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  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
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    “A Star is Born” stars four-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper (“American Sniper,” “American Hustle,” “Silver Linings Playbook”) and multiple award-winning, Oscar-nominated music superstar Lady Gaga, in her first leading role in a major motion picture. Cooper helms the drama, marking his directorial debut.
    In this new take on the tragic love story, he plays seasoned musician Jackson Maine, who discovers-and falls in love with-struggling artist Ally (Gaga). She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer... until Jack coaxes her into the spotlight. But even as Ally’s career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jack fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.
    The cast of “A Star is Born” also includes Andrew Dice Clay, with Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott.
    In addition to playing Ally, Gaga, who earned her Oscar nod for the song “Til It Happens to You” from “The Hunting Ground,” performs original songs in the film, which she wrote with Cooper and a handful of artists, including Lukas Nelson, Jason Isbell and Mark Ronson. All the music is original and was recorded live.
    “A Star is Born” is produced by Bill Gerber, Jon Peters, Bradley Cooper, Todd Phillips and Lynette Howell Taylor. Ravi Mehta, Basil Iwanyk, Niija Kuykendall, Sue Kroll, Michael Rapino and Heather Parry serve as executive producers. The screenplay is by Eric Roth and Bradley Cooper & Will Fetters.
    Collaborating with Cooper behind the scenes are Oscar-nominated director of photography Matthew Libatique (“Black Swan”), production designer Karen Murphy, three-time Oscar-nominated editor Jay Cassidy (“American Hustle,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Into the Wild”), and costume designer Erin Benach.
    Warner Bros. Pictures Presents, in Association with Live Nation Productions, in Association with Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures, A Jon Peters/Bill Gerber/Joint Effort Production, “A Star is Born.” Slated for release on October 5, 2018, the film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. It is rated R.
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  • Jed Lorenz
    Jed Lorenz Day ago


  • Imran
    Imran 2 days ago

    The copy of “Aashiqui 2”.

  • constantinosfrg
    constantinosfrg 4 days ago

    Οταν εμεις ειχαμε γυρισει το "το πιο λαμπρό αστερι" με Βουγιουκλάκη, αυτοι ηταν στις σπηλιές ακομα

  • Suuyki
    Suuyki 4 days ago

    I haven’t watched this movie ... and I’m already crying

  • Victor Avalos
    Victor Avalos 5 days ago

    yesssss a starrr was bornnnn

  • Abu Saeed
    Abu Saeed 6 days ago +3

    We already have a movie in Bollywood made on same topic/genre called "ashiqi 2" (2013).

    • Eddie KSA
      Eddie KSA 5 days ago

      Abu Saeed, The original film A Star is Born was made in 1937. It has since been remade 3 times - 1954, 1976 and now this 2018 film. So no prizes for a 2013 film I'm afraid.

  • Team Gebrus
    Team Gebrus 7 days ago +1

    Yes she so beautiful ...let's thumb up for beautiful gaga

  • Zoran Maksic
    Zoran Maksic 7 days ago

    I didnt understand a word Sam Elliot said but Im still impressed as fuk

  • Ad’ryan Williams
    Ad’ryan Williams 8 days ago

    I don’t think i’ve Seen this film but it looks good...especially lady gaga’s voice though...she’s really good and she really looks good without All those crazy outfits and over the top makeup...i’m Not saying she looks terrible but she’s amazing and unique and that’s what I love about her

  • suresh abi
    suresh abi 8 days ago +1

    Itz similar to Ashiqui 2 , although it is a remake of a movie released in 1937

  • Yui Magliocco
    Yui Magliocco 9 days ago +1

    I'm a 65 Y.O. Guy from East Van BC ...Grew up going to all the greatest rock bands
    of the 60's '70s & '80s..I looked & I tried,,, But this just ain't ringin my chimes ....

  • matthew ling
    matthew ling 9 days ago

    Bradley Cooper is so good in this movie. He is not a singer but he makes me believe that he is a good singer as lady gaga. Withou his natural acting. This movie wont be so beautiful.

  • Kalpana Sharma
    Kalpana Sharma 10 days ago +7

    Did I just watched a Hollywood version of Aashiqui 2 🙄
    I never knew Lady Gaga was so beautiful underneath all that make up she used to have...now it's like a softer version 🤘

    • Ayush Poolovadoo
      Ayush Poolovadoo 4 days ago

      Kalpana Sharma Actually Aashiqui 2 is a Bollywood remake of the original 1932 film. This film is the fourth remake of the 1932 as well.

  • Niqaabi Reaction
    Niqaabi Reaction 10 days ago +1

    who's else thinking that this movie story taken up from indian movie '' AASHIQUI 2 " 👍👍

  • Oi, meu nome é betina

    Caralho a gaga era bem loka em 2009...
    2019 Ela mudou muito!!

  • NukaColaQueen
    NukaColaQueen 12 days ago

    A lot of people seem to be mixed up about Lady Gaga's makeup situation, and while she did say in an interview that Cooper made her go makeupless for the screen test, she is absolutely wearing makeup all through the actual movie. (Unless you think she somehow "naturally" turned her eyelids purple and golden and her lips bright pink and grew inch long eyelashes in some later scenes.) Whether it's on stage or behind a camera all actors or tv personalities, no matter their gender, are wearing makeup. From Lady Gaga, to Dr. Phil, to your local weather man to presidential candidates debating on national tv. If they don't then the lighting washes them out and they look like corpses. I hope this clears things up for anyone confused.
    -signed a cosmetologist who has done makeup for several theatre productions

    • NukaColaQueen
      NukaColaQueen 11 days ago

      +PeachWNK There are several comments of people arguing below me that basically go:
      "She looks so good without makeup"
      "She is wearing makeup, it's just natural looking."
      "No, they said in an interview that she went totally makeupless during the film!"
      I wouldn't have wasted my time making the comment if I thought everyone understood the concept of stage makeup. In my real life experience, the average person does not know much about it so I'm not assuming the people online saying shes "not wearing any makeup" are speaking in code when they say it. I sure didn't know how much and who all wore stage makeup until I studied it. And to be fair, if you can tell they are wearing it, then stage makeup isn't exactly doing its job. I just thought it would be easier to make a new comment for any future person confused rather than going down and taking to every person who commented months ago that she was "totally makeupless through the whole film". Especially since a lot of those seemed to devolve into arguing whether Gaga really is "beautiful" or "ugly", which is an argument I definitely don't want to be a part of.

    • PeachWNK
      PeachWNK 11 days ago

      I’m sure no one thought she didn’t wear stage makeup. It’s a given. Didn’t take away from the fact that she didn’t have it caked on.

  • Batman The Dark Knight

    I was surprised that was lady Gaga. She has always been ugly to me with all that makeup never knew there was a beautiful face under all of it

  • Nana Patek
    Nana Patek 13 days ago +6

    Ich lieebe diesen Film so sehr!! Soo berührend und schön! Ich hab mir den Film jetzt schon 3 mal angeschaut und bin jedes mal aufs neue in Tränen ausgebrochen🤧
    Kann den Film nur empfehlen!! Bester Film

  • abdul qadir
    abdul qadir 13 days ago +1

    bc aashiqui 2

    • Sumesh Shikhrakar
      Sumesh Shikhrakar 11 days ago +1

      Original movie is a star is born released back many years ago and this is maybe just 3rd remake of it

  • wit declerck
    wit declerck 14 days ago +1

    This is the best movie i ever seen.

  • souvik dey
    souvik dey 14 days ago +1

    this movies story ..some portion is aashiqui 2..............type

  • Yoshi Taba
    Yoshi Taba 15 days ago +2

    This trailer was great and so was the movie!

  • BJ P
    BJ P 15 days ago +1

    I hope she fired her manager.

  • Ahmad Yasiri
    Ahmad Yasiri 15 days ago +1

    Are lady gaga man?

  • Thisara Thennakoon
    Thisara Thennakoon 15 days ago +1

    is that gaga oooppps...lady u are the slim shady

  • Lylette Mae Panganiban
    Lylette Mae Panganiban 15 days ago +1

    Ive already watched this movie and i really do cried a lot. One of the best movie id watched!

  • Ellaine Mae Cañete
    Ellaine Mae Cañete 15 days ago +1

    just got here after watchin' the movie... fuckin' good... you should have a tissue💔a lot😢😢😢

  • Jennie Min
    Jennie Min 16 days ago +1

    It's only trailer but i've got goosebumps

    • PeachWNK
      PeachWNK 12 days ago

      I cried during the trailer before it came out. I told my daughter, “I am NOT seeing this.” Lol. And I did. And bought it. I love it, but I HATE how it makes me sad for a long after it’s over.

  • Meschelle DenBeste
    Meschelle DenBeste 16 days ago +1

    I am too touched to know what to say and feeling so excited about a star being born right in front of my eyes. I am humbled if I helped turn on the light at all so you could see who you really are and where you could go

  • arko singh
    arko singh 16 days ago +2

    Sala Ashique 2 ka copy Kiya hai , aur bolta hai hum copy krte hai

    • Sumesh Shikhrakar
      Sumesh Shikhrakar 11 days ago

      A star is born is remake is of a star is born released many years ago... instead aashiqui 2 is copied from the original one

  • sidimannn
    sidimannn 16 days ago +1

    Bizar to see that people are commenting on the looks of Lady Gaga. First she has more talent than all of you and second who cares? She can perform live and is a true artist. Not like all the good looking girls that can't sing live and write songs. Guess you people really like the fake world Instagram and Facebook are creating.

  • 민슈가
    민슈가 17 days ago +1

    Wow, gaga is so beautiful without her heavy makeup, after i saw this trailer, it made me more proud of lady gaga, her being the woman she is, is absolutely stunning❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Alice Santolin
    Alice Santolin 18 days ago +1

    beutifull movie, i Love lady gaga

  • Brayan Gabriel Ribera Rodriguez

    A STAR IS BORN 2 🤩

  • Younes La
    Younes La 18 days ago +2

    this film's remember me A Avicii

  • muthu kumaran
    muthu kumaran 18 days ago +3

    Damn good for Oscar....

  • Ngọc Mỹ Tiên Nguyễn


  • Danny Kelley
    Danny Kelley 19 days ago +3

    Her performance brings me to tears. It moves me. So does his. I can’t help it. Thank you for performing.

  • Vaping with James
    Vaping with James 20 days ago +1

    I liked the movie until they turned lady Gaga into Jessica rabbit! I can’t believe I’m the only person to see what they have done

  • Kenneth Jackson
    Kenneth Jackson 20 days ago +1


  • Cyndi Araujo
    Cyndi Araujo 20 days ago +1

    Bradley Cooper brought this movie to life with his acting. He has a strong presence.

  • Kier Taña
    Kier Taña 20 days ago +1

    What's the title of the song @ 1:46? Anybody?

    • Lolo Samir
      Lolo Samir 20 days ago

      Shallow, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

  • odiamo tutti
    odiamo tutti 22 days ago +1

    Lady Gaga looks so damn beautiful in her first movie 😍😍😍😍

    • PeachWNK
      PeachWNK 11 days ago

      What’s so beautiful is she looks amazing without the makeup. Some stars look so bad without makeup. They *need* it. Like if I was in the movies. Lol

  • Amber Jackson
    Amber Jackson 22 days ago +1


  • Sandy Ribeiro
    Sandy Ribeiro 22 days ago +1

    Brasil alguém 🇧🇷

  • 10_scarymovies_lane ._.
    10_scarymovies_lane ._. 22 days ago +1

    One of my favorite movie trailers

  • Thwompthing
    Thwompthing 22 days ago +3

    And a star was born....man Bradley Cooper is such a great actor, and we have seen also so many musicians become great actors as well. Lady Gaga is in that category.

  • León Keller
    León Keller 23 days ago

    Like si veniste por "Lady Traga"

  • Deus Da destruição Whis,Vados,Chaps,bills

    2019? primeira vez que ouvi essa música eu amei eu começei a gosta Desse tipo de música quando eu ouvi a a música do gigante De aço no começo do filme

  • hungry Shan
    hungry Shan 23 days ago

    Damn !! Lady gaga is So beautiful without the 'Weird' makeup..

  • La gracia
    La gracia 24 days ago +1

    What a beautiful film . Some star really born with this film . Gaga ❤❤❤❤

  • XxGay GirlxX
    XxGay GirlxX 24 days ago

    Omg just saw a comment saying Lady Gaga is beautiful without makeup and she is I can’t believe how many people disagree like what are you doing people she is clearly beautiful you must obviously feel insecure about yourself so don’t call people ugly it’s too mean.

  • Samuel A.
    Samuel A. 25 days ago

    The soundtrack of this movie is AMAZING

  • Shreya Dimri
    Shreya Dimri 25 days ago +2

    This movie has exactly the same story as Aashiqui 2, a Bollywood movie. But anyway the trailer's amazing and the songs; no words can describe the chills I get when I hear those high notes.

    • Shreya Dimri
      Shreya Dimri 24 days ago

      I think the songs were pretty good too. They were such a hit. The songs Might be overrated but I won't say they "suck"
      But then obviously you cannot compare those songs with the music here in Cooper's movie- This music is so original and damn it they won an Oscar for it!❤

    • hollywood hogan
      hollywood hogan 24 days ago

      Aashiqui 2 is an awesome movie but the songs in it sucks. Its a huge hit in India coz of the performances.

  • Merabet Hou
    Merabet Hou 25 days ago

    I didn't find the movie .. please help me to download it

  • tg72201
    tg72201 26 days ago

    Jason Isbell wrote the song at the beginning. Check him out.

  • Tobias Wright
    Tobias Wright 26 days ago


    Way better version of "her".

  • habib nizar
    habib nizar 26 days ago

    ashiquei 2 from india

  • LaVioletaAmatista
    LaVioletaAmatista 26 days ago +1

    Deserves 100M views!

  • Makai Thunder Hawk
    Makai Thunder Hawk 27 days ago

    First time I seen lady Gaga without anything covering her face

  • katy11 08
    katy11 08 27 days ago

    My new fav movie ❤

  • ines lopo
    ines lopo 27 days ago

    What’s up with jacks always dying?!!

  • shakti rana
    shakti rana 27 days ago

    Plot is similar to indian movie aashiqui 2

  • 7up Official
    7up Official 27 days ago +2

    Awhhhh....this killed mee❤👑

  • Hafiz Bin
    Hafiz Bin 28 days ago

    Dave Chapelle in this movie! Never notice that

  • priyal mehta
    priyal mehta 28 days ago

    Aashiqui 2 hollywood remake🤣😂

  • Big J Enterprises
    Big J Enterprises 29 days ago

    My personal opiniated review (WARNING FULL SPOILERS). This movie starts out great, non-linear story line, more like an indie film...really about the music; Bradley's songs sound like real legit hits and he nails acting guitar and plays solos in his own style. Gaga is just as real, musically is different style for her and folk flower child look which is cool. Then the film gradually nosedives because Gaga a la typical Britney Spears plays corny pop dressed skimpy (yawn) in full stereotype, says doesn't want to dye her hair and does, seems very contrary to character stubborn Italian NYC roots being typical Hollyweird producer puppet and Bradley just goes along with this selling out? Yeah stupid, nonsensical to character traits, and to top it off winning awards when the music sounds like crap. Then Bradley's alcoholism for some reason gets worse then for some reason Dave Chappelle just shows up, character seems forced; like hollyweird did their 5th re-write and wanted to throw another big name in the movie to sell it. Seems lame. Could have addressed the addiction issue better but by this time Bradley is constantly hanging his head down to his ankles you'd think get this mofo to a chiropractor cause he's got osteoproris. Then the typical Gaga chicanery, naked, hanging with cross dressers, the woman's personal life/carrier of hedonistic videos, lifestyle, and satanic ceremonies (Marina Abramovic) coming thru onscreen. Whatever. 2nd/3rd acts just typical script format, wins girl, falls in love, pisses off girl, rekindles love, then Bradley.... kills himself? Uh okay, talk about depressing. Then Gaga sings an epitaph. Boo hoo. By this time I'm fast forwarding cause the agnostic rubbish put forth is more emptiness without hope or meaning. For once how about a film with hope, meaning and the music meshing. Another script ruined by Hollyweird this had great potential stop the cookie cutter stereotypical BS and go full indy with originality, fleshed out characters and more of a message sent not contrite rubbish.

  • RVAR Tips
    RVAR Tips 29 days ago

    Rocket raccoon: let me ask you a personal question
    Mantis: no one asked me a personal question.
    Quill: uh rocket?, What happened to your voice?
    Rocket raccoon: this is my voice
    Drax: u are imitating the god man
    Thor: you mocking me?
    Rocket raccoon: you shouldn't talk to your captain like that.

  • EE Watcher
    EE Watcher Month ago

    She isn’t ugly but she’s ugly because they try to make her ugly and it disgust me. Yes, it sounds stupid so just think about what I said

  • Laura Willemsen
    Laura Willemsen Month ago +3

    I've never seen a better movie than this one ❤

  • DoubleDuck
    DoubleDuck Month ago

    There can be a hundred people in a room

  • Native
    Native Month ago

    *Did Chris Kyle hit Bo Bennett?*

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    I’m loving her music that’s less pop

  • Yunelety Giden Jinan
    Yunelety Giden Jinan Month ago +2

    I never know Lady Gaga's face after I'm watching this movie... Gaga, you're shallow touch my heart

  • Kunal Mudgal
    Kunal Mudgal Month ago

    I think I have a seen a similar Indian movie, "Aashiqui 2"

  • Noveeem Quilang
    Noveeem Quilang Month ago

    Fuck ally's manager! If it weren't for him maybe Jack did'nt hang his self.
    Nice story though. Their love is beautiful.

  • Luci byed
    Luci byed Month ago

    The ending of these Trailer make me ghoosebumps

  • Debra Redden
    Debra Redden Month ago

    Amazing movie

  • saranghae kpop
    saranghae kpop Month ago

    Brooo when is this coming outtttt

  • Joe Madhur
    Joe Madhur Month ago

    oh my god such a beautiful movie but the ending is disastrous


    oh my gosh, Gaga was invincible. who sings like that??

  • Jaya Patil
    Jaya Patil Month ago

    aashique2 copy

    • Tiempo de vuelo
      Tiempo de vuelo Month ago

      A star is born is from 1937 this the fourth official remake. The indian movie as a fucking copy with no credits for the original movie,

  • Jeremiah goff
    Jeremiah goff Month ago +1

    Best movie ever!

  • Shekhar Gaming TECH

    Why did Copy from *AASHIQUI* Bollywood Platform ???

    • Tiempo de vuelo
      Tiempo de vuelo Month ago

      Copy A star is born is a hollywood movie. This movie has 4 official remakes in hollywood, 1936, 1954, 1976 and 2018. So the indian movie is the copy.

  • Ronald Truss
    Ronald Truss Month ago +1

    Happy new year. Winx inn. 🍚🌊🌈🌴🌋🌐🍀✅🎩🔠⬆🔣🔢🚰🗽🌉🎠🔢🔣⬆⬇⬅➡↗↖↘↙↔↕🔄◀▶🔼🔽↩↪ℹ⏪⏩⏫⏬⤵

  • La Sensación del 3D

    This movie reminds me walk in line by joaquine Phoenix

  • izzah khairudin
    izzah khairudin Month ago


  • Maya Løken
    Maya Løken Month ago

    Lady Gaga is so freaking beautiful i can’t

  • jorn hermans
    jorn hermans Month ago

    I like stephani,s look mora than she plays her Roel of gaga she is smarter than she let us think i like her looks relly and i did not know that Bradley coöperatie can ding thats new fot me i like huis voice and her face your nouse is perfect stepfani i like you more than lady gaga your alther ego

  • Noora Dharma
    Noora Dharma Month ago

    story seems like ashiqui 2

  • Mr.Carter !!!!!
    Mr.Carter !!!!! Month ago +2

    This movie is the most emotional, the greatest, and best movie I have ever seen. #AStarIsBorn

  • Anshul Mishra
    Anshul Mishra Month ago

    Aashiqui2 ka English version 😂

  • Rallexus
    Rallexus Month ago

    Me and my wifes living room got flooded with tears, i have never cried so much in my entire life! a true masterpiece!

  • samuelCWM
    samuelCWM Month ago

    It’s John Laurens!!

  • Rachid BENATIA
    Rachid BENATIA Month ago

    This is inspired by the indian movie" Ashiqi 2"

  • yüyi
    yüyi Month ago


  • Karla Hallak
    Karla Hallak Month ago

    Jungkook has watched that movie

  • FaRiDaH bai
    FaRiDaH bai Month ago +2

    Lady Gaga have nature beauty❤💎

  • Azmira Khalid
    Azmira Khalid Month ago

    Tell me where i can watch this amazing movie pleaseeee

  • PR PR
    PR PR Month ago

    When the director is the actor and the singer aswell.