John Oliver - Lessons in Democracy (Red-Tailed Hawk)

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  • Corey Moore
    Corey Moore 19 days ago

    The point

    NH lawmakers heads
    I know this is 2 years old and no one is going to see this, but I wanted to post this anyways

  • AutumnOnFire
    AutumnOnFire 25 days ago

    They at least got a reason to hate their local government early.

  • Nicholas David
    Nicholas David 3 months ago

    What the fuck New Hampshire...

  • Anzac-A1
    Anzac-A1 5 months ago

    1:10 Government is NOT there to amuse kids. These kids wasted the lawmakers time by proposing pointless bill that no one asked for or wants.

    • Emilio Reyes
      Emilio Reyes 2 months ago

      GryphonSkull Sorry I misspelled...or mis-typed apparently XD

    • GryphonSkull
      GryphonSkull 2 months ago

      ... why the secrecy surrounding point 4? Very suspicious behaviour

    • Emilio Reyes
      Emilio Reyes 4 months ago

      Anzac-A1 Sorry, Force of Habit from being on the internet.

    • Anzac-A1
      Anzac-A1 4 months ago +1

      Why the name-calling? It's very telling that the first thing you do is insult me.

    • Emilio Reyes
      Emilio Reyes 4 months ago +2

      Anzac-A1 Ok dipshit, 1: it's not likely they were gonna tell those kids to go Fuck themselves. 2: if it really was a waste of time just make the dumb kids happy and pass the bill with no debate, don't insert your basic bureaucratic fuckery into it. 3:The whole thing *was* meant to teach kids how a state bill can be passed. 5: I think you fail to see how this all in all was a good thing, a healthy reminder that politicians can be idiots who can waste plenty if time on their own XD.

  • TakavaNirhii (near-eye)


  • KingQwertzlbrmpf
    KingQwertzlbrmpf 7 months ago

    0:46 46 sexonds in and I'm already rolling around on the floor laughing^^

  • foxman105
    foxman105 8 months ago +3

    Ok... Talking about planned parenthood in front of kids is just one hair away from telling them, "we don't like you and by the way, your parents should have aborted you. "

  • Andre Tsang
    Andre Tsang 8 months ago

    Can someone edit the red tailed hawk into the Last Week Tonight's Wikipedia page as its official raptor?

  • Florin-Titus Niculescu
    Florin-Titus Niculescu 8 months ago

    oh, the hawk shreds the poor victim with its beak, limb by limb... that idiot congressschmuck, is he a vegan? i bet not. he would tear flesh with his puny teeth if he got no hands and no tools and no fire, like the hawk. elected humans shaming non-humans for not being humans. pathetic.

    • GryphonSkull
      GryphonSkull 2 months ago

      oh! oh! I found the equivalent to the "idiot congressschmuck" who has to shoehorn in his own political jabs for no reason whatsoever! Planned parenthood, vegans, pfff all that progressive liberal propaganda, let's all hate on it whenever and wherever we can, no matter how unrelated it is to the actual topic!

  • Jon0503
    Jon0503 8 months ago

    Jesus, New Hampshire lawmakers are dicks

  • Brenda Li
    Brenda Li 10 months ago +1

    try to think it from the govs perspective tho, bc if they let that bill pass then many more like that may happen, and then what is the point of a mascot?, and think about how much paperwork and how hard it'll be for the gov. the kids likely shouldn't​ have brought the bill, and the school board should have thought it through (maybe in highschool with a v important bill, perhaps). with a bill the kids should be expected to be treated like adults. the Canadian gov would vote no too if that was the case. Don't just slam the government for that (although they probably should have been much kinder about it); they work their butts off for you guys. haven't you noticed the best way to get older is going into government?
    Politicians are not dicks - actually, they are; many people complaining about them actually can't seem to live without them, and well, figure out the rest.

    • Emilio Reyes
      Emilio Reyes 4 months ago

      Brenda Li was made by kids....i don't think it would've been so consequential.

    • no
      no 7 months ago

      Brenda Li lmao there are states with state hamburgers it's fine

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez 10 months ago

    yo! governors! remember these kids will be the ones vote for you soon.

    • Emilio Reyes
      Emilio Reyes 4 months ago

      Diego Sanchez Nah, most of them will be dead by then.

  • The Black Queen
    The Black Queen 10 months ago

    Jeez, Oliver was terrified at the hawk XD

  • Emilio Reyes
    Emilio Reyes Year ago +5

    The symbol for planed parent hood....ok, even as someone who's pro life...that was a little uncalled for buddy. I dont think the kids needed to hear that!

  • xirsamoht x
    xirsamoht x Year ago




  • Sephyrias
    Sephyrias Year ago

    That reminded me a lot of the mortal combat announcer 3:30

  • Brandon Buchner
    Brandon Buchner Year ago +1

    "Just vote yes and make them happy." The slogan of the Democratic party since 1932.

    • GryphonSkull
      GryphonSkull 2 months ago

      in the video, we can see an asshole using an innocent, fun topic to make an aggressive, unrelated, political statement
      in the comments, we can see...

    • Brandon Buchner
      Brandon Buchner Year ago

      Right but the party itself didn't really change too much. Not at first anyway. Only after they realized that they could get the minority vote despite a slew of racist policies that they had passed for decades

    • Cartman C
      Cartman C Year ago +1

      Brandon Buchner well i was just looking it up and it was saying that the democrats were pretty much your average republican today. So minorities at that time were more republican.

    • Brandon Buchner
      Brandon Buchner Year ago +1

      The party has been morphing ever since to try and capture more votes from the disenfranchised. They finally took it too far this election and completely neglected their base. Poor working whites. Cost them the white house.

    • Brandon Buchner
      Brandon Buchner Year ago

      Nope. Check your history bro. 1932 is where minorities began voting democrat in huge numbers despite that party being the party of racism. They were also the party of the poor white worker and promised more benefits and work during the depression. Black people across the country had to decide to abandon their racial principles and identity in favor of the chance of economic stability and have been voting that way every since.

  • Ryan Wenzler
    Ryan Wenzler Year ago +1

    What Last Week Tonight has taught me about congress is that they spend an awful lot of time complaining about their jobs.

  • Loyda Santana
    Loyda Santana Year ago +2

    That state senator was beyond inappropriate and disgusting. Talk about voter disconnection!

    • Anzac-A1
      Anzac-A1 4 months ago

      These kids are a long way from being able to vote, and will likely forget about this.

  • J. Murphy
    J. Murphy Year ago

    The kids really did learn about politics, they learned that Republicans are a bag of dicks, that's all you really need to know.

  • Katie Mirassou
    Katie Mirassou Year ago

    I gasped so hard I choked on my own spit!

  • Tim  Anderson
    Tim Anderson Year ago +1

    ever see a group of people who need to thrown into the ocean ???? I just did

  • Martin F. White
    Martin F. White Year ago

    293 representatives seems a bit excessive for a state the size of New Hampshire.

  • treedevil
    treedevil Year ago +24

    lmao-- the congressman describing the red tailed hawk sounds exactly like every 6 year old child on the playground who is SUPER EAGER to share what they read in their zoobooks

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres Year ago +5

    Perfect example why most politicians are pieces of shit.

    • Anzac-A1
      Anzac-A1 4 months ago

      You say that without knowing who 90% of politicians even are.

  • David Walcher
    David Walcher Year ago +62

    1:30 And this, kids, is a fucking asshole in his natural habitat.

  • sugerapplebottom
    sugerapplebottom Year ago

    I'm not sure if they are ripping off the Texas law hawk guy or are making it part of the joke.

  • vint J
    vint J Year ago

    lesson in democracy? it is a joke now. look at it! u are dickhead if you don't pass the bill that will cheer the fourth graders? why? they are cute and future generations! do what ever that make them happy. I agree that people pay government work for the people, yet, not in an amusing way. A comedy show will do better.

    • Emilio Reyes
      Emilio Reyes 4 months ago

      I'm sorry can you spell correctly i can't read alot of your idiocy yet.

  • Aye-Htun Ohn
    Aye-Htun Ohn Year ago +23

    Kind of explains why Trump is popular around NH...

  • Alan Tyson
    Alan Tyson Year ago +10

    Is John Oliver one of the most powerful people in America?

    • Indojin Music
      Indojin Music Year ago +3

      Think so yeah..Ability to execute and portray the real from the bullcrap! To me ....the most pwrfull indeed man

  • Ben Jackbag Mank
    Ben Jackbag Mank Year ago +3

    If you need to pass something just because a class of 4th graders suggested it and they will be sad if you don't, can we get a class of forth graders to propose getting money out of politics? This story is so stupid.

    • Anzac-A1
      Anzac-A1 4 months ago

      What point? Allowing a bunch of kids to propose a bill and then expecting it to be passed IS stupid.

    • TheSilverPhoenix100
      TheSilverPhoenix100 Year ago +14

      +Ben Jackbag Mank how shitty of a childhood did you have exactly, i dont know if i should be pissed at you or feel bad for you

    • Dunno Simpson
      Dunno Simpson Year ago +21

      guess who missed the point

  • Something Clever
    Something Clever Year ago +1

    Just when I think I can't hate politicians any more. We are so screwed until my generation dies off. I am sorry

  • BuddhatheBlackDog

    totally agree w the legislature.why be upset when kids get hit with reality

  • DreamingClouds
    DreamingClouds Year ago +4

    If they dish out crap on the red-tail for being a predetor and eating meat I just need to hear their thoughts and opinnions on the bald eagle...

  • juan catfish
    juan catfish 2 years ago +2

    What a douche.

    • Emilio Reyes
      Emilio Reyes 4 months ago

      juan catfish Wait the Senator or Oliver, cause I will fight you over one of the awsners.

  • crewmate
    crewmate 2 years ago +101

    That midair 360 catch was pretty sick, indeed.

  • Mythology Guy
    Mythology Guy 2 years ago

    This was a bad moment in NH history

  • Bel-Shamharoth
    Bel-Shamharoth 2 years ago +6

    Why does it feel like John gets more shit done in one week than the government?

  • Ciaban K
    Ciaban K 2 years ago +9

    Man the British nerd sure looked uncomfortable around his show's official raptor.

    • crewmate
      crewmate Year ago +10

      +Ciaban Krommenhock More like deep respect. I mean, have you seen that mad 360 catch?

  • Troy Van
    Troy Van 2 years ago

    So we should do whatever the children say? While we're at it, why not make those children state reps?

    • Intronaut
      Intronaut Year ago

      Because making someone a government official is not the same as deciding on a state raptor.

  • tSp289
    tSp289 2 years ago +243

    Well, those children certainly got a lesson in civics. They learned about small-minded stubborn stick-in-the-mud dickheads willing to disappoint their constituents out of spite and crowbar in a reference to their favourite political hot topic.

    • Anzac-A1
      Anzac-A1 Month ago

      Not EVERY election, also, the difference between the US and all other countries, is that the crazy candidate doesn't actually win.
      Second, Hillary, as we now know, only won because the Primary was rigged in her favour, and Trump only won because America is the only nation that uses the electoral college system.
      Point is, you can teach kids about politics in the classroom, like any other subject. After all, you don't take them into space to learn about space, do you. I agree, all young people should learn about how US politics work, especially after the clusterfuck that was 2016. However, there are more effective ways to do so. This instance will likely result in those kids not giving a shit about voting in the future. As such, no visit is better than a potentially bad visit here.

    • LupineShadowOmega
      LupineShadowOmega Month ago

      If the state of the system is irrelevant, then the fact that children can't vote should likewise be so. The competence of children isn't on trial here, that would be the competence of lawmakers instead. And I'm saying that amusing children wasn't the point. It was getting children educated and engaged with the process. Which literally would have been what happened if they'd been doing their jobs instead of trying to grandstand.
      Yeah, yeah. All the time there is someone trying to tell America what its politics look like to the rest of the world, which always seems to come from someone that doesn't know a whole lot about politics in other parts of the world. If this is the silliest thing you've seen in politics then I don't care where you're from, you haven't been paying enough attention. Politicians are just people, and surprise surprise, people can be abject morons. Look up the last elections for the majority of European nations and tell me again how strange and off putting Trump is. He's the same sort of con man you run into every election, they guy that can promise the moon and not even deliver dust from the vacuum. Europe has them. Asia has them. South America, Africa, Australia.
      On top of that, he didn't even win the popular vote and was running against one of the most disliked democratic candidates in recent history and that was after she defeated a rather popular democrat in the primaries. In short, people where pissed off and petty, it gets the better of us all.

    • Anzac-A1
      Anzac-A1 Month ago

      Well, there's a good reason children aren't allowed to vote.
      Also, I'm not saying what the politicians did was right or good. All I'm saying is that at it's heart, politics is about running a country, not amusing children. The actual state of the specific political system in question is irrelevant. It's also things like this story that explain why the rest of the world views American politics as a joke; you guys view politics with such little care that you think having children propose a bill is a sensible idea, and you elected a man like Trump to lead you, despite the fact that I know for a fact that I, a 23 year old would make a better President, because I am actually willing to learn about what the job entails, and also willing to accept advice when it is offered, and ask questions if and when I don';t understand something.

    • LupineShadowOmega
      LupineShadowOmega Month ago

      Anzac-A1 tell it to the guys you see on your screen every time you turn to whatever Cable news outlet. Politicians are a part of and looking for photo opts all the time. Getting noticed by the media allows you to bring public attention to whatever issues you have going on. They aren't cloistered monks and they sure as hell aren't so busy in a day that they couldn't have brushed through things and got on with the day. What they did was obvious grandstanding.
      As for sitting in on a random bill, yeah their teachers sure were assholes for make an empty gesture to get their students involved with and looking into the law making process. Indeed, how dare they try to give their children a stake in what's happening or understanding the processes at work. They should totally have just listened to someone drone on about how good a job they're doing as lawmakers and how they deserve the raises their giving themselves.

    • Anzac-A1
      Anzac-A1 Month ago

      Maybe, but politicians are NOT there for entertainment, they are there to run things. If you wanted to educate children on how bills are proposed, debated and then passed/rejected, you could've just allowed them to sit in during a regular bill hearing.

  • Jason Martin
    Jason Martin 2 years ago

    Time to overthrow the government.

  • John Myers
    John Myers 2 years ago

    I remember doing a report on the Red-Tailed Hawk in elementary school.

  • Ashmeed Mohammed
    Ashmeed Mohammed 2 years ago


  • Curtis Young
    Curtis Young 2 years ago +287

    I lost my fucking shit when he used CHILDREN'S BILL to make a statement on Planned Parenthood. What a raging asshole!

    • J. Murphy
      J. Murphy Year ago +16

      So basically, once again Republicans pretending their desire to fuck over the poor has anything to do with ethical questions.

    • Nostripe361
      Nostripe361 Year ago +22

      +buxxi90 planned parenthood is a group made originally to deal with things such as unwanted pregnancy and stds. They help people understand how to use protection and birth control pills.
      And they do do some abortions but also a lot of non abortion health services for women like mammograms for those who are poor.

      ITs become a issue in american politics because it recieves government funding and provides abortions. So some lawmakers want to defund it since they argue that it is using tax payer money to "kill babies". However none of the government money is used (or even legally allowed to be used) for abortion services. So taking all that money away will only impact the other health services they provide to poor people.

    • Master Markus
      Master Markus Year ago +6

      I'm also an outsider, so I don't have _all_ the information, but to my knowledge they _do_ provide abortion services (which the far right tends to get up in arms about) but they also provide some more general health services to women or concerning sexual health and/or pregnancy.

    • buxx
      buxx Year ago

      +Curtis Young From an outsider: What is planned parenthood? Abortion clinics or something?

    • avis119
      avis119 Year ago

      +Jason Martin Well yea, that's what John is saying, it was pointless to discuss it in front of kids. And I wouldn't be surprised if that guy had mentioned the whole ripping thing just to take a cheap shot at planned parent.

  • Florian Wicher
    Florian Wicher 2 years ago

    I don't know if it's usual to pass useless bills like this in the US and I see how it's uncomforting to the children - but seriously guys, democracy is not a game and putting useless bills like this in front of your representatives which they HAVE to discuss just slows down the political process.

    • Cosmas Dexie
      Cosmas Dexie 11 months ago

      Florian Wicher The answer isn't the problem. The problem is that, just like the Falcon, they fucking tore their bill apart limb by limb. They could have defeated it and not be giant assholes.

    • Sairam Kaushik
      Sairam Kaushik Year ago

      Are you for real?

    • Witty Username
      Witty Username 2 years ago +9

      It would've taken less than 5 fucking minutes to sign a bill and make the kids happy. They probably would've gotten to more pressing matters sooner if they weren't being humongous dicks about the fucking bird law and they knew this was coming when they invited the fucking kids to see it in action.

  • TheGoldcountry
    TheGoldcountry 2 years ago +1

    "WHAT is WRONG with you?!?!" I wish I had the answer, John, because I wonder the same thing.

  • deathhound7
    deathhound7 2 years ago

    Shit, I hope Missouri hasn't pulled this crap. If it doesn't violate partisan line, doesn't have any negative effect whatsoever, and makes some god damn kids happy and actually eager to take part in our flawed, hopeless democratic process, THEN FUCKING DO IT!''
    New Hampshire is a pussy state.

  • garcemac
    garcemac 2 years ago

    There are six "people" there. I am assuming all the sane councilors stayed home because they knew these assholes would insult children.

    • garcemac
      garcemac 2 years ago

      +garcemac In a somewhat related message: The following link leads to a brief article about Pamana - a massive, BEAUTIFUL!!! (more exclamation marks...), highly endangered, Philippine Eagle that was recently re-introduced into the wild after being hand raised in a sanctuary because, err, there is only a couple hundred of them left. Some guy - not an American dentist - just killed him. For the heck of it. Because, why not? But this species is all but gone, and - because it is in the Philippines - it gets no help, assistance, media, or respect. THIS raptor is literally bigger than you - and There are fewer than 250 of these magnificent raptors left. Cecil the Lion caused the world to raise its voice over social media, but this beautiful raptor has barely illicited a whimper. Because America was not involved.

  • Cyclone11
    Cyclone11 2 years ago +8

    I'd say that the kids got a very realistic taste in politics....

  • Daniel Jacobson
    Daniel Jacobson 2 years ago

    can someone tell me what the first two sentences are he is saying? i just can't understand it or just don't get the joke..

    • Canned YumYum
      Canned YumYum 2 years ago +1

      "New Hampshire: Where "Live Free or Die" is a legitimately difficult decision."
      Live Free or Die being NH's state motto.

  • skrahnha
    skrahnha 2 years ago

    they got a lesson in real democracy

  • MusikCassette
    MusikCassette 2 years ago

    Well they certainly got a ralistic impression, what it is like, to try to pass a bill.

  • ThaGodWeCreate
    ThaGodWeCreate 2 years ago

    That's not tha worst thing those pedophiles do to children...

  • Gonzo HxC
    Gonzo HxC 2 years ago

    That was no 360° you morons, that was a cashroll, one of the harder tricks in BMX. A 360° is a joke compared to a cashroll.

  • Tangerine Farmer
    Tangerine Farmer 2 years ago +38

    Every state needs a state hot dog. I respectfully submit Oscar Meyer Wieners.

  • BoggWeasel
    BoggWeasel 2 years ago

    Some people take every facet of life waaaay too seriously, pompous gits, thanks John glad "Red" has a good home.

  • RedRupie
    RedRupie 2 years ago

    "In March 18, 2011, the U.S. state of Utah-as a way of honoring M1911 designer John Browning, who was born and raised in the state-adopted the Browning M1911 as the "official firearm of Utah"."

  • ungratefulmetalpansy
    ungratefulmetalpansy 2 years ago

    Politicians are all psychopaths, inhuman machines wearing suits, old people with brains made of Swiss Cheese. Crappy old humans that should be sent to the retirement home so their babble can't harm the rest of us.

  • FelpHero
    FelpHero 2 years ago

    This reminds me of that South Park episode where Stan's team of kindergarden students gets to play against the professional Red Wings team, and they get completely butchered with teeth and blood flying out everywhere and their little friend dies at the hospital that day because they lose the game

  • Thomas Bryant
    Thomas Bryant 2 years ago

    This is hilarious. I have to say that it's right that the State House worked that way that day. The kids are supposed to learn and boy did they! I don't know what the teacher thought of all of this after the fact but I'd like to give that teacher a raise in pay for really engaging the kids in something cool and worthwhile instead of boring them to death in class with "Education".

  • NinaMay
    NinaMay 2 years ago

    wow... Ass hat alert.

  • PIlotrcm
    PIlotrcm 2 years ago

    Wow municipal governments are stupid.

  • Izzy Cinister
    Izzy Cinister 2 years ago

    Only in New Hampshire!

  • Salsagirl66
    Salsagirl66 2 years ago +2

    These kids may have been disappointed, but they did get a very realistic view on what politics has become in the US.....

  • SomeDudeOnaCouch
    SomeDudeOnaCouch 2 years ago

    Hawk 360 no scope pheasant!?!

  • frank jones
    frank jones 2 years ago +14

    Oh cmon guys, Tobias would be an awesome state raptor!

  • justachannel
    justachannel 2 years ago

    I have a group of third graders who want you to make the brown rat the official vermin of _Last Week Tonight_.

  • CJ T
    CJ T 2 years ago

    Those assholes didn't just kill those kids impression of a government that gives a shit, that's going to seriously damage their motivation to LEARN IN GENERAL!

  • Tacos Buenos
    Tacos Buenos 2 years ago

    teach kids that the world will be handed to them on a silver platter, that's the American Way.

  • Tacos Buenos
    Tacos Buenos 2 years ago


  • David Umstattd
    David Umstattd 2 years ago

    seriously though seeing that hawk grab that pheasant was freaking amazing.

  • Robert Bosshardt
    Robert Bosshardt 2 years ago

    At least they were being honest about how politics work.

  • Caitlin Hallihan
    Caitlin Hallihan 2 years ago +27

    Special mention goes to the falconer who adds a small look to the camera before extending the hawk closer to the terrified john oliver.

  • Esperanza Martinez
    Esperanza Martinez 2 years ago

    I think these children had an unfortunately accurate experience with the government.

  • william badovinac
    william badovinac 2 years ago

    John Oliver goes from funny to pathetic in less than a year. His next appearance should be replacement for Barbara Walters on The View where "a sort of male type" is sadly needed.

  • AVKnecht
    AVKnecht 2 years ago +1

    What's the problem? The sooner little kids learn that politicians don't give a fuck about them the better.

  • yoyoBrando
    yoyoBrando 2 years ago

    I have just one problem with this clip. The hawk towards the end did not do a 360. That was clearly a flair.

  • Luke Lewis
    Luke Lewis 2 years ago

    The Red tailed hawk could freedom the ass off their state bird.

  • Eden264
    Eden264 2 years ago


  • BenFairbank
    BenFairbank 2 years ago +1

    New Hampshire: a state where until quite recently it was legal to shit in public and one of the last states to crack down on pedophilia. They sure shot down that hawk bill quick tho...

  • Jordan Gons
    Jordan Gons 2 years ago +2

    "Just vote yes and make them happy" is a stupid argument. Why shouldn't they shoot it down? Do you really think they want it to be the norm to just pass tons of bills and waste there time with stuff like this.

    • XxHarrisongxX
      XxHarrisongxX 2 years ago +4

      It's one bill that really, really doesn't matter. If you're going to shoot it down, don't invite the children in the first place. This was a bunch of bureaucrats with too many skeletons in their closets to even run for national office making children cry and pushing unrelated agendas. These guys are dicks.

  • Py N
    Py N 2 years ago

    Why aren't there any comments about John Oliver's hilarious reaction to having a red tailed hawk right next to him

  • Maxnext Pluto
    Maxnext Pluto 2 years ago

    the legislators could have tacked on a pay raise for themselves while passing this.

  • Luc Buydens
    Luc Buydens 2 years ago

    So those kids learned how politics really works. Excellent field trip.

  • Herman Langland
    Herman Langland 2 years ago

    I fucking LOVE Joh Oliver!

  • Jeffrey Pierce
    Jeffrey Pierce 2 years ago

    He shouldn't have sworn so much during the video -- how can the teacher show that video to his/her class?

    • usernameaeo
      usernameaeo 2 years ago

      +Jeffrey Pierce If it's a public school, those students are likely already familiar with the practice of sprinkling obscenities into one's speech. It's a timeless playground rite of passage, if I recall my school days correctly.

  • burazfly
    burazfly 2 years ago

    Planned Parenthood was founded by Eugenics like Margaret Sanger who created American Birth Control League that due to its horrifying policy's had to change name to sound friendly into planned parenthood.
    This show is proof that democracy naturally leads to tyranny.

    • TheZags18
      TheZags18 Year ago

      It's not eugenics; no one's being forced to have an abortion.

    • burazfly
      burazfly 2 years ago

      Eugenics-is the belief and practice which aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population.
      You do understand that was Hitler goal as well Darwin father who studied genes of genius to eradicate weak class people such as gipsy, jews, blacks and white people who were average working people. And yes most people who don't want to have children support eugenics they hate humanity itself and think of themselves as different human beings almost like aliens or they feel like it on this planet.
      Eugenics is not dead it is starting to get more and more power. What do you think abortion is? Something revolutionary? It is plan to eradicate poor class same as artificial fertilization to create obedient class all by Huxley novel Brave New World.

    • usernameaeo
      usernameaeo 2 years ago

      +burazfly I'm probably going to regret getting involved, but you are aware that Margaret Sanger is dead? Her ideas on Eugenics were actually rather popular at the time she founded the organization.I never intend to get pregnant, but I'm thankful for Planned Parenthood and birth control. I take it for medical reasons and it's saved me from a lot of excruciating pain.

    • burazfly
      burazfly 2 years ago

      What shady history, shady history is for people who don't read history they call it shady. Planned Parenthood is well known for eugenics for anybody that makes any research out of curiosity.
      Soda pop Fanta and Nazis invention don't have anything to do with eugenics but interestingly you have mentioned Nazis because they have something with Planed Parenthood or Birth control league. They acutely took American eugenics textbooks as advise how to create super-humans that is were originally idea come from, families like Huxley wrote book that I personally have Brave New World (1932). How to create Utopia of 5 classes of people who will be incapable to create any rebellions against scientific dictatorship ruling above them that manipulate genes before birth and growing people inside glass containers . Quite a horrible master piece even for today i advise anybody who can to read it.

    • MissNayNay
      MissNayNay 2 years ago

      +burazfly There are a lot of things used today that had a shady history, and yet Planned Parenthood is the only one that comes up. John Oliver made a video about how the soda pop Fanta was invented by the Nazis, yet I see no one protesting about that.

  • Joris ridder de van der Schueren

    IN AMERICA you say???? hahahahahahahahahahahaha, they first have to find in a dictionary the MEANING of the word, hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Drummer_Jez
    Drummer_Jez 2 years ago +1

    and to think ... politicians are always using children as a crutch ... "think of the children" "stop bullying" ... etc and they all just basically said ..." FUCK YOU KIDDIES!!! fuck you until you are old enough to join the army and vote ... then fuck you anyway" i mean .. they could have worded it in a way that was complex and using big words that would go over their heads

  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 2 years ago

    Love how the guy, in a round about sort of way, pretty much called the kids who put the bill forward "bastards".
    Nice guy.

  • ZeiglerJaguar
    ZeiglerJaguar 2 years ago +4

    Sorry, Tobias. New Hampshire's legislature is clearly riddled with Controllers.

  • Hugo Lalumiere
    Hugo Lalumiere 2 years ago

    Just another proof that politicians are right there among the lowest form of social frickin' scum. They go out of their way to look ridiculous and garner hatred. Geez.

    FNGLHR 2 years ago +62

    When the guy went off on planned parenthood I basically wanted to know what the fuck was going on? Why the hell did they act like this in front of children? It's not going to hurt anyone! Just let them have their state raptor! The hell crawled up their butts and decided to make them assholes for the day? Christ.

    • Anzac-A1
      Anzac-A1 4 months ago

      But the thing they wanted to do was pointless. Why not something beneficial?

    • ocadioan
      ocadioan 2 years ago +1

      Yeah, it is better to beat out the hope of them before they enter politics. That way, only the truly ideological minority and those willing to get paid/bribed will be left.

    • FNGLHR
      FNGLHR 2 years ago +2

      +ocadioan Well that's a pretty shitty lesson. Basically they made these kids not want to participate in government. The lesson is, you will be treated like shit for wanting to do something by people who are jackasses. How the hell does this inspire children to want take part in their country if the lesson is "Your actions are pointless!" Seriously, American politics just seem full of more and more asshats by the day. No wonder they can't get anything done.

    • ocadioan
      ocadioan 2 years ago +3

      +FNGLHR I don't know. It seems like it was a better learning opportunity for the kids of how the government really works.
      They are going to take your legislation(regardless of importance), and bash it and hijack it to spread their own hateful agenda until you wish you had never proposed it in the first place.
      "Stay in school kids! And some day, the rich bullies in your courtyard will get to decide what your life should be like!"

    • Olin Kirkland
      Olin Kirkland 2 years ago +5

      +FNGLHR "for the day" i think they're just like this

  • Monica Derr
    Monica Derr 2 years ago

    Ah, home sweet home.

  • dune3001
    dune3001 2 years ago +15

    i wonder is the kids' teacher had to explain to them afterwards what planned parenthood is and why that guy said it was a better mascot for them...hawkward...

  • elcnature
    elcnature 2 years ago

    They showed a lot of Harris's Hawks in their Red Tailed Hawk video...

  • Johan Lundberg
    Johan Lundberg 2 years ago

    this is how the US government works

  • themadblonde
    themadblonde 2 years ago

    Love the segment, but pretty sure the bird at 3:38 is a Harris Hawk. Harris Hawks are ALSO cool, but they're not Red-Tailed cool.