• Published on Jan 8, 2019
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Comments • 804

    THE END R 22 days ago

    EXTRAÑO el antiguo sylas :c

  • Decimation1030
    Decimation1030 5 months ago

    Is this still viable P.A?

  • Tonkwas
    Tonkwas 7 months ago

    A Captain Ginyu reference?

  • Cute Allarey
    Cute Allarey 8 months ago

    Dude add music to ur vids i get so sleepy lol

  • Ethan Greenhaw
    Ethan Greenhaw 8 months ago

    Are you not at your normal setup or something? The audio is terrible. Only in one ear.

  • Grant Steere
    Grant Steere 8 months ago

    Damnit! Now everyone thinks they’re a god at sylas and feed! :(

  • timespaice
    timespaice 8 months ago

    Every ap champ with lichbane + rabadon and a full meja soul stealer is op. Sorry but this is bullshit, build this on Akali against noob Darius or yi mid and u ll see what s actually a broken champ...

  • Spear Breaker
    Spear Breaker 8 months ago

    That Darius got greedy as fuck at the start..

  • De'Von Barnes
    De'Von Barnes 8 months ago

    Captain Ginyu is the reference he was making to DBZ and Goku having is body stolen.

  • REvE
    REvE 8 months ago


  • ZaneXth Viral
    ZaneXth Viral 8 months ago

    dude your playing sylas and glacier is playing him on the other team like wtf that is awesome

  • ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░

    Hey professor color what's up

  • DownTempo
    DownTempo 8 months ago

    dam this just made me realize sylas could have so many potential animation cancels with his own skills combined with all the diff ults he steals... he's gonna be so fun when played by an expert. i wish i had pbe account god dam those lucky bastards get that edge

  • ciuri japaridze
    ciuri japaridze 8 months ago

    this ult is soo op

  • ciuri japaridze
    ciuri japaridze 8 months ago

    dude, this guy is so op wtf xD

  • Harold Niño Pedrosa
    Harold Niño Pedrosa 8 months ago

    it is amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg haaaaaaaaahahahhhahaha

  • Nikoru Sama
    Nikoru Sama 9 months ago

    You Know,“Professor” means teacher in portuguese :D

    • Oreo Flavor
      Oreo Flavor 9 months ago

      nearly thats what it means in all languages

  • Nicholas H
    Nicholas H 9 months ago

    he stole the pyke ult HE STOLE THE PYKE ULT!!!! Gave you an lol for that.

  • Chris
    Chris 9 months ago

    acualy the champion is full ap wtf dude?

  • Dusan Malinov
    Dusan Malinov 9 months ago

    He has jumps stuns pulls steals heals shields dmg RIOT WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THIS GAME? :O

  • Pedro Paulo Wanderley
    Pedro Paulo Wanderley 9 months ago

    Why didn't you steal Rammus' ultimate? It's AP scaled. It's so frustrating that you didn't even give it a try. =/

  • Zari G
    Zari G 9 months ago

    This was awesome! Do you think that you’ll do a Sylas in URF?

    • ciuri japaridze
      ciuri japaridze 8 months ago

      yea i wached bunnyfufuu video, he was playing sylas in urf xD

  • Robert Hohman
    Robert Hohman 9 months ago

    i guess the only really variable thing is his ult steal since it depends on the enemy champs

  • Justin mcmillan
    Justin mcmillan 9 months ago

    sylas passive would of made a better aatrox sad

  • GeninGeo
    GeninGeo 9 months ago

    So hes just another ap non tank.

  • MexicanoIsNumer1
    MexicanoIsNumer1 9 months ago

    Champion that can steal ults and champion that can steal apperance too bad they didn t make a champion to steal the riot champion creation team.

  • WantGangsPlayGTA
    WantGangsPlayGTA 9 months ago

    If sylas isnt baned dont take illaoi!!

  • WantGangsPlayGTA
    WantGangsPlayGTA 9 months ago

    If sylaw isnt baNED dont take teemo!

  • SaleGepa
    SaleGepa 9 months ago

    U talk about captain ginyu he didn't steal sould be steal body 😂

  • Zank Frafka
    Zank Frafka 9 months ago

    Is the other Sylas the legit Glacierr?

  • Rasplin
    Rasplin 9 months ago +1

    5:00 lol

  • Tio Alra
    Tio Alra 9 months ago

    You mean the Body Swap man, ginyu right?

  • MBK Thug Scarlette
    MBK Thug Scarlette 9 months ago

    You could have lived in your last death if you pop up W 😊

  • WhoFedTop
    WhoFedTop 9 months ago

    "Your passive is 1:1 scaling AD?"
    Yeah because it's a fucking autoattack you spaz

  • Ozan Barış Eroğlu
    Ozan Barış Eroğlu 9 months ago

    as i read there is going to be cooldown for passive. this is not going to be whats look like .

  • nahnahnahnahful
    nahnahnahnahful 9 months ago

    No one gon mention your face 4:50

  • Pavlo Busko
    Pavlo Busko 9 months ago

    Rework for Talon is messing up a champ

  • Crystal Plays
    Crystal Plays 9 months ago

    great vid bro

  • TheHolyGamer
    TheHolyGamer 9 months ago

    soon it will be Professor Sylas XD

  • Voltera
    Voltera 9 months ago

    You know what this means... Akali might not be on permaban status.. rofl

  • Raysor
    Raysor 9 months ago +1

    Why is there so many dislikes ?

    • zento1702
      zento1702 8 months ago

      Cause ppl hate the idea of this champ I guess :-P

  • metalninetales
    metalninetales 9 months ago

    how to counter sylas ult steal, Udyr Jayce Nidalee Illaio *her ult only spawns tentacles* elise vayne *no real passive and ad buff* twitch ad and range. jax *squishy champ with some armor won't help*

  • Ionut Andrei
    Ionut Andrei 9 months ago

    What pc or laptop you have??

  • HidraThe Killer
    HidraThe Killer 9 months ago

    Pls honor jax

  • Pepe Yúfera Daza
    Pepe Yúfera Daza 9 months ago

    Obviously ur passive scales with ad its an auto attack

  • Sage Ye
    Sage Ye 9 months ago

    Stop flexing on us with your Sylas

  • Александър Стоянов

    What the hell happens if u take sylas ult do u waste urs or what? 🤣🤣

  • Nobel N.
    Nobel N. 9 months ago

    Are you playing against glacierr, he is the enemy top laner??

  • Muhammed Majdi
    Muhammed Majdi 9 months ago

    that was awesome man , i'm defiantly gonna buy this one after watching this video for sure

  • Miss Potato
    Miss Potato 9 months ago

    wow that's sick

  • Stanislav Statev
    Stanislav Statev 9 months ago

    i cent weit for syels!!!

  • ASAP Rocky
    ASAP Rocky 9 months ago

    Kratos skin pls xD

  • Janfon1
    Janfon1 9 months ago

    His splash art reminds me so much of Kayn

  • HawkX94PS3
    HawkX94PS3 9 months ago

    if u steal jax's ult do u will have the bonus damage every 3rd autoattack?

  • Karl Gustav
    Karl Gustav 9 months ago

    i'm so tired of all these broken champs.. how can we play a quinn or even a wukong vs these things ?zoe, neeko, silas, pyke..we had to permaban the irelia, akali, darius, nasus zed or yasuo, and now this. 145 champs and only less than 15 are permapick.. i'm so tired of this game..

  • Oh shit Waddup
    Oh shit Waddup 9 months ago

    20:29 every mage can one shot(more like 2-3 shot) turrets when they have enough ap and magic penetration.

  • Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell 9 months ago

    yo gg. -hardstuck d5 trash

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 9 months ago +1

    nobody is playing him top, also cause he is ap. so why did they release a second mage after neeko?

  • Victor Aguilar C
    Victor Aguilar C 9 months ago

    Smeells a bit like Professor Sylas

  • Zzs Zzs
    Zzs Zzs 9 months ago

    Just not a fair champion , next release champion ultimate swaps hp with who ever it’s used on which can be used during garden ult