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How Does German Economy Compare to United States Economy?


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  • Jordan Maris
    Jordan Maris 3 days ago

    mfw americans thing we are corrupt comparend to them

  • Albert Sanchez
    Albert Sanchez 3 days ago

    When is Germany going to pay their fair share to protect themselves? The can't even pay their 2% of GDP for NATO defense. Since Germany can't or does not what to pay their fair share defense spending, this means the USA is subsidizing their economy.

  • Vancouverman
    Vancouverman 5 days ago

    Very annoying graphics.

  • chris miller
    chris miller 7 days ago

    if america stop spending 25% of its revenue on welfare(which by the way the narrator forgot to mention)
    she could make huge economic advances. so much for pro-choice and celebrating EastEr/confession.
    and by the way, let's not forget about Japan. who really won WWII?

  • chris miller
    chris miller 7 days ago


  • MrJerry1902
    MrJerry1902 8 days ago

    Don’t forget it was socialism that bailed out capitalism !

  • Adharsh Ramamoorthy
    Adharsh Ramamoorthy 9 days ago

    america is better

  • sven Shaft
    sven Shaft 10 days ago

    I will just say 6 weeks vacation in one year and 40 hours per week and in america ????

  • Alma Cammisa
    Alma Cammisa 11 days ago

    The is has the biggest economy and the most job opportunities to pick from but Germany is gaining on us

  • Anas Baloch
    Anas Baloch 11 days ago

    Germany has a less population that is why

  • Knut Ritter
    Knut Ritter 11 days ago

    Concerning the exports of the USA.... I wonder that weapon-exports are not mentioned at all. Do they belong to 'machinery incl. computers'?

  • Tengy GT
    Tengy GT 11 days ago

    US Citizens are direct descendants of Europeans (mainly german, irish and english). Of course theyre going to be similar in many ways.

  • frost the killer
    frost the killer 11 days ago

    germany should spend more hell no we dont need a 4th reich

  • Viral
    Viral 11 days ago

    9 баксов в час минимальная зарплата, мне аж плохо стало

  • G. Karetnikov
    G. Karetnikov 11 days ago

    Maybe US companies should pay taxes in the foreign countries they operate in.

  • dobo99
    dobo99 12 days ago +1

    LOL haha the only corrupt country is the us 😂😂😂 living in Germany is more expensive because 50% of the salary is taxed and insurance.
    Also the refugee crisis is actually positive because we need more work forces!

  • dobo99
    dobo99 12 days ago

    LOL haha the only corrupt country is the us 😂😂😂

  • Salman The Nub
    Salman The Nub 12 days ago

    Both Are high qaulity Producers
    unlike china
    even though china's economy is tough

  • D A
    D A 12 days ago

    how dare they're assuming europe is run by corrupt socialist -_-"

  • Protofx 原型
    Protofx 原型 13 days ago

    Europe is the best

  • Lil Schkrub
    Lil Schkrub 14 days ago


  • Seb0rn
    Seb0rn 16 days ago

    I am so glad to be born in Germany. Everything is wonderful here. Also healthcare, don't listen to Trump. He is fake news.

  • King Artuire_III
    King Artuire_III 16 days ago

    Hail Merkel

  • Retard Channel
    Retard Channel 17 days ago

    «Corrupt socialists» Europe is the wealthiest continent in the world, that means better than the Usa too

  • I M
    I M 17 days ago

    How can you even compare those countries. I’m from Germany and the big CONS about Germany are
    - Trains: The german trains or city trains are always too late. It’s always getting more expensive and chaotic
    -Salaries for Athletes: In Germany the biggest Sports are Soccer and F1 .
    For comparison: Gina Lückenkemper , the rising star of German track and field is getting such low salaries, she has to work. Literally every athlete has to work and the usually get only a 300€ bonus per month which is nothing, considering what they have to pay .
    -The Government is a mess. It’s good in general but as you get more into detail, you’ll be curious wtf is going on there
    -The Winter: Im from Bavaria. I like snow but I always get very ill in winter. And im more of a Summer Child but that’s just my opinion:)

  • Gaben
    Gaben 17 days ago

    Better growth for germoney simply beacause americans keep shooting them selves with their arms. FREEDOM!

  • HMS_ RR
    HMS_ RR 17 days ago

    0:03 When this is what you are thinking, I now understand why Trump always says "Fake News"...

  • Daniel Hofmann
    Daniel Hofmann 20 days ago

    What we Germans did not so well with our economy :
    1. Not giving fair raises in wages to our workforce for years.
    Which enabled us to play unfair against other European countries in export.
    2. Having a diesel engine friendly government, that facilitated fraud in the past.
    3. Having a government and industry with no idea, what this whole "Internet" thing is about.
    Hence nearly no international releveant media, game or software companies.

  • Ginja Ninjaaa
    Ginja Ninjaaa 20 days ago

    Whereas the Europeans think the US let’s people die because... markets are better, but the actuality is that in the case of healthcare it is far more expensive and far less effective.

  • Mziry
    Mziry 21 day ago

    USA Just criminal place... Germany is better

  • Miguel.Ledesma Ledesma

    Interesting video.Would have to do more research before i seriously opine however.

  • DR_Paul
    DR_Paul 23 days ago

    I believe that US is one of the most corrupt country's and the Russians aren't the bad guy's. Why the US spend so much on "defense". They just wanna destroy the entire world.

  • MegaMatze
    MegaMatze 23 days ago +1

    Anyone from Germany here?😂

  • Roga
    Roga 23 days ago

    Is university free in Germany? It is in the U.K. (scotland) curious.

  • Roga
    Roga 23 days ago

    I can’t speak for the rest of Europe but I live in the U.K. and it’s not a mess or anything. It’s basically America bust smaller.

  • jolima
    jolima 23 days ago

    The so called "refugee crisis" is actually helping Germany in several ways - the most obvious being, that it brings workforce to an aging country

  • FloppyGaming
    FloppyGaming 24 days ago

    "unorganised countries that are run by corrupt and incompetent socialists" - The Infographics Show
    Wait what? I am from Europe and I can say I'd MUCH rather live in Europe than the US. I think the fact that some people think that the quote is true just explains exactly why. American ignorance in a nutshell

  • Fukuokasimin Channel
    Fukuokasimin Channel 24 days ago


  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander 24 days ago

    Live in the USA but the government shutdown made the economy slow down and I no matter what think the German economy is better now I would say. I think there good

  • Dale Xz
    Dale Xz 25 days ago

    Maaaaaan Germany ain't shit theirs nothing to be scared of.... How many times have we beat them in wars.... Hell we coulda dropped the A bomb if it wasn't for them Damn russians.....

  • Diego Benalcázar
    Diego Benalcázar 25 days ago +1

    After losing two world wars, Germans have a higher minimum wage, half the inequality, guaranteed healthcare, best commerce, and free college.

  • scheggehut
    scheggehut 25 days ago

    Our German educational system should be adapted by the US. Its the perfect basement for a peaceful living and an economical wealthy society in future generations. Mr. Trump ruins the future of the US by an not sustained economical growth. The bill will come in 15 years when there are no raw materials left and there is no academical knowledge in society. Take the chance and demand on a change in his politics! We should work together, and not against each other, because we are all humans. Borders in fact are just only borders.

  • Ansai Ricciardi
    Ansai Ricciardi 25 days ago

    Switzerland for me :)

  • Bergbenni HD
    Bergbenni HD 26 days ago +1

    Waht is better Bratwurst(German) or Hamburger(USA)?

  • Jack Staten
    Jack Staten 27 days ago

    It's all about culture. America is me me me. While Germans are truly willing to help someone in need, not so much want. It's all about culture.

  • Jadon Severson
    Jadon Severson 29 days ago

    You gotta be like rich to live in USA.

  • Ganapati Hegde
    Ganapati Hegde Month ago

    God bless United States of America and Germany ! Both are fantastic countries.

  • Chris ausm Krisengebiet

    So viele Länder hatten schon ihre Finger in unserem Land und wir konkurrieren trotzdem auf Augenhöhe mit den mächtigsten der Welt. Manchmal kommt doch noch Stolz hoch aber der vergeht schnell

  • Sasvoc19
    Sasvoc19 Month ago

    Middle class in Germany is gone.....people work for 1euro an hour and hartz 4 stocks it up...people can't effort rent anymore and Germany has the highest unemployment for youth...

  • Lenn Art
    Lenn Art Month ago

    If anything the so called refugee crisis will help Germany’s economy because the have a lack in younger not so highly qualified workers.

  • *Genetic*
    *Genetic* Month ago

    Deutschland ist der Shit

  • Mountainbike Bonn
    Mountainbike Bonn Month ago

    I think Germany has a problem because they don't get man kids. In the future they will have huge problems becuse of this Fact.

  • Just Hanz
    Just Hanz Month ago

    difrence germany has quality america has trash

  • Marco Rossi
    Marco Rossi Month ago

    All countries are hillbilly nations in comparison to scandinavia lol

  • cihan bariş güvenç

    Deutschland über alles!

  • LifeSuxTR
    LifeSuxTR Month ago

    fkn americans established germany. i laughed while reading those kiddo comments

  • Blank y
    Blank y Month ago

    *Amercia nibbas be like* 🤬

  • opa aloys
    opa aloys Month ago

    Germanys main problem is our birthrate so that we have one retired to one worker. Another issue is our education System based on federal structure but we must train 1/3 of our next working force upbroad.

  • Tobias Glötzinger
    Tobias Glötzinger Month ago

    Refugees and Brexit are a big chance not a problem

  • Ca Sc
    Ca Sc Month ago

    Well, well. I am German. I love to live in Germany. However, due to several reasons the USA will keep dominating and will grow stronger. Germany will decline relatively & absolutely more and more. Sad. But this will happen.

  • Rory Hogan
    Rory Hogan Month ago

    I’d say Germany is at its best right now. It’s next biggest test is to see how well it can maintain these standards. America on the other hand has a lot to wish for when it comes to standards. They need to decide which is more important. The title of no.1 or overall quality of life

  • Tom Costa
    Tom Costa Month ago

    Both countries will see a decline in rankings in the next 3 to 5 decades, with Germany being more affected.

  • Dova
    Dova Month ago

    USA top export product is porn

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +1

    California has almost the same Economy power as the entire country of Germany.

  • Luke Wagers
    Luke Wagers Month ago

    Bruh people be saying it’s better to live in Europe. Nah I’ve been to both. Stuff is way more expensive in euorope. For example u can’t even get free refills and u have to pay for water. When there are exchange student in the us there amazed they can get free refills and another example that if u need some new glasses u just go get theme in Europe it’s some big deal and often u have to wait for months

  • FilthySalad
    FilthySalad Month ago +1

    germany would be even better without muslims and africans

  • Reichsadler SchwarzWeissRot

    But i think the us has more potential (except health care ) in growing the economy (thats coming from a german)

  • Generation Y
    Generation Y Month ago

    Why does Germany have a higher export to the non-EU country because the European Union makes it more difficult for companies to trade in the EU

  • Don Don
    Don Don Month ago

    The plural of aircraft is - - - aircraft. What is it with Americans and the English language...................

  • akrinah
    akrinah Month ago

    It is bit stupid to compare growth. China as a still developing country has of course a high growth (as Germany had after WWII) whereas a already developed country cannot grow that strong every year. More over, that is relative growth. If you look on absolute growth then China is not ahead since 6% of a GPD of lets say 1 mio is less than 1% of a GDP of 10 mio. Point.

  • Hans Schäfer
    Hans Schäfer Month ago

    we dont need growth we need to respect the Climate change

  • Helgali
    Helgali Month ago

    Germany is awesome. Powerhouse of competency.

  • Vasting
    Vasting Month ago

    American website.

  • Àlex Bruch
    Àlex Bruch Month ago +2

    US doesn't have free healthcare, college, pensions, paid unemployment. There is a lot of crime, and weapons are allowed.
    US vs Uganda should be a more accurate comparison.

  • Muffin xyz
    Muffin xyz Month ago

    The economy of Germany is more stable,
    Products from Germany have a higher quality,
    Better Education and a little bit of sharing money is not bad, less homeless people per capita
    The US is only good in Prisoners per capita, wasting money in military and... yeah that’s all

  • Muffin xyz
    Muffin xyz Month ago

    What, Korruption, Socialist?, Pure Capitalism is not good, a mixture of both is better

  • G C B
    G C B Month ago

    The US is a few times bigger so it's unlikely they will ever be the same size, but they do both have a comparable attitude to work and business sense. The majority of Americans are of the same mentality, though Germans have a greater love of efficiency. Japan and Germany are an interesting comparison. Despite being different races, they are pretty unbeatable rivals for technology as we see with the auto industry. A telling sign of efficiency is train timetables. It's almost a crime for a train to be late in either country. The US and Britain are more relaxed about timetables.

  • Evan McDonald
    Evan McDonald Month ago

    You could never afford a house in germany with medium/low income unless it is somewhere out in the country site. 55% of people don't possess immobiles and live on low wages. Taxes and social insurances rob you more than 50% of your (low) income. A corrupt government is paying social parasites and illegal immigrants with this money. If you want to protect yourself, you have to bring "souvenirs" from former eastern bloc states with you. I seek for freedom and self-reliance. So guess where I am going to emigrate to?

  • Sauran M
    Sauran M Month ago

    What this video fails to mention is how Germany was able to become an economic powerhouse thanks to the US and the Marshall plan where the US spend huge resources rebuilding Germany after WW2. East Germany which is poorer and less developed than Western Germany and didn’t benefit from the Marshall plan is evidence of that.

  • eq104ee rly
    eq104ee rly Month ago

    U.S, a place were the lobbying can rule the policies makers and bent the market at its pleasure... I feel like this is the most corrupted place in the earth. Every years they got a damn mass shooting and they still can not tackle the NRA.

  • Ein Max
    Ein Max Month ago

    USA is heavily depending on their Ressources such as coal/metal and the people Life more wastefull there cuz there has never been a big chrisis or anything thatade the Population realy think about the worth of goods, while germans sufferd for example after the 2. Ww. Even though the Generation is more or less dead, we dont depend in our own ressources that much, but on technichal knowhow. But as U Said, with the shit going on in europe, we wont be on the rise as fast.

  • Ekrem Senol
    Ekrem Senol Month ago +1

    The world loves Germany. Only German people hates germany 🤣 best wishes from Germany ✌🏼

  • Cid2100
    Cid2100 Month ago

    manufacturing can be a problem if China steals everything... just think of Mercedes (Daimler) a chinese investor has more than 60% of the shares since 2018... we in germany are stupid but hard-working. taxes are just to high. Pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and care insurance are nealry 40% of the labour costs even at low wages at mid wages the taxes are on top so that the state is taking over 60% of a normal workers wage. The only thing that we have is work.. imagine what happens here if the unemployment rate is raising. then there will be the border to Poland open. And we have more people in the parliament than others do so we may have a most politicans per hat.. no one wants that!

  • JE LUR
    JE LUR Month ago

    Respect German technology from US

  • Tevio
    Tevio Month ago

    And we still have space for US-Troops in our small country which we pay a very small part for you guys :D.
    And money for many other nations to give too!

  • Deutsche Bruderschaft

    USA would win but today we have peace from your little brother Germany


  • Lexii
    Lexii Month ago +1

    Germany have the best Cars in the World! Mercedes, Porsche, Audi..Greetings from Germany. ;)

  • Tony Anayo Odukwe
    Tony Anayo Odukwe Month ago

    German quality of life is far better than US and i will explain to you why if you are a single person living in Germany without no job you have a right according to the German law to get monthly between 800 to 900 euro and they will also pay your health insurance every month. Did you know that I'm going to university in Germany it's free? Is not like in American we you will go Bankrupt because you are sick or because you want to go to school. You can move around Germany would have no problem because the transportation is far far better than America for you to go from A to B in America without any problem you must have a car.

  • Yllyrian Tribes
    Yllyrian Tribes Month ago

    Germany the best place and best people of the World , respect from Albania

  • tiffany k
    tiffany k Month ago

    deutch bank may bring down deutchland

    ALEX ROMEO Month ago


  • Girolemon Rabinowitz

    Who has more dependents? These can kill any country.

  • Na du
    Na du Month ago

    DEUTSCHLAND immer noch !

  • Michael Hilton
    Michael Hilton Month ago

    USA has McDonald's and Wal-Mart Germany has Nazis and fanta

    • Vasting
      Vasting Month ago

      Michael Hilton ...the guy who made it worked at coke. He was part of coke west and worked for them even in the war. He just couldn't sell coke, so was given the recipe and with the lack of materials made Fanta. He continued working for coke until he died. No coke, no Fanta.

    • Michael Hilton
      Michael Hilton Month ago

      +Vasting the USA stopeed importing the ingredients to make coke so the Nazis used the materials they has and made fanta and it spread across the world

    • Vasting
      Vasting Month ago

      fanta was made by coke

  • tacjam1
    tacjam1 2 months ago

    Let’s be honest, 50% of German Cars come to the U.S. tariff free, the U.S. pays 20% VAT on everything sold in Germany, a German car sold in the United States is 30-40% cheaper than sold in it’s own country. Germany isn’t the only country using free frame against us. I bet if Germans had to pay U.S. corporate taxes on cars sold in the U.S. its economy would in shambles, no free healthcare, no welfare State either.

  • The Best Videos
    The Best Videos 2 months ago

    Germany better

  • Jannis L.
    Jannis L. 2 months ago +1

    Greetings from Germany:)

  • Your mu Wantssum
    Your mu Wantssum 2 months ago

    Germans killed millions of innocent people stole billions in gold which they still have yeh great country 👍

    • Steve Mauch
      Steve Mauch 2 months ago

      yeh and we regret that stuff a lot, but how is that affecting people 70+ years after? Most of the criminals are either dead by now or so old, they dont participate in anything anymore.

  • Franz Kasper
    Franz Kasper 2 months ago

    If taxes in Germany wouldnt be so high the economy could grow more fast and stabilised. And also the life qualitiy will rise explosive. Germany has just to stop financing whole EU and much of the rest of the world.

    • Steve Mauch
      Steve Mauch 2 months ago

      I highly disagree. If you watched the video, you'd notice, that the main reason, the country does well are the great work apprenticeships and education, who are financed by those taxes. Taxes are a necessary evil seen here pretty chill, since the most benefit by them a lot. Especially since the majority of the SMEs recognize their social responsibility and keep the things running regardless of the taxes. It would at best attract larger companies, who would with their work conditions decrease the life quality

  • See Teine
    See Teine 2 months ago

    Germany is a country where it all started todays world system!!