Fishing on SKETCHY Ice ❄️

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • Description coming soon..I'm out fishing :)
    --Young Plugg

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  • Franchize Productions

    come up to Saskatchewan for sturgeon


    cool movie invite you to my movies DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL 4K thank you for watching and SUBSCRIBE great thanks !!


    cool movie invite you to my movies DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL 4K thank you for watching and SUBSCRIBE great thanks !!

  • graedom
    graedom 2 days ago

    "Is this thing on?" I thought you were talking to the fish for a second, i know im guilty of this

  • Bassmaster 963
    Bassmaster 963 3 days ago

    You should definitely come to NC

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    Come to Florida and catch some big bas

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    Come to Florida and catch big bass

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    Come to Florida and catch some big bath

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    Come to Florida

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    Come to Florida to catch some bass

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    What Pound test are you using

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    What pound test are you using

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    What pound test are you using

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    It’s going good I like football

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    What pound test are you using

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    What pound test are you using

  • GKL Reed
    GKL Reed 3 days ago

    Hey there

  • J&B Fishing
    J&B Fishing 4 days ago

    Do you watch spongebob

  • J&B Fishing
    J&B Fishing 4 days ago

    Do you watch spongebob

  • J&B Fishing
    J&B Fishing 4 days ago

    What is your pb

  • J&B Fishing
    J&B Fishing 4 days ago

    What is your pb

  • Meng Xiong
    Meng Xiong 5 days ago

    Use two wax worms and put one like a swim bait or something and one more and hook that wax worm like ur hooking a sinko for dropshot

  • Jacob Little
    Jacob Little 5 days ago

    Threw the ice

  • Jacob Little
    Jacob Little 5 days ago

    Go to Michigan for 7 pound bass threw the oce

  • Owen O'Hara
    Owen O'Hara 6 days ago

    When are you and the funk bros fishing

  • Leo Lira
    Leo Lira 6 days ago

    What state are you in?

  • Leo Lira
    Leo Lira 6 days ago

    Did you catch anything yet?

  • Homer Fong
    Homer Fong 6 days ago

    The St Clair River is fast flowing & does not freeze up unless you are near one of the islands,ferry crossings,bays,creeks etc. .Sturgeon fishing is great during the warmer months near Lambton Generation Station which is on the Canadian side.

  • Lord Kek
    Lord Kek 6 days ago

    Come to Scotland!

  • The GREAT Outdoors !!!

    If you buy a mystery tackle box but you only want one how do you cancel it

  • Levi Shaeffer
    Levi Shaeffer 7 days ago

    hay jon love the vids only u can make catching little fish look cool.[Levi Shaeffer]

  • pete knudson
    pete knudson 7 days ago

    Lake cascade has the state record perch and also the world record and little Payette lake has one of the biggest tiger musky in the world that was caught. Mccall and cascade Idaho. @Predroknudy instagram

  • Cobus Van der wath
    Cobus Van der wath 8 days ago

    no sound for me?

  • Skylar Grace
    Skylar Grace 9 days ago

    Why not eat the fish

  • Ice Cubes
    Ice Cubes 9 days ago

    Currently 8 minutes of TALKING AND NO FISHING

  • Nicholas Steere
    Nicholas Steere 9 days ago +1

    Yea @jonb with the TVclip trend. Your the Logan Paul of fishing #burn

  • Holy Atheist
    Holy Atheist 9 days ago

    Little tiny rod huh? Heh

  • Anna Jones
    Anna Jones 9 days ago

    “how do i turn this thing off”

  • Luke P.
    Luke P. 9 days ago

    Damn Jon, trending. You done good.

  • Hardwood Hoop
    Hardwood Hoop 9 days ago

    I saw this on trending and instantly knew the fish was going to be put back into the water.

  • carlos perez
    carlos perez 9 days ago


  • Joe Zuzolo
    Joe Zuzolo 9 days ago

    Jon B trending? Wut!!! I thought people hated fisherman!

  • lulu caboom
    lulu caboom 9 days ago

    Skip through and watch the sky move

  • FervidReader
    FervidReader 9 days ago

    *camera turns around*

  • Amber Martinez
    Amber Martinez 9 days ago

    Stop shaking

  • Pamela Mudry
    Pamela Mudry 9 days ago

    48 on trending nice job my dude

  • Fou Hammer
    Fou Hammer 9 days ago

    Bruh 48 on trending it says today

  • Josh Gault
    Josh Gault 9 days ago

    Omg the fishing jake Paul (he is on trending)

  • Fisherman 2024
    Fisherman 2024 9 days ago +1

    Try CJ strike reservoir i'm from Boise and it's one of my favorite places for small mouth.

  • Cool cars channel
    Cool cars channel 9 days ago

    Bruh u made trending

  • Gregbassmaster 1
    Gregbassmaster 1 9 days ago

    Come to Oregon

  • Thecityguy 21
    Thecityguy 21 9 days ago

    Dude you should come to Cali where it’s warm and fish for some steelhead

  • YouTube IsGay
    YouTube IsGay 9 days ago

    I hope you fall in and die.

    • MGSBESTProductions
      MGSBESTProductions 9 days ago

      TVclip IsGay i hope you slip land on a dick and die faggot.

  • snip3r416
    snip3r416 9 days ago

    So theres a guy dives in water & looks for stuff & now we have a guy who fish’s in water. Lol

  • Evan Sohn
    Evan Sohn 9 days ago

    Hey your on trending

  • f266101463
    f266101463 9 days ago

    Congrats on being the first Googan on trending!

  • How to Alaska
    How to Alaska 9 days ago

    I'm just amazed that this video made it to trending!!! more or less shocked..couple of tiny bluegills?..You must have an amazing fan base and a ton of luck...even though you don't need it, good luck to you anyways! I believe a live ice fishing video is in order.

  • Matthew Cupelli
    Matthew Cupelli 9 days ago

    This is a great idea

  • James Campbell
    James Campbell 9 days ago

    32# on trending. Nice job John.

  • Maksim Mayster
    Maksim Mayster 9 days ago

    #26 on trending?!? We’re on the board boys!

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    Dim Drag Life 9 days ago

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  • motorhead6868
    motorhead6868 9 days ago

    I WANT TO PLAY!!!!!!

  • BobScooterman
    BobScooterman 9 days ago

    #25 on trending! Yeah boy, #1 here we come

  • Shanterria Stodghill

    I what to fhis

  • Shanterria Stodghill


  • Hengbok Lee
    Hengbok Lee 9 days ago

    finally something I wanted to click on in trending that's not the usual stuff xD

  • Death Ball
    Death Ball 9 days ago


  • 9 days ago

    7:32 likee

  • GenJea latte
    GenJea latte 9 days ago

    Bundle up when you come to Dallas! Its a little chilly have fun !

  • Jesus Chavez
    Jesus Chavez 9 days ago

    A R E W E L I V E ?

  • BigBearFishing
    BigBearFishing 9 days ago

    That looked like fun Jon! Hopefully you get to go catch some sturgeon soon! It looks like Northwoods Angling has the hookup for you.

  • Ufcguru Official
    Ufcguru Official 9 days ago

    Let them ads roll through for my dude!

  • Ryan Cuffari
    Ryan Cuffari 9 days ago

    Gets a fish at 14:00 ;)

  • Zaven Corder
    Zaven Corder 9 days ago

    Will u say zaven

  • 413 Sporting
    413 Sporting 9 days ago

    SKETCHY?....... three inches is sketchy

  • brady kasper
    brady kasper 9 days ago

    #29 on trending!!! Congrats jonny boy

  • MrNerfdude21
    MrNerfdude21 9 days ago +1

    1st fish is a bait snatcher lol

  • Life's Wild Adventures
    Life's Wild Adventures 9 days ago +1

    ._. You clearly weren’t ready to film this and have it go trending.......

  • Nerf dog Asm
    Nerf dog Asm 9 days ago

    Dude you were 28 on trend👍

  • Braydon Henderson
    Braydon Henderson 9 days ago

    Hack ya you do its the best I even live Kentucky

  • At Oddz
    At Oddz 9 days ago

    Yo come on up to central Minnesota, got a Great Lake for Bass to show you

  • MrRednexus
    MrRednexus 9 days ago

    Come to California you'll catch lots illegals here

  • Nomadic INK
    Nomadic INK 9 days ago

    I'm in coeur d Alene Idaho. And I'll have to say yes there is some good fishing out here. Lake Ponderay in sandpoint is where it's at

  • Nicholas Bogaard
    Nicholas Bogaard 9 days ago

    TRENDING!!! Congrats Jon

  • Southern Adventures
    Southern Adventures 9 days ago

    Nice video! Thanks for sharing!

  • BaitTheHook
    BaitTheHook 9 days ago

    when are you coming to Oregon for some winter steelhead fishing????!!

  • Jersey Joel Fishing
    Jersey Joel Fishing 9 days ago

    Great video Jon! I just started building up my channel....I haven't tried ice fishing yet but it's in my plans!

  • adrian munoz
    adrian munoz 9 days ago

    Holy shit this is on trending!!!!!

  • Justin
    Justin 9 days ago +7

    #25 on trending what in the heck hahaa gratz!

  • Mark Sandoval
    Mark Sandoval 9 days ago

    Hahahahahaha the flurry at the end was hilarious, great video John! Nice "bass "

  • efred22
    efred22 9 days ago

    You are shaking your rod too much, AKA- too much action on the bait for cold water fishing. Everything that's down there, that's actually alive, is half Frozen and moving around sluggishly, you drop your bait down and shake it around like a salt shaker, it just doesn't fit the current climate.

  • Matt Bell
    Matt Bell 9 days ago

    WTF this video is trending lol

  • Wrink
    Wrink 9 days ago

    Come down to lake lanier in GA during spring/summer
    Catch some HUGE SPOTTED BASS. Lots of them 2-5lbs
    I grew up fishing lanier and I always wondered why people only talked about smallmouth and largemouth, I had no clue how special Lanier was. Not too many lakes are dominated by spots and grow them this big.
    Use shaky heads, large topwater and a superfluke on a little jig head like you use for shaky head

  • RYCA Jackets
    RYCA Jackets 9 days ago

    25 on trending!!!!!!

  • Brett Siegle
    Brett Siegle 9 days ago +1

    Has anybody tried a NED rig on the ice? I’m about to get into ice fishing and was wondering if it would work...

  • Thatothergamer01
    Thatothergamer01 9 days ago +1

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  • Carter Smith
    Carter Smith 9 days ago

    Bro u made trending!!! YOUR Ranked #25

  • cliftoncharlton
    cliftoncharlton 9 days ago

    When you scroll down for a time stamp of ice cracking 😑

  • Rezelly
    Rezelly 9 days ago +1

    80k is not trending but still congrats dude