Making MINI PIZZA with POKIMANE | Cooking With Marshmello


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  • Marshmello
    Marshmello  6 months ago +24763

    I think i'm in love....

    with pizza!

  • Mercy_Swayyツ
    Mercy_Swayyツ 7 hours ago


  • Eduard Gjini
    Eduard Gjini 7 hours ago

    I think marshmello is stealing my pizza!

  • Yathu Aravinthan
    Yathu Aravinthan 8 hours ago

    Taking to ur Xbox to play fortnite tuday U
    can take me to moisty more but not loot lake.lets make some pizzza🍕🍕🍕

  • Yathu Aravinthan
    Yathu Aravinthan 8 hours ago

    Remember Maarshmello with Ninja playing duos on the tournament and won a game 😀

  • NARUTITO :v Uzumaki #Nesquito

    Algún puyo español? :v

  • ShxtHydroxyz Gaming
    ShxtHydroxyz Gaming 20 hours ago

    Marshmello ❤ Pokimaine
    there a match

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond 21 hour ago

    Damn marshmello

  • MessedUpHairline
    MessedUpHairline 22 hours ago

    Right when she's about to take it... FRIDGING CUTS 1:54

  • Tabitha Ingermann
    Tabitha Ingermann 23 hours ago

    Hey marshmallow tell BenDamin wants to add her and she is cute please and thanks not in mean way

  • joacox _Yt
    joacox _Yt Day ago

    Vaya video mierda

  • munnil
    munnil Day ago

    Pokimane is so pretty

  • Sri lakshmi
    Sri lakshmi Day ago

    Mello u r crazy

  • Jio Dhan
    Jio Dhan Day ago

    I hate this girl

  • Ur Qween
    Ur Qween Day ago


  • Styxia
    Styxia 2 days ago

    Turn on the controller

  • Omar 7000
    Omar 7000 2 days ago

    Omg... Thats a THICC

    Pizza (You Thougt -_-)

    ElKNUCKLES_XD 2 days ago

    Xbox is the best console

  • DJ45 Garcia
    DJ45 Garcia 2 days ago

    Inst Pokemane a thot

  • Alaston Zelda
    Alaston Zelda 2 days ago

    It's starting to get annoying when people have controllers but they dont know how to use them...i mean they r just fingering the damn things

  • craig Piatos
    craig Piatos 2 days ago

    Thats thicc

    My ass ^^)

  • Fierce Icon
    Fierce Icon 3 days ago

    This was just too cringe

  • do you know dae wae
    do you know dae wae 3 days ago

    Plot twist: pokimane Is marshmello's secret girlfriend

  • boneless mickey
    boneless mickey 3 days ago

    The best reference was superhot dun vr game though

  • FuDark Darker
    FuDark Darker 3 days ago

    I guess marshmello is pokimanes gf?

  • j_oblo
    j_oblo 3 days ago

    Let's not focus on what happened after that video.

  • BIG CHuNgUs
    BIG CHuNgUs 3 days ago

    Marshmello clapped dem cheeks with the helmet on.

  • Skelter170 Yasin
    Skelter170 Yasin 3 days ago +1

    Did you notice that they are playing Fortnite like if you know fortnite

  • ツItsJason
    ツItsJason 4 days ago

    T H I C C

  • Mr. Toast
    Mr. Toast 4 days ago

    Local news: *famous Fortnite streamer myth kills famous Dj marshmello!*

  • Hanna Cao
    Hanna Cao 4 days ago

    Can you cook with ninja

  • gandor wii u
    gandor wii u 4 days ago

    make a cooking with marshmello with cravings journal

  • Brogan Rigby
    Brogan Rigby 4 days ago

    Marshmallow better be careful, and poki his floppy cock will destroy her 😂

  • Dana Beavis
    Dana Beavis 4 days ago

    Would marshmelo where his mask to a funrl

  • KSENIA VLOG 2019
    KSENIA VLOG 2019 4 days ago

    Русские вы хде?

  • Im Jincredible
    Im Jincredible 4 days ago


  • tiovixion Astra
    tiovixion Astra 4 days ago +1

    *Even the DJ's want that booty*

  • rodrigo
    rodrigo 4 days ago

    Jajja un cago de risa jajaja . Alta paja escribir en ingles like si hablas los 2 idiomas

  • Goblin Dudes
    Goblin Dudes 4 days ago

    You guys didn’t link the clap to the default dance. Very disappointed

  • Cold Zetzity
    Cold Zetzity 4 days ago

    You know pokimane sucked marsh you know what

  • voltex
    voltex 4 days ago +1

    1: pokimane plays on xbox
    2: fortnites two player

  • Maxcoolguy FTW
    Maxcoolguy FTW 4 days ago

    Is no one going to comment on the faces pokimane made??

  • The Real Paul Yt
    The Real Paul Yt 5 days ago

    this so cringe and gay

  • s K ! P
    s K ! P 5 days ago

    They should fuck

  • Trapk_9
    Trapk_9 5 days ago

    You cant play split screen

  • Nik Minute
    Nik Minute 5 days ago

    You look nervous marshmellow. Oh wait...

  • Bozinho 46
    Bozinho 46 5 days ago

    Myth lefted the party...

  • Twitch Nike07532
    Twitch Nike07532 5 days ago

    Pokimane is Very Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Yogo32
    Yogo32 5 days ago


  • .
    . 5 days ago

    Am I the only person who realised that the Xbox button on their controllers is marshmellow

  • xd Drdrop
    xd Drdrop 5 days ago

    Now everybody is shipping marshmelloxpoki 😴😴

  • Dz Penguin48
    Dz Penguin48 5 days ago

    Poki thicc!

  • Jonatan Do AmJOMATANor

    DJ marshmallow eu duvido você jogar forty night e vem pegar as melhores armas arriscar P90 Sniper pesada e a doze pesada do jogo Fort night ganhar essa partida e não esquece de pegar madeira nem eu sei lá mais coisa para construir para perder

  • Rosen The Hacker
    Rosen The Hacker 5 days ago

    Tooo bad the girl don't know how to cook

  • spooktober Is here!
    spooktober Is here! 5 days ago

    They look good together

  • sins jhonny
    sins jhonny 5 days ago

    Kinda cringey

  • iqbal asyraf
    iqbal asyraf 5 days ago


  • Fabrizio Diaz
    Fabrizio Diaz 5 days ago

    This feels like a Gordon ramsay how to video

  • EmceeKwabe
    EmceeKwabe 5 days ago


  • malachi Brooks
    malachi Brooks 5 days ago

    Dam marshy I think you in love also people say that mini mello is you littiel sister

  • Doggo Gaming
    Doggo Gaming 6 days ago

    i want yes give pizza i will yes darn dang pizza

  • Tsz MarioBizkers
    Tsz MarioBizkers 6 days ago

    marshmello have a thicc butt

  • Jack Swain
    Jack Swain 6 days ago

    U inspire me so much love u and your songs😊👌🏻😂

  • Pearl From splatoon 2

    Marshmallow do you know fortnite

  • Dan Bugg
    Dan Bugg 6 days ago


  • MédiaTech
    MédiaTech 6 days ago

    Best duo of TVclip! 😍

  • YT_Supreme Tsubaki
    YT_Supreme Tsubaki 6 days ago

    Ok Marshmello my son making moves

  • Malyni Games
    Malyni Games 6 days ago

    Myth has left the chat

  • UndertailSans101
    UndertailSans101 6 days ago

    TSM Myth joins the chat

  • Happydemon
    Happydemon 6 days ago +6

    I think marshmallow is in love with pokimane. Like if you think so to.
    Comment if you don't.

  • Happydemon
    Happydemon 6 days ago +1

    The truth is

    That the controllers wasn't on. So how did they play?

  • DicarDii
    DicarDii 6 days ago

    Que bien come el cerdo

  • Fishfire31
    Fishfire31 6 days ago

    Did anyone notice at 18 seconds the controller moved places

  • shtk asasin
    shtk asasin 6 days ago

    Plz marshemollow heart my comment pleasssssss

  • 6arcia
    6arcia 6 days ago

    That looks weak as fuck stupid bitch

  • kzjxlnzs zhisksjx
    kzjxlnzs zhisksjx 6 days ago

    I shipp you with Anne-Marie
    *Change my mind.*

    RYAN XCM 6 days ago +1

    Marshmallow wanna poke ,,,poki,,,,poke ,,, if u know what I mean 👌🏼😂

  • leandro imperato
    leandro imperato 6 days ago

    A vera pizza c’avemo noi 🇮🇹

  • Risen Deity
    Risen Deity 6 days ago

    Damn Mello tapped before Myth

  • brett thomson
    brett thomson 6 days ago

    You have to be fucking joking!! shit vid

  • Mobil Bryan
    Mobil Bryan 6 days ago


  • GamingWithPizza
    GamingWithPizza 6 days ago +1

    What can I say, I’ve always been one to enjoy pizza...

  • Straight savage Films


  • I'm Poppy
    I'm Poppy 6 days ago

    Hey fellow virgins passing by...

  • go commit not living

    Sorry but these edits are just cancer

  • Lucari_Brix
    Lucari_Brix 7 days ago

    How much you wanna bet Marshmello was playing with Marshmello in fortnite

  • Layton Jackson
    Layton Jackson 7 days ago


  • 111Romix
    111Romix 7 days ago


  • Santiago Monroy
    Santiago Monroy 7 days ago

    1:27 pokemon healing sound in a pokemon center

  • Jey Melon
    Jey Melon 7 days ago

    Damn bite your lips more!

    I hate when that happens when i eat pizza

  • Aldin Kovačević
    Aldin Kovačević 7 days ago

    How the controller got on the counter hahaha 0:18 ;)

  • _____ _____
    _____ _____ 7 days ago

    Your thicc

  • toxic quesadilla
    toxic quesadilla 7 days ago

    F poki.


  • Multiplayer_master _Gaming

    I like your song happier

  • kenta
    kenta 7 days ago +1

    можно фул с этой дамой?

  • Tonantzin Moreno
    Tonantzin Moreno 7 days ago

    That looks like my ass

  • Tonantzin Moreno
    Tonantzin Moreno 7 days ago

    Suck that d boo

  • Tonantzin Moreno
    Tonantzin Moreno 7 days ago

    Marshmallow is so overrated

  • Lizard Lover
    Lizard Lover 7 days ago

    Myth sees video*
    Secretly eats a whole bag of marshmallows while crying

  • EnderCon Boy
    EnderCon Boy 7 days ago

    Dude you are a insane