The "Polearm Pencil" Challenge: NEW WORLD RECORD!??

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
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  • She's So Random
    She's So Random 7 hours ago

    When the stick was trying to do its thing on the canvas, i instantly got MR SQUIGGLE vibes lol #lovedthatshow

  • Taylor
    Taylor 3 days ago

  • Oakenlobster34 Dignan


  • Mark Bufton Art
    Mark Bufton Art 6 days ago

    I actually had to watch the "bendy pencil.....woops" part on repeat until I stopped laughing so hard it no longer hurts, but I'm still laughing. That's all very well, but it's been 3 bloody weeks now!!!! Hahaha

  • Jaden Jackson
    Jaden Jackson 6 days ago

    Did jazza really git a new camra man!?

  • GTorres 4
    GTorres 4 9 days ago

    was that on purpose

  • Firebot and Batmom
    Firebot and Batmom 9 days ago

    Creative Reach Algorithmic Paradigm Stands for C.R.A.P

  • William Corboy
    William Corboy 10 days ago

    nipple accomplished

  • Kieran Metro
    Kieran Metro 12 days ago +1


    read the first letter of each up to down and it spells CRAP

  • Spam ZEE
    Spam ZEE 13 days ago +1

    Did you accidentally make your blue to pink shirt the bi flag?

  • farinaballerina
    farinaballerina 13 days ago

    This is too funny. I can‘t!

  • Xxx_ Social Butterfly
    Xxx_ Social Butterfly 13 days ago

    You should do a happy little tree shirt

  • cards got gaming
    cards got gaming 14 days ago

    Nipple accomplished

  • Mysterious Sister 1
    Mysterious Sister 1 16 days ago

    Nipple accomplished

  • Emma Hepburn
    Emma Hepburn 17 days ago

    JAZZA Why are you so weird and smart with your ideas JEEZE

  • Lazar The Shinobi
    Lazar The Shinobi 19 days ago

    C -reative-
    R -each-
    A -lgorithmic-
    P -aradigm-

  • Bobine Aluap
    Bobine Aluap 20 days ago

    The first painting is looking better and better😂

  • Cole Payne
    Cole Payne 20 days ago

    niple acomplishted

  • Megan Mayhan
    Megan Mayhan 20 days ago

    Nipple accomplished

  • Averlin BC
    Averlin BC 21 day ago

    Number four looks like he’s crying😂

  • Frozone Ozone
    Frozone Ozone 21 day ago


  • Michael Muzquiz
    Michael Muzquiz 21 day ago


  • Bet Folla
    Bet Folla 22 days ago

    Nipple acomplished!!

  • Chandler Bradley
    Chandler Bradley 22 days ago

    Nipple accomplished

  • TheCheeseKing
    TheCheeseKing 23 days ago

    Jazza I’m not seeing a pinned comment for the first person who said nipple accomplished.

  • MaXplosion1
    MaXplosion1 24 days ago

    nipple accomplished?

  • StoreyedDiamond Hawk
    StoreyedDiamond Hawk 24 days ago

    Well crap I didn’t use “C.R.A.P”

  • Samuel Deloach
    Samuel Deloach 25 days ago

    creative reach artistic paradigm should be a shirt

  • Adrian Meresciu
    Adrian Meresciu 25 days ago

    Nipple accomplishment

  • Rex
    Rex 26 days ago

    Oh, is this how they do the increasingly verbose meme?

  • It’s Megan Unicorn
    It’s Megan Unicorn 27 days ago

    I broken my iPad today

  • Nzredwolf
    Nzredwolf 29 days ago

    Nipple accomplished

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore Month ago

    It took me a minute to see it but silly willy dilly indeed

  • Salazar Slytherin
    Salazar Slytherin Month ago

    Nipple acompleshed

  • ColorCrewYT
    ColorCrewYT Month ago +1

    He yelled at a decibel hi fans can’t hear.

  • alienprinzessin
    alienprinzessin Month ago

    you're indeed hilarious.

  • Any one can draw
    Any one can draw Month ago +1

    Nippels accomplished!!!?!

  • Literally Satan
    Literally Satan Month ago

    Jazza : *aggressively extends pole* "it's time to get serious"
    Me (a gay male): *excitement intensifies*

  • Ivy Blackburn
    Ivy Blackburn Month ago +1

    Hey Jazza, someone actually made an urban dictionary page on the creative reach artistic paradigm.

  • Mr. Rainbows
    Mr. Rainbows Month ago

    Nipple accomplisht

  • Shannon Gernon
    Shannon Gernon Month ago

    Nipple accoplished

  • Leila Gilbert
    Leila Gilbert Month ago

    12:35 who else does that?

  • • Claudia •
    • Claudia • Month ago +1

    Yah never pinned the comment who said "nimple accomplished"
    Oh well


    I tried

  • Edina Gyulai
    Edina Gyulai Month ago

    I'm dying, here is the page about C.R.A.P. :'D - someone created it... ...and here I am googled it lol

  • Kate Sturgeon
    Kate Sturgeon Month ago

    Top of the comments for now

  • zachdabeast1220
    zachdabeast1220 Month ago

    Nipple Accomplished

  • David Hill
    David Hill Month ago

    He’s got a really bendy pencil
    Like me ha ha ha ha ha 🃏😂😂

  • Fuusok
    Fuusok Month ago

    Why no nipple accomplished pin?!?!

  • Ninda Kid
    Ninda Kid Month ago

    ASMR am I right?

  • Jessie Morales
    Jessie Morales Month ago

    I just realized that stands for crap, hahahahahah

  • Lindie Meyer
    Lindie Meyer Month ago

    Nipple acomplished

  • Pancho Animations
    Pancho Animations Month ago +1

    Obnoxious but consistent

  • Rebecca H
    Rebecca H Month ago

    That mid video rant 😂😂 me too man me too

  • christiaan barnardl
    christiaan barnardl Month ago +1

    Nipple accomplished

  • Maia Clisby de la Piedad

    Shirt is literally a bi flag lmao



  • BTSfan91294
    BTSfan91294 Month ago


    It broke... 😂😂 Jazza I love ya bud love ya so much 😂😂(✿❛◡❛)

  • John Poop
    John Poop Month ago

    Paradigm: a typical example or pattern of something; a model.

  • Art with harley
    Art with harley Month ago +1


    Jae-in an artist

  • Arabella Pearl
    Arabella Pearl Month ago

    8:17 the audio was like and I oop