11 Things You Do When You're Drunk

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  • EmoTanker Lol
    EmoTanker Lol 7 days ago

    I do noting like that but the crying and eating part

  • Skye van Buuren
    Skye van Buuren 11 days ago

    Apparently I'm not the first one to watch this while drunk LOLLL

  • thebongfungirl
    thebongfungirl 11 days ago

    I got drunk for the 1st time today.. 😓😬

  • Ever Romero
    Ever Romero 14 days ago

    Lmao😂😂😂this actually happens😂😂😂😂😂

  • awesomehailie
    awesomehailie 17 days ago

    Yakl me howxi watched this whole drubk omao

  • Matt Bloggs
    Matt Bloggs 17 days ago


  • Creepers Are Crazy
    Creepers Are Crazy 18 days ago +1

    Ok.......I'm drunk

  • /Pol/Gamer
    /Pol/Gamer 22 days ago

    Kansur lol

  • Thnks fr th mmrs
    Thnks fr th mmrs 22 days ago

    When I get drunk I'm really happy and feel warm and fuzzy. And I want to hug all people.

  • Edgar Salisbury
    Edgar Salisbury 23 days ago

    dude i am swo druk i canf fukin wahc this swhit

  • GamesHole
    GamesHole 24 days ago

    8m nt a light weight botch

  • GamesHole
    GamesHole 24 days ago

    Bs everyuns different im a happy playful horny drunk

  • paydab oii
    paydab oii 24 days ago

    you have to make two different videos one for white PPL and one for any other color that's not white... people.

  • Mattias Gustavsson
    Mattias Gustavsson 28 days ago

    its my ferst tim beeing drunk reait now and its not like this sorrry

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson 28 days ago +1

    I get suicidal when I’m drunk lmao

  • End MY Life
    End MY Life 29 days ago

    Im drink bnow the video in noice

  • r jwal
    r jwal Month ago

    lol 1 and 2 are the same

  • My name is Marty Huggins and These Are my pugs

    TBH I like getting drunk at school in PE I drink vodka from a water bottle and by the time I'm doing my stretches I'm feeling pretty good👍👍

  • Elliot Faulk
    Elliot Faulk Month ago

    Are you insisting I'm female.

  • panZearo Pandaz
    panZearo Pandaz Month ago

    12 pee more

  • Steve MGTOW James
    Steve MGTOW James Month ago

    Aw i thought it said things TO do when drunk. Bummer.

  • Gangsta Bitch
    Gangsta Bitch Month ago

    I always end up naked lol

  • lando oddessy
    lando oddessy Month ago

    are you drunkshaming people?

  • Joshua MM
    Joshua MM Month ago

    not true

  • TheStrober
    TheStrober Month ago

    1:46 or not be such a light weight

  • Lisa Ariyosa
    Lisa Ariyosa Month ago

    so I'm actually drunk while watching thisjdhhyc

  • Random Niqqa*
    Random Niqqa* Month ago

    Morning headache is the worst.

  • I see you everywhere
    I see you everywhere 2 months ago

    i was so drunk last night i feel like I'm gay

  • Matheson 10
    Matheson 10 2 months ago

    0:51 XD her face!

  • Tobynow Brian
    Tobynow Brian 2 months ago

    I'm wedged

  • Hola Mundo
    Hola Mundo 2 months ago

    i'm drunk af right now

  • chaeferl
    chaeferl 2 months ago

    The worst bit is the hangover lol

  • Scaena Nigra
    Scaena Nigra 2 months ago

    .. I'm drunk

  • Keegan Hunt
    Keegan Hunt 2 months ago

    I'm cross eyed rn

  • Little Pig
    Little Pig 2 months ago

    I’m drunk rn and I’m waiting for my Thai amazing boy from la to call me I hope he calls em we have been talking slot and I really like jk also ok going to Toronto tomrrow yay !!!

  • InterLix
    InterLix 2 months ago

    My favorite activity is to drive

  • Echlipse Meow
    Echlipse Meow 2 months ago

    I'm drunk rn

  • Ngoc Anh Tran Ba
    Ngoc Anh Tran Ba 3 months ago

    Ok rn

  • scott adams
    scott adams 3 months ago

    No alcohol!!!!

  • Lion King Of Wild Things
    Lion King Of Wild Things 3 months ago +1

    Only chumps get this drunk. Experienced drinkers know what's up!

  • Ling DaSweetPie
    Ling DaSweetPie 3 months ago

    I completed all these! XD

  • Dan Pachunka
    Dan Pachunka 3 months ago

    Do drunk to realize it says things you do not a vid to what when drunk

  • llivzz
    llivzz 3 months ago

    Just saying quintas a acting in this is not here best sorry 😭

  • Callum James
    Callum James 3 months ago

    Anyone else drunk af right. Ke , Ian

  • Purple Madness
    Purple Madness 3 months ago

    Woahwoah woahhhh hold up right there, getting drunk isn't something you just do whatever to be, you need to take breaks, enjoy it, drink lots of water which means you won't puke and be with good people, if people get drunk like this they aren't getting the most out of it

  • Kimberly Moura
    Kimberly Moura 3 months ago +1

    Quinta did such good acting! Love her ❤️

  • Raam IQ
    Raam IQ 3 months ago

    Wahdafuck i am broke now..

  • Ponk 80
    Ponk 80 3 months ago

    maybe you should STOP judging

  • hugo täck
    hugo täck 3 months ago

    I'm drunk now and i Love Auto corect

  • Justin Lara
    Justin Lara 3 months ago

    Omggg guys in 13 yrs old and I’m doin all of this right now except for the stuff with your ex

  • maisara alfawakhry
    maisara alfawakhry 3 months ago

    fuckin trueeeee iam writing and drunk right now

  • julia emmalie
    julia emmalie 3 months ago

    i relate to #3 too much

  • Kev
    Kev 3 months ago

    😂😂😂 I'm going to grab a beer

  • SanTheSun
    SanTheSun 4 months ago

    Drunk whilst watching this

  • viamonky217
    viamonky217 4 months ago

    I thought it was things to do , not things that happen ??????

  • Uno Carb
    Uno Carb 4 months ago

    They forgot the hangover

  • Chevy Guy
    Chevy Guy 4 months ago

    This is Cancer

  • I'm Stupid
    I'm Stupid 4 months ago

    Whenever I get drunk I am extremely extroverted.

  • Sham Otoum
    Sham Otoum 5 months ago

    I'm 16 and I wanna get drunk so bad

  • Evan Jakovlic
    Evan Jakovlic 5 months ago +1

    I'm drunk rn

  • Allen Wright
    Allen Wright 5 months ago

    All this happened just a few hours ago on my 21st bday.. other then the couples part. Where'd my shirt even go?

  • Daveighhenry Henry
    Daveighhenry Henry 5 months ago

    Did she pass out on where she puked

  • The One True Morty
    The One True Morty 5 months ago

    I'm drunk right now 2 and 3 is me right now is me

  • Gaydalf the Faggot
    Gaydalf the Faggot 5 months ago

    12. buzzfeed is so gay

  • Cannabis field
    Cannabis field 5 months ago

    4 pints is my limit. I went past my limit. too drunk.

  • Akram Hussein
    Akram Hussein 5 months ago

    I am 26 years old , l didn't drunk before .
    I have happy life because i belive in my future.
    Anybody tell me ? What you think if you belive in your future is that bad, you should stop . don't drunk any more
    my best friend died when he was drunk during drive. We don't need A false happiness .
    We don't want to lose more friends.

  • Chous
    Chous 5 months ago

    I´m the only one who looks, when he´s drunk? xD

  • banana boat
    banana boat 5 months ago

    Don't know how drink I am currently but I'm not experiencing that

  • TheC4Ninja
    TheC4Ninja 6 months ago

    please drmink responsibly

  • Nek I
    Nek I 6 months ago

    12 is you drown your fish in water

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson 6 months ago

    I'm currently at the binge eating stage

  • G.L Crushspace
    G.L Crushspace 6 months ago

    Damnit, i read that title as "11 things TO do when you're drunk" and got slightly disappointed

  • Evendur13
    Evendur13 6 months ago

    Drunk while watching thils

  • Delores Emeagi
    Delores Emeagi 6 months ago

    Ok I must be drunk. I enjoyed this vid2o

  • Angela Ziegler
    Angela Ziegler 7 months ago

    1:14 i love you and i miss you HUUUUUUUU xD

  • zhuan
    zhuan 7 months ago


  • zhuan
    zhuan 7 months ago

    im drunk now

  • Sinan Satøglu
    Sinan Satøglu 7 months ago

    watching this when i'm drunk :dddd

  • Marc Sancho
    Marc Sancho 7 months ago

    im drunk now

  • Pool 8
    Pool 8 7 months ago

    just came here drunk, before i start i really hope jerking off is on this list

  • H8 R3D
    H8 R3D 7 months ago

    Am I the only one whos never puked because of drinking ?

  • Layla Kim
    Layla Kim 7 months ago

    After tonight I'm done drinking, no more. i have to do 4. And I don't have a bf. I've done 10 about about to do 11.

  • Alice Devaniere
    Alice Devaniere 7 months ago

    When im drunk i just sit on the floor (literally even if im in a bar) and laugh like a hyena unmoving.

  • MartinJ
    MartinJ 8 months ago

    Only thing out of control is the boyfriends damn adams apple, fukin hel man

  • Blurryface
    Blurryface 8 months ago

    I always am super mean to my bf when I'm drunk

  • Arno Truyens
    Arno Truyens 8 months ago

    I think the worst about being drunk is the hanger the next day

  • Nike
    Nike 8 months ago

    Like id ur drunk af

  • The Legendary CandyCherry

    *starts throwing holy water*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 8 months ago

    LMAO "were over"

  • Randomfully Wonderful
    Randomfully Wonderful 8 months ago +1

    lol, Donald Trump, before he became the most powerful being on earth. Love the reference. :)

  • T.K. Rey
    T.K. Rey 8 months ago

    probably but i have no friends or real support system, so i'm going to keep drinking.

  • Gonga Like
    Gonga Like 8 months ago

    All true hehehehee 😂😂😂😂

  • Natasha !
    Natasha ! 9 months ago

    only noticed Andrew is narrating this at the end

  • john lewd
    john lewd 9 months ago +4

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  • Isabella Kofsky
    Isabella Kofsky 9 months ago

    " who are you Donald Trump" omg they didn't know that he would be president

  • Trigger Beatbox
    Trigger Beatbox 9 months ago

    Ive only had a couple I swear.

  • Breanna Louisa
    Breanna Louisa 9 months ago +4

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  • vespur
    vespur 9 months ago

    Just woke up from being passed out with a hospital band on my wrist! Greatt

  • albert7139
    albert7139 9 months ago

    I hate puking but puking while I'm drunk doesn't bother me at all, but for sure it's the morning after

  • odisy64
    odisy64 9 months ago

    non of these have ever happened to me while drunk, and i have blacked out and woke up on roofs