Collecting dugway geodes by topaz mountain utah

  • Published on Oct 26, 2016
  • Collecting geodes. Watch my channel for quartz agate crystal collecting collectors and prospecting tips. I also do lapidary work and cutting and polishing of most stones. Many jaspers found petrified wood gems and minerals also. Mine, mining, old mine

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  • Dave C
    Dave C Month ago

    Great. My daughter has been asking to go there. Thanks for posting.

  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim 6 months ago +2

    I'm going there soon!

  • Matokeo Ugulumo
    Matokeo Ugulumo 10 months ago

    mtuandikie kiswahili

  • Christian Freyre
    Christian Freyre Year ago +1

    are you based in northern Utah? I live in salt lake and I am trying to get into geode collecting and looking for groups to hang out with and dig

  • Symon Sheppard
    Symon Sheppard 3 years ago +1

    So you can just walk off the road and help yourself to the rocks and minerals just laying on the ground or dig out what you want?who does the land belong too?
    Is there any limit to what you take providing you don't turn up in a huge truck , but what if you did?
    I saw a digger , do you know who that belonged to and why he was there.

    • Josie Hirst
      Josie Hirst Year ago

      1.yes 2. utah *too 3. its not just free red beryl laying around. you have to dig it up, and there is no limit. 4. because he can

      dumb fuck

    • Daniel Ovard
      Daniel Ovard 2 years ago +1

      the blm isn't leaving this open to the public this area is being incorporated into the proving grounds so if you want to get any you better go now.

    • nathan gandara
      nathan gandara  3 years ago +4

      Symon Donna the blm is where u file for mineral right claims they did not file in time so it will be public forever now. yes they are valuable we got a nice haul!! and yes there were like 30 people collecting here. Lots of kids u can take all u can handle. the other spots were found by friends there are signs in different areas. but take many years to find good spots. this is well known right now because of what is going on here though

    • Symon Sheppard
      Symon Sheppard 3 years ago +2

      nathan gandara , yes and no.
      I hear what you're saying that it is an abandoned mining area and I take my hat off to the owner for his generosity in allowing the public to scavenge for whatever they can find.
      The market for the geode has really grown in the last few years, so I can't understand why they are not selling them.
      So if you had wanted you could have took a pickup and loaded right up with geodes , nnniceeeeeeee.