R. Kelly's ex-wife tells her story of their marriage: 'People have no idea'

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
  • Drea Kelly was his principal dancer and choreographer as well as his wife for 13 years and the mother of his children.
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  • tina anderson
    tina anderson Day ago

    m.tvclip.biz/video/cSlQ4r4RYLg/video.html Lol 😝 😂

  • tina anderson
    tina anderson Day ago

    Lol they are saying the Feds may indite her she was there with him fake tears 😂 😂

  • kez nar
    kez nar 2 days ago

    Why wld u have 3 kids with someone u think has been abusive from day 1. I don’t understand this since she’s not underage something doesn’t add up . Am sorry 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • William Bang
    William Bang 2 days ago

    When gold digging goes wrong

  • Kenneth Lopez
    Kenneth Lopez 3 days ago


  • So Conscience
    So Conscience 3 days ago

    She's at the image of the Alicia Keys song, a Superwoman as we can all be, being strong "when it's the last option" like Bob Marley said...

  • Constance Fowler
    Constance Fowler 5 days ago +1

    Drea is the 2faced acting ho

  • Albino Natividad
    Albino Natividad 5 days ago

    Why did sge speak only now?

  • Margiez.
    Margiez. 12 days ago

    I am too busy dealing with my own abuse....i have paid for my name with blood sweat and tears #strength...

  • Gwen Renee
    Gwen Renee 14 days ago

    Back again still watching surviving R. Kelly The brother in the 3XL prison garb just said Liketed not liked but he added that extra ed.

  • Gwen Renee
    Gwen Renee 14 days ago

    I'm watching surviving R. Kelly on Netflix and Andrea ? Kelly is speaking about how they met ......................They coming out of her mouth are so so the same as the words that Angela Bassett portraying Tina Turner In What's love got to D With It. It is such a classic tale of tales...................Down that same fn rabbit hole again and again.

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 14 days ago

    Okay, well fuck. Mad. Geez.

  • Katie Potter
    Katie Potter 16 days ago

    Compare this documentary to leaving neverland, these women AINT lying. The boys I’m leaving neverland show no emotion or have no clue what they’re on about. To the victims of R Kelly I prey you’re ok, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Ivan Miller
    Ivan Miller 18 days ago +1

    End Times People !

  • Ivan Miller
    Ivan Miller 18 days ago

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  • Josiee Dogbah
    Josiee Dogbah 18 days ago

    This ridiculous find another thing to talk about bitch dammit

  • Slime And Doh
    Slime And Doh 19 days ago

    Most of the PARENTS are to blame for their daughters being abused by R. KELLY. They took their daughters to him even though they knew about the allegations but chose to ignore it due to the fact they thought their precious daughter would be a super star.

  • RL Driver
    RL Driver 21 day ago

    I don't believe Shit this woman is saying neither do I believe the other trashy ass hot ass girls, they wanted to be with him so they got what they want.

  • The Self-Lovening
    The Self-Lovening 22 days ago +1

    To experience domestic abuse in any form is the most terrifying, humiliating, soul violating thing a human can experience. I think Drea is an absolutely incredible woman. By leaving and by telling the world her experiences she's potentially saving lives. It's so important that people speak up.

  • Goy Fawkes
    Goy Fawkes 22 days ago

    She obviously sees a benefit to keeping his last name. If you think this man is garbage or evil, why would you want any association after the fact of this discovery and even after your own removal from his life? "I paid for my name in blood, sweat, and tears", said the former Mrs. Adolf Hitler. Of course this is hyperbole to emphasize the point of driving at.

  • John Marc Degaard
    John Marc Degaard 23 days ago +1

    Imagine watching this interview along with the documentary and say "I don't believe her"

    AGNES BHAREL 23 days ago

    Bullet to his brain 👹😈☠

  • 88ntil
    88ntil 23 days ago

    I’m more upset he chose to fuck with HER lol she’s trash nigga you can do way better.. she looks like Bobby brown mixed with uncle Bens

  • Tony Cervantez
    Tony Cervantez 23 days ago

    Drip drip drip pee on you

  • Cóy M
    Cóy M 24 days ago +4

    This woman is amazing it hurts to see a beautiful black women married and done like this. And as a mom she's a strong woman. And the kids are so cute and amazing as well. 🖤💜💛

  • K. ToTi
    K. ToTi 25 days ago

    she looks like the Grinch with his head shaved

  • Keaun Tv
    Keaun Tv 25 days ago

    I’m so happy for her ❤️❤️

  • Silly Rukus
    Silly Rukus 26 days ago

    I hope Kelly kills himself and where the fuck are the parents of these children?

  • Mr. Bacon
    Mr. Bacon 26 days ago

    "...household name with the release of this mega-hit"
    *I Believe I Can Fly plays*

    Excuse me WHAT

  • Alejandro Mayer
    Alejandro Mayer 26 days ago

    R Kelly Bump & Grind what's up Guys what happened

  • Shivon Nevius
    Shivon Nevius 26 days ago +3

    Alot of these women tell the same story and how they were abused and locked up and starved. Had to call him daddy ask to eat and go to the bathroom. Shits fishy.

  • Sydney Prescott
    Sydney Prescott 26 days ago +2

    Bad men can also be very talented 🤷‍♀️👹

  • gatchalover_2019 tehehe
    gatchalover_2019 tehehe 27 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who is just wondering and I didnt know r kelly mad ei believe I can fly XD


  • DEE MC
    DEE MC 27 days ago

    If you didn't like what was going on. Call the Poe Poe or Just leave you silly bitch! Instead of going on a world tour talking shit about your children's father..

  • ThisGrl Here
    ThisGrl Here 28 days ago +1

    She let him SHIT in Her MOUTH 👄 ! Lmao

  • Horatio Jones
    Horatio Jones 28 days ago

    What? A music star who's narcissistic and self absorbed? Gotta be the first time THAT'S happened! 😂

  • Siddharth Bala
    Siddharth Bala 28 days ago

    Yes, you are a tool.

  • Rocquel Modeste
    Rocquel Modeste Month ago +1

    I'm not one to judge and I'm in support of any negative acts upon another but r.kelly needs to come his realization...from my perspective I want nothing relatable of my abuser attached to my being...suffering from abuse one should not feel like they paid in horror to retain a title...no one deserves that

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  • Jr Beble
    Jr Beble Month ago

    She's lying. Free mr. kelly

  • 9aliraf
    9aliraf Month ago +2

    THEY let him do what he wanted for 25 years now THEY dont need him anymore. Thats what THEY do

  • paul oliver
    paul oliver Month ago

    half these women commenting .... i didn't realize how young she was.. she was 14..... bullshit

  • Robin Star
    Robin Star Month ago +1

    I see white people dont know much about Robert or Drea. This lady knew he was “messing around” with Aaliyah and dated him as he was getting the annulment. Drea was in the video titled Summer Bunnies in which you will find her shaking her ass with an underage Aaliyah also in the video profiling. Lack of accountability does not make you a victim. She knew what type of guy this man was when she got with him. And how sick that she would be with a man you knew was with a 15 year old.

  • David M.
    David M. Month ago

    When you lay down into the snake pit the snakes will all turn on each other and devour each other
    ! It never seizes tp amaze me how the gangsters get into show business and they became trash before they got into show business and they are trash when they climb up the ladder and they trash everybody around them on the way up and yet they dont realize that one day they will have to account to everybody they trashed on their way down the ladder when they fall from grace and yet they still play the victims role and blame everybody else for them becoming trash and now garbage for Satan himself and they talk like they were Good Outstanding Christians before The fell to shame! Dont they believe that God will shine light and expose all the wicked ones on this earth in the last days and we are surly seeing that happening all around us every day?

  • Haven McCollough
    Haven McCollough Month ago

    But u still want the name/fame.. foh

  • Haven McCollough
    Haven McCollough Month ago +1

    Don't believe you..

  • Austen Lenihan
    Austen Lenihan Month ago

    she got a nice house from it all though

  • Let's Be Friends!
    Let's Be Friends! Month ago

    Can somebody please tell me the name of the women who interviewed drea kelly

    INDLIS Month ago


  • Alexa Gray
    Alexa Gray Month ago


  • DeBoSki Gunn
    DeBoSki Gunn Month ago

    Ya'll still believing this Bitch

  • raul flores
    raul flores Month ago

    If u werent bumpin Kells in the early 2000s u aint a real G

  • Titanic the greatest ice bucket challenge

    Shut up gold digger lmfao

  • Ejup Ganic
    Ejup Ganic Month ago

    what a stupid woman actually, yeah she did not know, she liked the money like all them other girls

  • NaySay Network
    NaySay Network Month ago

    If this bitch dont shut her ass up

  • zardo 5v
    zardo 5v Month ago

    Out of ths sht thts said about R Kelly, him & her should have worked something out anything to make sure he have a relationship wth his kids tht nigga suppose to use all hs power to see hs kids cuz if he get locked up fo some yrs he gon think about hs kids, so Robert go to your kids an she should keep thm out of all tht bs from media social media all of it, cuz thts there dad.

  • lil krispy
    lil krispy Month ago

    Ben Wilson would’ve beeen so disappointed in this man...

  • BirKulumIste
    BirKulumIste Month ago

    these women asked for it. They knew what RK was. His abuse of Aaliyah. Still they got in with RK.

  • Apollox44 Pollo
    Apollox44 Pollo Month ago

    As a rule i NEVER believe the ex wife unless there's documented footage. But in this case, enough women have come forward (like with Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein) that it's credible.

  • Marcus Ward
    Marcus Ward Month ago

    #MeToo It Happens to Men | Marcus Ward Show tvclip.biz/video/DxUh0V1_o48/video.html