Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode #102: 1974 De Tomaso Pantera GTS

  • Published on Jun 12, 2015
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    This week we stretched the definition of muscle car just a bit and bring you a 1974 De Tomaso Pantera GTS. The muscle car connection is this car's 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8 that looks over the driver's shoulder as you row through the ZF gear box. Power comes from Ford, wrapped in Italian styling. We know it is not a muscle car but we think it is very cool and worth sharing. From The Brothers Collection.
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  • sol star
    sol star 12 days ago

    Sad commentary on the times 🙈

  • Hope Lanza
    Hope Lanza 27 days ago +1

    If drive this in a _heartbeat_!!!

  • christopher waldrop

    Raffle this car for $500 a ticket

  • Scarboro Sasquatch Station

    Low , low mileage car with under 800 miles on the odometer , love the original look of this 351C.I. ~ Cleveland motor inside the 1974 De Tomaso Pantera GTS !!!!! Thanks Scarboro

  • Earl I
    Earl I Month ago

    Thanks for pointing out the wheels and their manufacture. How about their size and the size of the tires?

  • 88rock X
    88rock X 2 months ago

    Elvis had one

    • pantera1973
      pantera1973 Month ago +1

      @TheFokker03 Elvis's wasn't exactly a "stellar" example; he bought it off of a used car lot for $3,500 bucks...........

    • TheFokker03
      TheFokker03 2 months ago

      yes,and he put bullet holes in it when it didn't start.

  • fast last
    fast last 2 months ago

    where can I buy one?

  • V. E.
    V. E. 2 months ago +1

    In '74 I was 14 and stone in love w/ this particular car. Ended up settling for a Mustang w/ a 351 Cleveland. Lots of fun, but nothing quite like that very sexy "Italian job," as my father and his friends used to say about the European and exotic cars of that era. lol Would still love to own one, but don't have the budget for it. sigh

    • Dean Sapp
      Dean Sapp 15 days ago

      In 71, i was 12 and walked to the Lincoln/mercury dealer to see one on the showroom floor and feel in love with it

  • Jesse Lee
    Jesse Lee 2 months ago +1

    Bitchin' Corvette/Pantera car scene here:

  • DIRK Poward
    DIRK Poward 3 months ago +1


  • Paul Boobier
    Paul Boobier 4 months ago +1

    Loved the look when they came out. Still do. I remember they were priced at under 10,000 dollars. The beauty of a Ferrari / Lambo but with an unbreakable American V8. How could it fail. Maybe it didn't have enough snob value.

    • TheFokker03
      TheFokker03 2 months ago

      the thing was,De Tomaso had no engine,unlike Maserati/Ferrari/Lamborghini,so he approached Ford.

  • Gilbert440
    Gilbert440 4 months ago +2

    Awesome car, I’ve always wanted one! Only car I ever considered selling or trading my 68 charger rt 440 for!

    • John Mcclane
      John Mcclane 4 months ago

      @Gilbert440 true I like the Pantera but I'm afraid of maintenance money is not a issue but the parts are rare

    • Gilbert440
      Gilbert440 4 months ago +2

      @John Mcclane thats a tuff one! I personally would get the Pantera. I live in California and I see Porsche cars everywhere, but they don't make Pantera's anymore and they look unique, half muscle car, half exotic. You can also build a Pantera to handle better, brake better and with a LOT more power. Check out a video on TVclip called, "RIDE: 626 HP De Tomaso Pantera", I think you might like it! There will always be a Porsche but De tomaso is gone and its nice having something most people have never seen.

    • John Mcclane
      John Mcclane 4 months ago

      Hey may I ask you something I know this is going to sound stupid but I have a chance to get one of these a 74 Orange with no wing or a new Porsche gt3 both cars are my dream cars which one should I get

  • vittorio D'Elia
    vittorio D'Elia 4 months ago

    I Want one

  • Joel Threatt
    Joel Threatt 5 months ago +2

    I grew up in Charlotte when Holman&Moody had their operation behind the airport. I remember seeing large lots of mustangs then panteras awaiting the holman and moody tweaking. Now that was a fine place to wonder around in

  • Arayig1982
    Arayig1982 5 months ago

    De Tomaso's continued with 351 Cleveland V8s but Australia engines with more output, until the late '80s when they just used 302 windsors

  • Tim Downey
    Tim Downey 6 months ago

    Drove a few of these back in the day. It's biggest problem? Cooling...

  • Marciel Industries
    Marciel Industries 7 months ago

    I think its cool.

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 8 months ago

    Sell it to me ….. now !!! :)

  • Damn you Google
    Damn you Google 8 months ago

    It show do sound like a badass muscle car.

  • Victim Hood
    Victim Hood 10 months ago +1

    And yet it will spank most "Musclecars"

  • Raven Knight
    Raven Knight 11 months ago

    I love the Pantera. There were cool looking cars.

  • J F
    J F 11 months ago

    Went to an auto show back in the 70’s and saw a Pantera and always wanted one. Thanks for showing it.

  • Audie Conrad
    Audie Conrad 11 months ago +4

    Not a muscle car?... had a muscle car engine... Don't forget Ford's European race history - huge.
    Authentic American muscle care?...maybe not.
    Authentic performance car? Absofreakinlutely

  • bg147
    bg147 11 months ago

    As a kid, I recall going to the Lincoln Mercury dealer to pick up our new, brown 1974 Capri with a 4 cylinder, automatic transmission, and manual steering. We were in the service area and I saw a flashy car but didn't know what it was. My brother told me it was a Pantera and described its virtues. So, it was a let down to drive home in the "Crappi" as we called it. It was a good looking car, had a nice interior, but it was sooooo slow.... one time my brother was lined up at a stop light with the AC running against a cement mixer truck. The light changed, he stood on the pedal, bracing for the explosion of power.... yes, you guessed it.

  • cultspaghetti Trashmovie

    I always put the De Tomaso with the Mustangs, Chevelle, Camaro’s and Chargers , they are all Beautiful top class cars from a time that beautiful cars were made 😊

  • H G
    H G Year ago

    What was the final sale price of this beauty?

    SIX GEAR Year ago

    I absolutely love the Pantera, I would love to own one.

  • Saul Espino
    Saul Espino Year ago +3

    very likable style in this presenter

  • Michael Decker
    Michael Decker Year ago

    I always wanted one, but they were rare in the UK. I eventually found one for sale, but when I went to see it it was falling apart with rust holes all along the sills, and seemed mostly built of filler despite being less than ten years old. I gave up the search and bought a nice Maserati Merak instead. Still hanker after an early Pantera (before they pimped it with silly giant arches and spoilers), and yes it's definitely all muscle! Thanks for the memory, great report.

  • Sherry Setliff
    Sherry Setliff Year ago

    Just wish they had put the boss351 in the car.

  • Denwerks Vintage Car Shop

    I wouldn’t apologize for it not being a Muscle car, that is one heck of a car. I’ve had 2 of these in the past and when dialed in, awesome! Getting ready in a few days to have another one parlayed in my garage!

  • Sean O
    Sean O Year ago +9

    Would be kool if Ford could slot this in between the Mustang and Ford GT.

    • xpez
      xpez Month ago

      the Fiero

  • Squirmin Herman the one eyed German

    Re...spect...walk! Love Pantera ✌☮

  • Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes
    Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes Year ago +1

    What would that be worth with almost no miles on it at a Barrett Jackson auction.I'm sure with a limited number produced they must be highly sought after.

    • Sanny Folkesson
      Sanny Folkesson Year ago

      oddly they are not very desirable cars until now, they been a car none really seem interested in but now start catch attention due to their low price.

  • AZCobraman
    AZCobraman Year ago

    Those Arrivas must be like hockey pucks!

  • smcic
    smcic Year ago

    It makes me sad that it wasn't driven

  • Mark W
    Mark W 2 years ago

    Jensen Interceptor, please, if we must.

  • eddie bowens
    eddie bowens 2 years ago

    thanks, and i call that muscle.

  • TheRadioman1976
    TheRadioman1976 2 years ago

    This video is well put together and the speaker's script flows extremely well. Congrats from a Pantera fan and owner.

  • underballbutter
    underballbutter 2 years ago

    I would also make the engine visible through the back window

  • underballbutter
    underballbutter 2 years ago

    If they just kept producing this I would buy it (with the countach wing)

  • Dr. Venture
    Dr. Venture 2 years ago +1

    i've got the 1971 push button......

  • Jim kirk
    Jim kirk 2 years ago +3

    Thanks for posting this . 351 Cleveland one of Fords most under rated engines .

    • Crystal Stanborough
      Crystal Stanborough 11 months ago

      i thought it was the windsor...

    • Ricardo Ellison
      Ricardo Ellison 2 years ago

      Jim kirk The 351C designers had big big plans for that engine....unfortunately the EPA & the insurance industry killed everything. While the engineers had big plans, they unfortunately caved in to the bean counters & fit in the bodies of the various types, the engine guys designed the exhaust ports to keep the engine "narrow"...but turned the exhaust ports too sharply, & the exhaust gasses "stalls" trying to make that turn in the port....a poor design from the beginning. Eventually they would have noticed & changed the ports altogether....maybe a 351CM....for "Cleveland modified"....not to be confused with the 351M.

  • dave runner
    dave runner 2 years ago +3

    Can you imagine this car with a modern Coyote engine in it,,,,

  • Vince P Gall. ant
    Vince P Gall. ant 2 years ago

    I think the production run was around ten there's a few of them out there.😎

  • Flynn88MN
    Flynn88MN 2 years ago

    owner didnt let them do a burn out

  • Jim Russo
    Jim Russo 3 years ago +2

    we need de tomaso to make the pentera come back.

    • G D P
      G D P Month ago

      they tried in 2011 with the Deauville ... they failed again

    • Gregory Timmons
      Gregory Timmons Month ago

      Alessandro DeTomaso is no longer unfortunately among the living. A little fast and loose as an entrepreneur and businessman he nevertheless kept also Moto Guzzi a going concern at a time they could have gone under.

    • John Mcclane
      John Mcclane 4 months ago

      @Charles White64 looks like Ferrari and Lamborghini

    • John Mcclane
      John Mcclane 4 months ago

      @Charles White64 is this Ferrari

    • John Mcclane
      John Mcclane 4 months ago

      @Charles White64 true keep the vintage look put a good engine and hp

  • Jim Russo
    Jim Russo 3 years ago

    ford need to make the pantera come back.

  • Z
    Z 3 years ago

    never seen the radio delete plate in one of these before now

    • pantera1973
      pantera1973 3 years ago

      +Z Actually every Pantera that rolled off the assembly line came with the radio delete plate in place. All radios were either installed by the dealership or by the owner; none came from the factory with a radio. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to listen to the radio instead of the sweet sounds the 351 Cleveland and ZF Transaxle make. :-)

  • radioguy1620
    radioguy1620 3 years ago

    Excellent video , the interior shots show how amazingly clean this car is , pretty much brand new condition,

  • Lyndon Pedersen
    Lyndon Pedersen 3 years ago +2

    Amazingly low mileage. Why would someone buy a car like this simply to look at it? Its actually a shame. Nice video though.

  • Daniel Tubbs
    Daniel Tubbs 3 years ago +1

    I love that dog leg transmission

  • jordan anderson
    jordan anderson 3 years ago

    I like the 72 dash and car better! But these are great cars!

  • Graham Clayton
    Graham Clayton 3 years ago

    de Tomaso was born in Buenos Aires, which explains why the company logo has blue and white stripes.

    • pantera1973
      pantera1973 3 years ago

      +Graham Clayton That is correct; the Blue & White background of the DeTomaso logo is Argentina’s Flag rotated 90 degrees and the T image was actually the DeTomaso brand that they used for their horses and cattle at their large ranch in Argentina. :-)

  • Will D
    Will D 4 years ago

    Beautiful timepiece. Not a GTS, however. Best bang for the buck, IMHO. Timeless italian style with raw american brute power.

  • joe bernardi
    joe bernardi 4 years ago +1

    Thank you for the honest information Kevin. As owner of a 1974 "L"(Lusso) Detomaso Pantera #6656 I can tell you it is a great ride. The main reason Lee Iaccoca wanted the car in the Ford lineup was there was a rumor the Corvette would be mid engine soon. People ask me what year my car is and most can not tell it is 40 years old. The Pantera community is very active in keeping our cars alive, you can get almost every parts still today. As for muscle car well I have friends that own Pantera's and they range from 300 hp to over +700 hp and over 200 mph I think that is muscle car, ps sold my 1968 Formula S Cuda to get mine. To see my car here is the link

  • Ash
    Ash 4 years ago

    I really appreciate your calm presentation and politeness. Thank you.

  • Mike BXB.
    Mike BXB. 4 years ago +11

    no apology for this Pantera piece. "Average man's ferrari". Thank heaven for the vision of Iaccoca, Duntov, DeLorean Shelby & others. Keep the sports cars coming!

    • BuzzLOLOL
      BuzzLOLOL 2 years ago

      I think the Australian Ford sourced 351C engines DeTomaso used for Panteras after 1974 had bigger 1971 type power...

  • C Boogie
    C Boogie 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed this video, I truly love car history, no matter the car. Keep up the good work, and keep the videos coming I really enjoy them. Do more of the cars from other manufacturers it keeps the hobby interesting.

  • PureMakkan
    PureMakkan 4 years ago

    Time to go for 1080p! These cars deserves pure quality!

  • Heads Up
    Heads Up 4 years ago +13

    Don't worry what others think about this episode. With out you and your crew we will have nothing. And with out you and others putting in time would be nothing. So thank you the crew and every other automotive junky for the time and money spent to put into every episode. Thank you from John Zammit Toronto,Ontario,Canada.... Keep the shiny side up and tell me how can I buy a cool jacket like yours? :)

    • MuscleCarOfTheWeek
      MuscleCarOfTheWeek  4 years ago +3

      @COPO JOHN Thanks for the kind words, John! We might have another run of jackets soon, we'll keep you posted! Have you signed up for the mailing list? Go to to register for updates.

  • Joe Stockett
    Joe Stockett 4 years ago

    I noticed in the video (3:11) a panning shot from the passenger side of the car, It shows the gas filler door on the passenger side, when in reality its on the drivers side. Great video however. It's competitor at the time was the Maserati Bora at $31,000. It had a 4.7L 320HP V8 and Mazerati claimed a top speed of 170 (later proved not true because of the math on the ZF transmission gearing). So you could have bought 3 of these in different colors for the price of the Mas.

  • Jaren Hollandsworth
    Jaren Hollandsworth 4 years ago

    I loved learning about this car :D you guys should do more episodes (or maybe another series) on other types of cars like this.

  • pantera1973
    pantera1973 4 years ago +2

    Great review; thank you for showcasing this beautiful example of a DeTomaso Pantera. :-)

  • Robert Garven
    Robert Garven 4 years ago +12

    not to show the engine??????? Are these guys really car guys? The engine is the heart of any car.

    • Robert Garven
      Robert Garven 4 years ago +2

      @V8TV Thats cool thanks for responding, I know a little about Panteras and am a member of the POCA. The rear cover is easily removed with druze fasteners. There is so much to see down there it would have been nice to see this car in its original condition. Thanks for the video, what can I say I am an engine guy! Rob

    • V8TV
      V8TV 4 years ago +7

      Robert, the engine on this car is obscured by a removable cover. However, with only 789 miles on this car in over 40 years, there was some discussion that perhaps it would be best not to disturb the cover. We were lucky enough to drive it around a bit.

  • Oneida100
    Oneida100 4 years ago

    Beautiful car; love the Panteras. However, this one is not a GTS as the title of the video suggests.

    • Joe Stockett
      Joe Stockett 4 years ago

      @Oneida100 You are correct. The US GTS had riveted fiberglass fender flares and a GTS badge below the Pantera badge. Also the VIN plates had GTS in the number. Not sure why they called it a GTS.

  • highwaystar1009
    highwaystar1009 4 years ago +1

    Shame about the rubber bumpers on this particular example. Otherwise a great piece of design.

    • Charles White64
      Charles White64 4 months ago

      @highwaystar1009 Fashion Is a 'Liability' Past a 100' MPH ! ✌

    • Mike BXB.
      Mike BXB. 4 years ago

      @highwaystar1009 They also mandated the bumper height which raised many MG Triumph Jag & so went the beginning of the end until designers, engineers caught up.

    • Joe Stockett
      Joe Stockett 4 years ago +1

      @highwaystar1009 It was in response to DOT 5 mile an hour impact requirements mandated from 73 on. 71 and 72 had chrome bumperettes.

    • highwaystar1009
      highwaystar1009 4 years ago

      @pantera1973 Hmm interesting tidbit of information. I guess if you can't go for form, you might as well nail the function.

    • pantera1973
      pantera1973 4 years ago +2

      @highwaystar1009 Don't be too quick to discount the Rubber Bumper; the cars designer (Tom Tjaarda) had to develop a bumper to meet Federal Safety standards. Tjaarda designed and incorporated a built in spoiler into the front bumper that generated downforce on the front end & helped to eliminate the lightness at speed that the earlier chrome bumper cars experienced. I've driven earlier cars and the rubber bumper ones at 130+ and the later ones do feel much more planted at speed.

  • Mr. 2cents.
    Mr. 2cents. 4 years ago

    Pontiac did well with the Fiero.

  • cdnpont
    cdnpont 4 years ago

    The infamous car that Tim Horton met his maker in. My friends grandfather actually got the ZF transaxle from the salvaged car. Nice example the red car, and the sound is really quite sweet. Thanks again.

    • Unseen
      Unseen 3 years ago

      +cdnpont Tim Horton was killed in those? That's a pity although he was drunk. Nonetheless still kickass of a car.

    • Joe Stockett
      Joe Stockett 4 years ago +1

      @cdnpont Vince Neil Also wrecked his and killed the passenger in 1984.

  • Kirby Douglas
    Kirby Douglas 4 years ago

    Is there a 1969 ZL-1 corvette in the collection?