First Day of American High School as an Exchange Student

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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  • Mathilde Køcks Hansen

    Im from denmark and in two years im going to america as well as an exchange student. Im really glad you made this video!! I really cant wait to go lol. But thanks for the vid

  • Liv Riven
    Liv Riven Day ago

    I always want study in some American High School as exchange student but I cost a lot :'(

  • Caleb Jw9
    Caleb Jw9 2 days ago

    The most vital school supply

    A hydro flask sksksksk

  • Xander Cravens
    Xander Cravens 2 days ago

    EHEM finger tip length young lady, girls would always ignore this at my school and would just pull down their shorts

  • Wu - t
    Wu - t 2 days ago

    What high school?

  • Wu - t
    Wu - t 2 days ago

    I live in Az and I'm in highschool lit

  • Heart Very Cold
    Heart Very Cold 2 days ago

    Sweden to Phoenix is such a big difference good luck

    FREE FIRE DA GANÂNCIA 2 days ago +1

    I'm Jealous of the Americas because there is respect I here in Brasil we do not respect or even the mother of the other Knocking Ignoring

  • Molli x Wasabi
    Molli x Wasabi 3 days ago

    What’s your dog’s breed?

  • Beasteddemon 01234
    Beasteddemon 01234 4 days ago

    As an American I wouldn't recommend this place it full of gun violence.

  • Void
    Void 4 days ago

    American school is garbage but at least you’ll make friends!

  • R Ostermeyer
    R Ostermeyer 4 days ago

    interesting breakfast

  • brianna austin
    brianna austin 5 days ago +1

    Omg Arizona I lien there 😂😂

  • Zain_theking Z.G
    Zain_theking Z.G 5 days ago

    It’s a hydro flask I mean sksksksksksksksksksksksksksk

  • Ahsoka _editzz
    Ahsoka _editzz 5 days ago

    Where are you from ? You English sounds so good 🥰 I thought at first u were an American haha

    • Ashton Moore
      Ashton Moore 3 days ago

      Ahsoka _editzz she says sweden a million times in the video

  • Grayson Norris vids
    Grayson Norris vids 6 days ago

    She is a visco girl

  • MelancholyBubbles
    MelancholyBubbles 6 days ago

    Oof this was me, I’m originally from South Korea but moved to America when I was like 13(I’ve been here for 3 years) and oh boi it’s so different but at the same time it’s nice. Lol I might make vlog too about Highschool I go to

  • xoticals
    xoticals 6 days ago +2

    Ive gone to American schools my whole life, but they absolutely suck 😂

  • Sedat Kurt
    Sedat Kurt 7 days ago

    So soos so sooo so so sooooo

    KARTIK THAKUR 7 days ago

    Make a video on syllabus and timetable also

  • Lau Ferry
    Lau Ferry 8 days ago

    Ya'll just gonna ignore the dog sensing spirites in the background?

  • Shag Wellington
    Shag Wellington 8 days ago

    Good video. Your english is great. Lanuage schools in Sweden must be excellent. Have a great year! Get yourself a Swedish-English dictionary to find words like parabola.

  • synaesthesia
    synaesthesia 8 days ago

    why do u have an American accent

  • Not Night
    Not Night 8 days ago

    You have the ugliest fucking accent I’ve heard in my life.

  • CeLiNe’S aSmR
    CeLiNe’S aSmR 8 days ago

    sksksksksksks and i oop- “ i got a hydro flask “ sksksks 2 months later : sksksks and i oop and i oop- all i speak is sksksks , i also love your dog he’s so cute

  • Jake Barnes
    Jake Barnes 8 days ago +3

    Leave while u still can. Our education system is literally one of the worst on the planet.

  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan 8 days ago

    The fucking hydro flask. She hasn’t even been to school yet and she’s done for. RIP

  • emily eurus
    emily eurus 9 days ago

    she has a hydroflasksksksks

  • Martin Mccarthy
    Martin Mccarthy 9 days ago

    scrunchie on the wrist and a hydro flask... AND I OOOOOOOPPPP SKSKSKSKSSSSKKSK

  • Andrew R
    Andrew R 9 days ago

    Surprised you didn’t get shot.

  • kaylee anne
    kaylee anne 9 days ago

    In middle school, we had an exchange student. He was Russian, my grade, tall and white.

    My friend liked him even thought couldn’t talk to him, and he would walk away from her...

  • Angel Manon
    Angel Manon 9 days ago

    She's pretty .. weird but pretty

  • Be Real
    Be Real 10 days ago Are you there 3:15?

  • Percy Waldron
    Percy Waldron 10 days ago

    Don't worry, unless you're from Mexico they don't shoot foreigners

  • Ɗerek S
    Ɗerek S 10 days ago

    You from Europe, and hot? Shit don’t worry about friends everyone will try to talk to you

  • CarlVdz
    CarlVdz 10 days ago

    I were 1 month away from Going but Sts never found a good school for me in Center Los Angeles.

  • Me
    Me 10 days ago

    kinda strange but i am an American high school student in Egypt XD

  • Me
    Me 10 days ago

    same feeling

  • Kelly Power
    Kelly Power 10 days ago


  • Adrian Valenzuela
    Adrian Valenzuela 10 days ago

    Goodluck dude. Hope you like it.

  • low law
    low law 10 days ago

    and who the fuck is that obese animal at min 6 30 ?

  • Hit clips
    Hit clips 10 days ago

    She's a VSCO girl

  • caaassshhh
    caaassshhh 10 days ago

    omg she goes to my school 💀💀

  • Maraba
    Maraba 10 days ago

    This is giving me anxiety.

  • lwknicely
    lwknicely 10 days ago

    I hope you have a great day on your first day. I'm in Phoenix Arizona

    • Wu - t
      Wu - t 2 days ago

      Same it fuckin sucks

  • Kearsten Dennis
    Kearsten Dennis 10 days ago +1

    Did she know these girls before or did she just become friends with them

  • Kearsten Dennis
    Kearsten Dennis 10 days ago

    You don’t sound like u have an accent

  • míхєd єmσtíσns
    míхєd єmσtíσns 11 days ago

    What high school you go to

  • Linda Montgomery
    Linda Montgomery 11 days ago

    did... did you just put just cheese on bread? What

  • Chem Vitu
    Chem Vitu 11 days ago

    For the American school I like the most is that the student are international, they come from Vietnam 🇻🇳, Australia 🇦🇺,India, Philippines, new Zealand 🇳🇿, and the most is Chinese student,
    But I don't like about the bullying each other it make someone feel uncomfortable,

  • Nim Jae
    Nim Jae 11 days ago

    What’s weird is that she recorded this in 1080 60 FPS

  • EnvyMy Clout
    EnvyMy Clout 12 days ago

    It’s like she’s almost cute/hot but not rly 😐

  • Anouk Van Klaveren
    Anouk Van Klaveren 12 days ago

    I am going to America as an exchange student in 2021

    X IMPUŁSE 12 days ago

    And you dont want to be a basic American girl

    X IMPUŁSE 12 days ago

    Basic American girls have a hyro flask

    DBONEZ 12 days ago +1

    Freaking noob, she forgot her bulletproof vest

  • Zoey Hamel-Hyland
    Zoey Hamel-Hyland 12 days ago

    i live in california, if ur exchange family ever wants to take you there, i would recommend San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angles. in SF go to the golden gate bridge, in Los Angles go to the hollywood sign, and in San Diego go to the beach or the San Diego Zoo. anyways hope you have so much fun in Arizona. my favorite places to go in Arizona is the Grand Canyon and Dutch Bros (it’s kind of like Starbucks).

  • Dark Heart
    Dark Heart 12 days ago

    You’re in my state!! Winter is really nice Arizona just so you know lol

  • RealShuu
    RealShuu 12 days ago

    If you here loud bangs, don't worry it's only a school shooter.

  • Avery
    Avery 12 days ago

    Oh my scrunchie? Oh u dont have one? U can have mine