad. I love them.

  • Why Rachael
    Why Rachael 11 months ago

    Dude I need that windbreaker

  • Tasha Bates
    Tasha Bates 11 months ago

    i love your mesh top omg its so lovely to pair with so many things NEED

  • Rizzo Barajas
    Rizzo Barajas 11 months ago

    This store is everything I ever needed

  • Mervly venus
    Mervly venus 11 months ago


  • Swedi Candy
    Swedi Candy 11 months ago

    Now everyone's gonna want that jacket with the logo, I know I want it ;3;

  • Rainbowzie
    Rainbowzie 11 months ago

    Happy Birthday 💕💕💕🎉🌈💛💚💙💜❤💗🎉🎉 I hope you have a wonderful time..we love you all to bitsiez😍💕

  • Angel Opal
    Angel Opal 11 months ago

    Thank you for showing me this brand Pixie :’)

  • Turtle- Armpits
    Turtle- Armpits 11 months ago

    Love love love💜💜💜 pixie I kind off have a similar body type to yours, would you mind telling us what sizes did you get 🙈 always looking forward to your videos! Never skipping any haha

  • Curious Creatures
    Curious Creatures 11 months ago

    Holy heck that windbreaker is my spirit animal. You guys should do a collab and make the Confetti Club version a buyable thing. I mean I'm considering buying one either way but I think the addition of your logo adds an extra special touch.

  • Nia (Espurr) Meowstica
    Nia (Espurr) Meowstica 11 months ago

    *Screams happy in Pikario*

  • whatupfashion
    whatupfashion 11 months ago

    0:35 "Mm-hmm, yass hunty"

  • whatupfashion
    whatupfashion 11 months ago


    • whatupfashion
      whatupfashion 11 months ago

      LIKe, dAYUM-you said "Hello confetti club" in your ICONIC intro outfit and I was already QUAKING, then you fricken exclaimed "IT'S PIXIE" with your cute lil finger-to-chin thing and now I am deceased. Obsessed. MaYbe.

  • Nikki Dang
    Nikki Dang 11 months ago

    I love how you look so good in that bun, I can't do that without looking like a nub lmao

  • Nico Vargas
    Nico Vargas 11 months ago

    What size did you get in the button down shirt?

  • Trio Robins
    Trio Robins 11 months ago

    The confetti club Wind breaker MUST become Merch

  • RueForDays
    RueForDays 11 months ago

    THEY GO UP TO 3X!! :DD

  • zoe
    zoe 11 months ago

    okay but you literally look SO CUTE in this video these glasses are SUCH A LOOK!!!

  • Folly Potter
    Folly Potter 11 months ago

    I dont know why but you remind me of Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds.

  • Water Lemon
    Water Lemon 11 months ago

    Pixie, do you have any advice to someone wishing to get into party kei fashion?

  • Megab Miller
    Megab Miller 11 months ago

    Just add the hair dye to your conditioner when you wash your hair

  • Laura Marie
    Laura Marie 11 months ago

    Where did you get those cute star-shaped hoops? I love them!

  • Amanda Talbott
    Amanda Talbott 11 months ago

    UR CATTOO hehe >:D

  • Seraphim Hotker
    Seraphim Hotker 11 months ago

    I love your confidence 😍😍😍

  • Katrina Milligan
    Katrina Milligan 11 months ago

    the skirt with balloons makes me think of clarissa explains it all or saved by the bell haha loves it xx

  • Emma Miller
    Emma Miller 11 months ago

    "The world is your birthday napkin." Can we just take a moment to appreciate this?

  • EbeeRose
    EbeeRose 11 months ago

    Ahhh I love your strawberry bell necklace !! 💕

  • hplover656
    hplover656 11 months ago

    Hearing you describe outfit prints is like the best thing ever. You're such a cutie.

  • Junie Bunny
    Junie Bunny 11 months ago

    your videos always manage to put a smile on my face everyday pixie i love you so much!

  • callmewanderer
    callmewanderer 11 months ago

    Jillian why are you SUCH a babe ugh

  • Gracey Welch
    Gracey Welch 11 months ago

    Pixie! I love all these looks! Your tattoo healed so beautifully 💗💗💗💗 much love from California

  • Space Mermaid
    Space Mermaid 11 months ago

    Yess serving confetti club looks today! ❤❤

    • Space Mermaid
      Space Mermaid 11 months ago

      Also I'm so excited for my next paycheck because I'm buying the heck out of this line! 😍