Upgrade - Trailer Review


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  • MiniTario
    MiniTario Month ago

    2:17 this voice omg

  • Alcoholic Goat
    Alcoholic Goat 3 months ago

    So it's a low budget Deus Ex movie?

    ONEWAYUP 4 months ago

    I watched it and its fucking awesome... the ending thou 😥😪

  • Krackins Lord
    Krackins Lord 4 months ago

    I thought it was ben 10 upgrade

  • EmmeYa Tolo
    EmmeYa Tolo 8 months ago

    I like your video and i enjoyed the movie

  • MetalGear SniperWolf
    MetalGear SniperWolf 8 months ago

    50 dislikes? Probably Solo fans...

  • Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson 8 months ago

    This movie is bad ass, this guy talks to much.

  • gatokiki01
    gatokiki01 8 months ago

    Please review the movie because that ending tho!

  • Anthony Lizaola
    Anthony Lizaola 8 months ago

    Just saw the movie, pretty damn good.

  • efrain sanchez
    efrain sanchez 8 months ago

    Are I gonna review it?

  • Matthew Lands
    Matthew Lands 8 months ago

    Venom anyone? Still excited for upgrade

  • Terrence Wade
    Terrence Wade 8 months ago

    This movie was great.

  • Wang Yi-Kai
    Wang Yi-Kai 8 months ago

    Well, you mentioned M.A.N.T.I.S., now I am going to watch it

  • Blood Moon Comix
    Blood Moon Comix 9 months ago

    Basically, the audience gets to hear what "Doctor Octopus" was hearing when his A.I. chest harness fused to his spine and began to communicate with him. And with the protagonist searching for his wife's killer, we have "Martin Riggs" meets the T-800" .......... (with a healthy dose of violence and gore to sweeten the deal!) Cult classic? Oh I hope so! :)

  • Mad Max Rockatansky
    Mad Max Rockatansky 9 months ago

    Venom 2.0

  • Ryan Arey
    Ryan Arey 9 months ago

    Dude hell yeah jeremy! I wanna see this shit, it could be super dope! Why isn’t anyone else talking about this

  • raindownchoas
    raindownchoas 9 months ago

    The ninja line was funny

  • snarkus63
    snarkus63 9 months ago

    Looks like something along the lines of "Crank" and "Hardcore Henry".

  • Adam Warlock
    Adam Warlock 9 months ago

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the star is not-Tom Hardy from Prometheus.

    LAST-LINE 9 months ago

    I absolutely want to see this movie.

  • DrakeBarrow
    DrakeBarrow 9 months ago

    +1 like for remembering MANTIS

  • Mimi C
    Mimi C 9 months ago

    thank you for not shitting on the trailer

  • SLAV
    SLAV 9 months ago +1

    This movie will kick ass

  • Nick Hoover
    Nick Hoover 9 months ago

    Prediction plot for Upgrade: The main bad dude has a chip like thing as well. The doctors planned for this to happen so they can test their newest technology against the old, or they lost control and want to destroy the old one at least. The bad guy may not be "bad" at all. He just may not have any control of himself whatsoever. In the end the "hero" of the story finds out that the true villains are actually the doctors and tears the whole project down. Stan is bad tech!

  • Rrock Cj
    Rrock Cj 9 months ago

    I get total *"Venom"* vibes.. Don't you?

  • Grindstein Entertainment

    Lots of similarities between this and the Venom trailer.

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez 9 months ago

    As long as it doesn't take itself too seriously and just has fun with it's concept, then this can be a really entertaining movie

  • J M
    J M 10 months ago

    No u

  • Josh S
    Josh S 10 months ago

    "Shut down" *faints* LOL!

  • LORDE 2729
    LORDE 2729 10 months ago

    this is basically mass effect andromeda's storyline boiled into a john wickish plotline universe

  • Lekan Taiwo
    Lekan Taiwo 10 months ago

    He has the intersect

  • Sa Jones
    Sa Jones 10 months ago

    After watching the Venom trailer...Sony must be shitting themselves. The main characters even look alike.

  • Rene Roux
    Rene Roux 10 months ago

    Altered carbon

  • Katai Mason
    Katai Mason 10 months ago

    Marvel's Blue Beetle?...Wait nope sorry.

  • Billy Mccafferty
    Billy Mccafferty 10 months ago

    Any thoughts on how Mr Marshall-Green must be feeling now that his doppelganger's new Venom trailer has been released and seems to be following a very similar premise?!??

  • IDKTBHable
    IDKTBHable 10 months ago

    Might pull a Suicide Squad with the trailer.

  • Frederick Bird
    Frederick Bird 10 months ago

    a review of a trailer, "I saw a trailer" hahahaha

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 10 months ago

    Soooooooo, i just watched this vídeo thinking it was a new channel trailer, and i tought you got Little clips of Ur best vids in a montage, i just realised it was a real movie in the end, wtf?

  • bamm86
    bamm86 10 months ago

    Come on dude! will somebody address the big ass elephant in the room?? It's exactly like VENOM!

  • torkuma gbaa
    torkuma gbaa 10 months ago

    Did Upgrade hack the Venom trailer or is it the other way round? Curious

  • Pooltastic
    Pooltastic 10 months ago

    It's more like SAM

  • Catbythetoilet
    Catbythetoilet 10 months ago


  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 10 months ago +1

    I actually have really big hopes for this movie, who knows, this could very well be the surprise sleeper hit of the year just like the first John Wick

  • Luke Rollins
    Luke Rollins 10 months ago

    Looks cool 😎

  • Stephen Kabaker
    Stephen Kabaker 10 months ago

    The trailer looks amazing. It looks like it gives us a tried & true reason to have a fun, guiltless time watching people get their ass handed to them. Props for the M.A.N.T.I.S. reference.
    P. S. When "STEM" is in control, does he feel what he is doing (e.g. muscle exertion, pain, etc.)?

  • Trash Boat
    Trash Boat 10 months ago

    it's vega from doom !

  • Angela
    Angela 10 months ago

    It gives me "Be More Chill" Musical vibes in terms of the tech.

  • eduardo torres
    eduardo torres 10 months ago

    Jeremy you got to watch Inuyashiki (Amazon Prime) this movie is sooooo similar to that its 9/10

  • Milton2k
    Milton2k 10 months ago

    I am actually pretty excited for this movie....Looks my kind of action/sci fi/fun movie.

  • kronos48221
    kronos48221 10 months ago

    I hope it goes the tale tell route

  • david r macri
    david r macri 10 months ago

    Looks like a fucking blast to me.

  • killer kessler
    killer kessler 10 months ago

    My only comment for the trailer when that fight kicked up was damn

  • erw2016
    erw2016 10 months ago

    I liked the trailer and I’m glad you talked about it.

  • ConcreteRoseCJ
    ConcreteRoseCJ 10 months ago

    The moment he said "permission granted" and that camera motion kicked in..I was pretty much sold lol

  • Martin Mendiola
    Martin Mendiola 10 months ago


  • Minnesota Turtle
    Minnesota Turtle 10 months ago

    I am super excited for this one. I have a feeling it's going to be either extremely well done, or dogshit.

  • Moody dude
    Moody dude 10 months ago

    Dude for the 10th time ,watch Legion (the show not the shitty movie) & review it

  • garg0v
    garg0v 10 months ago

    There is a red band version where you can see the beheading is actually something worse imo, instant extreme joker

  • Bruno Martinez
    Bruno Martinez 10 months ago

    @Jeremy Jahns I do my best to avoid seeing trailers as much as possible. That’s why I DVD my and my wife’s shows, skip the commercials, no, increasingly giving up the entire story previews. But this, I just the T.V. On. I was going through another bought of insomnia. I have to yell you this brought right back to one -of one on one my favorite shows ever. The cast had the perfect chemistry, that grew as they grew as people. It’s a shame that season 5 started to sink and just went of the rails season 6. Zachary Levi’s so underrated, my next wife, the talented transcendent beauty, Tharp this felt so very authentic, Miss Yvonne Strahovski. I would do anything for her. Adam Baldwin was perfect for the character he played and the man outstanding team, The trailer for this movie brought all the memories flooding over. I am most definitely IN!!

  • Max Madmax
    Max Madmax 10 months ago

    I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy this movie as much as I enjoyed Chronicles.
    Cool movies about super powers, even if they're not Marvel movies are still cool !

    Unless they're done by DC, obviously...

  • Alec
    Alec 10 months ago

    Blue Beetle any one?

  • Ad T
    Ad T 10 months ago

    Slow the fuck down and take your meds

  • hhjk377
    hhjk377 10 months ago

    that actor is great in the tv show Quarry.

  • Bryan Johnston
    Bryan Johnston 10 months ago

    Hotel Artemis what are your thoughts?

  • Richard Cline
    Richard Cline 10 months ago

    Reminds me of Parasite the Maxim

  • Al Hoyt
    Al Hoyt 10 months ago

    Thank you for telling about this trailer. :)

  • Omega Yeet
    Omega Yeet 10 months ago

    So Dues Ex: except he's the only one with that power, and it's only a brain chip.

  • Frank Melendez
    Frank Melendez 10 months ago

    I love that MANTIS is receiving acknowledgement now

  • The Not-Especially-Intimidating One

    Person one: please talk about 'Hotel Artemis'

  • william crow
    william crow 10 months ago

    eternal buttsex

  • xRengarx
    xRengarx 10 months ago

    I love his face when he is beating the crap out of the dude lol.

  • InaR1019
    InaR1019 10 months ago

    Just came from your 2011 last airbender review. My god you look way better now! Makeup or just better lighting? And your delivery is more entertaining now unlike boring eyebag jéremy jahn of 2011.

  • VforVinico
    VforVinico 10 months ago

    Do You Were Never Really Here!

  • J.E.M.'z
    J.E.M.'z 10 months ago

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Final Trailer

  • Chris Ang
    Chris Ang 10 months ago

    Didn’t even know this movie existed

  • Marc Bradley
    Marc Bradley 10 months ago

    Hey Jeremy did you like the old Death wish movies?

  • CookerMe
    CookerMe 10 months ago

    Thematically, seems like a live-action version of the anime Parasyte.

  • Ansh Bindroo
    Ansh Bindroo 10 months ago

    ‘This is the trailer I wanted to talk about’ HOW ABOUT INCREDIBLES 2!?!?

  • Bryce Murphy
    Bryce Murphy 10 months ago

    This movie is probably going to be the most amazing film these producers have made yet. This trailer looks extremely rad despite the fact that they tried to ruin it for me by listing every dog shit movie they all produced prior to this work of art.

  • Andrew Sanchez
    Andrew Sanchez 10 months ago

    isle of dogs review when?

  • chris j
    chris j 10 months ago

    Upgrade vs limitless make it happen.

  • ChristianGamer
    ChristianGamer 10 months ago

    Jeremy you’re my favorite reviewer! I know you play video games, what system(s) do you play on?

  • miri
    miri 10 months ago

    I didnt know about this movie until now xD
    looks good, I would watch it

  • Crappy Rapper
    Crappy Rapper 10 months ago

    Man, did Leigh Whannell up his directing skills, clear James Wan inspiration from his camera techniques. I dont care how this movie will turn out, I'm going to see it

  • Edd Guiltinan
    Edd Guiltinan 10 months ago

    Mainly being a Leigh Wannel film already has my ticket

  • Hierarch Artanis
    Hierarch Artanis 10 months ago

    saw the trailer a few times while ago, I laugh that Jeremy gets more views than the red band trailer thats been out for nearly 3 weeks and 20% of the overall views of the main trailer in less than 24hrs.

  • Davarion Jarvelle
    Davarion Jarvelle 10 months ago

    I was hoping you saw this and did a review. I just feel like this would be a movie you'd really enjoy.

  • Ronin
    Ronin 10 months ago

    this would have been an awesome platform DC could have used for a blue beetle movie!

  • Mr. Geo
    Mr. Geo 10 months ago

    Dude your first 30 seconds are great and spot on lol

  • emperor sampson
    emperor sampson 10 months ago

    That trailer is great. I hope the movie is great.

  • SolidPancake
    SolidPancake 10 months ago +1

    The reason this movie is hypeing every one up and is going to do so well (it fuckin better) is because when you watch the trailer it’s not being to flashy, it’s giving the basics and showing you some cool stuff from a movie they more then likely made for fun and profit of course but it’s not focusing to hard on the profit aspect. And HOLY FUCK it’s and original-ish idea, yeah it’s a plot that’s been used before but it’s not a reboot or an unnecessary sequel or worse, a universe set up

  • None Luiz
    None Luiz 10 months ago

    you forgot god's not dead 3

    NEFALINO 10 months ago

    I guess Tom Hardy was too busy so they got his stunt double.

  • Superly awesome
    Superly awesome 10 months ago

    Can you review the trailer for the movie Eighth Grade directed by Bo Burnham? I’d like to see what you think about this trailer.

  • Jacob Bastian
    Jacob Bastian 10 months ago

    Every movie this dude is in i assume isnt going to be good, because i feel like they wanted tom hardy, but tom hardy thought the script sucked and turned it down, so the studio is like "get that guy that looks like tom hardy to do it!"

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy 10 months ago

    Got my Interest.

  • yoshimasterleader
    yoshimasterleader 10 months ago

    It looks the best anime film I've seen in years.

  • Breeze
    Breeze 10 months ago

    Only because you recommended it, I'll check it out.

  • ruben e delgado
    ruben e delgado 10 months ago

    It's gonna be ass

  • OcihEvE
    OcihEvE 10 months ago

    Have I seen it? No, No I haven't and even TVclip doesn't seem to give a shit. When you reviewed the Solo Trailer they had links all up in my face, so I could go watch it. This time they seem to think I want to play World of Warships..