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  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
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    When an officer pulls over a vehicle with a broken brake light, he sees the passenger pour a huge bag of crystal meth out the window in this clip from "5.31.19". #LivePD
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  • A&E
    A&E  2 months ago +15

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!

    • Niang Man
      Niang Man 15 days ago

      Dim 😂👍👍👍😅😅

    • Niang Man
      Niang Man 15 days ago

      😂 I like 👍👍😅😅

  • Js Sneakers Chi23
    Js Sneakers Chi23 11 hours ago

    Tow truck at the end doh

  • Yasmin Yaneth
    Yasmin Yaneth Day ago

    Dogs just like “hey everyone, what’s going on” .

  • Emissary Of Peace
    Emissary Of Peace 2 days ago

    That’s what you call getting drugs off the street

  • mark watts
    mark watts 2 days ago

    "we legal cos we dumped our drugs in the road right in front of you"

  • Stephen Matthews
    Stephen Matthews 4 days ago

    If ur goin to get drugs....make sure ur lights work.

  • Ultra Instinct
    Ultra Instinct 4 days ago

    Dog just chillin..
    Cop : that dog vicious?

  • bunkelops
    bunkelops 4 days ago

    1:29 Yankee Marshal?

  • Nick Showman
    Nick Showman 5 days ago

    “Got any hand grenades, alligators, or anything like that” yo wtf who would have an alligator

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N 6 days ago

    "We're legal" OK sir have a nice day. Please step out of the car.

  • David Wolcott
    David Wolcott 7 days ago

    I don’t agree with the tampering with evidence charge the always give. It’s not evidence yet.

  • David Wolcott
    David Wolcott 7 days ago

    Neck tattoo increases you chance of being a criminal. Or so it seems

  • David Wolcott
    David Wolcott 7 days ago

    Don’t get the sagging pants thing

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 8 days ago

    I HATE when people crop their dogs ears! It’s cruel and unnecessary. These guys look young strictly based on their clothing then the hats come off and giant bald spots come out.

  • Loretta-Jean Devening

    Poor Dogo ❤️

  • Alan M
    Alan M 9 days ago

    Idiots. Driving around without a license, broken taillight, with meth. Idiots. That being said, why are police constantly going out of their way to arrest people for these victimless crimes? Don't they have anything better to do?

  • Teddy Johnson
    Teddy Johnson 11 days ago

    I don’t think kids the just walk home from school picking stuff up out the dirt a putting it in there mouth. I think you have to put it up your nose lol

  • reality check
    reality check 11 days ago

    What moron kid would walk by, see a crystal like substance in the gutter and decide to put it in their mouth ?
    That was a pretty good amount of math though !! Lol

  • John Goodin
    John Goodin 11 days ago

    Just dump it out of the car? What happened to the good old days when someone took one for the team and downed the whole thing Super Troopers style?

    • oleg cattanach
      oleg cattanach 8 days ago

      Stick it under ur ballbag that's what we do in dublin

  • Nirmal Minz
    Nirmal Minz 12 days ago

    Give me one reason why people doing drugs?😡

  • ابن العراق
    ابن العراق 12 days ago

    He's legal to go to jail 🤣

  • Ser ka
    Ser ka 15 days ago

    Why police officers in the united states ask you why they are pulling u over ? Hahahahaha go to south america they will tell you straight up hey i am pulling u ovee because of blah blah nlah

  • bish325
    bish325 15 days ago

    Dog like come on bro 🤣

  • Josh C
    Josh C 15 days ago

    wy does everyone drive around with no id

  • Audrey Tian
    Audrey Tian 16 days ago

    that’s the cutest mfing dog

  • SlowRiotNewKanada
    SlowRiotNewKanada 17 days ago

    "Hey, do video recordings exist or am I cool to throw a shitload of meth out the window?"
    "Should be fine. Do it."

  • ran stid
    ran stid 17 days ago

    In Texas the weight of the road would be added to the drug weight.

  • Elizabeth Alphonse
    Elizabeth Alphonse 19 days ago

    The dog looked disgusted with the situation lol

  • Colton Minger
    Colton Minger 20 days ago

    Maybe you’re arrogant lmao not a bad response

  • Pablitoes ツ
    Pablitoes ツ 20 days ago

    Who has hand grenades in their car?

  • Tom
    Tom 21 day ago

    Beautiful dog ❤️

  • The Humble Memphian
    The Humble Memphian 21 day ago

    That Dog Is Beautiful

  • bryan eyberg
    bryan eyberg 22 days ago

    Instead of spending money on meth rather speand money on a pants thats fits, o and a belt

  • ImfamousWarrior
    ImfamousWarrior 23 days ago

    This dude seems so chill

  • Nick Leon
    Nick Leon 23 days ago

    It purely amazes me how some guys out there don’t have the tendency to buckle up their pants!

  • listen CLOSELY
    listen CLOSELY 24 days ago

    Heyyy 3:00 - I was just thinking, if they only had a little broom, but that would be silly (& a little OCD).

  • dewhicular
    dewhicular 24 days ago

    Nice neck tattoo, nephew.

  • RT 87
    RT 87 24 days ago

    Did they really think that was going to work let’s stop dump it out then move forward while the police is behind us wrf is wrong with ppl American school system I guess

  • Bringlebrot
    Bringlebrot 25 days ago

    If your gonna dump the drugs atleast run from the cops and do it when they can't see it. I mean c'mon this was absolutely pathetic lol

  • Britt Lee
    Britt Lee Month ago

    Lol & here I thought this was going to be a last ditch effort on the doggie

  • ElPaisaDelNorth
    ElPaisaDelNorth Month ago +1

    Dude is goin back into jail just to make it back to dinner

  • SaleenE34
    SaleenE34 Month ago

    I didn’t know nadeshot was a cop...

  • Steven Kimball
    Steven Kimball Month ago

    How many tweakers are trying to figure out where they're at ?

    • koffinkat666
      koffinkat666 Month ago

      If I was high I would be searching in that grass for days

  • Steven Kimball
    Steven Kimball Month ago

    Sweep up all them rocks and add some weight just for kicks

  • Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson Month ago

    At what age do these whiggers grow up and stop dressing like clowns?

  • biggles4441
    biggles4441 Month ago

    if you are uip to no good,check your bleedin lights before you go out lol

  • William A.
    William A. Month ago

    Why do they don't stop the "known drug selling area" from selling instead of stopping people coming out from said area ?
    Because it's not as profitable as the other option.

    ERIKA DOWDY Month ago

    It never ceases to amaze me that fat ppl doing meth! Bahaha

  • Jlusafer
    Jlusafer Month ago

    Dam white boy thinks hes black, pull those pants up bro, crack kills.

  • Gloria TX
    Gloria TX Month ago

    What happened to the dog??

  • Thug Nasty
    Thug Nasty Month ago

    Back in high school I found about an 8 ball of coke in a parking lot. One of the greatest day of my life!

  • Ethan Sumner-LeGere

    Yes cause when I was a child walking home from school I made sure to put all white powders on the ground in my mouth

    LS BLOOD GANG Month ago

    Officer: any alligators?
    Florida: are we a joke to you?

  • Doughboii Twenty-Two

    The dog chillin and he gonna say that dog viscous

  • Jackson Spradlin
    Jackson Spradlin Month ago

    Plot Twist: The dog threw his stash out the window

  • snark
    snark Month ago

    Cop: Hi how are y-
    Dudes: *WE'RE LEGALS*

  • Ayden Harris
    Ayden Harris Month ago

    I remember the first time I tried road meth

  • Scuba
    Scuba Month ago

    this dude has the nerve to be balding and to be dressed like that

  • Jerry Massey
    Jerry Massey Month ago

    Worlds largest belly button @1:37. 😄🤣😄

  • SuperSaiyanTy95
    SuperSaiyanTy95 Month ago

    What happens to the dog in this situation?