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  • Harold Niño Pedrosa

    it is amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg haaaaaaaaahahahhhahaha

  • Nikoru Sama
    Nikoru Sama 7 days ago

    You Know,“Professor” means teacher in portuguese :D

    • Oreo Flavor
      Oreo Flavor 4 days ago

      nearly thats what it means in all languages

  • Nicholas H
    Nicholas H 7 days ago

    he stole the pyke ult HE STOLE THE PYKE ULT!!!! Gave you an lol for that.

  • Chris388
    Chris388 8 days ago

    acualy the champion is full ap wtf dude?

  • Dusan Malinov
    Dusan Malinov 8 days ago

    He has jumps stuns pulls steals heals shields dmg RIOT WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THIS GAME? :O

  • Pedro Paulo Wanderley

    Why didn't you steal Rammus' ultimate? It's AP scaled. It's so frustrating that you didn't even give it a try. =/

  • Ari B
    Ari B 8 days ago

    This was awesome! Do you think that you’ll do a Sylas in URF?

  • Robert Hohman
    Robert Hohman 9 days ago

    i guess the only really variable thing is his ult steal since it depends on the enemy champs

  • Justin mcmillan
    Justin mcmillan 9 days ago

    sylas passive would of made a better aatrox sad

  • GeninGeo
    GeninGeo 9 days ago

    So hes just another ap non tank.

  • michael gansner
    michael gansner 9 days ago

    Champion that can steal ults and champion that can steal apperance too bad they didn t make a champion to steal the riot champion creation team.

    The GTA TEACHER XD 10 days ago

    If sylas isnt baned dont take illaoi!!

    The GTA TEACHER XD 10 days ago

    If sylaw isnt baNED dont take teemo!

  • SaleGepa
    SaleGepa 10 days ago

    U talk about captain ginyu he didn't steal sould be steal body 😂

  • Zank Frafka
    Zank Frafka 10 days ago

    Is the other Sylas the legit Glacierr?

  • Rasplin
    Rasplin 10 days ago +1

    5:00 lol

  • Tio Alra
    Tio Alra 10 days ago

    You mean the Body Swap man, ginyu right?

  • MBK Thug Scarlette
    MBK Thug Scarlette 10 days ago

    You could have lived in your last death if you pop up W 😊

  • WhoFedTop
    WhoFedTop 10 days ago

    "Your passive is 1:1 scaling AD?"
    Yeah because it's a fucking autoattack you spaz

  • Ozan Barış Eroğlu
    Ozan Barış Eroğlu 10 days ago

    as i read there is going to be cooldown for passive. this is not going to be whats look like .

  • nahnahnahnahful
    nahnahnahnahful 10 days ago

    No one gon mention your face 4:50

  • Pavlo Busko
    Pavlo Busko 10 days ago

    Rework for Talon is messing up a champ

  • Crystal Plays
    Crystal Plays 11 days ago

    great vid bro

  • TheHolyGamer
    TheHolyGamer 11 days ago

    soon it will be Professor Sylas XD

  • Voltera
    Voltera 11 days ago

    You know what this means... Akali might not be on permaban status.. rofl

  • Raysor
    Raysor 11 days ago +1

    Why is there so many dislikes ?

  • metalninetales
    metalninetales 11 days ago

    how to counter sylas ult steal, Udyr Jayce Nidalee Illaio *her ult only spawns tentacles* elise vayne *no real passive and ad buff* twitch ad and range. jax *squishy champ with some armor won't help*

  • Ionut Andrei
    Ionut Andrei 11 days ago

    What pc or laptop you have??

  • HidraThe Killer
    HidraThe Killer 11 days ago

    Pls honor jax

  • Pepe Yúfera Daza
    Pepe Yúfera Daza 11 days ago

    Obviously ur passive scales with ad its an auto attack

  • Sage Ye
    Sage Ye 11 days ago

    Stop flexing on us with your Sylas

  • Александър Стоянов

    What the hell happens if u take sylas ult do u waste urs or what? 🤣🤣

  • Lebon Lurzan
    Lebon Lurzan 11 days ago

    Are you playing against glacierr, he is the enemy top laner??

  • Muhammed Majdi
    Muhammed Majdi 11 days ago

    that was awesome man , i'm defiantly gonna buy this one after watching this video for sure

  • Miss Potato
    Miss Potato 11 days ago

    wow that's sick

  • Stanislav Statev
    Stanislav Statev 11 days ago

    i cent weit for syels!!!

  • ASAP Rocky
    ASAP Rocky 12 days ago

    Kratos skin pls xD

  • Janfon01
    Janfon01 12 days ago

    His splash art reminds me so much of Kayn

  • HawkX94PS3
    HawkX94PS3 12 days ago

    if u steal jax's ult do u will have the bonus damage every 3rd autoattack?

  • Karl Gustav
    Karl Gustav 12 days ago

    i'm so tired of all these broken champs.. how can we play a quinn or even a wukong vs these things ?zoe, neeko, silas, pyke..we had to permaban the irelia, akali, darius, nasus zed or yasuo, and now this. 145 champs and only less than 15 are permapick.. i'm so tired of this game..

  • Oh shit Waddup
    Oh shit Waddup 12 days ago

    20:29 every mage can one shot(more like 2-3 shot) turrets when they have enough ap and magic penetration.

  • Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell 12 days ago

    yo gg. -hardstuck d5 trash

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 12 days ago +1

    nobody is playing him top, also cause he is ap. so why did they release a second mage after neeko?

  • Victor Aguilar C
    Victor Aguilar C 12 days ago

    Smeells a bit like Professor Sylas

  • Zzs Zzs
    Zzs Zzs 12 days ago

    Just not a fair champion , next release champion ultimate swaps hp with who ever it’s used on which can be used during garden ult

  • norbert bene
    norbert bene 12 days ago

    the next champ riot creates will steal items from the enemy.

  • Vsec Aurora
    Vsec Aurora 12 days ago

    actually tbh.... the reason he is broken is becauyse nobody suggests balance changes just some bughunting and even then bugs get through because people don't do what they are meant to do in pbe

  • The Jester
    The Jester 12 days ago

    What if you steal the enemies Syla ult? Hmmmm EXPLAIN RIOT

  • Swiss Choco
    Swiss Choco 12 days ago

    this champ is stupid lol!!! now imagine Koreans playing him lol!! permaban!!! someone like Faker gg

  • icygus
    icygus 12 days ago

    They’re gonna nerf the shield and heal for sure.

  • Heart Warrior
    Heart Warrior 12 days ago

    Wold best jungler

  • YeremiTheGamer
    YeremiTheGamer 12 days ago

    When the champions come to lol?

  • Nick D
    Nick D 12 days ago

    imagine kassadin ult

  • Proximity
    Proximity 12 days ago

    humpty dumpty lookin ass

  • OMG Ronnie
    OMG Ronnie 12 days ago

    Is there a way to mute your mouse

  • PaiNleSs
    PaiNleSs 12 days ago

    Correction: 23/3/4

  • Claudia Betancur
    Claudia Betancur 12 days ago

    sylas broken

  • xzavier gurule
    xzavier gurule 12 days ago

    14:04 wtf is that hit box

  • xPeterLustig
    xPeterLustig 12 days ago

    Beyond Broken ... as Every new Champion .

  • Element4ry
    Element4ry 12 days ago

    Retarded champion... Which doesn't makes sense.

  • Minaz Adam
    Minaz Adam 12 days ago


  • Crowley
    Crowley 12 days ago

    It's arcane comet why put electrocute in the picture?

  • Diamond Nova
    Diamond Nova 12 days ago

    What if you r sylas and then use that r on another sylas and.. well you get the idea

  • Volts
    Volts 12 days ago


  • MrSpartan1997
    MrSpartan1997 12 days ago

    so umm. lich bane is great but tbh the first item you should get honestly would prob be Liandry's Torment for the q slow

  • MyLifeStories maybe
    MyLifeStories maybe 12 days ago

    Professor akali saying something is broken ? Imagine my shock

  • konanoobiemaster
    konanoobiemaster 12 days ago

    glacierr took the professor to school

  • DankerZ
    DankerZ 12 days ago

    stop you cretin

    • DankerZ
      DankerZ 12 days ago

      your vids are garbage

  • Vanessa Lovejoy
    Vanessa Lovejoy 12 days ago

    I'm sure it's fun to play as Sylas, but how much fun is the enemy having?

  • volkan gül
    volkan gül 12 days ago

    Tri Force would be more OP in my guess but its PBE since i can not test him :)

  • XRowshanX
    XRowshanX 12 days ago

    Hahaha nice reference to Captain Ginyu from DBZ :D

  • AsGLeague
    AsGLeague 12 days ago

    So what happens if you try to steal Stlas ult?

    • AsGLeague
      AsGLeague 11 days ago

      +Nino M. Yeah thanks, i notice right after i posted this :)

    • Nino M.
      Nino M. 11 days ago

      As long as Sylas have no ulti stolen, another Sylas can't ulti him. You can only ulti Sylas if he have an unused stolen ulti available and you will receive that utli as well. That means with 2 Sylas in game, you can steal an allied ulti back from an enemy Sylas.

  • איתמר פדידה
    איתמר פדידה 12 days ago

    please tell me how can i play in PBE too?

  • abdullah hamadeh
    abdullah hamadeh 12 days ago

    How much time it takes you to get in a game ? ... I have to wait a full 30 minutes for atleast to get one of a ready lobbu

  • Adame
    Adame 12 days ago

    just imagine a Sylas ap who stole veigar's ultimate

  • Pan Rafał
    Pan Rafał 12 days ago

    I don't think this champ is good. He kinda has damage of an assasin, but he can't load it as fast as an assasin. Also he doesn't have target acces of an assasin. He would make much more sense if he was AD and could build somewhat tanky.

  • Hannes Behrends
    Hannes Behrends 12 days ago

    What Happen if you Steel the sylas
    Ult ?

  • Bartek Tymoszuk
    Bartek Tymoszuk 12 days ago

    can anybody give me link to pbe?

  • the best slime
    the best slime 12 days ago

    as a jungler i hate midlaners that think their entitled to blue buff. no hate tho

  • KnightTemplar97
    KnightTemplar97 12 days ago

    I hate that you devolved to clickbaity titles and soulless content

  • Nicholas Milone
    Nicholas Milone 12 days ago

    i gotta know why do u get to play this champ now

  • Long Nguyễn
    Long Nguyễn 12 days ago

    this champion is insane cuz his idea is literally from dota2...good job pendragon

  • sobreaver
    sobreaver 12 days ago

    SYLAR !!!! XD

  • luke cachia
    luke cachia 12 days ago

    so what happens if sylas takes sylas ult ???????????? im out

  • NI CE
    NI CE 12 days ago

    i seriously hate that heal

  • Reijhin Ru
    Reijhin Ru 12 days ago

    As an ADC main i hate this stupid company... Fuck You Riot

  • mostafa al-hasany
    mostafa al-hasany 12 days ago

    18:00 ginyu vs goku vs vegeta vs frog xD

  • Florian brühwiler
    Florian brühwiler 12 days ago

    meh those all caps everything is op video titles are designed for 15 year old children

  • BLiss Sama
    BLiss Sama 12 days ago

    u got a hair cut, nice

  • Malte Leirer
    Malte Leirer 12 days ago

    I would love if sylas would be an ad caster toplaner i mean he just doesnt looks or plays like a mage

  • Animated Sky 11
    Animated Sky 11 12 days ago

    This is how everyones brain works:
    Hmmm his q deals most damage i should max it.
    How my brain works:
    Hmm w heals you i should max it so i will be inmortal
    U should try it u are basiclly gonna feed early game but when u max w you are Jesus u could 1v5

  • h k
    h k 12 days ago

    Damn I used to love this guy. Seemed so down to earth. Now he's just a douche. Dude gets his friends to camp him all game and acts like he's the shit. Goddamn. "that was my plan all along. I'm not joking" holy shit that made me hate him so much

  • sakie fox
    sakie fox 12 days ago

    Captain Ginyu

  • aatu sillgren
    aatu sillgren 12 days ago

    gtfo webcam

  • Bravac
    Bravac 13 days ago +2

    If i steal Syndra's ult do i get 3 balls and do i use balls from her Q since i cant make my own balls

    • Iarwain
      Iarwain 12 days ago +2

      You get 5 balls, but lose half your health and a bleed on top because you just ripped your own balls from your body.