Palm Phone how to: changing the SIM (it's unlocked!)

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • Palm Phone how to: changing the SIM (it's unlocked!)
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Comments • 184

  • Sandy Walker
    Sandy Walker 6 days ago

    FYI: I love this little Palm (people are always shocked that its a real smart phone when they see it. LOL), but many of my callers tell me that the signal keeps going out when we speak. I am using AT&T network in the US. This is a deal breaker for me - I need to be able to use this as PHONE with reliable signal. I'm getting frustrated that in the middle of conversations, people are having to ask, "Are you still there?" multiple times! I've tried going outside or sitting in different places in my office. Not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. And the battery drops so fast that if you talk for an hour, you have to plug it in to charge before it dies. Oh, and you can't answer an incoming call while it's on the charger - it won't let you. I check voice mail frequently because it often doesn't ring when on the charger and the vm icon doesn't show to tell you if you have messages or missed calls. I also can't use Google Voice for vm because the codes are not recognized and there's no "call forwarding" feature under settings (maybe because I'm not using it with Verizon?). I'll be putting this phone on eBay and buying something else soon. Thought you should know all these issues - if I'd known, I probably would not have tried it. :/

  • mark olar
    mark olar 9 days ago

    THANK YOU!!!!! i bought this phone from amazon refurbished. popped my sim in and thought it was cute. started freaking out when i couldn’t get it out, but this video saved my butt! thank you!

  • Lee Taylor
    Lee Taylor Month ago +1

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge but any info on where to get a .5 mm pin? The tools I tried to use that are small enough to work bend when I try to pull the sim tray out.

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  16 days ago

      Any automatic pencil should have a 0.5mm pin to clean the barrel.

  • James Young
    James Young Month ago +1

    We finally got this phone in Australia.... for $699 AUD! thanks to this video I copped one on eBay for about $100US shipped to Australia with the knowledge id be sweet to put a sim inside, thank you so much. I owe you a drink for the money saved!

  • john jkizer
    john jkizer Month ago

    Dude your talking to the viewers like we are infants, what you are doing is basic of any smartphone so if we don’t understand the terms and what a sim tray is we shouldn’t be watching this and especially if we own a plan phone we definitely comprehend.

  • Tristan Rodden
    Tristan Rodden Month ago

    I had a lot of trouble getting my Palm to update to the latest software version, outlined here:
    I figured out the phone won't update with a non-Verizon SIM card inserted. I removed my SIM card using a single bent staple as in this video (thanks very much for that tip!), enabled WiFi, and then the update automatically started. For Palm users who can't update their phones, this is the first thing I would check.

  • j8rr3tt
    j8rr3tt Month ago

    Does this work on at&t?

    • j8rr3tt
      j8rr3tt Month ago +1

      @Tristan Rodden thanks! Ordered one on Amazon for $85 that's unlocked, I'm going to test it with my sim to ensure it works on AT&T (then somehow remove the sim tray again lol) and then I'm going to add an AT&T numbersync sim for the palm.

    • Tristan Rodden
      Tristan Rodden Month ago +1

      I use a FreeUp mobile SIM card in mine without any issues, and it operates on the AT&T network. You'll get a notification that you're using a non-Verizon SIM card whenever you reboot, but that can be dismissed. I would think any AT&T SIM would work.

  • Ah Mm
    Ah Mm 2 months ago

    Great job 🙃

  • Emilie Henrie
    Emilie Henrie 2 months ago

    How do you remove the shortcuts and gesture pad on the lock screen?

  • Brandon Luckain
    Brandon Luckain 2 months ago

    How does the Palm phone work with the Tesla app?

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  2 months ago

      I don't see why it would't! It's a full-on Android phone with Bluetooth. Let me confirm...

  • Power Digimon
    Power Digimon 2 months ago +1

    Stupid sim tray opening . I almost threw this stupid phone and trampled. Why the hell they made that stupid sim tray in that stupid way? wtf is their problem?

  • Austin Allen
    Austin Allen 2 months ago +1

    Thanks you SO MUCH for this video! I bought this phone on eBay and it didn’t come with a sim removal tool. I went to 2 different Verizon stores to see if they had one, but the employees don’t have the palm sim ejector tool. Thank you so much !

  • eaas ahmed
    eaas ahmed 2 months ago

    Can I work with ANY SIM?

  • DDP 123
    DDP 123 3 months ago

    This is great. I'm wondering if you can activate a cricket sim card for the first time, any sim card, new activation first time from the palm. Anybody know? Myriam? Anybody try it?

  • Lothar Te
    Lothar Te 3 months ago +6

    Battery loosing 4% whithin less than 5 minutes... I have to wait for a better 3"-smartphone. Still using Sony experia mini pro from 2011.

  • Odin Hamann
    Odin Hamann 3 months ago

    Fancy tool just looks like a paper staple.

  • Twin Gemini
    Twin Gemini 3 months ago

    Ill use it as MP3

    • Apex Kills DLFL
      Apex Kills DLFL 3 months ago

      Twin Gemini, you will need wireless headphones. There is no headphone jack. Also there is no SD card slot, so you will only have the storage that is on the phone.

  • Joaquin Moreno
    Joaquin Moreno 3 months ago

    all verizon phones are unlocked I have a cell phone and I put it with all prepaid companies

  • Geffá Oliveira
    Geffá Oliveira 3 months ago

    Hi! This phone have personal hot spot option? I haven’t seen on the network settings

    • Apex Kills DLFL
      Apex Kills DLFL 3 months ago

      Geffá Oliveira I have a Google Palm, I do not see any option for personal hotspot

  • gabrielle4731
    gabrielle4731 3 months ago

    I bought this on ebay, cut my old phone's sim into a nano and it seems to work fine except that I'm not receiving calls on the palm...anyone know why that is?

    • Mehdi Hasham
      Mehdi Hasham Month ago

      Hopefully by now you've figured this out, but I might as well put this out as a possible solution in case others are scrolling through here. The issue could have something to do with what are referred to as APN settings for your particular wireless phone provider. Typically these settings are automatically configured when you insert the SIM card. However in some cases you may have to either modify them or manualy add them. Visit your provider's help and support site to find out what the APN setting should be and probably visit Palm's help and support page for this phone to find out how to access add/modify those settings.

  • uncensured9632
    uncensured9632 4 months ago

    Bought it in eBay (to Mexico) loses mobile data after a time of use, it backs after restarting

  • Will Waller
    Will Waller 4 months ago +1

    Is the only SMS texting available Verizon? I can't for the life of me find out how to text with my carrier on this phone

    • Joe D
      Joe D 3 months ago

      @Noemi Lopez My solution works for me.

    • Noemi Lopez
      Noemi Lopez 4 months ago +1

      Will Waller same issue! Have you figured it out

    • Joe D
      Joe D 4 months ago +1

      Download the Messages app from Google (or any other SMS app if you prefer).

  • Travis H
    Travis H 4 months ago

    Thank you for this video. Anyone who can check whether editing APN is available or not? I cannot edit / add the APN even the automatically chosen APN is not correct. Someone guesses editing or adding APNs might be possible while inserting Verizon Simcard, but it's unable to test from my side.

    • Luke Crawford
      Luke Crawford 3 months ago

      I am having the same issue. Where you able to figure out how to edit the apn settings.

  • formerx
    formerx 4 months ago

    Thanks for the video. I think I'll hafta get one of these on ebay

  • Nickalaus Gilson
    Nickalaus Gilson 4 months ago

    Will it work with sprint? I know verizon and sprint run both off cdm so i dont see why it wouldnt. Also theyre coming out with an unlocked version that works for tmobile and att only so leads me to believe it will work with sprint, the older version that is

  • Th3g00dLife
    Th3g00dLife 4 months ago

    So can I put my normal iPhone sim in one off of amazon and have it work as my main phone?

    • john jkizer
      john jkizer Month ago

      If can’t be a normal sim, it has to be a nano sim

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe 4 months ago

    Can the Palm phone work with a Verizon prepaid line?...

  • harrison wheeler
    harrison wheeler 4 months ago

    Can you use it in canada

    • slorner
      slorner 3 months ago

      How about Sweden/Europe?@Myriam Joire

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  4 months ago

      Yes. It's unlocked.

  • nr3rful
    nr3rful 5 months ago

    Palm and Verizon are crazy....good luck selling them

  • Ken Dick
    Ken Dick 5 months ago

    Great video. I picked one up from my local Best Buy without any contract. I really enjoy talking with their mobile team. I noticed that the Palm had a SIM slot so I figured I’d give it a shot and see if it’s unlocked like the Pixel (sold through Verizon) is.
    Your video was fantastic as it explained everything end-to-end. Thank you for the information and tip about ‘pulling’ the SIM tray as opposed to the traditional way.

  • Oscar Santillana
    Oscar Santillana 5 months ago

    Can you sell me that sim tool

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  5 months ago

      You have to make your own like I did. Just use a 0.5mm pin.

  • Eduardo Ramirez
    Eduardo Ramirez 5 months ago +1

    I just got one in the mail yesterday. Awaiting my Verizon sim that I had to get if I want it as a companion sim with my primary phone. Got it for $80, brand new, from Ebay. Too good to be true, right?! It works perfect☺️

    • Rilizgi
      Rilizgi 3 months ago

      Hi, Please tell me how long the battery lasts during normal use. Thank you

    • Joe Joe
      Joe Joe 4 months ago

      Wow! Thank you for this info. This is the only reason I haven't purchased this palm for long. I will try it tonight..

    • Eduardo Ramirez
      Eduardo Ramirez 4 months ago

      Joe Joe it will work with whatever, it’s an unlocked phone even if they claim it’s not. You can use the Prepaid plan. Enjoy your phone!

    • Joe Joe
      Joe Joe 4 months ago

      Hey Ramirez, I just got mine from Ebay @ that same price $80, and its unlocked. I wanted to know if the palm phone will work with a Verizon Prepaid line.. Not Contract..

    • Oscar Santillana
      Oscar Santillana 5 months ago

      I found a wire from a key chain chit and it worked at the Home Depot rental department

  • Jimmy G
    Jimmy G 5 months ago

    Will it work with Google Fi?

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  5 months ago +1

      I don't see why not. It just won't auto switch between T-Mo and Sprint.

  • Ryan Richmond
    Ryan Richmond 5 months ago

    @Myriam Joire
    Not sure if you still have this phone but if you do and can check, when you put another SIM in will the option for Mobile Hotspot become available in settings? I plan on using this phone remotely and want to check if I am able to do this and share to a tablet/PC.


  • VoteBrexit Party1212
    VoteBrexit Party1212 5 months ago

    If it was £99 and wasn't exclusive to the work Network in the UK.... I'd see it selling something, but currently it's just dead in the water.

  • Neon
    Neon 5 months ago

    I love this thing! It's sooo tiny! ^~^

  • abelncain
    abelncain 5 months ago

    I bought a Palm companion through eBay and turned out it was in non payment status through Verizon so it is locked. If not able to return, not sure if it'll be usable in any way after that.

    • Ryan Richmond
      Ryan Richmond 5 months ago

      Just so you know, eBay has a clause for this and regardless of seller's return policy, you can still return it if it was not advertised as locked due to non-payment.

  • John Du
    John Du 6 months ago

    I don't think texting SMS works unless you use Verizon with this phone.

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  5 months ago

      Just install any SMS app (like Google Messages) and make it the default texting app and you can text all you want with any SIM.

  • Ziembski
    Ziembski 6 months ago

    So basicly the companion and standalone version is bullshit?

  • TK
    TK 6 months ago

    Does your galaxy watch work well with the palm...I'm thinking about getting the palm phone as just my daily phone. I'm tired of big phones.

  • indra s
    indra s 6 months ago

    You paid usd350 for the Palm and usd10 for the Verizon simcard per month. Why use another simcard? The usd10 will be wasted, no?

    • indra s
      indra s 5 months ago

      @Myriam Joire I remember the day Dell came out with a 5" display and everyone said "wow". I long for the day where phones were less than 5". For example, the older Samsung A3 was just the right size. Cheers.

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  5 months ago +1

      @indra s you can buy this unlocked without a contract. Palm makes a standalone version.

    • indra s
      indra s 5 months ago

      @Myriam Joire Yes, in your case. What about for others?

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  5 months ago

      I didn't pay anything. I'm a tech journalist -- this is a review unit.

  • MrDank513
    MrDank513 6 months ago +1

    Will it work on sprint? I have 3 extra lines for free and would like to add to my plan

  • gabriel omar
    gabriel omar 6 months ago

    I just bought a Verizon version in Japan and I insert a nano SIM , it's work , but only 3G , how can I fix it ?
    do I need to flash a rom?
    help me please

    • TheWrathJJ
      TheWrathJJ 5 months ago

      There is a connectivity settings for your region and have to change the port I had to do it for an LG g2 that would only run 3g then I change the port settings and it ran 4g

    RAIHAN ARDIANI SAPUTRA 6 months ago +1

    hello.... may i questions :
    whats in palm phone have slot sd card ? please answer

  • Charkatak
    Charkatak 7 months ago +1

    Quick question. This model being a "companion" phone, will I be able to insert T-Mobile sim card and go through setup process and use it as standalone device OR I need to activate with Verizon sim first and then put in T-Mobile sim?

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  6 months ago

      @Patrick Richardson mine came with an active Verizon SIM since it's a review unit. I suggest you borrow someone's active Verizon SIM and use that to get past this initial step.

    • Patrick Richardson
      Patrick Richardson 6 months ago

      @Myriam Joire Hey Myriam. When starting my phone for the first time, it asks for a sim. I put my cricket sim and it said it wasn't a verizon sim and therefore cannot be used. Is this to be expected? Thanks.

  • Aircrackng
    Aircrackng 7 months ago

    Is yours the standalone model which is PVG100SVWQ or the companion model which is PVG100GVWQ? Is it still working for you?

    SUNIL KUMAR 8 months ago +4

    can be used in India?? It works?!!

  • instantchow
    instantchow 8 months ago

    So... Where's the cheapest place to buy one of these?

  • Yang Thao
    Yang Thao 8 months ago +1

    Myriam, Palm just announced a "standalone" version of this phone today. What do you suspect the difference in the models could be?

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  8 months ago +1

      No HW difference. Better battery life and camera quality due to better SW, which is coming to the non-standalone model.

  • zeeshan ali
    zeeshan ali 8 months ago +5

    Can i use it in india with indian sim cards

  • Jerome Joyal
    Jerome Joyal 8 months ago

    Wow thanks so much ! I'm gonna buy now ! Im from Canada so it will now works...

    ONLY ONE QUESTION : How is battery life if you use it not so much during your day?

    • Nacho -
      Nacho - 5 months ago

      you can guess ,this video lasts 4-5 minutes and as you can see on it's has spent 4% battery not doing any special :(

  • Joshua Duca
    Joshua Duca 8 months ago

    looks quite expensive phone it looks not a cheap because of smooth response of touch and swipe

  • Efraín Benítez Jara
    Efraín Benítez Jara 8 months ago +1

    I can use it with a SIM card from any country?

  • paul mauricio
    paul mauricio 8 months ago

    will it work to other sim cards or change to tmobile sim after i activated it via verizon?

    • paul mauricio
      paul mauricio 8 months ago

      Myriam Joire thank you so much for the nfo

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  8 months ago +1

      Yes. You don't even need to activate it on Verizon. There is no activation.

  • Donna Faupel
    Donna Faupel 9 months ago

    Hello Myriam, I tried using a verizon MVNO, data and text work but not calling, states server error. Can you help me with this please Thanks in advance.

    • Zachary
      Zachary 3 months ago

      @Kenneth Faupel How?????

    • Kenneth Faupel
      Kenneth Faupel 9 months ago

      I got it figured out on my own, Yeah !

  • Father Michael
    Father Michael 9 months ago +1

    I cant find a small enough metal, what did you use?

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  8 months ago +1

      I used the cleaning rod/pin from a 0.5mm automatic pencil, which I bent into shape.

    • Kenneth Faupel
      Kenneth Faupel 9 months ago +1

      Use a sewing pin with a head on it, bend it into a tiny l shape. These are not very strong, 1 pin will last for a couple of pulls

  • Ekaterina Shegidevich
    Ekaterina Shegidevich 9 months ago

    Where to get unlocked phone?

  • Shyam Prasad Reddy Mora

    How is the battery life ? Is it usable ?

  • ikhayyat
    ikhayyat 9 months ago

    Great, it works like a charm, however, 4G doesn't work outside the US, stuck on 3G for now.
    Any idea how to get it work?

    • Hai Le
      Hai Le 8 months ago +1

      Figured out after few days. It doesn't have 4G LTE on 1800Mhz. So if the network providers only have 4G on this frequency, the phone won't have 4G. Check it here:

    • Hai Le
      Hai Le 8 months ago

      Same to me!

  • Hai Le
    Hai Le 9 months ago +1

    Will the phone work if I change the T-mobile sim card prior to activating it? Another words, if I change the sim card immediately after un-boxing?

    • Myriam Joire
      Myriam Joire  8 months ago +1


    • Hai Le
      Hai Le 9 months ago +1

      Can activate without physically connecting to Verizon. Tested!