• Published on Jan 9, 2019
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Comments • 2 031

  • Cristina Russo
    Cristina Russo 11 hours ago

    They kinda look like sloths (the animals)

  • Maddy Brown
    Maddy Brown 2 days ago

    How old is Blair??

  • Madison McCarthy
    Madison McCarthy 2 days ago

    I hate Blair she’s so annoying

  • Elliot Johnson
    Elliot Johnson 2 days ago

    Did you eat the whole strawberry with the stem and leaves

  • Mackenzi Stringi
    Mackenzi Stringi 2 days ago +1

    I feel bad for Blair she hardly gets attention

  • Bella Casper
    Bella Casper 3 days ago +1

    I loved how u just gave up and at the whole stawberry stem included. LMAO.

  • Brushed Prince77
    Brushed Prince77 3 days ago

    Blaire has reaction time merch

  • Red 101
    Red 101 3 days ago +2

    blair is gonna b on Dr. Phill next ... coming soon

  • Samantha Cole
    Samantha Cole 4 days ago

    Aren’t you the girl from Dr.Phill 🤔

  • Nicc Griff
    Nicc Griff 5 days ago

    I'm nicalet 😋😍

  • Vy
    Vy 5 days ago

    nina yelling bc she needs to go toilet has me dying!!! and also i remember nina messaged my groupchat and i, best day ever!!! she even said "hi vy"

  • Ashley Jimenez
    Ashley Jimenez 7 days ago

    Thats the type of nails I need to be successful on my diets lmaoooo

  • Fuzz PG3D
    Fuzz PG3D 7 days ago

    This video makes me appreciate my short nails more lol

  • Chessy Maasbach
    Chessy Maasbach 7 days ago +2

    I watch these videos for her mom tbh

  • Diego Cabreara
    Diego Cabreara 7 days ago


  • just Study things
    just Study things 11 days ago

    Her min has attitude boii

  • Potato :P
    Potato :P 14 days ago

    For a day... Couldn't even do 1/4 of a day.

  • Potato :P
    Potato :P 14 days ago

    Why do you guys copy so many famous youtuber's challenges 👀

  • Potato :P
    Potato :P 14 days ago +1

    That girl that gave up is so emo sksksk

  • Nevaeh Hall
    Nevaeh Hall 15 days ago

    Literally their making Blair do everything

  • Queen Delove
    Queen Delove 15 days ago

    i want chipolete


  • Rose Hernandez
    Rose Hernandez 15 days ago

    Hey isn't this the girl that was on Dr. Phil? I didn't like her at ALL!

  • Amelia Kat
    Amelia Kat 15 days ago

    8:55 her face when she didn’t know what a sloth was😂🤣

  • tea sis
    tea sis 15 days ago

    Omg I was laughing so hard about the captain hook thing

  • Bailey Sedlak
    Bailey Sedlak 16 days ago

    I don’t know how many times I laughed that was awesome 😂

  • bella hurley
    bella hurley 16 days ago

    So nobody is gonna acknowledge that she really just ate that entire strawberry

  • thiccy niccy
    thiccy niccy 17 days ago

    the background music is too loud I'm sorry but, inform your editor.

  • CadienceCortright
    CadienceCortright 17 days ago

    Ewww she left the stem and leaves on she ate it hole

  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob Torres 18 days ago

    I only know her because of pewdiepie

  • Lyn L
    Lyn L 18 days ago

    Nina with the boomerang 💀💀😂precious

  • Sincerely Kennedy
    Sincerely Kennedy 18 days ago +1

    (Nina- I don’t know what a sloth is)🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m dead 🤣😂 Love you guys 🥰🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Ben Matesi
    Ben Matesi 18 days ago

    Bhad Bhabie has entered the chat.

  • Stephanie Urban
    Stephanie Urban 19 days ago +1

    Do a house tour

  • lika todua
    lika todua 19 days ago

    Bro why was she and her mother at dr.phill she looks like she's pretty much enjoying everything (talking about the mom)

  • Garang Akkala
    Garang Akkala 19 days ago

    Where is Nina’s gold dress from?? It’s so nice

  • Ava Gatchaplays
    Ava Gatchaplays 20 days ago


  • tori.
    tori. 20 days ago

    Why is Blair even apart of this lol. She’s a downer, shits annoying

  • Ana Khan
    Ana Khan 20 days ago


  • Jozalyn Palmer
    Jozalyn Palmer 21 day ago

    After Blair gets what she wants,the nails off. She does not act any different

  • Jozalyn Palmer
    Jozalyn Palmer 21 day ago +3

    It seems to me Blair should have gone on dr Phil

  • Rebecca Case
    Rebecca Case 21 day ago

    I love long nails never had this long mind there great tools if you drop your spoon in hot coffee or using them like chopsticks as mum says lol

  • Amilian Ortiz
    Amilian Ortiz 21 day ago

    Blair is such a depressing kid “ poor litttle girl don’t have friends she can hang with . Nd the mom trying to be young , she gonna be 60 Nd look like Michael Jackson trying to be young Nd fit in with her daughter.

  • me 2006
    me 2006 22 days ago

    Why did she eat her strawberry like that

  • Allysa Marie
    Allysa Marie 22 days ago

    The fact that she didn’t know what a sloth is...😂💀

  • Gloria Finales
    Gloria Finales 23 days ago

    love the cameraman

  • Nine None
    Nine None 23 days ago

    Can we kill Blair off the show

  • iamjeterricaa
    iamjeterricaa 23 days ago

    Blaire always killing the vibe. Start leaving her out the videos

  • Mallory Hernandez
    Mallory Hernandez 23 days ago

    Any small youtubers wanna help eachother out & subscribe to eachother? Comment when done & I’ll subscribe back to you.💞

  • Rolando Jose
    Rolando Jose 23 days ago

    We literally make stupid people famous

  • Paige Sutcliffe
    Paige Sutcliffe 24 days ago

    Why is everyone hating on Blair. Clearly Nicolette and Nina have a relationship that Nina and Blair don't have, which honestly is unfair because they are a family. Everyone saying that Blair quit the challenge, no she did not. Her mum said, and I quote "Okay, I want her to take them off because I'm tired of that face" Yes Blair was happy to get the nails off, but so would have Nicolette and Nina have been when they got them off. Perhaps she had a grumpy face on, but so would you if your mum and sister were snobby brats, who can't even live a day with ten dollars. That is something that blair clearly is not. To the people who say Blair should have gone on Dr Phil, kindly fuck off. Nicolette is the bratty one. It was in her channel name for god's sake. Blair is quiet and tries to stay out of the camera, because she doesn't like being in the spotlight as much as her snobby family does. So I apologise for my rant, but Nina and Nicolette ignore Blair for eachother, then get angry when she doesn't want to do something like be in a video. No wonder Blair has a grumpy face

  • Rebekah Yoder
    Rebekah Yoder 24 days ago

    What does her mom do for a living??

  • MSGorgeous MA
    MSGorgeous MA 25 days ago

    Alien fingers bruh

  • Lunda Meneses
    Lunda Meneses 25 days ago

    2:39 did she eat the whole strawberry

  • Rosario Gonzalez
    Rosario Gonzalez 25 days ago

    I have never seen suck white people! Who TF changes their clothes for a picture? Who tf does not know what a sloth is? Like no this was my first time watching them so plz don’t come at me I just wanted to state my opinion

  • Lindsey Zeigler
    Lindsey Zeigler 25 days ago

    don't get me wrong but Blair is just a party pooper and kinda bratty like she gets offended by the littlest things and she doesn't do any of the challenges.

  • Kim B
    Kim B 25 days ago

    I’d kill myself if I had those long of nails

  • Franklin Riwasky
    Franklin Riwasky 25 days ago

    Your mom is very beautiful with all respect wow nice family

  • Magaly Luna
    Magaly Luna 26 days ago

    Everybodys talking shit about Blair... but there all fuckin annoying soo 🤷🏻‍♀️💀

  • Sammy P.
    Sammy P. 26 days ago

    First time on this channel already hate Blair.

  • Maddy Nemeth
    Maddy Nemeth 26 days ago

    Never laughed so hard in my life

  • Monica Milroy
    Monica Milroy 26 days ago

    lol, your mom didn't know what a sloth was...

  • Bre Lacy
    Bre Lacy 27 days ago

    What’s a sloth😂😂

  • Kath Manaug
    Kath Manaug 27 days ago

    omg! i just realized that you are the kid who cried on Dr. phil hahahahaha

  • Edgar Gonzalez
    Edgar Gonzalez 27 days ago

    What type of work does the mom work in to be able to afford that type of lifestyle

  • Gianna Rose
    Gianna Rose 27 days ago

    When Nicolette ate the strawberry 😂😂😂

  • Native Assady
    Native Assady 27 days ago

    2:28 do you eat the top of your berry straw??

  • Dahlia Ingrid
    Dahlia Ingrid 27 days ago +1

    I think Nicolette is a really good sister because Blair is so down and even when she is having a great day, she’s always mad. But Nicolette is always checking in with her and not getting upset or annoyed with Blair. If anyone is bratty in that family it’s Blair, not Nicolette.

  • Lexi Sobek
    Lexi Sobek 28 days ago

    They look like sloth claws

  • isabel longoria
    isabel longoria 28 days ago

    I wonder if the police would arrest me for having long nails 😂😂

  • April Saechao
    April Saechao 28 days ago

    I LOVE YOUR MOM NICOLETTE LOL!!! she's so bubbly and silly!

  • Nathal1e123
    Nathal1e123 28 days ago

    Whaaaat are you eating ONLY SALAD with guacamole?!

  • Jack Zimmer
    Jack Zimmer 29 days ago

    So like I been watching some of your videos but like is Blair’s some slave because she is always asked to do things like excuse meeed

  • Bhad Bhabie FaN
    Bhad Bhabie FaN 29 days ago


  • SL March
    SL March Month ago +1

    # The struggle is real

  • Maryellen Charbonneau

    Eww did you see at 2:28

  • Heewa’s Life
    Heewa’s Life Month ago

    did she just eat the stem of the strawberry

  • Zoe Starkey
    Zoe Starkey Month ago

    Is it just me or does there nails remind you of sloth nails?

  • Arabella Hafstad
    Arabella Hafstad Month ago

    your camra man is hot and i love that you had a channgle

  • eyeahh
    eyeahh Month ago

    *”A sloth, wHat iS a slOtH?”* 😂😂😂😂

  • barronfamily barronfamily

    If only Blair could drive

  • ASMR Lora Long Nails

    I like long nails. I do not have any difficulties. girls, long nails are cool!👍👍👍

  • Laurel Grace
    Laurel Grace Month ago

    Weird not to see any airpods

  • Alicia McClain
    Alicia McClain Month ago

    Haven’t even watched this channel, but by the comments, Blair is already annoying the fuck out of me!

  • amelia glover
    amelia glover Month ago

    wtf how does she not know what a sloth is

  • Faith DesRoches
    Faith DesRoches Month ago

    did u eat the strawberry leaf?😂

  • Duffy Winters
    Duffy Winters Month ago


  • Duffy Winters
    Duffy Winters Month ago

    uh uh she ate the whole strawberry nicolette a lowkey freak

  • Maraym Musawi
    Maraym Musawi Month ago


  • Riley Van Slavens
    Riley Van Slavens Month ago

    Is your dogs name Bentley?

  • Fan Editz
    Fan Editz Month ago

    Why is Blair so annoyed with everything

  • mxchitae
    mxchitae Month ago

    2:27 did she just eat the whole strawberry-

  • Nihalee Joshi
    Nihalee Joshi Month ago

    NO HATE but if Blair didn’t want to have the nails why did she get them?

  • Atif Sheikh
    Atif Sheikh Month ago

    Blair is super annoying !Go to a therapist gurlllllll!Maybe Dr Phil since your family has history with him😂

  • Through Maddi’s Eyes

    Isnt she frm dr phil lol

  • Linaa
    Linaa Month ago

    Those girls are so lucky to be blessed with such nice and giving parents!

  • Sienna Skoros
    Sienna Skoros Month ago +1


  • Celia Chavez
    Celia Chavez Month ago

    Your mom needs to start acting her age.

  • idris dari
    idris dari Month ago

    Looking like Edward scissor hands lol

  • maggie magali
    maggie magali Month ago

    **bhad bhabie has disconnected from the chat**

  • emma obrien
    emma obrien Month ago

    this is the most stupidest video and family ever... you don’t know what a sloth is?? and you eat a strawberry with the leaves on it😳