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  • Ella McCarthy
    Ella McCarthy Day ago

    Will your po box be open this christmas ??? >:3

  • 마리아코리아MariaKorea


  • not aesthetic
    not aesthetic 13 days ago

    omg first appearance of sparkly princess boots!!

  • Happy Ball-ROBLOX and more

    For me, it's not Christmas yet. Just a month and I will be in my Christmas spirit again. (I already am :D)

  • La Muerte
    La Muerte 2 months ago

    Does your mom not expect a lot of presents? Cuz you only got her a Kermit in your other video :0

  • Della’s World
    Della’s World 2 months ago

    Love you so much you’re the best TVclipr I have ever seen I love your videos you’re just so cool and I Love your make up

  • Tammie Dodgers
    Tammie Dodgers 3 months ago

    Yes girl learn that Japanese 👏 Knowing a second or third language is an amazing skill to have and can open up many job opportunities.

  • Manda E
    Manda E 4 months ago

    I got that barbie 25 years ago!! I still have it :-)

  • Molly Smithers
    Molly Smithers 4 months ago


  • LinkIsAnActualBear
    LinkIsAnActualBear 4 months ago

    you should do a "tour" of your makeup!

  • Claire Gwin
    Claire Gwin 4 months ago

    You’re the type of person that always has good hair days and perfectly made kawaii outfits!🤩😇💃🏼💅🏼👠👗👛👑💄💍

  • Claire Gwin
    Claire Gwin 4 months ago

    5:27, when she showed us the rainbow skirt, I was like this: THIS IS THE BEST THING OUT OF EVERYTHING SHE GOT FOR CHRISTMAS! Especially the bracelet or necklace at 9:02, that would go perfectly or great with the rainbow skirt.

  • Megan Hallie Weber
    Megan Hallie Weber 4 months ago

    Your videos make me happy. I subbed. 💕 Thanks 😊

  • Ananya Das
    Ananya Das 4 months ago

    Ur boobe size and my boobe size are same bu I am only 14

  • Ailing Yeh
    Ailing Yeh 4 months ago

    make-up and hair is super cute!

  • Waffles the cat
    Waffles the cat 5 months ago

    I hope you dont mind me asking pixie but, what are your hair dye colours? Thanks!

  • Malab B.K.
    Malab B.K. 5 months ago

    You should do a coulab with nooderella

  • Sneg
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  • Jhenee Cruz
    Jhenee Cruz 5 months ago

    I'm screaming rn right before the story abt how you were w your mom and saw the Betsey Johnson i started thinking abt how much i LOVE everything Betsey Johnson sells (even if the only thing i have is the lock and key earrings w one of them sadly missing :C) and you said it right after and i just HVSNBFKURIHGE

  • Katie Batie
    Katie Batie 6 months ago

    There’s a cute Etsy store called kawaiikiosk and I think you’d love it

  • Al Al
    Al Al 6 months ago

    your hair is the cutest here!!!!

  • Jalix Turner
    Jalix Turner 6 months ago

    Sock footage? I see what you did there.

  • Kat sidon
    Kat sidon 6 months ago

    can I go on kelly Edens cancel

  • bebee R
    bebee R 6 months ago

    I love you sooo much your parents are amazing I wish i got something like you gifts you are amazing goals!❤️❤️❤️

  • Anna Mark
    Anna Mark 6 months ago

    Ahhh, does anyone know where to get a shiny rainbow skirt like that? It’s amazing and super colourful and shiny! 🤩

  • Cheickna
    Cheickna 7 months ago

    merry christmas

  • Olivia Bishop
    Olivia Bishop 7 months ago

    OMG¡! That shiny rainbow skirt

  • tails young
    tails young 7 months ago


  • Jennifer Zufelt
    Jennifer Zufelt 7 months ago

    Hi there I just love you so much l could be best friends with you your so sweet

  • yeet my waffles
    yeet my waffles 8 months ago

    Pink Piano pronunciation I think: Show-On-Wee

  • Prokopis Zako-Protopapadakis

    your not spoiled if youre gratefull

  • Animal Care Jessica.Holten

    Omg your beautiful

  • Magdalena Navarro
    Magdalena Navarro 8 months ago

    that clock!!

  • Roach
    Roach 8 months ago

    OH MY GOSH the pink piano is so you! I got all excited for you! ♡ wow!

  • Claudia Lopez
    Claudia Lopez 8 months ago

    I 💗 that little pouch 🍰 , I ❤ that barbie

  • sister Jules
    sister Jules 8 months ago

    When you just get 5 presents for xmas

  • Emily EJ
    Emily EJ 8 months ago

    OMG what Province are you in because my Province has no Betsy Johnson stuff!!

  • دلال سفر
    دلال سفر 9 months ago

    i love you

  • Patricia Brown
    Patricia Brown 9 months ago

    That rainbow skirt gave me nostalgia!!! I feel like I've seen that print somewhere.

  • Jessica Dube
    Jessica Dube 9 months ago

    I live in saidin wy glad stone street 1434

  • Lila Coe
    Lila Coe 9 months ago

    Is there gonna be a 2018 room tour?

  • Happy Unicorn
    Happy Unicorn 9 months ago

    I am new!

  • Jason Finklea
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  • jenlolo
    jenlolo 9 months ago +1

    omg I used to have that doll, I used to have many barbie dolls, I give them away though, so I guess I'm true 90s kid, I also have the care bears the one she give away I have like 6 of those even in the box, -.- I give them away as well

  • Nancc
    Nancc 10 months ago

    Recently found you and you are seriously so cute!! I could not see myself with colored hair or with this attire/accessories but it’s okay because I can just watch you and admire you! Subscribed ❤️

  • Vini Girl
    Vini Girl 10 months ago


  • iHanna
    iHanna 10 months ago

    I think that is an Allen Designs Sewing machine clock? I adore all her things, and that one looks great in your room.

  • Emily Euphoria
    Emily Euphoria 10 months ago

    That clock! I’m getting one by the same brand/company, but a unicorn one!!! Yeah, clock friends.

  • Misha Golston
    Misha Golston 10 months ago

    Is it me or does anyone else realize that the makers of her start earring maybe didnt know where they place the metal to hang the jewelry makes it a devil sign?? Like the devils goat or whatever??

  • Oni Chi
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  • KanaeShiki
    KanaeShiki 10 months ago +1

    welp I feel old, I had that Barbie when it originally came out :D

  • cream puff
    cream puff 10 months ago

    Why are u so cute

  • Jayde
    Jayde 10 months ago

    Jillian is Kaede Akamatsu confirmed? Yes

  • Mischa PATTINSON
    Mischa PATTINSON 10 months ago

    🙀 oh my gosh your hair is so pretty!

  • Joclyn Mullen
    Joclyn Mullen 10 months ago

    Uhm omg the 🎹 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Max Hathaway
    Max Hathaway 10 months ago

    if you wanted to wait with the genki till you move to college, unb uses that textbook in their night course for japanese and the prof is super cute!

  • Karii Kosmos
    Karii Kosmos 10 months ago +1

    As a lush employee I love hearing that you wanna save the packaging! Its the reason its made so nice!

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  10 months ago +1

      +Karii Kosmos Hehehe I folded it up nice n neat to use for scrap booking 👀💕

  • Puddins Vlogg
    Puddins Vlogg 11 months ago

    I know Ill be showing my age. But, I had that barbie and the brown hair of orginal when I was a child. Lol. One of my favs. Hawaiian tattoo barbie and troll barbie were ones that were my fav too.

  • Logan Schenk
    Logan Schenk 11 months ago +1

    I actually gasped when those sparkly pink shoes came into frame. They're so beautiful~ \( T _ T)/

  • Liviiee2u
    Liviiee2u 11 months ago

    “Like a fancy mom Santa” lol you’re so cute !

  • Hayle Boutilier
    Hayle Boutilier 11 months ago

    I live in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton. I always travel to Halifax, where are you from?? You seem very close to me I'd love to meet you❤️ i thought you were close when you said the Bay and Winners.. Please respond💕✨

  • RandomlySky
    RandomlySky 11 months ago

    Does anybody know what music she always plays throughout her videos? It calms me done so much and puts me in a happy place mood

  • Isabel Magnolia
    Isabel Magnolia 11 months ago

    I love you sooooo much! Hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Years. Xx

  • JJ's Makeup Obsession
    JJ's Makeup Obsession 11 months ago

    I have the TF Boss Lady planner, it is so cute, and the pallet works awesome!

  • Rizzo Barajas
    Rizzo Barajas 11 months ago

    That Barbie is apparently the most popular in the entire Barbie history!

  • Hallie Kantrowitz
    Hallie Kantrowitz 11 months ago

    tj maxx and ross has betsey johnson

  • ame.art illustrations
    ame.art illustrations 11 months ago

    Hi Pixie!
    You're probably aware, but there is a Workbook that goes with the Genki textbook -- I think it would be a really good addition to your studying, esp because it includes pages where you can practice your writing. Just thought I'd let you know since it has helped me when I was learning.

  • TheLoveFaerie
    TheLoveFaerie 11 months ago


  • RoseVelvet
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  • TammerzOfficial
    TammerzOfficial 11 months ago

    Thats the Japanese textbook I used at my university. It is a really good quality book.

  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones 11 months ago


  • kookie_why
    kookie_why 11 months ago

    cRiES i wish i was that amazing to get gifts for christhmas all i can do is wish to even be a percent as likeable as you one day your gifts are so cute youre so lucky to have such a blessed life merry late christhmas i dont really like it cause seasonal depression and normal depression is a bish together but its nice to see someone loves the holidays at least merry late as heck christhmas 💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤

  • Jane Wyatt
    Jane Wyatt 11 months ago

    The little rap at 13:04 😂😂

  • Jane Wyatt
    Jane Wyatt 11 months ago

    You and your mom are literally me and my mom aaaaaaaaa

  • Hannah Lise
    Hannah Lise 11 months ago

    Question: why is everything a "boy"?

  • L. Duke
    L. Duke 11 months ago

    💖 I really love and appreciate that your mom not only accepts your creative eccentricity but shows support for you being you , has looked deeply into your interest enough to know what your about and what you love :) 💗 Now that Is a great Mom!💖 Please tell her I think she is Awesome:D and so is her daughter;)!💗

  • ElleJuzou Cheese
    ElleJuzou Cheese 11 months ago

    How do u watch precure? And what order should I watch them in

  • me me
    me me 11 months ago

    Hair is life

  • BonbonsAndBooks
    BonbonsAndBooks 11 months ago

    Your hair & make up is so cute! Great video intro to 💖

  • Kaitlin Peeler
    Kaitlin Peeler 11 months ago +11

    "The pockets are actually pockets" Because in reality, as a woman, you have to question every pocket on your clothing. " Oh I love these pants! And the pocketsss.... are fake. OR 1 cm deep"

  • Blue Bambu
    Blue Bambu 11 months ago

    Please move out of your home so you can do a house tour I really really want to see that haha

  • Leah Wilson
    Leah Wilson 11 months ago

    You’re so adorable and I love it

  • Ellen :D
    Ellen :D 11 months ago

    Nina is peeka booing on the thumbnail (:

  • roku
    roku 11 months ago +4

    my mom got me that exact same ragged priest dress for christmas!!!! she got me a bunch of rainbow stuff and called it my gay gifts

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  11 months ago +1

      +roku that is so adorable!! 🌈

  • Val S
    Val S 11 months ago

    Yo anyone know where she got those earrings at

  • Luna Margo
    Luna Margo 11 months ago

    Wait what... they have a lazy oaf store in England.. WHERE IS THIS?!?!?

  • Luna Margo
    Luna Margo 11 months ago

    You're so cute 🙈 bedroom goals.

  • emily
    emily 11 months ago

    lol i hope your mom didn't pay a lot for that clock bc it is $55 on amazon

  • samantha
    samantha 11 months ago

    You have a very bright colourful personality. I can only stand watching you for Christmas. Your not all crazy hyper yelling making it seem more real and normal.

  • chocchip187
    chocchip187 11 months ago

    I got underwear lol

  • Holly Terrens
    Holly Terrens 11 months ago


  • Solux
    Solux 11 months ago

    well mine is pronounced klo - ee not klo - ay haha, i like this video, how all the gifts match your personality

  • HallowTown
    HallowTown 11 months ago

    also I'm rly jealous skdfnkajgv

  • HallowTown
    HallowTown 11 months ago

    my cat defiantly isn't ok.... HE CANT FLIPPIN WALK idk what happened he just suddenly can't walk wtffffff

  • Hey Its Meeka
    Hey Its Meeka 11 months ago +2

    Did she just Use Jinkies casually?... We dont deserve her. sweet baby angel jinkie princess sparkle pants :.>

  • Bunny Crofts
    Bunny Crofts 11 months ago +1

    My jaw dropped at that clock omg *I LIVE*

  • Shakira Jordan
    Shakira Jordan 11 months ago

    They Look Like Clown Pants 5:38

  • Lily Valdron
    Lily Valdron 11 months ago

    My whole life is from winners tbh

  • sxltymilk
    sxltymilk 11 months ago

    pixie where u at?💕💕🐻🐻

  • Fairy-kei Hime
    Fairy-kei Hime 11 months ago

    My FAAAVORITE thing I got was from my mom and it was a literal box full of Pusheen. 3 Pusheen plushies, tons of fridge magnets, Stickers, a calendar!? It was so COOL. ANd I would love to see your New Year's resolutions! Love you Pixie!!!