Icelandic Lesson #30: 50 Most Common Icelandic Names (Male) - Pronunciation


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    My name is 28

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    im having a fucking stroke

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    Number 1 should've been Stefan and number 10 should've been Magnus. If nobody gets it (which you guys should) then I'm talking about Magnus who was the creator of Lazy Town and played the roll as Sportacus and Stefan played Robbie Rotten who claimed he was number 1, which is true. Stefan will always be number 1 to us

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      Omg finally someone who thinks the same way like me! We love u Stefan 🖤🙏🏻

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    Góðan daginn! Ég heiti leo, ég er Brasilíu og að læra íslensku á mitt eigið.

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    中本ジョルジ 10 months ago

    My name is ジョルジ(Jorge), I want Old Norse name similar to my type of Jörgen or Bjørge which one is more correct?

    • MrPicky
      MrPicky 5 months ago

      Jörgen is a name in Icelandic as well as the other Nordic languages (Iceland & Sweden write Jörgen while Denmark & Norway Jørgen). I don't believe it comes from Old Norse since it seems to originally come from German (actually a lower form for Georg) and the earliest documented mention is from the 14th century.

    • Byezbozhnik
      Byezbozhnik 8 months ago

      Jorge spelled in Japanese?!

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    I'm Norwegian, and my name is Jon

  • pappakassi með sósu

    my name is guðmundur steinn markússon

  • Adnan Halde
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    really needs serious jawmuscles to be able to pronunce this names correctly lol

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    my name is Brynn :P

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    HODOR.... Mjolnir

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      Im suprised I didnt see like 50 comments liket this

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    Wow! Thank you so much for this video. I've been trying to find the Icelandic pronunciation for Kjartan everywhere, but only have been able to find the Norwegian version.
    Edit: also, I've always heard that the 'r' is rolled/trilled in Icelandic. Are there exceptions, or am I just not hearing it properly?

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    I never ever crossed 10 likes on a comment so please like this

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      +12388753 You didn't have a reason to dislike them. (??) So I disliked you for disliking such an innocent comment. :)

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      I disliked :D

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    Is Hugo a name heard in Iceland? I'm trying to pick between Hugo and Bjorn. I like Hugo, but I don't know if there are many with that name there...

    • Gunnhild Edwards
      Gunnhild Edwards 3 months ago

      It's rare but does exist

    • TikTokToxic
      TikTokToxic 2 years ago

      Bryndis Inga Ok cool! I think I'll name him Hugo! Thanks!

    • Bryndis Inga
      Bryndis Inga 2 years ago

      I'm pretty sure it exists in icelandic but it's very rare.

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    My Icelandic name would be Jakob Nikulásson (my father's name is Nick).

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    Why am I watching this? i'm an Icelandic female

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    hey wtf sigmundur has to be nr 1 heimsku ha'alvitar!!

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    The Vikings are coming :)

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    beautiful names

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      infinitesimotel Páll X)

  • The Spare Channel
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    I came here to find a name for a character in my story, and I realized that the names of all the male members of Of Monsters And Men are here, and Nanna isn't on the female list. Kinda funny, I guess.

    • Mýra Angelíne
      Mýra Angelíne 2 years ago

      Ragnar. Kristjan Páll. Brynjar. Arnar. Bjarni.

  • Brinni Leo
    Brinni Leo 3 years ago

    Númer eitt er mjög allgengt ég veit um að minnsta kosti 6 aðila sem heita Jón.

    • Ding Dong
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      Brinni Leo Ég á fjölskyldu meðlim sem hét jón og skýrði alla 3 syni sína jón og einn af þeim skýrði einn son sinn jón.

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    My name at 45 (yuss)

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    Where's jökull?

  • Bruce Warren
    Bruce Warren 3 years ago

    Reading the Arnaldur Indriadson Reykjavik murder mysteries,a n this was a great help for the character names. Tak.

  • Genaye Deal
    Genaye Deal 4 years ago

    How would you say the name theódór (or þeódór???) My character in my novel is Icelandic and I just want to know the pronunciation of certain names.

    • MrPicky
      MrPicky 5 months ago

      Sorry for the late reply and hopefully you've already learnt about it (just noticed this for the 1st time :( and had some free time on my hands LOL ) but in modern time Iceland we say Theodór with an hard T without the h sounding (Teodór). If the word was Þeodór it would be like you would pronounce it in English with Th like in Thunder. Þ (þ) is pronounced like th in thunder while Ð (ð) is pronounced like th in the (like the end).

  • Connor Anderson
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    Hi :) quick question, how do you pronounce the 'r' sound on the end of some of the names? I'm kinda struggling with it

    • Connor Anderson
      Connor Anderson 4 years ago

      +Fabrizio Illuminati Thanks :)

    • Fabrizio Illuminati
      Fabrizio Illuminati 4 years ago

      The R at the end of a word is a rolled R like the others, except it's voiceless.

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    Goðan daginn! Ég heiti Leo, ég er brasilíu og ég er ad læra íslensku á mitt eigið. I plan to live in Islandí for a few years when I'm a bit older. Thanks for the awesome video lessons! Bless!

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      Ég er sammála! En svo erfitt...

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      Leo Travassos Ég líka elska íslensku, það er fallegt mál! 😆

    • Leo Travassos
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      Takk fyrir Alex!! En það var fyrir löngu síðan. Ég er að læra sænsku nú :) Talarðu sænsku?

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    Learn more here:

  • CraftSized
    CraftSized 4 years ago

    2:36 maður segir Guðmundur ekki Gvuðmundur

    • FeiaFarfalana
      FeiaFarfalana 3 years ago

      Thank you.

    • Jonasinn
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      +FeiaFarfalana yes you are right, its Gvud

    • FeiaFarfalana
      FeiaFarfalana 4 years ago

      I've heard that "Guð-" should be pronounced [kvjud] - isn't that right?

  • Diana Ivette
    Diana Ivette 5 years ago +2

    Oddly enough, a lot of these are pronounced the way the Spanish would pronounce them. Makes it easier for me to learn Icelandic, as I'm Spanish! :) Takk!

  • Cool Icelandic Lessons

    Cool! Where are you from? :)

  • Cool Icelandic Lessons
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    Hahah that's awesome, you should go back sometime! :) Thanks for commenting

  • Seth Morabito
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    When I was an exchange student in Iceland, I asked everybody to call me Gísli! Gísli Eðvarðsson, because my father's name is Edward. They found it a lot easier to say than my American name, "Seth" :)
    It was such a wonderful experience, I would love to go back again.

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    So many saga names!

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    Yey, so my name is Stefán witch is the 9th famous name in Ísland, and my favourite number is 9 :D