How to Land a Boeing 777 without Any Engines

  • Published on Oct 7, 2013
  • Just one minute away from landing, both of this planes engines suddenly fail. #planecrash
    From: TERROR IN THE SKIES: Technical Meltdown
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  • AviationFanClub 470
    AviationFanClub 470 14 hours ago

    So is this a tutorial or an investigation coz im here for a tutorial

  • Andy H
    Andy H 18 hours ago

    Retracting the flaps did the trick. Whatever that captain was getting paid, it's not enough. Wish they had told the end knowledge of the investigation as to why the engines suddenly quit both at once. Great Pilots.

  • Damien Tong
    Damien Tong Day ago

    Don't bother to explain why the engines failed

  • joe nock
    joe nock 2 days ago

    I like try it there's comment, take off without engines good to know someone else loves humor

  • E.T.Hurse The AmErikan1

    ... My mom's flight got delayed because something was wrong with the plane. My sister told me it was a Boeing 777.

  • lizardfirefighter110


  • Vsco girl check xxx
    Vsco girl check xxx 4 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how MH370 was a Boeing 777

  • Jason Ernest
    Jason Ernest 6 days ago

  • Stephen Box
    Stephen Box 8 days ago

    When you run out of air speed and altitude the nose better be pointing down or you Stall and Fall! Reason #62 why I don't fly!

  • Johnny 500
    Johnny 500 8 days ago +1

    Why do all the approach videos show the wheels down but yet it's parked on it's belly with no wheels?

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  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas Martin 9 days ago

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    HOw To LaNd A PLaNe WiTHouT EnGInEs

  • Delroy Williams
    Delroy Williams 12 days ago

    THanks to the Lord GOD JESUS CHRIST, there were no fatalities..Only JESUS CHRIST CV could save them.

  • Greta Daniseviciute
    Greta Daniseviciute 12 days ago

    Thank you for the tutorial. I'll try that next time.

  • xzqzq
    xzqzq 17 days ago

    It always seemed foolish to be so low on final for this very reason.

  • One4All All4One
    One4All All4One 19 days ago

    Surprise they showed what happen.

  • Memetastic Bot
    Memetastic Bot 19 days ago +1

    Thank you for this How To video. I was just about to land my 777 in my backyard but realized that it would be more fun without any engines.

  • Max L.
    Max L. 23 days ago

    Can you teach us how now?

  • Delroy Williams
    Delroy Williams Month ago

    Thanks to JESUS CHRIST, HE spared those souls on that aircraft.

  • Jesse W
    Jesse W Month ago +1

    Any landing you can walk away from is a GOOD LANDING!!

  • JackNo Legs
    JackNo Legs Month ago

    OK, Ima go recreate this in I finte flight

  • Hi I'm Max
    Hi I'm Max Month ago

    the plane crashed because the fuel froze due to the cold temperatures while overflying Scandinavia and northern Russia

  • CaptainAlfie Mutuma

    2:46 that’s not a triple 7 that’s an a320

    • CaptainAlfie Mutuma
      CaptainAlfie Mutuma Month ago

      No on the wing view that wasn’t a 777 that was airbus

    • D L
      D L Month ago

      Really! Did not know that they used a yoke vs Joystick!

  • GOTCHA18
    GOTCHA18 Month ago

    Who really knows if Boeing is aware of this potential problem and doesn't report it or just poor maintenance at the airport?

  • pron777
    pron777 Month ago

    great pilots and crew.

  • Hotep Muh Dyk Amen Ra Nnngggrrr

    God blimey!

  • SuperNiteFIN
    SuperNiteFIN Month ago

    Someone show this to HowToBasic

  • SuperNiteFIN
    SuperNiteFIN Month ago

    Someone show this to HowToBasic

  • Sydney Peppell
    Sydney Peppell Month ago

    What happens to these pilots who do a good flying---no publicity like Sully--landing without fire, landing alive, etc.? More stories, even a DVD of accumulated “landings”, as Mr. Sully calls it (not an accident “, please. As nerve racking as it is to see a simulation, it still, (choose a word that fits) is good, a learning process, fun? ect.
    Thank you. Oh, please do not use music, as it is distracting.
    This plane lading had no voice or music, which I did not notice until it landed. Nice TY.

  • 14,345,123 view s
    14,345,123 view s Month ago

    Wow these pilots deserve some respect, it must be so stressful knowing that you have the passengers life in their hands

  • hi Aviation
    hi Aviation Month ago

    How to land a B777 in a B737 Flight sim

  • Ties Versteeg
    Ties Versteeg Month ago

    2:46 the winglet on this piece of video is not from a boeing 777, this is from an airbus! Why is that!? I thought the video was about an boeing 777🤨

  • Challenge Gaming
    Challenge Gaming Month ago

    More like crash because the tags


  • Wheelspin
    Wheelspin Month ago

    Figures no fatalities and the “Its Brighter Here” is gone.

  • fuffoon
    fuffoon Month ago

    That instinct to pull up is strong. Look at the accidents from or ending in stalls. It takes intensive training or really cool heads to push that nose down at 320 feet.

  • M47theduck
    M47theduck Month ago

    Gimme a minute because I have to learn a plane with engines first

  • First Name
    First Name Month ago

    What caused the engines to stop working?

  • FadedX
    FadedX Month ago

    But how did it get in the air anyways?

    LET'S ROLL OUT Month ago

    That's freaking awesome. I love flying the 777.

  • OriginalJoseyWales
    OriginalJoseyWales Month ago

    I thought double engine failure never happened

  • Remoa
    Remoa Month ago

    If they put brakes to 200%, they would be able to fly backwards, reaching their take off airport in 11 hours and landing safely... smh

  • dude14377
    dude14377 Month ago

    Does the video seen laggy, or is it just me?

  • Sports News
    Sports News Month ago

    Glide it

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 2 months ago

    you dont need engines to land....

  • Mustang MkIV
    Mustang MkIV 2 months ago +1

    Any1 remember the og air crash investigation documentary on this?

  • Bernie C.
    Bernie C. 2 months ago +1

    Retracted the landing gear.... pic of accident- fully deployed landing gear

  • brian belton
    brian belton 2 months ago

    French Pilot: 'taint two leau
    British Co Pilot: 'Sez Yer own Arse!
    American passenger: Where my bags?!

  • T1971 C1971
    T1971 C1971 2 months ago

    47 people needed lawyers.

  • Amethyst Flitzerox
    Amethyst Flitzerox 2 months ago

    Shows a 737 when it’s a 777..... also shows a a320 wing on the runway when the 777 landed short great job

  • BaconHairMan Fur
    BaconHairMan Fur 2 months ago

    Edit: wait i fogot that i was a ploit

  • pillow talk
    pillow talk 2 months ago

    When he was landing an engine was on 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • Moss
    Moss 2 months ago

    Still a smoother landing than Ryanair

  • Jim 762
    Jim 762 2 months ago +1

    These Smithsonian docs are way too long ....

  • Bros 360
    Bros 360 2 months ago

    Instructions unclear, smashed into twin towers

  • winer222
    winer222 2 months ago

    Got to love the 737 simulator

  • Michael Macluskie
    Michael Macluskie 2 months ago

    But he landed the Plane WITH the Engines albeit not working.....he did,nt land it WITHOUT any Engines.

  • Flight Man 001
    Flight Man 001 3 months ago

    ???! Why can a 777 fly only a couple of hundred feet without engines when air transat flight 236 COULD GLIDE FOR 20 MINUTES WITH NO ENGINES!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  • Tom B
    Tom B 4 months ago


  • Grafton Hale
    Grafton Hale 4 months ago

    Maybe I missed it somewhere but I have to ask: Why did both engines fail?