Gone with the Wind - You Need Kissing Badly

  • Published on Nov 18, 2008
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    RHETT: You will, though. And another thing. Those pantalets. I don't know a woman in Paris wears pantalets anymore.

    SCARLETT: What do they... you shouldn't talk about such things.

    RHETT: You little hypocrite, you don't mind my knowing about them, just my talking about them.

    SCARLETT: Rhett, I really can't go on accepting these gifts. Though you are awfully kind.

    RHETT: I'm not kind, I'm just tempting you. I never give anything without expecting something in return. I always get paid.

    SCARLETT: If you think I'll marry you just to pay for the bonnet, I won't.

    RHETT: Don't flatter yourself, I'm not a marrying man.

    SCARLETT: Well, I won't kiss you for it, either.

    RHETT: Open your eyes and look at me. No, I don't think I will kiss you. Although you need kissing badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how.

    SCARLETT: And I suppose that you think that you are the proper person.

    RHETT: I might be, if the right moment ever came.

    SCARLETT: You're a conceited, black- hearted varmint, Rhett
    Butler, and I don't know why I let you come and see

    RHETT: I'll tell you why, Scarlett. Because I'm the only man
    over sixteen and under sixty who's around to show you
    a good time.

    Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara.
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  • Mary Goodnight
    Mary Goodnight 17 days ago

    Oh gosh, she should have let Rhett have his wicked way. We women could all do with a Rhett.

  • Evan Taaved Pert
    Evan Taaved Pert Month ago

    Over 16. Under 60. Good time.
    Man. Check.

  • GINA
    GINA 6 months ago

    I just did my first scarlett and rhett edit! forever my favourite fictional couple!!!

  • Jenna Mattson
    Jenna Mattson 7 months ago +2

    God he’s hot

  • Lodho Zimba
    Lodho Zimba 8 months ago


  • Sharmella Krishnasamy
    Sharmella Krishnasamy 8 months ago

    I pray hard so that those who hurt me die of suffering illness. Give them the torture, suffering they cause me.

  • Real American
    Real American 8 months ago

    831 Sass , I so do need kissing badly , just your lips will do , and only you .....as you are my Dream , my partner , my everything . I LOVE YOU SASS , FOREVERMORE.

  • Anthony Sanchez-Solis
    Anthony Sanchez-Solis 10 months ago

    I love them.

  • Joseph LeForte
    Joseph LeForte 11 months ago +3

    today he would've lost and job and been in jil by the #metoo brigade.

  • Flufferz626
    Flufferz626 11 months ago

    Sorry, as a gal I think Rhett is right

  • FireTiger941
    FireTiger941 Year ago +9

    Rhett Butler has ball out the ass! He's a gentleman, but he's not afraid to tell it like it is.

  • Andrew Tornadoboy
    Andrew Tornadoboy Year ago +3

    God she was one hot woman!

  • Setebos
    Setebos Year ago +4

    "You're a conceited, black- hearted varmint, Rhett Butler, and I don't know why I let you come and see me."
    Because, deep down, a lot of women love Bad Boys.

  • Joan Truscott
    Joan Truscott Year ago +6

    Rhett and Scarlett were both passionate people. Two of a kind, well suited. If only she had realised in time that Rhett was the man for her.

  • Afro-Geek
    Afro-Geek Year ago +2

    I really wanna learn transatlantic accent... Where can i learn it

  • ljuc
    ljuc Year ago

    Rhett is awesome :D

  • Rhett Dilley
    Rhett Dilley Year ago

    I am so proud to have this man as my namesake

  • lioness901
    lioness901 Year ago +10

    I'd kiss him in a hot second

    • winogirlll
      winogirlll 4 months ago

      lioness901 Id say- the bedroom is this way Rhett.

  • Rebecca Jenne
    Rebecca Jenne 2 years ago +9

    I need my own personal Rhett

  • Andy Gonzalez
    Andy Gonzalez 2 years ago +72

    one of the most Alpha characters in history.

  • jagpro91
    jagpro91 2 years ago +41

    This is a flawless example of a man who was unplugged from the Matrix long before the Matrix ever existed. If you know what I'm talking about.

      ERNESERNES Year ago +2

      Annie doesnt know what you are talkign about. xD

  • Deborah Endsley
    Deborah Endsley 3 years ago

    RawhidesDarkCanter the sequel is called Scarlett.

  • Brad Hougland
    Brad Hougland 3 years ago

    Such stiff and fake 'acting.'

  • bb Kerr
    bb Kerr 3 years ago +31

    Ok, I want "him" badly.

  • Chay Wolff
    Chay Wolff 4 years ago

    Adoro essa cena :3

  • Reza A
    Reza A 4 years ago +1

    I;m here because of the sample from the song "two step" by Bear mountain or better known to be THAT cool sound from FIFA WORLD CUP '14

  • Joe Schillaci
    Joe Schillaci 4 years ago

    Gone With The Wind VHS Special Edition

  • Mia Newman
    Mia Newman 4 years ago +1


  • Joseph Ranner
    Joseph Ranner 4 years ago +95

    This guy is THE MAN!

    • Baronwoof
      Baronwoof 3 years ago

      +Lailah Cosette Rodriguez- Fournier well you ruined it for me

    • L
      L 3 years ago +2

      Gabriel is right.... He suffered from a gum disease

    • Eu
      Eu 4 years ago +11

      +Gabriel sarmiento pretty sure he was referring to the character not the actor.

    • Gabriel sarmiento
      Gabriel sarmiento 4 years ago +1

      this man suffered from serious bad breath due to his dentures. vivian leigh said it many times, those kissing scenes were always difficult because of his unbearable breath. yeah!! the man!! LOL

  • Honey Valencia Rose
    Honey Valencia Rose 5 years ago


  • 19EHF
    19EHF 5 years ago +116

    "I'm just tempting you. I never give anything without getting something in return". GASP. THIS IS CNN BREAKING NEWS A MAN COMMITTED A CRIME KNOWN AS HONESTY!!!!!!

    • Killers Eddie
      Killers Eddie Year ago +2

      19EHF Still the only news they have reported correctly.

  • S G
    S G 5 years ago +1

    2013 pick up line

  • Niraj Tandukar
    Niraj Tandukar 5 years ago

    Let’s get it out there. I am totally jealous of my brother at the moment. He’s been single endlessly. By a luck, he’s got a model to deeply love him in no time. Just how is that actually manageable? He said to me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone gorgeous said that to me… I’ve never witnessed him so cheerful. Sort of makes me feel bad.

  • Insight200801
    Insight200801 5 years ago

    While in Jr. High I used "You need to be kissed and kissed a lot. And hugged. Yes hugged a lot too. And made love to. Definitely made love to." Then we kissed twice but the third kiss was interrupted by her girl friends pulling the soc away from the rocker. "What are you doing they yelled." We never did get together but that was OK as other girls came around to find out the why. That and the willingness to ask girls to dance went a long way. Strap on a guitar and you're in rock and roll heaven,

  • Insight200801
    Insight200801 5 years ago

    Not in this movie. The Ireland thing happens in the sequel. I believe it's call Scarlett and it was a TV mini series.

  • Ryan West
    Ryan West 5 years ago +33

    ''You should be fucked and often and by someone who knows how''

    DCBARNONE89 5 years ago +3

    A kiss is magical....when done properly! or not.....Good times!

  • boi76311
    boi76311 5 years ago

    i just wonder if it's true that she doesnt know how to wear that hat or she tries to weat it back to front to make Rhett notice her.

  • 117rebel
    117rebel 5 years ago +3

    She wants the D lol

  • TheNewRiflemanBob
    TheNewRiflemanBob 5 years ago

    It sure it.

  • bigstar66
    bigstar66 5 years ago +2

    Ah yes, every fanboy's dream: to meet a qt3.14 who loves the franchise just as much as you do. Well, I don't have any advice for finding one, other than widen your interests so you might find a qt who might loves other things like you. It sure is nice when it happens though.

    • lullaby
      lullaby 2 years ago

      i'm 14 and a fan haha

  • TheNewRiflemanBob
    TheNewRiflemanBob 5 years ago

    Oh ok. I'm a superman fan more than you'll ever know and I'm looking to meet a girl who is a huge fan as well or a fan of Lois Lane and knows in depth material similar to the way this girl and you connected initially with Clark Gable.

  • bigstar66
    bigstar66 5 years ago

    Haha. We had a date and I still see her from time to time.

  • TheNewRiflemanBob
    TheNewRiflemanBob 5 years ago

    Are you serious? If so, how did it turn out between the two of you?

  • Brigid Park
    Brigid Park 5 years ago

    What do you know about women these days?

  • Izzy G.
    Izzy G. 5 years ago +3

    i never thought i was able to learn so much about women from a 3 hour movie.

  • mia tahirovic
    mia tahirovic 5 years ago +3

    HOW can she choose ashley over rhett :/

  • Erin Williams
    Erin Williams 5 years ago

    "It was gone with the wind. I saw it and I knew I wanted to sweep Scarlett off her feet."
    "You were five."
    "I didn't say the sweeping would have been easy."
    And that is the story of how both I and Kennedy from Buffy knew we were gay. The fact that I just hadn't even thought about Rhett at all, even being the fantastically brilliant man he is kind of gave it away I guess. :')

  • Carrie-Lee Touhey
    Carrie-Lee Touhey 5 years ago

    NEGGING! ;)

  • TheBluebellMoon2
    TheBluebellMoon2 5 years ago +7

    Has to be the most romantic movie ever!!!

  • Erikioba
    Erikioba 5 years ago +32

    at some point? We ALL want Rhett Butler. Always. XD

  • pgrooves
    pgrooves 5 years ago +1

    0:10 - That chuckle

  • chipmunksyndrome
    chipmunksyndrome 5 years ago +1

    The kind who doesn't give a damn? :-P

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green 5 years ago +20

    "im the only one over 16 and under 60 to show you a good time." what a great line...

    • Roman T
      Roman T Year ago +1

      Jeff Green what is it supposed to mean?

  • Danny Hogg
    Danny Hogg 5 years ago +1


  • Andy Gonzalez
    Andy Gonzalez 5 years ago +8

    Rhett Butler. Badass of badasses.

  • Art Trivia
    Art Trivia 5 years ago +3

    Look! Two people really acting in a movie!

  • laadykpop
    laadykpop 5 years ago +3

    rhett butler had a rogue-ish and swashbuckling air about him. prolly why i thought he was super hot in the story...lol

  • julionica
    julionica 6 years ago

    I appreciate your comment

  • Sloover
    Sloover 6 years ago

    when you said "not being arrogant" that goes to the core of your problem. Don't apologize for what you perceive someone else is thinking. You cower a bit when you do that. And don't generalize women, you put them on the defensive. I'm short, fat and good looking but with crooked teeth, and I have no trouble because I learned not to blame women or fate.

  • ultimtdisc
    ultimtdisc 6 years ago

    Gooooolly, I can't for the life of me imagine why you don't have luck with the ladies.

  • julionica
    julionica 6 years ago +1

    I'm actually like him mannerism, charm, heart and brains, I'm also good looking (not being arrogant) yet I've had many many girls tell me I'm not the one they're looking for which makes me wonder, do women know what they want?

    • Billie Jean
      Billie Jean Year ago +2

      julionica Yes, and it's not you

  • Bethany Compton
    Bethany Compton 6 years ago

    God help me! I can't do it!

  • multigrooves
    multigrooves 6 years ago

    Popping those Red pills

  • thecrownedone
    thecrownedone 6 years ago


  • hambone31000
    hambone31000 6 years ago

    We waited for the Rhett and Scarlett passion we knew was coming. This and the photography is what many like. I hate the term "white trash" Something about calling a human trash bothers me.

  • JPW3
    JPW3 6 years ago

    Someone needs a history lesson. The South in this film, and the actual South, are in no way related. Check out Fateful Lightning by Allen Guelzo. You might learn something.

  • Ash Brown
    Ash Brown 6 years ago

    I agree with you 100%

  • hambone31000
    hambone31000 6 years ago

    Yes the slavery part is poorly done, only good thing is that it gave employment to a few black actors. What made the movie of course, is the romance of Rhett, Scarlet and Ashley.

  • hambone31000
    hambone31000 6 years ago

    And not all German soldiers were sadistic Nazis but a movie with Jews in a concentration camp where they would be treated well and served delicious food every day, would be a bad comedy. They should not leave out slavery or slaves but be realistic

  • hambone31000
    hambone31000 6 years ago

    the book is extremely racist. In the movie racism was toned down (The NAACP complained) The female slaves are cartoonish stereotypes . there are still scenes
    of racism and it calls the time of brutal and degrading slavery the good old days.

  • ThisIsAChannel
    ThisIsAChannel 6 years ago +15

    The movie is not racist. It shows how things were. It's a time capsule for how the south actually was, and it's important that they did it the way they did for historical purposes.

    • ljuc
      ljuc Year ago

      Imagine the uproar if they would want to reboot it.

  • GuildmistressDeby
    GuildmistressDeby 6 years ago +1

    I need kissing badly too:3

  • eatfastnoodle
    eatfastnoodle 6 years ago

    My point is: confidence and bravery are crucially important, but they're means not ends, at the end of the day, there will always be people who challenge you on what you're confident about, you better be ready for him when he does challenge you cuz if you don't ultimately win, your confidence would look more like foolishness. Men like Rhett worked and suffered a great dea, he didn't become a sharpshooter by being a womanizer 27/7 or did he manage to know all the skills by enjoying himself

  • eatfastnoodle
    eatfastnoodle 6 years ago

    Actually, other men, indeed most men ain't afraid to be themselves or knows/acts what he stands for. Most of them, however, don't get what it takes to really back up who he is and what he stands for. Imagine if Rhett died while smuggling goods into the confederate? Or if he died while dueling with some ignorant gentleman scarlet hangs out with? Or he didn't have the business acumen to succeed after the war (if you read the novel, you'd know most of his kind didn't).

  • Florent QUESNEL
    Florent QUESNEL 6 years ago +14


  • Juan Jose Morales
    Juan Jose Morales 6 years ago

    Because she is domineering and wants to order Ashley around?

  • Freckles101598
    Freckles101598 6 years ago

    Im a girl.. And my name is Rhet. Im named after him... ;-;

  • Timothy In 3 2 1
    Timothy In 3 2 1 6 years ago

    Gary Cooper was nothing but BadAss, see High Noon!

  • Jules Love
    Jules Love 6 years ago +5

    She needed a good slap and a good ol'fashion fucking to make her happy.

  • hambone31000
    hambone31000 6 years ago

    Yes it is bad, but those against slavery at the time would say that they knew better
    The movie should have stuck to the romance and left the racist crap out.

  • hambone31000
    hambone31000 6 years ago

    They cleaned up the trashy racist propaganda book, but still the racism leaks through. From the book :" Melanie explains to Scarlett that Frank and Ashley are Klansmen, as are all the men they know, and they have gone to avenge the attack on Scarlett." Mitchell was a good friend of the author of Birth of a Nation another book glorifying an awful terrorist organization.

  • Lady_K
    Lady_K 6 years ago

    There are questions that have No LOGICAL Answer and that is certainly one of them. I will never understand her fascination with Ashley when there is Rhett who is more man than Ashley.

  • Sophie Clark Kunst,Literatur und Kochen

    Why have Scarlett run after a man like Ashley,if she could had have a man like Rhett?

  • Ksenechka
    Ksenechka 6 years ago


  • eelainea65
    eelainea65 6 years ago

    There's at least one man out there who needs to be kissed too. Just sayin.' ^_-

  • Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan 6 years ago

    Agreed, that is part of the beauty. Sadly this reminds me of my parents divorce, minus all the drama. But by the end they had just lost all interest in each other, as Rhett has with Scarlett.

  • metal134
    metal134 6 years ago +2

    The ending, in my opinion, was the most fitting ending possible. A happy ending would have ruined it in my opinion.

  • Gorica Vasić
    Gorica Vasić 6 years ago +2

    All-time favourite movie!!!! :) I just love a women's character like Scarlett, and OF COURSE Rhett type of man, not so pretty, but extremelyyyyy charming! :))))
    And I always a wait a happy end... :( :))

  • mj suarez
    mj suarez 6 years ago +4

    I can't believed this movie was released in 1939 and it's colored.....

  • theRonald511
    theRonald511 6 years ago +2


  • Sharon Newman
    Sharon Newman 6 years ago +1

    on commenting on her weekend with Laurence Olivier she said
    We fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked! Lol
    she was a real Nympho and exhausted poor Larry!!

  • bigstar66
    bigstar66 6 years ago

    Today I met this girl at college, and after talking briefly we realized we both had a huge fervor for Gone With the Wind, both the book and movie. She quickly said, "Will you marry me?" I thought for a second and responded, "Don't flatter yourself I'm not a marrying man."

  • izzy Honey
    izzy Honey 6 years ago

    - The way I see it, she's a complex character that has admirable aspects and some less so - much like every human on the planet.
    . The chick was more than a survivor, she was a flat out success.I repeat she was an idiot a lot of time to rhett and others (even tough he was a lot obnoxious in book himself )but still could never hate on her.she was a strong gorgeous woman and a pioneer character for the time.

  • izzy Honey
    izzy Honey 6 years ago +5

    one best movie couple of all time.if not the best.I just love their chemistry,and Scarlet is so beautiful and Rhett is so FINE.lol.and I believe this movie is still one of greatest top 5 movies ever made.I can watch this movie so many times and still never get bored of it .I just LOVE this movie

  • Tiffany Nguyen Ha
    Tiffany Nguyen Ha 6 years ago

    I just love this couple and this movie so badly..

  • dignasy
    dignasy 6 years ago

    Try Hank Moody, Californication

  • Luis Noble
    Luis Noble 6 years ago

    Except Don Draper, for all the charm he oozes, is a total skeezeball. Rhett Butler was an honorable man, even with all of his galavanting.

  • Caitlyn Williams
    Caitlyn Williams 6 years ago

    I sooo wish their was another ending...every.single.time

  • Sarah Mandahl
    Sarah Mandahl 6 years ago

    I totally agree w/ ur mother