Franky Diamonds Miami Jeweler Teaches Us How to Spot a Fake Rolex & Schools us on Diamonds.


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  • Attention
    Attention 13 hours ago +1

    Meanwhile, my watch budget is barely $100, hahaha

  • E Nizzle
    E Nizzle 8 days ago

    Why hell rell rolex ain't at his house

  • Orphfin The Wizard
    Orphfin The Wizard 9 days ago

    Ufags trying to be BLACKS

  • TheBlackGenius ENGINEER

    He looks sketchy lol

  • demetri kavoukas
    demetri kavoukas 12 days ago

    Don’t buy that shit you can buy yourself a nice fake Rolex for fucking $80-$100 that will last you about 10 years why buy a real one for 30 40,000 women it’s only going to get stolen were you going to pound the shit when you don’t have any money to pay the payments on it and you’re only going to get back like five or six grand craigslist or pawn shop This shit is Racket by fake one look good and save your money for pussy and beer lol

  • demetri kavoukas
    demetri kavoukas 12 days ago

    Like you said you won’t lose that much so that means you’ll lose why buy if you’re gonna lose

  • Jiclf Sun
    Jiclf Sun 13 days ago

    Look at these dumb baboons drooling over worthless glass rocks and shit quality jewelery. I respect the man but there are much more important things in life. Like your children!

  • November Delta
    November Delta 28 days ago

    Most ghetto jeweler ever..Good thing Paul Blart patrols that mall

  • Murad Naghiyev
    Murad Naghiyev Month ago

    That's all low quality diamonds tho

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  • Ken Wood
    Ken Wood Month ago +1

    Lots of roaches stirring around, needs 2 or 3 dudes with assualt rifles or he WILL get robbed.

  • V lone Gloe
    V lone Gloe Month ago

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  • Jess izthebess
    Jess izthebess Month ago

    I've never bought any jewelry and sold it for what I bought it for I always end up taking a loss and that's b*******

  • Jess izthebess
    Jess izthebess Month ago +1

    Franky BOI teaches us how to get shot and killed then robbed for flossin too hard in public .....

  • rolandgrz1975
    rolandgrz1975 Month ago

    And you all those dumb simians.

  • Rachel Heu
    Rachel Heu Month ago

    Digital scale starting at $0.01

  • Muncie Pawn
    Muncie Pawn Month ago

    Diamonds are carbon, most dark inclusions are garnet,

  • Cole Rider
    Cole Rider Month ago

    This motherfucker is at an indoor swapmeet. 😂😂😂👍👍👍

  • Ameni Lukhele Ameni Lukhele

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  • outlaw75ba
    outlaw75ba Month ago

    Why put a diamond in a Rolex..stupid boor ,shit just in America devoid of elegance

  • buddha bless
    buddha bless Month ago

    This fools shop got robbed that’s what you get for opening up a jewelry store in a flie market in the hood dumbass.

  • Artifacts187
    Artifacts187 Month ago

    Chinese ....hmmm....must be cheap

  • Juan antonio Perez
    Juan antonio Perez Month ago

    Regalame una cadena mejor chino. 😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😊👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱😱😱👀😱👀👀😱👀👀👀😱👀👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱😱👀😱👀👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀👀😱😱👀😱👀😱

  • lakendrall Coleman
    lakendrall Coleman Month ago

    Rell got my pass codes😂😂

  • handsome25286
    handsome25286 Month ago

    Having that kind of jewelry In a place like that he asking to get robbed 😭

  • BirdSTL
    BirdSTL Month ago +1

    This video literally told us nothing about spotting a fake. First, to do so, feel the weight of the watch. If it’s hella light, it’s fake. Next, look at the glass over the date. If it doesn’t magnify the numbers to make em look big AF, it’s fake. Third, if there’s any markings on the back of the watch, fake. Lastly, look to see if the Rolex logo is on the band. If not, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake, but the band could be an aftermarket band. But still, if that wasn’t disclosed to you to begin with, it could mean seller tryna sell you a fake. On God.

  • Udo Etzberg
    Udo Etzberg Month ago

    Gold jewelry,for what?? To compensate for his missing personality.

  • james cutts
    james cutts 2 months ago +1

    Just saying if your shop was in London you would have no shop

  • Mackenzie Onyx
    Mackenzie Onyx 2 months ago


  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible 2 months ago


  • HeyYouPiKACHU
    HeyYouPiKACHU 2 months ago

    He could be the real life version of Franky from One Piece... selling and hustling n whatnot

  • Marco Longoria
    Marco Longoria 2 months ago

    You know sir mix a lot has a song about this guy😂😂😆😂😂

    DRU MAJOR 2 months ago

    Jhonny Dang will shit on you 😂

  • J S
    J S 2 months ago

    Eso es en el free market

  • Punk Rock Piper
    Punk Rock Piper 2 months ago +5

    Why do ghetto people spend money on trinkets and bobbles . Don’t start a business or invest, spend 20,000 on a sparkly watch that old women wear to church. They are like Neanderthal cavemen ooking And grunting over fire

    • RedFace Rambo
      RedFace Rambo 11 days ago

      Shit I wouldn't spend money on something like that I rather buy the same thing but a replica for 20$ instead of 2000$

    • Jiclf Sun
      Jiclf Sun 13 days ago

      Instead of worrying about their 7 kids.

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 2 months ago

    A Rolex is better plain then buying one with stones in it. Why because it decreases in value . And besides the plain ones look better. In my humble opinon.

  • Ben Deko
    Ben Deko 2 months ago


  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto 2 months ago

    The only nice watch was the one with no diamonds.

  • My PSN Sasep-
    My PSN Sasep- 2 months ago

    Ur shoppers gone rob you

  • repsol kb
    repsol kb 2 months ago

    Diamonds ain't worth it anymore. For one.. And who really use watches anymore I can't remember a time when watches were really used to tell time. You want gold get a gold phone lol atleast that's still fully functional and used with in you life

  • victor mendoza
    victor mendoza 2 months ago

    Golden Rolex with Japanese movements.

  • Rich King Torres
    Rich King Torres 2 months ago

    Jewelry made in china..zzzzuuuukkkkeeeeeyyyyynnnnnnaaa!

  • YsraeliteCulture
    YsraeliteCulture 2 months ago

    Black exploitation at its finest

  • m jones
    m jones 2 months ago

    Black people filming the shit and looking like some damn fools. Shit is pathetic. He probably laughed at them when they left.

  • Nayden
    Nayden 3 months ago

    ROLEX are whack too.

  • Nayden
    Nayden 3 months ago

    Bitch ass Nigga

  • Ruben Baez
    Ruben Baez 3 months ago

    Swap jewlewy vevvy vevvy cheep. 5 dolla. Wolex

  • baddogone42
    baddogone42 3 months ago

    2:11 sad folks are hot over the mans stuff..

  • Tommy Degreorio
    Tommy Degreorio 3 months ago

    Yeah I would destroy my Rolex or AP it's cool if you never want to sell it but let's face'll want to sell it at that point.

  • Today Yesterday
    Today Yesterday 3 months ago +1

    Best Replicas

  • Deshun Williams
    Deshun Williams 3 months ago

    Nice channel

  • Tom Stanton
    Tom Stanton 3 months ago +1

    I feel like this dude doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about..his parents own all that shit and he just puts mad inventory around his neck

  • Da_Project_ Prophet
    Da_Project_ Prophet 3 months ago

    Can't knock his hustle... But they are culture vultures...

  • Naemiiss Frias D
    Naemiiss Frias D 3 months ago

    Broo your parents have a store on manhattans too ??? 😂😂😂

    CUT THE CHECK DIARIES 3 months ago GET MONEY .☢️☣️ ice

  • Hakim Babali
    Hakim Babali 3 months ago

    Stupid Nice =)

  • Jomari Newman
    Jomari Newman 3 months ago

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  • Victor Cotto
    Victor Cotto 3 months ago

    He has no idea what a real or fake Rolex is. Dumb fuck

  • Victor Cotto
    Victor Cotto 3 months ago

    All the shitty Rolex piece he was showing was bling out with after market garbage -- watches you can get 2nd hand on the cheap, but when you flood it with all that shinny shit, they mark it up to sell you something you can get cheap at a obscene price. No real watch collector who has true passion for horology looks at that with respect. His watches are all shitters.

  • Ahmed Tofigh
    Ahmed Tofigh 3 months ago

    I swear he must have an AK under the table

  • Gustavo Freire
    Gustavo Freire 3 months ago

    not Rio de Janeiro

  • Clavell Coleman
    Clavell Coleman 3 months ago

    What's up Frankie

  • Six Lowa
    Six Lowa 3 months ago +1


  • Cofe seven
    Cofe seven 3 months ago

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  • A1Kev
    A1Kev 3 months ago

    I thought it said fake instead of Frank

  • Nyosha Caldwell
    Nyosha Caldwell 3 months ago

    Flexes "then plays save that money instrumental"

  • SilfortyElement
    SilfortyElement 3 months ago

    He got stung on the lips by a bee?

  • Doug D
    Doug D 4 months ago +1

    This is sad AF. Black people's very own resources and precious gems/metals being sold in POOR black communities by non blacks.
    Those people rob our lands in Africa and we do NOTHING to repair the damage europeans and arabs did, re-establish our connection to home, stop them from the robbery and reclaim our wealth.
    WAKE THE FUCK UP. Start having these conversations among yourselves. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT HISTORY PRIOR TO SLAVERY.
    Only by getting to the next generations can we win. White mainstrea/corporate media has BEEN attacking our young generations with their own music. Time we catch up.

  • Juwd Kraft
    Juwd Kraft 4 months ago

    One word Rel

  • Daniel O
    Daniel O 4 months ago

    He looks like an Asian jay z

  • Caine Crews
    Caine Crews 4 months ago


  • ? ?
    ? ? 4 months ago

    diamonds aren't forever rocks+for=peaubles

  • Harold Gálvez
    Harold Gálvez 4 months ago +1

    diamonds are good only for the beers monopoly

  • Game & fun Forall
    Game & fun Forall 4 months ago

    I do have 7.75 grams 22 karat 99.9 gold nugget!!! How much is this worth??? Anybody plz thanks

    • seeeLAH1
      seeeLAH1 Month ago

      7.75 Gram of 24K Gold

      Price: $414.51 CAD

    • seeeLAH1
      seeeLAH1 Month ago

      7.75 Gram of 22K Gold

      Price: $380.04 CAD

  • wzqko
    wzqko 4 months ago

    Have them haters broke asf

  • Ars 1
    Ars 1 4 months ago

    Dam little zipper bead!

  • BeerManSF
    BeerManSF 4 months ago

    Don’t customize ur Roli it will lose value like a mother fucker. Get a Rolex with factory diamonds .

  • Ciprian Dobrea
    Ciprian Dobrea 4 months ago

    How many mm width is that 550 gram chain? How long is it and what karat gold? Thanks.

  • Eziel Dawnarow
    Eziel Dawnarow 4 months ago

    my iq dropped by watching him speak... even his ssv and hiv stuff gave me a cancer. Fuck this guy gives me nightmares. Would you go to a shady place like that?
    fuck no.

  • Traveunnna Carter
    Traveunnna Carter 4 months ago


  • Olivia Cruz
    Olivia Cruz 4 months ago

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  • ramssimpala
    ramssimpala 4 months ago

    In a swap meet!!guetto jaja

  • Savage. Yvng
    Savage. Yvng 4 months ago

    does anyone actually believe this bullshit this guy saying

  • Jazz Sinatra
    Jazz Sinatra 4 months ago

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  • Edgar Rodspit
    Edgar Rodspit 4 months ago +1

    For all of you wondering, this is in the Village Flea Market Miami FL,
    almost everything is fake shit,, they sale Rolex Replicas, and a lot of crap , he drives a Toyota and Yes, he talk a lot of shit,, if you try to return the fale Rolex he will say was not the same he sold to you

  • Nlobo1993 Lobo
    Nlobo1993 Lobo 4 months ago

    Personally i think alot of gold and diamonds looks grotty. Im more of a subtle thin chain and maybe a small rolex. Clean looking like a de-badged car, to each their own tho

  • Edgar Rodspit
    Edgar Rodspit 4 months ago

    Flea market

  • 911 Porsch3
    911 Porsch3 4 months ago

    It supposed to be VVS Stone not SI correct me if I'm wrong

  • Liam’s Vlogs
    Liam’s Vlogs 4 months ago

    Ace Hoods Rolex fell apart on the red carpet, he got it from this guy 👀

  • Oscar Mulder
    Oscar Mulder 4 months ago

    print through peer earnings association financial uncomfortable lady museum acceptance.

  • jbvap
    jbvap 4 months ago

    "iced out rolex's lose so much value right after you buy them" *goddamnit* "well i mean, it depends on who you buy them from" *cough*cough*
    lmao. its all just so ridiculous the diamonds that is.

  • Jorge Cano
    Jorge Cano 4 months ago

    This is terrible.

  • Steve
    Steve 4 months ago

    Dude, this guy works out of a strip mall kiosk..He's seeling all fake shit.

  • bob Last
    bob Last 4 months ago

    Who buys this crap pimps and drug dealers?

  • William Weir
    William Weir 4 months ago

    U dnt look like afrank maybe a lee

  • teddy graham
    teddy graham 4 months ago

    This dude sounds like some one told him wat to say

  • Rockmonster Miami
    Rockmonster Miami 4 months ago

    I bought that $20,000 machine for 18,000 on sale and it still marks the fake jewelry real how to adjust it hahaha

  • L Blazeteam
    L Blazeteam 4 months ago

    SI1 is the shit