RC Wheelie bin/Trash Can


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  • Alka Albar
    Alka Albar 15 days ago

    I like you crazy

  • I will not put my name on the internet

    What if the garbage truck fails (as they usually do) and throws your wheely bin or drops it into the compacter or smashes it or drops it or crushes it or just brakes it in general, then no more $200 garbage can anymore.

  • Aditya Mishra
    Aditya Mishra Month ago

    what kind of motor was used

  • DukatiDoctor TARDIS
    DukatiDoctor TARDIS 2 months ago

    Colin, can you please make a remote control lawn mower. That sprays for weeds and cuts grass.

  • Mr. ElectricMoon
    Mr. ElectricMoon 2 months ago

    Duh duh duh duuuuhhhh *bang*!

  • mena3976
    mena3976 2 months ago

    If you put heavy trash in there will it break?

  • Princess Aqua Layton
    Princess Aqua Layton 2 months ago

    I want buy how much

  • Xaracen
    Xaracen 2 months ago

    you know, theres an actually good idea in this, we already have robo vacuum cleaners...

  • King Kobra
    King Kobra 3 months ago

    Turbo poweredrc car

  • Garry Smith
    Garry Smith 3 months ago

    I have an idea for another invention. It's another one for all those lazy people out there. It's a solution to when your sitting in a really comfy position on the couch, you want to watch some TV and you don't want to move but the remote is out of reach.

    GAMING MACK MIX 4 months ago

    you should try and make a ice cream/ slush machine

  • Max P
    Max P 4 months ago

    You should make a vaccum trash system

    S`AA`D A`LG`A`BO RR`E 4 months ago


  • musto oo
    musto oo 5 months ago +1


  • Matthew Bacon
    Matthew Bacon 5 months ago

    Pretty nice truck in the background @0:19

  • movezig5
    movezig5 5 months ago

    If I still lived in the suburbs I would have loved to have this.

  • The_Wildfish_101 01
    The_Wildfish_101 01 5 months ago

    this is the sort of stuff that is something thatt is a little lazy, or pointless, but a brilliant design, and although it could be refined, this sought of idea is what makes people into millionaires

  • Brian José Paredes Mercedes

    No entiendo por qué ese idioma yo se español

  • Tigernator
    Tigernator 6 months ago

    Hi collin fart😁(just joking

  • Michael Gagliano
    Michael Gagliano 6 months ago

    Omg at is so cool.

  • Thomas Wigginton
    Thomas Wigginton 6 months ago

    So this is how Daleks got started

  • Lucas Vloger
    Lucas Vloger 6 months ago


  • Lee sheng wei L
    Lee sheng wei L 6 months ago

    did you do carry garbage

  • hahisa creative
    hahisa creative 7 months ago


  • Masonthebest1223 Great times

    Is there a video of how to build the bin becuse if there is not could you please make one.

  • KikoRubs Kikolino
    KikoRubs Kikolino 7 months ago

    OMG, i need it😂 but really cool

  • TΩwmaX
    TΩwmaX 7 months ago

    0:56 -_-

  • Tumusiime Kwiringira
    Tumusiime Kwiringira 8 months ago

    Hey Colin, I'm a great fan of ur work,... Could you post a video of how u made this "RC wheelie bin"..... Thanks.... Keep it up.... Good work.....

  • FTfarmer Fix
    FTfarmer Fix 8 months ago

    So lol

  • Wyatt Merland
    Wyatt Merland 8 months ago

    What about when the truck picks it up...

  • Mauricio Fernandez
    Mauricio Fernandez 8 months ago

    We have wheelie bins in America you dumb dum

  • James Kingsford
    James Kingsford 8 months ago

    1:24 bababa balm

  • muppofire miller
    muppofire miller 8 months ago

    I'm Canadian

  • Mr wolf Games
    Mr wolf Games 8 months ago

    We also have your *wheely bins* in America

  • денис хлыстов

    Why I am watching video about rc bin at 23-00?

  • manux 200
    manux 200 9 months ago

    Whot ??????

  • all gokil
    all gokil 9 months ago

    pleace subcr canel all gokil
    thaks gays

  • James Kingsford
    James Kingsford 9 months ago

    1:24 bababaw balm

  • Fujin gaming
    Fujin gaming 9 months ago +1

    so you get your remote control and...
    watch it fall on its ass

  • Griff goes Fishing
    Griff goes Fishing 9 months ago

    In America we have wheelie bins

  • Oyun Dostu
    Oyun Dostu 9 months ago


  • Randy Hatfield
    Randy Hatfield 10 months ago

    Mack a rc car full scale and prank a lot of people with it

    • Randy Hatfield
      Randy Hatfield 10 months ago

      And put a wirlas camra on it so you can be in another car and controal it from there enstead of being in it

  • frankkummel
    frankkummel 10 months ago

    A motorized Sledge

  • Pedro Permisan
    Pedro Permisan 10 months ago


  • Krekauto funilaria waildir luiz maniezo

    Feliz natal....kkkk

  • Brendan Witham
    Brendan Witham 10 months ago

    love that hilux!!

  • Nicthepro
    Nicthepro 10 months ago

    pure lazzyness

  • Papyrus Playz
    Papyrus Playz 11 months ago

    I AM THE AMERICAN PAPYRUS!!! (P.S. you make pretty cool vids) (P.P.S. I subscribed

  • Phonesharkidk
    Phonesharkidk Year ago

    We have wheelie bins in america but we call them trash bins

  • O.K007
    O.K007 Year ago

    Where the fuck do u put the rubbish

  • William Chan
    William Chan Year ago

    Puting trump in this RC rubbish Bin is perfectly.

  • Erik G
    Erik G Year ago

    Remote control car that flies on water

  • Robbie
    Robbie Year ago

    I think you need to add more speed and flashing lights and maybe a sound to tell people to back off. :D

  • ACC
    ACC Year ago

    Make a automatic pizza maker.

  • Brandon Garven
    Brandon Garven Year ago


  • Judah Corey
    Judah Corey Year ago

    Hey Colin, could you make a fridge suitcase with a grill and mini cabinets or a JET IRON to make your clothes not wrinkled very fast

  • Isaac Chandler
    Isaac Chandler Year ago

    You should make a rc guitar that plays its self and moves

  • Easton
    Easton Year ago

    We have wheelie bins as well.

  • Captain Croissant

    that thrash can looks like frisk from undertale on the face

  • Mida K
    Mida K Year ago

    I would have my RC drive right as the neighbour goes out and then run them over and knock over their stuff.

  • Lioncash
    Lioncash Year ago

    If you can make the auto dressing machine from Wallace and Gromit I would die happy.

  • Super Sky Scout
    Super Sky Scout Year ago

    *trash can bangs into table*

  • C4M0K41
    C4M0K41 Year ago

    You have *BIN* busy

  • Curly Fries123
    Curly Fries123 Year ago

    But where would the trash go

  • Zanda Ramett
    Zanda Ramett Year ago

    Australia has wheelie bins i know cause im Australian

  • Boom Box
    Boom Box Year ago

    70 wheeler

  • Güvercin Uçuverdii

    Türkiye'de bunun aküleri çalarlar mq

  • I like Oranges
    I like Oranges Year ago

    Think about how freaked out you would be if you saw this bin on a walk.

  • squrailfight 56
    squrailfight 56 Year ago

    Ya we have trash cans with wheels too just saying..........

  • Настя Петрова

    русские есть?

  • Nicholas Evans
    Nicholas Evans Year ago

    NO ITS NEITHER IT'S A t r a s h b i n

  • Sasha Moore
    Sasha Moore Year ago

    modern bill nye

  • Ozan Kale
    Ozan Kale Year ago

    1:35 Do I recognise that music?

  • just a parrot
    just a parrot Year ago

    fuck rubbish is with double b i wrote it with only one in my english exam :/

  • k kk
    k kk Year ago


  • Hacking Pancakez
    Hacking Pancakez Year ago

    I live in America and we use wheels bins too

  • Tudo com Tudo
    Tudo com Tudo Year ago

    Vídeos is good

  • Tudo com Tudo
    Tudo com Tudo Year ago


  • Mark Schlott
    Mark Schlott Year ago +1


  • Mark Schlott
    Mark Schlott Year ago


  • Jurassic Waffle
    Jurassic Waffle Year ago

    colin can you make a cup that heats it self

  • Jack Newton
    Jack Newton Year ago

    we've got wheely bins in Washington

  • GorrilaCorn
    GorrilaCorn Year ago

    And In Australia we have bins, just plan old bins

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy Year ago +1

    Like it

  • Jeff Jeffy
    Jeff Jeffy Year ago

    Can you make a 220 or115 volts portative battery which can leed an elecric car???

  • jamgallace
    jamgallace Year ago

    Make a robot for robot wars pls

  • Rich Yurocko
    Rich Yurocko Year ago

    Make a taco dispenser

  • Jonas Pereira
    Jonas Pereira Year ago


  • The Eye Master
    The Eye Master Year ago

    well lets just hope that the garbage truck won't accidentally crush it with it's grabber, you'll be having such a bad time making another one. :/

  • Bradley Guard
    Bradley Guard Year ago

    You should get heelys and put a rocket in them

  • Egriff123
    Egriff123 Year ago

    We have wheelie bins in america

  • ThunderSpace
    ThunderSpace Year ago

    Make the bin into a drine

  • TTV.ghcdy Fortnite

    make a tesla coil gun

    IRON WOLF Year ago

    We do to

  • nicholas court
    nicholas court Year ago

    Bro please modify an outboard 50H Tohatsu or Yamaha onto a go car with water cooling and a gear box...

  • CC9 Games
    CC9 Games Year ago

    football shoes

  • EC Murphy
    EC Murphy Year ago

    0:46 omg lol xD

  • Jack Armstrong
    Jack Armstrong Year ago

    CALL IT THE TRASHMOBILE and copyright it