Julian Newman Almost Gets ARRESTED!? Jaden Is HEATED & Julian Struggles At Dyckman 😈

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    Hello Newmans is BACK!! It's time to continue the unreal journey of Julian and Jaden Newman! We got you with all the behind the scenes and exclusive look into the famous fam's lives.
    It's summertime in Florida and the Newmans are balling out as a family! Jamie is buying up every firework in town so that they can do this 4th of July RIGHT. The whole fam is excited for the party, but Julian is NO WHERE to be found! Where my guy been at??? Ohhhh... he's back with this EX GF!?
    Julian's parents are all over him in this episode as they try to figure out why Julian been so secretive. When they finally crack the case... it gets outta control.
    Meanwhile, Jaden is just trying to enjoy her summer and stay as far away from the Julian drama as possible. She's chillen with friends by the pool and getting excited for their trip to NYC!
    After the 4th of July party gets rowdy and Julian blows up the neighbor's car... it's time for them to take a trip to New York. The family is hella awkward as Julian's gf joins them for the trip.
    They get some family fun time in but then Julian has a game at Dyckman. That's the legendary park in NYC where if you don't come right, people will destroy you. Julian starts off the game rough... can he bounce back??
    Hello Newmans is back and better than ever. We'll be dropping an episode every Saturday at 12pm ET. LET'S GOOOO
    S/O to Boost Mobile for sponsoring the show! They the best in the game no cap.
    Disclaimer: Fireworks are dangerous and that the show was done as part of a supervised production. For more info check here: www.nsc.org/home-safety/tools-resources/seasonal-safety/summer/fireworks
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  • Overtime
    Overtime  Month ago +804

    We dropping an episode EVERY SATURDAY 🚨

    • YeahThatsJay
      YeahThatsJay 7 days ago

      Noelys is ugly

    • Kenneth Reyes
      Kenneth Reyes 7 days ago

      Where can I watch his

    • Tommyruiuu Oliver
      Tommyruiuu Oliver 8 days ago

      Jaden got bigger tittys then her own mama doess yeoooo tell her too get @ mee YUUUURDDD

    • nerf master
      nerf master 9 days ago


    • Nicholas R
      Nicholas R 17 days ago

      Overtime Every fucking game it’s like a surprise that he chokes it’s so stupid kid ain’t that good

  • Josiah Bowman
    Josiah Bowman 2 hours ago

    U know julian was fuckin

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 hours ago

    Boost Mobile is horrendous I used to have them their service as far as the phone was okay their customer service was the worst of any customer service I've ever dealt with you had two legit pay extra money to speak to a live person when dealing with customer service if you had a problem that you needed help to fix it the second time I ever used boost as a phone service I had to pay for the phone the first month I'm service couldn't fix the problem myself would not pay extra to speak to a live person at a principal then switched back to MetroPCS

    YAlX SÅVÅGE 3 hours ago

    He’s dad is teaching him terrible life lessons about himself and how to be a man. Like forget how he talks about women, kinda a dumb fuck dad no lie

  • L O'Neal
    L O'Neal 6 hours ago

    Oh ,wilson ,
    Youve offed me off lol love ya

  • Rachel Mongon
    Rachel Mongon 8 hours ago

    The dad out here laughing like Bellatrix Lestrange 😂😂

  • Blu Cheez
    Blu Cheez 12 hours ago

    9.15-9.20 stfu that female is beautiful compared to ur wife... humble urself cuz ur son is

  • Justin Robinson
    Justin Robinson 15 hours ago

    Damn momma fine ass shit

  • lydia yarteh
    lydia yarteh 18 hours ago

    why is jadens dad so... i dont want to say it but kinda... sexist?

  • BussyDestroyer
    BussyDestroyer 19 hours ago

    Why Julian kissing his sister on the mouth at that age

  • PewDiePie 420
    PewDiePie 420 22 hours ago

    Nowells and Jaden look like a cute couple

    PX-GLOTIC18 Day ago

    Jaden so thicc

  • yahboibob
    yahboibob Day ago +1

    Jaden bad asf

  • Austin Robinson
    Austin Robinson Day ago

    I’m bout to watch ball in the family now

  • Payne Tunstall
    Payne Tunstall Day ago

    His pops asked jaden to make sure jullian on time bro your his dad its your job he is just lazy and jullian is not good anyway and he thinks he is all that but he is trash

  • Jaycob’s Kitchen
    Jaycob’s Kitchen Day ago +1

    Looks like Jaden got implants

  • Day Rese
    Day Rese Day ago

    Julian Newman Sucks.

  • mystic
    mystic Day ago

    Is Zion Harmon just a side character

  • Nicholas Hodgdon
    Nicholas Hodgdon 2 days ago

    Tells him to focus then makes him late for shit.. Hmmm double standards pops!!!!

  • Anthony Peralta
    Anthony Peralta 2 days ago

    “Don’t you know what girls you can get with “ 😂😂
    He probably sayin that Bc she high key ugly Lmaoo

  • Spencer Hargrave
    Spencer Hargrave 2 days ago

    “I got the best skills in the world” yea ok kid 😂

  • All American Podcast Ed McCants

    Is julian d1? tvclip.biz/video/QeOYdrlQ5tw/video.html

  • lll_liberte_lll
    lll_liberte_lll 2 days ago

    "That North Korea?"
    Soon will be😂

  • Prince King
    Prince King 2 days ago +7

    When I saw the thumb nail I thought he got arrested for kissing his sister...😂


  • Prince King
    Prince King 2 days ago +1

    Nah bro with boost mobile it takes 5 minutes to hear the response and by then he already there...😂😂

    Jp I can say that cause I have boost....

  • Jared Hendrixed
    Jared Hendrixed 3 days ago

    You can tell Julian doesn't respect his dad. What an emotional little man his dad is.

  • Kvng_Comando
    Kvng_Comando 3 days ago

    Jaden "i hope i don't get wet on here" wet on the boat🌝 i bet yall thought different

  • Shoney Carpenter
    Shoney Carpenter 4 days ago

    Why would I expect Juliam to pop Fireworks at 130am like it's not illegal and then turn around and accuse him of not being "focused".

  • Jordan Furguson
    Jordan Furguson 4 days ago

    Jadens boobs are crazy ain’t no way they should be that big I’m trying sss

  • Jay Bo
    Jay Bo 4 days ago

    He can't shoot no lie

  • Yktv. chloee
    Yktv. chloee 4 days ago

    My dad is the same when it comes to fire works🙄he's obsessed with them🤣

  • Bryan Ng
    Bryan Ng 4 days ago

    that’s my EX trainer and It is so easy and I am a kid come on man🏀

  • Senpai Senpai
    Senpai Senpai 4 days ago +4

    One like equals one prayer for the neighbor

  • Jarod Ventura
    Jarod Ventura 4 days ago

    Hello midgets

  • John Gomez
    John Gomez 5 days ago

    i’m tranna fuck his sis😴

  • airsour4250
    airsour4250 5 days ago

    You Julian be tapping Jadens fine ass

  • Tee snagz
    Tee snagz 5 days ago


  • Tee snagz
    Tee snagz 5 days ago


  • Amber Sullivan
    Amber Sullivan 6 days ago

    Imagine the father telling the daughter the same thing. Dont get tie down. So many boys..

  • Sdot Flockin
    Sdot Flockin 6 days ago


  • Alexander Rand
    Alexander Rand 6 days ago

    He can’t say he has a tough life ever again he has everything he can ask for

  • AvengerX Savage
    AvengerX Savage 6 days ago

    Family drama wtf.. this family weird af! Ball family over Newman

  • Dominic Mulka
    Dominic Mulka 6 days ago +1

    Julian would date someone that looks exactly like his sister

  • kevvy 13
    kevvy 13 6 days ago

    he honestly wont ever be good enough to make it to the g league. That trainer even said he has one gear. He just dribbles hard and guns up 3s. Hes got no hesitation and hes not athletic enough to make up for his height. He thinks hes dame and curry by taking 35 footers

  • R Sexton3
    R Sexton3 6 days ago

    Jesus Dad why you hating on Jaden

  • skinnydickjahseh 17
    skinnydickjahseh 17 6 days ago

    I’d definitely clap jadens cheeks 😉😉

  • David Vega
    David Vega 6 days ago

    His dad talks about Julian being late to games and not warming up like he isn’t the one driving the car

  • David Vega
    David Vega 6 days ago

    His parents are marketing him so baddd

  • brallan acosta
    brallan acosta 6 days ago

    What am I watching 😂???????

  • Jon McPicogram
    Jon McPicogram 6 days ago +1

    This kid got some fucked up parents.

  • TYB Ney
    TYB Ney 6 days ago

    friend look good

  • RhinoBlazer
    RhinoBlazer 6 days ago

    The dad is a dick

  • ExposeEm-ashton Butler

    He airballed🤣🤣🤣

  • Steve Rad
    Steve Rad 6 days ago +8

    "Im about to elevate my game" just not the only part he really needs, height

  • Jeff_degod
    Jeff_degod 6 days ago +1

    Jaden got mad titties

  • Lundin
    Lundin 7 days ago

    Why dose julian have a durag

  • ali ebi
    ali ebi 7 days ago +8

    why his mom sound and act like cardi b and his dad act like lavar lmao

  • Ricky Rodriguez
    Ricky Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Damn Jaden got some huge tits

  • Triston Leach
    Triston Leach 7 days ago

    Seriously...keep your elbow straight🤦‍♂️