Baboons wading through water - Planet Earth - BBC animals & wildlife

  • Published on Jan 16, 2009
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    Sir David Attenborough and the natural history team behind BBC natural world epic 'Planet Earth' examine life on the Great Plains in this animal video. Watch as the African plains move from a desert wasteland to a world of feast and plenty with so much water flowing onto the barren ground that the baboons are forced to wade uncomfortably through the water.
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  • Dr. raj deg
    Dr. raj deg 3 months ago +1

    Here because of Snoop dogg

  • Alan Nguyen
    Alan Nguyen 8 months ago


  • Antonio Beltre
    Antonio Beltre 10 months ago

    You got to put snoop dogg on there to narrate this it makes a lot more funnier

  • laura pember
    laura pember 3 years ago +1

    Can someone PLEASE send me a link to the vine of this. It's this scene but "know yourself" by drake is playing in the background. I saw it on facebook one afternoon then that night my boyfriend was watching this documentary and I cracked up at this part but now I can't find the funny version anywhere

  • pineapple6000
    pineapple6000 4 years ago

    Bagger 288?

  • Jessica Billington
    Jessica Billington 4 years ago


  • ListenTo BTS
    ListenTo BTS 5 years ago +1

    they are soo cute

  • Kaijū Ōkami
    Kaijū Ōkami 5 years ago

    Hakuna Matata @ 1:13. Yuck!

  • Kit Yinn
    Kit Yinn 5 years ago

    Lovely babies

  • evre1luvsme
    evre1luvsme 5 years ago

    too cute

  • Scott
    Scott 6 years ago +6

    Makes you think maybe the earliest humans learned to walk on 2 feet to get food in shallow marshes and rivers like this.

    • Chad C
      Chad C 9 months ago

      That is actually an established theory for human evolution. It's called the aquatic ape theory. It could explain a lot of variations we have compared to other primates. A taller, sleeker and more upright posture for wading in deeper water, less hair on areas of the body that might spend a lot of time under water and cause drag, more body fat for insulating against cold water, larger foot area to help prevent sinking into loose sand and mud, plus adaptations like pruning fingers for extra grip with wet hands, and an improved nose design that helps keep water out when crouching underwater. We also have an extremely high dependency on iodine compared to other land mammals (which is why it is added to salt) because iodine deficiency is the most common deficiency for humans. Where is iodine most abundant? Under water. The aquatic ape theory is often dismissed by many experts, but so was the round earth theory at one time. I think it makes a lot of sense.

  • Living Universe
    Living Universe 6 years ago

    U CANT BE THAT FUCKING STUPID! no way can someone be as dumb as you.

  • godo1989
    godo1989 6 years ago


  • JimmySteller
    JimmySteller 6 years ago +1

    David Attenborough is a living legend.

  • khairul hadi abu bakar

    david attenborough is awesome!!

  • Milojko Milojevic
    Milojko Milojevic 7 years ago

    @RyanBos10 me,too! i was so happy when i found it :D

  • Greys
    Greys 7 years ago

    @Pippisongbird Nah, he just doesnt like to wet his hands

  • Milojko Milojevic
    Milojko Milojevic 7 years ago

    I saw him on animal planet and i have been looking for him on youtube for days and i have found him now!!! yeey my favorite funny baboon

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed 7 years ago

    Why does BBC never tell us where the video was shot? It really pisses me off.

  • litojonny
    litojonny 7 years ago +1

    0:09 thats how my gay friend walks

  • icevar
    icevar 7 years ago

    recommended from arctic monkeys song adolescent fluorescent and during a sweet moneky wading scene i get the apt ad "meet chinese woman". YT sees through us all.

  • Great Anchovy
    Great Anchovy 7 years ago +1

    i was from arctic monkeys and ending up to this video. lol..

  • Eric Wang
    Eric Wang 7 years ago +1

    man i want to be a baboon, so chilled, 0:28 walking along the street and...BOOM!! Food in my mouth, ah...this is life

  • luigiboy85
    luigiboy85 7 years ago

    @shairaptor bahahaha!! don't take me wrong, I have nothing against gay ppl... but that monkey REALLY WALKS like my GAY neighbor xD

  • Rachel StumpUrieWay
    Rachel StumpUrieWay 7 years ago

    I was watching Earth in my class today and my friends said the mokeys look like they're rapping! xD

  • Jason Christofferson
    Jason Christofferson 7 years ago

    press 2 over and over

  • Yggdrasil
    Yggdrasil 7 years ago

    @Lotrioni "I wish iiiiii had something funny to say."

  • JPO C
    JPO C 7 years ago

    I've got a video of monkeys hugging rocking a baby monkey inside.

  • Usama Asif
    Usama Asif 7 years ago

    walks like jack sparrow

  • fluffieball
    fluffieball 7 years ago

    Play this video and Jack Sparrow 's theme at the same time!

  • David Riker
    David Riker 7 years ago

    would have been funny if a croc was waiting in the water and ate one or two of them. I hate Baboons. =/

  • PirateKing1256
    PirateKing1256 7 years ago


  • Lotrioni
    Lotrioni 7 years ago

    @luigiboy85 hahahaha u are so funny. when i saw ur the monkey that u are referring to i fell off my chair laughing

  • Datplayboy1
    Datplayboy1 7 years ago

    @luigiboy85 LMAO!!!

  • Ra yan
    Ra yan 7 years ago +1


    Quran and Science


  • Jack W
    Jack W 7 years ago

    @luigiboy85 You sir, have just made my day! Ty. Cracked up for a good 5 mins 'straight.' no pun intended.

  • maximum411
    maximum411 7 years ago +1

    and some people doubt evolution...

  • RichardMartin2
    RichardMartin2 7 years ago

    @yootenasia What's a missrepresentation? A representation as someone's missus?

  • WarGoat
    WarGoat 7 years ago

    press and hold''3'' beatboxing monkey :O

  • WarGoat
    WarGoat 7 years ago

    press 1:D

  • asaadeh21
    asaadeh21 7 years ago

    @luigiboy85 ahahahah lmao i read your comment before i watched that was hilariouus

  • chris812125
    chris812125 7 years ago

    @jjwalkertexasranger LOL!

  • Buğra Karaçam
    Buğra Karaçam 7 years ago

    ahaha so good :D

  • rednutbrian
    rednutbrian 7 years ago

    @CIndigo87 joking!!

  • Dyad Moon
    Dyad Moon 7 years ago

    lol at the two top comments.

  • Dyad Moon
    Dyad Moon 7 years ago

    @rednutbrian Pandas? Sins? Really? They eat bamboo, sleep, and mate. They are among the more peaceful species on the planet. Why would God be so mad at them?

  • TheSector241
    TheSector241 7 years ago

    It's like "wow look at these flowers i foun-" *gator eats him*

  • Corvus Remalius
    Corvus Remalius 7 years ago

    no matter the specie on planet, for some awkward reason there is always an "IT" in it.

  • alex borthwick
    alex borthwick 7 years ago

    lmfao at the 2 top comments

  • respect2494
    respect2494 7 years ago


  • yamanmustafa
    yamanmustafa 7 years ago

    I know about Orcas playing with a seal. Seen the video where they play tennis with it with their tails? I think they can smack one about 100 metres or so through the air.
    What do Pandas do?

  • Erling Andreassen
    Erling Andreassen 7 years ago

    @dominickG90 Sorry, but the world has moved on, developed since the bronze-age. The poor bastards who authored stories about "Adam &Eve" and "The Talking Snake" and so on had no science, but now we do. The ancients were very wrong about very many things, and they couldn't help it with their extreme lack of knowledge. But today it's just ridiculous to still believe in their old fairy-tales. They are all being proven wrong by all sorts of diciplines of science: )

  • rednutbrian
    rednutbrian 7 years ago

    @yamanmustafa they're not as innocent as they look

  • yamanmustafa
    yamanmustafa 7 years ago

    Evil pandas and whales with their panda/whale sins.

  • AlejandroC
    AlejandroC 7 years ago

    @rednutbrian You are one ignorant fuck :)

  • rednutbrian
    rednutbrian 7 years ago

    what you guys dont realise is that god created animals in a day and jesus died from your sins. david attenborough is ignorant and stupid and doesnt realise that evolution is made up and christians are right. When pandas and whales become extinct, it will be due to god anger, or the pandas/whales sins, and the pandas will go to hell. Only cristians go to heavan because we believe in Jesus.

  • cyberbar20
    cyberbar20 8 years ago

    great vid but somehow i get the feeling that he ment to say continent at 1:42 instead of planet

  • MrSir Pain
    MrSir Pain 8 years ago

    i was watching fluorescent adolescent and i got here?!

  • Djordje Ivanov
    Djordje Ivanov 8 years ago

    pls check out my short animal hd video

  • Bago Garde
    Bago Garde 8 years ago

    1:11 "a juicy snail is ample compensation ..."
    we;; truly this is an awesome commentary ...
    i like this

  • calhix
    calhix 8 years ago +2

    who could dislike this video when it has a flamboyant monkey:D

  • 69RastaMama69
    69RastaMama69 8 years ago

    haha i put it on for me n my 1yo to watch i think we both enjoyed it, munky's r soo much like us we mite as well consider em long lost great imbred cousins of ours

  • stfwho
    stfwho 8 years ago

    Well obviously God did it. lol

  • blacksiska
    blacksiska 8 years ago

    @luigiboy85 you made me laugh so hard this morning! even thinking of sharing it with my gay friend haha!

  • kadrey lamjan
    kadrey lamjan 8 years ago

    poor youngsters they almost drown...

  • urbanesupreme
    urbanesupreme 8 years ago

    lmao. this is tooo cute , look at them!

  • Alexander Kavtaradze
    Alexander Kavtaradze 8 years ago

    Gosh, they look just like me... when I wade through water.

  • n64 generation
    n64 generation 8 years ago

    grow some.

  • n64 generation
    n64 generation 8 years ago

    i think i saw george bush's grandad

    AXOMME 8 years ago

    the resemblance with some humans is fucking scary. XD

  • sexyloser
    sexyloser 8 years ago

    @dominickG90 Chimps and other apes aren't our ancestors. They're our evolutionary cousins. They evolved along side us. They share a common ancestor with us. They are as different from our common ancestor as we are. They've been changing all this time just as we have, but in different ways than we have.

    To reiterate, we did not come from the other apes. We simply share a geologically recent ancestor with them.

  • Rose Cel
    Rose Cel 8 years ago

    that's HOT

  • MrJosefer20
    MrJosefer20 8 years ago

    i ate a flower once tasted like sun flowers =p

  • SMK Kay
    SMK Kay 8 years ago

    @dominickG90 "How does god fit a universe inside an eggshell?"
    Evolution isn't at odds with god.
    our perceptions are just too immature to grasp the whole picture.

  • SMK Kay
    SMK Kay 8 years ago

    @dominickG90 Why are there different breeds of dogs?

  • Ascaithe
    Ascaithe 8 years ago

    You have to admit David Attenborough's got an awesome voice for narrating. No offense to Americans but some of those National Geographic narrators sound absolutely awful. So bad, in fact, that I can hardly bear to watch some of those videos.

  • Nkokhi Mlungisi Mlangeni

    hahahaha feleba uhamba kanje?

  • cycodevilboy
    cycodevilboy 8 years ago

    @dominickG90 If Adam and Eve were the first humans, you need to ask critical questions about that. How did we get BIG ass Tongans and little ass Mexicans out of two "white people" in Africa? And I already know the story of Kane, but that doesn't answer enough. Also, if you're open to interpretation, the bible said they were created from "the dust of the earth". That could easly be thought as evolution. It's good you're questioning evolution, just make sure you question religion the same. Peace!!

  • cycodevilboy
    cycodevilboy 8 years ago

    @dominickG90 I would like to first say, this isn't "my view". This is the view of the vast majority of scientists and even more so with biologists. As for transplanting organs (which I know nothing about), I imagine we can't even do that with humans, unless things match up- DNA types and what not. As for chimps and apes, they are the same species, same as us- Primates. At sometime they probably shared a common ancestor and split.

  • cycodevilboy
    cycodevilboy 8 years ago

    @dominickG90 Oh and a sidenote, we do share about 99 percent of the same genes as Chimpanzees. If it's still a hard pill to swallow, look up Bonobo Chimpanzees and compare them to regular Chimps. These two chimps were seperated by the Congo river about 2 milliion years ago. Look at what evolution did in that time, now add another 4 to 5 million years, and you have some sort of cave man. :)

  • cycodevilboy
    cycodevilboy 8 years ago

    @dominickG90 Read the posts below. We shared a common ancestor with Chimpanzees. The thing you have to realize, is that when we look around at all the types of animals on earth today, you're only seeing about 1% of the animals that have inhabited the earth. Most are extinct.

  • Aaron Jin
    Aaron Jin 8 years ago

    we had a common ancestor. we didnt derive from them. Its like a fork in the road.

  • Allie Skylar
    Allie Skylar 8 years ago

    @7tylerjb lol if you actually knew what evolution was about you wouldn't say something so dumb. nobody believes that or claims that. monkeys and apes (humans are apes) evolved from one common ancestor but people did not evolve out of monkeys.

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez 8 years ago

    @7tylerjb i know right idiots out there at least you and me KNOW that we came from monkeys

  • DovyTheChristian
    DovyTheChristian 8 years ago

    @LooneyLopez i'm not smoking anything worse than you are. And you have to know what dna is, when you have a certain arm, that's in dna, when you have two eyes, brown in colour, that's in dna, we can't trace human existence back further than 200k years, so screw yourself thinking we came from monkeys, we share more dna with rats than we do apes.

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez 8 years ago

    @DavidTheCatholic oh shit really? we share the same DNA because we both have arms and legs? hahahaha WTF are you smoking?

  • Banjoing
    Banjoing 8 years ago

    @0ymagic0 The same way they somehow beleive in magical beings who somehow desire worship :)

  • 0ymagic0
    0ymagic0 8 years ago

    i have no ideal how ppl can come up with a comment saying "we are of god" we are just watching monkey here

  • DovyTheChristian
    DovyTheChristian 8 years ago

    @MyNameIsBret lol yes I know people who've talked to God.

  • DovyTheChristian
    DovyTheChristian 8 years ago

    @kyao10 look, I don't want to argue, I believe in my religion, I know people who have experienced and talked to God, I know my religion is right, so anything that goes against my religion I will not believe, no matter how much ''hard facts'' it possesses.

  • kyao10
    kyao10 8 years ago

    @DavidTheCatholic wow, not based on hard facts? isnt that the whole essence of religion which is a belief based on faith (which makes a false virtue of believing in things with no evidence)
    The whole body of the scientific discovery is based on hard facts, and if you took a little more time to read them you would understand that

  • DovyTheChristian
    DovyTheChristian 8 years ago

    @MyNameIsBret actually it's a 2-3% difference, and by the way, the only reason we share so much dna is because our body type is the same, we have two arms two legs, so do they
    There is no hard fact that we came from them, that is why most of the world still don't accept we came from them.
    It's a horrible lie. And a disgrace.

  • DovyTheChristian
    DovyTheChristian 8 years ago

    @kyao10 lol, it's not the fact that it's hard, it's the fact that most of the story of us coming from apes is speculation and hypothesis, instead of hard on facts.

  • Ankit Patel
    Ankit Patel 8 years ago

    It's not worth debating with religious people. If they could reason, they wouldn't be religious.

  • kyao10
    kyao10 8 years ago

    @DavidTheCatholic Tell me, why is it so hard for religious people to accept the fact that there is nothing divine about our creation?

  • DovyTheChristian
    DovyTheChristian 8 years ago

    I dont see how we are compared to monkeys, ok we have two hands two legs, opposable thumbs but apart from that there is no similarity, we have hair, we have beards, our eyes dont look retarded, we can speak, we are of God.

  • Katherine Jimenez
    Katherine Jimenez 8 years ago

    when the monkeys are walking thru the water... they got their hands up like
    " I don't wanna touch nothing"

  • Pieter
    Pieter 8 years ago

    Monkey people running around like normal people?

    OH MY GOD!

  • Joona S
    Joona S 8 years ago

    I know. Can't remember what I've posted in this thread. Anyway, no one can explain thing such as consciousness today. How can electro chemical signals and neurons create awareness of self. The thing is, there is an observer of all this. If humans were only what the scientific model today is telling, we wouldn't need consciousness. More logical would be if we worked like any other reacting computer out there. I've now come to other conclusion about life in general tho.

  • Whattheheck136
    Whattheheck136 8 years ago

    @blacktimberline you are an animal,im an animal, that guy over there is an animal
    so you are insulting yourself