Casey Neistat's Guide to Filmmaking

  • Published on Oct 13, 2015
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  • Marija Radakovic
    Marija Radakovic 13 hours ago

    You are awesome! Finally i will not bother myself with money and cameras, and just focus on a story! Thanks for relief and inspiration!

  • moin khaja
    moin khaja 2 days ago

    Finally I understood law of diminishing returns thanks Casey

  • Mark Shrigley
    Mark Shrigley 3 days ago

    Learning SEO would be useful...

  • Ezequiel Ulloa
    Ezequiel Ulloa 4 days ago

    What wide angle lens is he using? Does anyone know?

  • Road Trip Joe
    Road Trip Joe 4 days ago

    never gets old

  • CinnamonSparkles
    CinnamonSparkles 5 days ago

    my secret to filmmaking: shallow depth of field.

  • Cait Kuentzel
    Cait Kuentzel 7 days ago

    Love his style! Freaking amazing. I’m new to vlogging and I would really appreciate some other TVcliprs advice on my vlogs. Please check out my work and let me know what you think! I’m welcome to any and ALL advice - thanks YT fam! 🎥🖤

  • Justin Garner
    Justin Garner 9 days ago +1

    An L-Series lens. I bet it is better than T-Series....

  • Explore with Svetlin

    Expensive camera prices are set in favor of the people needing an excuse to not use whatever camera they have and go create.

  • Arun krishnamoorthy
    Arun krishnamoorthy 10 days ago

    Anybody here from 2k19

  • Adnan Ashraf
    Adnan Ashraf 10 days ago

    Who's still watching this video in 2019? 🙋‍♂️

  • AdamMcGrath
    AdamMcGrath 11 days ago

    I wish I watched this before shopping for my camera stuff, 😭. Very interesting to know that the more you spend the return of quality reduces. Great vid for us aspiring creators.

  • KingTop Hat
    KingTop Hat 13 days ago


  • Vincent Mooch
    Vincent Mooch 13 days ago


  • Simon
    Simon 15 days ago

    Anyone else notice he has his Apple watch on upside-down.

  • Mauna Films
    Mauna Films 16 days ago

    If anyone else is trying to make it on TVclip, keep going don’t stop 👍🏼

    Ps- Remember to create your own niche

  • Khushboo Pidiyar
    Khushboo Pidiyar 18 days ago

    This guy's video's are awesome! 🤗

  • Dr. Craig Penny, Quiropractico Familiar.

    This was awesome! I'm going to buy a camera to start filming Chiropractic videos about peoples stories.
    Thank you for sharing this video>

    JEFBOT RADIO 20 days ago

    T6s had the best vid quality hands down! (for the money) it rivals that mark 3

  • DapperDan
    DapperDan 20 days ago

    Not only does Casey never beg for subs and likes he tells you to stop watching lol.

  • SimariSwirl
    SimariSwirl 22 days ago

    Diagram is king! Haha

  • Luke Faulkner
    Luke Faulkner 22 days ago +6

    If anyone here is making a film and wants music, I'm a musician keen to collaborate :)

    • Tanwir Firoz
      Tanwir Firoz 8 days ago

      Heyy Luke,
      Glad to hear.. Well I am making my first film and yes I do need a musician, Would you help me out..And how can I contact with you?

    • A J447
      A J447 22 days ago

      sure how do we get in touch?

  • だいOtaku
    だいOtaku 22 days ago

    Your new camera is great!

  • Ross Charters
    Ross Charters 22 days ago

    Brill tips 👍

  • To Ni
    To Ni 23 days ago

    This episode made me subscribe. 👏👏👏

  • Santa Fe Fashion Week™

    Great information

  • BrianOnTheGo
    BrianOnTheGo 26 days ago

    *Thank you.*

  • jimmyboy james
    jimmyboy james 26 days ago

    you vidioes are so helpful thanks

  • Justin J Pagan
    Justin J Pagan 29 days ago

    thanks man

  • YourTechGuy
    YourTechGuy 29 days ago +1

    what about Vixias?

  • Raffay 16
    Raffay 16 Month ago

    Love you Sir!!

  • Buchanan Games
    Buchanan Games Month ago

    canon powershot g5x
    stellar camera for maybe £400-£500

  • Jack David
    Jack David Month ago +2

    When I think of Casey I always think of the one quote he says. “Let me explain.”

  • Jeppe Røpke
    Jeppe Røpke Month ago

    I would LOVE to hear how and where you started getting your music from. This video is the reason I started to fiddle around with a simple Point and Shoot camera. I'm just having fun - but I'm looking for a way, to find 'better' music. I'm using epidemic sound, and they're great.
    But, I'm currently trying to make a tutorial on how to make a owl only using a pierce of wood, a chainsawsaw and a anglegrinder.. But the speaking parts is'nt really some 128 MP electro fun stuff. - Ya. I quess my question is - How do you find your music is my question?
    Thanks for changing lifes. Do what you can't!

  • musicluv80
    musicluv80 Month ago

    what kind of editing software does Casey use?

    DARK_CENTAURUS Month ago

    I got myself a t6s (coincidentally) because of the idea of diminishing return and getting a great picture quality at a great price. I'm glad to come back and see it's in the video as an example. I love it!

  • Gaming Geographic
    Gaming Geographic Month ago

    I have literally watched this video 10 times and I still have only 10 subs

  • SL කොල්ලෙක්

    Thank you 🙏🏽

  • WATch ME
    WATch ME Month ago

    Always a good story to tell😉

  • Zee Gee
    Zee Gee Month ago

    i use my smartphone

  • Citizen Gar
    Citizen Gar Month ago

    I miss BEME :(

  • aj hernz
    aj hernz Month ago

    after watching 5 in a row of ur vids casey i can say I'm now a fan. Keep doing what you do man! One love brotha 👊🇵🇭❤

  • José Antonio Durán

    Didn’t even make it to the very end. Got up and started filming. Thanks for the inspiration, bye.

  • Xyrel Kim Fernandez

    Sub me and I’ll do the same just comment

  • Jack Spilman
    Jack Spilman Month ago

    This was so inspiring. Thanks for the precious knowledge on diminishing returns and the actual examples of film shot on different cameras. Really valuable.

  • Remix's Bingga
    Remix's Bingga Month ago

    What camera and lens do you used?? Can somebody please tell me! Thanks

  • Chango Chilemba
    Chango Chilemba Month ago

    It's all about ideas (vision), use of the elements, and preparation...

  • sk vlogs
    sk vlogs Month ago

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  • caleb popplewell
    caleb popplewell Month ago

    The guy at the end. Ayyyyyu I live in colorado

  • Paz's Front Seat
    Paz's Front Seat Month ago

    This guy, is a true genius, he really is, something about his work that no one else can copy

  • Gary Burfield-Wallis

    Thanks great video and helping me to keep going. I have only just started making videos for TVclip and keep questioning if I am doing the right thing.

  • W426 1
    W426 1 Month ago

    6 minutes in how shit gear still works then 1 minute on story meaning a lot. Watch this over and over and you don't need film school.

  • Arham malik
    Arham malik Month ago

    who's watching it in 2019

  • nikhil s
    nikhil s Month ago

    I dont even have a real camera i just shoots pics and videos on my phone which has a 12mp camera lol and that is not a great camera

  • nikhil s
    nikhil s Month ago

    How do you get topics to vlog everyday

  • Ryan Sondak
    Ryan Sondak Month ago +1

    even if people don't like cameras and stuff, they'd probably still watch, they like you :)

  • Cameron Palmer
    Cameron Palmer Month ago

    Hey everyone! Casey has really inspired me and I have started my own TVclip channel, it would really mean a lot to me if you guys checked it out and gave me some feedback. Any feedback is good feedback as I’m just learning and getting my channel off the ground. Thanks a million! Cheers!

  • iVideo Gamer
    iVideo Gamer Month ago

    Why use paper when you can write on wood?

  • William Llambelis
    William Llambelis Month ago

    Casey let me know when you are looking for a apprentice lol would love to learn from you.

  • Ani Yahudi
    Ani Yahudi Month ago

    Youre an embodiment of quentin tarantino.

  • Dmitriy everything
    Dmitriy everything Month ago

    You know what I think you are one of the only Canon Fanatics that does not have a Canon 1dx Mark II

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 months ago

    Okay, first of all: great video, really inspiring. I am really grateful for that.
    But! What's with the graph man? It was so confusing!

  • HNZ GamingChannel
    HNZ GamingChannel 2 months ago

    Easy for you to say, you have all these expensive cameras

    Edit: Oh wait...

  • Regular Dude
    Regular Dude 2 months ago

    Easy for you to say, you have all these expensi--... oh...

  • Brosdrink reviews
    Brosdrink reviews 2 months ago

    Thanks Casey... been watching your videos for some time and you're the best.

  • anajane vlog
    anajane vlog 2 months ago

    Nice vlog

  • Sebastian Wilkey
    Sebastian Wilkey 2 months ago

    I get it....As I call it in the auto detailing business is called...The Point of Diminishing Return but for you its about camera's. Great video also.

  • vic placido
    vic placido 2 months ago

    Great video! Love ya bro!

  • Lisergiko
    Lisergiko 2 months ago +1

    PANASONIC GH5 (If you want a real camera that can compare to ARRI's and RED's video quality)

  • Lisergiko
    Lisergiko 2 months ago +1

    I have a Canon 5D Mark III that I bought two years ago when I started going to Film and TV Directing school. A photographer with no video/film experience convinced me into buying it, and he said it was the best, while cheapest DSLR for video shooting. Thinking back, he was the store owner's friend, and took a nice cut of the money I paid for bringing me there as a client and actually selling me the camera. The store owner didn't really talk, this photographer guy was the one who did all the talking, showing me the "amazing" features of the 5D.
    It's a heavy ass camera that will make everybody turn around and look at you. It can record a maximum of 1080p with very lousy dynamic range. Even when I get the urge to go out and take some pictures, I change my mind because it's really cumbersome and I don't have anybody to come with me. I am scared of shooting photos or videos out in the streets because I can get mugged. Uneducated people in my country think cameras cost tens of thousands of dollars. I've had numerous people come to me while filming, asking if I work for some TV channel, how much the camera costs, what am I filming and so on and so forth. It's really problematic, and the overall quality of the videos is BAD! Photos are wonderful, but you can find smartphones nowadays that shoot way better videos than my Canon 5D Mark III. Gear matters, in many different ways. If you're creative and want to shoot something at all costs, you can do it with anything, even a smartphone. But if you want to make quality content, you need the right gear. This applies to audio too, so don't be scared to invest in a good handy recorder and a shotgun mic or some cheap lavaliers!!!
    I am going to sell my Canon 5D Mark III as soon as I can, to buy a Panasonic GH5!

  • Vikram Krishnan
    Vikram Krishnan 2 months ago

    This is so helpful!

  • thematineeidol
    thematineeidol 2 months ago

    Awesome! Nice point! Will definitely keep that in mind.

  • スターターズ R&D
    スターターズ R&D 2 months ago

    I believe character is the king.

  • Thejus Gangadharan
    Thejus Gangadharan 2 months ago

    Casey can i win a free dslr from you...
    That would mean a lot to me. For continuing ma passion in automotive photography

  • 천도 River Peach_Logue

    Thanks for your video.
    It's still useful!

  • KoFay
    KoFay 3 months ago

    2018. rewatching this over and over and i learn something new everytime!

  • juliuz traveller
    juliuz traveller 3 months ago

    thanks for the tips

  • Jack Hansen
    Jack Hansen 3 months ago

    Ur graph made no sense

  • Haris Audio
    Haris Audio 3 months ago

    Casey my brother, this is all good, but it would have been better if you have explained how you actually make stories rather than any camera will do. With all due respect, we already know that. Hope you get to read this. Keep rocking bro.

  • Dhruv Rawat
    Dhruv Rawat 3 months ago

    Go pros have slow mo but point and shoot don't.. Right?

  • Keshav Rajput
    Keshav Rajput 3 months ago

    You should make one of these videos

  • SwaggySoul
    SwaggySoul 3 months ago

    camcorder or dslr?

  • Slav
    Slav 3 months ago

    So story for this video was a story.

  • Sibren
    Sibren 3 months ago

    Everytime I want to buy an expensive piece of equipment I watch this video

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown 3 months ago

    love you thx

  • Jack Hoppy
    Jack Hoppy 3 months ago

    Casey's Guide to Filmmaking:
    -Any camera will do
    -Make a good story
    If anyone didn't know this already from common sense, they probably don't have the capacity to make a movie in the first place.

  • Danyel Henrique
    Danyel Henrique 3 months ago +1

    Say that to MKBHD and his super expensive RED camera. hahahaah

  • Ali Safeer
    Ali Safeer 3 months ago

    He really knows what he is talking about specially the line if you spend more and more the outcome will be less and less improved

  • Mitchell White
    Mitchell White 3 months ago

    PS I have a Lumix g7 and it's 500$ and just ass good as yours

  • Mitchell White
    Mitchell White 3 months ago

    All I wish is to have a studio like u

  • Mitchell White
    Mitchell White 3 months ago

    Helped a LOT

  • isaw heaven
    isaw heaven 3 months ago

    Thanks Casey your insight was of great help to me on right time.

  • LuLeBe
    LuLeBe 3 months ago

    That camera diminishing returns graph had the axes switched from what they should be.

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    Shah Sahib Vlog's 4 months ago

    Subscribe me Too 📹📹

  • Lillian Pope
    Lillian Pope 4 months ago


  • Double D
    Double D 4 months ago

    When you find a video 3 years after it's posted and it's one of the most relevant vids you've seen to date :/

  • fourthy five
    fourthy five 4 months ago

    i used to record videos and edited using a 90$ camera

  • Dustin Barb64
    Dustin Barb64 4 months ago

    Really great video! This was really helpful. I just started my TVclip channel. So I'm trying to learn from you and other TVcliprs. You do an amazing job!

  • BE Adventure Partners
    BE Adventure Partners 4 months ago

    Absolutely love how you cut this together, Casey. The whole mirror showing which camera you're using was a cool touch to telling their story as you're recording from them! Just getting into filmmaking & you have definitely inspired a different point of view that's more raw & authentic than most others! Thanks dude! - Brian (Erin too!)

  • Damian Demasi
    Damian Demasi 4 months ago

    Nice! Thanks!