How to Land a Boeing 777 without Any Engines

  • Published on Oct 7, 2013
  • Just one minute away from landing, both of this planes engines suddenly fail. #planecrash
    From: TERROR IN THE SKIES: Technical Meltdown
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  • Tom B
    Tom B Month ago


  • Grafton Hale
    Grafton Hale Month ago

    Maybe I missed it somewhere but I have to ask: Why did both engines fail?

  • only257
    only257 Month ago


  • Justwantahover
    Justwantahover Month ago

    Must have been on a flat earth and they didn't make the fuel tanks big enough, cos they thought the world was round.

  • Justwantahover
    Justwantahover Month ago

    Did they find out what caused the double engine failure?

  • Lincoln's Aviation
    Lincoln's Aviation Month ago

    TVclip:How to land a Boeing 777 without any engines
    Someone I know:You can't land a 777 without any engines.
    Me:Hold my vodka.

    (crashes plane)
    (everyone survives)

    Had to sorry. :)

    • Lincoln's Aviation
      Lincoln's Aviation Month ago

      I'm not kidding, I actually tried this in X Plane (10), and I succeeded. I crashed on the runway, but I did it. :)
      - Lincoln's Aviation

  • Joey theMLGGamertv
    Joey theMLGGamertv Month ago +1

    777 isn’t at train anymore it’s a plane 😧

  • Rabia Afzal
    Rabia Afzal Month ago

    I was born on january 17

  • Lucas Tant
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  • Tony Womack
    Tony Womack Month ago

    Good pilot's

  • j x
    j x 2 months ago

    Can you make the same video but without wings? Asking for a friend.

  • BulinGaming YT
    BulinGaming YT 2 months ago


  • Zersetzung
    Zersetzung 2 months ago

    it's very possible the planet floats.... but you have to land at speed.. you pitch the plane to get that speed. the landing is a bit rough but it has been done before. you just have to be good at math.

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin 2 months ago +3

    *terrain terrain pull up*

  • Luisagusto01
    Luisagusto01 2 months ago

    8 days later after i was born...

  • Philip Fong
    Philip Fong 2 months ago

    So... What is the cause of both engine failure?

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen 2 months ago +1

    I’m being thrown around

    O gosh😳😳😳

  • Donna Wasserman
    Donna Wasserman 2 months ago

    Wait but i thought flaps increased lift

  • Siffle
    Siffle 2 months ago

    Wouldn’t it just glide like a paper airplane

  • Sagecedar
    Sagecedar 2 months ago +1

    It's in a 737 sim lmao

  • Bron y Aur
    Bron y Aur 2 months ago


  • Hanz rocblox gaming
    Hanz rocblox gaming 2 months ago

    But a risk to

  • Hanz rocblox gaming
    Hanz rocblox gaming 2 months ago


  • Blessed Murungi
    Blessed Murungi 2 months ago

    Very disappointing clip. It's a 737 cockpit and a 777 crash....really????

  • Crictoli101
    Crictoli101 2 months ago +1

    lol. when i was watching in 2:30, it is going to fall but it loads. it is like *to be continued*

  • TWE Duden LVE
    TWE Duden LVE 3 months ago

    Did they get their luggages?

  • Shaun Greer
    Shaun Greer 3 months ago +1

    Currently on final approach, thanks for the help!

  • Aussie Gamer1002
    Aussie Gamer1002 3 months ago

    2:45 a 777 wither a 320 wingtip shark fin

  • From Takeoff to Landing

    The water microbes in the liquid fuel froze because of the extremley low temprature (below -20○ Celsius) causing the fuel pipes to become blocked thus causing both engines to fail. And there is your explination.

  • Random Stuffs
    Random Stuffs 3 months ago

    What about their luggage?

  • Danesh Surkheti
    Danesh Surkheti 3 months ago

    Fakes engine they need to build real and strong engines for airplane it's not a joke

  • autocrow
    autocrow 3 months ago

    Landing with no engines is easy, it's not landing with no engines that's hard.

  • Salad Lord
    Salad Lord 3 months ago +1

    I'll remember this the next time I need to land a 777 without engines.

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 3 months ago


  • Just depression
    Just depression 3 months ago

    Doesn't planes have small hydraulic propeller that helps a bit to spin jet?

  • Maulan Wong
    Maulan Wong 3 months ago

    Well planes can glide for about 25 minutes deapending on the altitude and the speed also engine failures are very rare

  • Matthew Robertson
    Matthew Robertson 3 months ago

    I love this one 😍

  • Denny Cahyalie
    Denny Cahyalie 3 months ago

    Correct me if i'm wrong. But didn't the pilot or the co-pilot switch on the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)

  • Elisabet Febriana
    Elisabet Febriana 4 months ago

    the pilot is really angel.

  • TurKickerz
    TurKickerz 4 months ago

    Great manuvring

  • Giacomo Hall
    Giacomo Hall 4 months ago

    Us Brits know what to do 😂

  • pommedeterre are niceee

    lol January 17 is my birthday

  • Robloxian Gaming
    Robloxian Gaming 4 months ago

    Wtf that's crazy as shit the wheels broke of

  • Banana Jooz
    Banana Jooz 4 months ago

    on the flight simulator, i purposely turned of the engines to see the reaction and it was successful

  • Active Ayaan
    Active Ayaan 4 months ago

    Thanks for the video, will definitely try this today

  • X-gamer Pro
    X-gamer Pro 4 months ago

    He’s like very calm and he could kill him self

  • Zach Lasagna
    Zach Lasagna 4 months ago

    1:40 737 lol

  • Mr VIX
    Mr VIX 4 months ago

    it was his fucking duty to do what he can it s not a brilliant job it is his fooking duty

  • Mr VIX
    Mr VIX 4 months ago

    you mean: how to crash a B777 without engines ?

  • football player 6537
    football player 6537 4 months ago

    The captain's name is Peter burkhill

  • Ur boi
    Ur boi 5 months ago

    I still don’t know how to land a triple 7 with no engines.

  • Arenzy Abigail
    Arenzy Abigail 5 months ago

    There is my uncle there im glad you survived 😊

  • Can I die please
    Can I die please 5 months ago

    I wish this video was shorter my 777 has only 30 seconds to impact and now we’re all gonna die thanks.

  • ace storm
    ace storm 5 months ago

    Dislikes are helicopter pilots

  • Alex
    Alex 5 months ago

    Instructions not clear enough, got dick stuck in engine

  • TSU_Saintz
    TSU_Saintz 5 months ago +1

    And that is why you need 4 engines instead of two

  • M James
    M James 5 months ago

    CAA/FAA should Mandate that overhead lockers should always remain closed and intact in the event of crash landing where evacuation could be used. Surely overhead lockers opening massively increases evacuation time and could increase likelyhood of injury or death in accident scenario

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    Why does nobody who covers this incident play the ATC, which is one of the most amazing things you'll hear.
    Also... This is why 'Boris Island' needs to happen at some point.

  • Gay Rice
    Gay Rice 5 months ago

    Average ryanair landing.

  • ThomasAndy XD555
    ThomasAndy XD555 5 months ago

    My dad said that people on UK during the Christmas 2018-2019 people get drones and fly near Heathrow international airport and suddenly the airport closed XD

  • Alexei Gadia
    Alexei Gadia 5 months ago

    Dude! its A CRASH LANDING NOT LANDING Because Landing Is Your Going Down Without Breaking Any Part Of A Plane

  • aji yra
    aji yra 6 months ago

    Instructions unclear, dead

  • D the awesom3
    D the awesom3 6 months ago

    pilot: *tries to land plane with no engines* plane: *crashes* pilot: *oops*

  • Christian Sim
    Christian Sim 6 months ago +1

    I can clearly see the engines

  • Jovan is playing with me right now in roblox

    Use the wings. Actually, you can put some propellers on engine down of the airplane.

  • my_shoes_are_ purple
    my_shoes_are_ purple 6 months ago

    I totally needed to know this

  • legend lol
    legend lol 6 months ago

    1:37 nice photo shop

  • ItzDeclan
    ItzDeclan 6 months ago

    Proof all British airlines are the saftest (maybe not best)

  • ItzDeclan
    ItzDeclan 6 months ago

    Well, at least it wasn't easyjet or Ryanair

  • Nova Playz Games
    Nova Playz Games 7 months ago

    Stop fucking cutting the videos short

  • Tony Wu
    Tony Wu 7 months ago

    What fucking rescuer films a crash. Pathetic.

  • Vicky Primal
    Vicky Primal 7 months ago

    Staford was in another British Airways Air Crash Investigation Documentary...

  • Slowbro YT
    Slowbro YT 7 months ago

    Omg that is a nice troll man 2:40 THAT AIN'T A BOEING 777 WING IT'S A AIRBUS....

  • bharath
    bharath 7 months ago

    1 quick idea saved many lives
    Hats off to the pilot

  • Cheed
    Cheed 7 months ago

    We've lost Engine 1

    *and Engine 2 is no longer on fire*

  • DsYkX Plays games
    DsYkX Plays games 7 months ago

    Tell me how to......I wanna learn

    I only know that I *MUST* turn on the APU

  • Kishoreda Songs
    Kishoreda Songs 7 months ago

    Ok , one fatality ,thats me from a heart attact , say plane crash , i die. Scared of flying ,planes are like eggs they splatterrrr

  • Hal
    Hal 7 months ago

    no mistery here, without thrust the plane one way or another will end up in the ground. Please explain now how to take off a Boeing 777 without any engines.

  • Ivylou De Guzman
    Ivylou De Guzman 7 months ago

    wow amazing!!gd job u hv a presence of mind..

  • Lynn Plays Gacha
    Lynn Plays Gacha 7 months ago

    I’ve been on a Beijing to Heathrow flight and that was only 9 hours xD

  • Just a Burger
    Just a Burger 7 months ago

    Pretend if the plane had 78 engines that would be crazy

  • Grace Levitt
    Grace Levitt 7 months ago +1

    The UK is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Soooooo London is in England not all 4 countries

  • JellyMan 200
    JellyMan 200 7 months ago

    Boeing 777 is not a thing yet there still making it I went to the Boeing factory

  • suckitdipwad
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  • Nyan Burrito
    Nyan Burrito 7 months ago

    And they said a plane can glide for [much more than a minute]

  • Nappy The Great
    Nappy The Great 7 months ago

    Jan 17 is my birthday

  • 10,000 subs With no vids

    So witch is safer on a plane front middle or back

  • Jack dollerymorrison
    Jack dollerymorrison 8 months ago

    some times all pilots are heros

  • Ace Wyvern
    Ace Wyvern 8 months ago

    Where’s the animation?

  • Xaniac
    Xaniac 8 months ago

    Thanks, I'll bear this in my mind.

  • heng sin chill out
    heng sin chill out 8 months ago

    I hate boy that in cockpit in simulator

    TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE 8 months ago +1


  • only257
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    ERIC EDMUND 8 months ago


  • Mundanee
    Mundanee 8 months ago

    Best advised that you don’t fly a plane without turbines and engines please

  • Movie Class
    Movie Class 9 months ago

    Jan 17 2008 is my BIRTHDAY!!! Weird my favourite airline

  • J M
    J M 9 months ago

    Did we MISS something here? As in, what CAUSED the engine shutdown?? Thanks, Smithsonian. Once again, you folks are ON it!

  • Darth vader
    Darth vader 9 months ago

    bet you cant do it with no wings.

  • Who Am I?
    Who Am I? 9 months ago

    Thanks Smithsonian, great tutorial! Did this last week and everyone loved it!

  • Dedet Dewantoro
    Dedet Dewantoro 9 months ago

    Why is the simulator a 737 when the aircraft that crashed is a777