Grindelwald’s Skull Explained | Harry Potter Theory

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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    Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to try and explain one a most unusual artifact, introduced to us in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Grindelwalds Skull.

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  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  5 months ago +1110

    No one:
    JK Rowling: Wizards exclusively drink CarlinBrothersCoffee
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    • Dasus
      Dasus 19 days ago

      You know I could take a skull and inscribe it with a quote and a year and I don't even see into the future. I could even write a year on which it isn't anymore. Like writing 1898 when it's actually later than 1898.
      Maybe something did happen in 1898 mut it only came to be important to Grindelwald later and the inscription is like those on headstones. They are also rarely written on the date of death (or birth.)

    • Super Greyflash
      Super Greyflash 26 days ago

      That was a good one. Are there no amazing socks anymore

    • Theresa Santucci
      Theresa Santucci 4 months ago

      No they drink pumpkin juice

    • arb 348
      arb 348 5 months ago

      Great channel , great vids, should do another most expensive merch vid again either another Harry potter one or maybe even an mcu one

  • B B
    B B 13 hours ago

    Actually all of Tralawneys predictions are correct, she just interprets them badly. Even when she is walking around the corridor with cards and Harry is hiding "someone who dislikes the questioner,... that cant be right" (Harry disliking her, but again she misinterprets it)

  • Worth Rag
    Worth Rag Day ago


  • Gabriel Lee
    Gabriel Lee Day ago

    You do know you can write years on things decades after that which you are commemorating has taken place, right? Why would he have had to written anything on the skull in 1898? The person whose skull it was apparently died in 1898, but that's all it tells us. The convoluted theory about seeing the future is unnecessary.

  • valleyheroine
    valleyheroine 2 days ago

    Maybe the skull is from a durmstrang student. If I remember right, Dumbledore said he was trying to make an army of inferi.

  • Yonggon gaming
    Yonggon gaming 3 days ago

    Clearly it's the skull of gul'dan.

  • Lord Talon
    Lord Talon 4 days ago

    so we answered the meaning of the writing and the use of the skull but we never answered who's skull is it?

  • Karl Bergen
    Karl Bergen 5 days ago

    Your theory is plausible. As for Trewaney's making few prophecies is it possible that she made many prophecies that were never recorded? Even if spells are afloat to record these prophecies isn't it likely that the prophecies are just stashed into the Hall of prophecy?

  • Zach H
    Zach H 5 days ago

    Haven't even watched the movie and the theory is mind blowing

  • TheGreatPeanut
    TheGreatPeanut 5 days ago

    "For the greater good" isn't some freaking special phrase that Grindelwald couldn't think for himself. Nani dafuq are you smoking?

  • Andrew Hubbard
    Andrew Hubbard 5 days ago

    Makes sense, but I still want to know whose skull it was.

  • Aangler
    Aangler 6 days ago

    Did you actually just ask how he could write a date that had happened before another date? Watch.
    Make America Great Again 2008.

  • Flowhack Prism
    Flowhack Prism 6 days ago

    dear @SuperCarlinBrothers
    can u do a video about seers? and all of seer related stuff?
    and how useful can it be if you are good at it?
    (I always think that divination is poorly onderstood/ explained in the books and not at all in the movies. besides that some people think it's a waist of time& energy).

  • Maja Gustafsson
    Maja Gustafsson 6 days ago

    Cool theory, but who’s skull was it?

  • Jerrod Tibor
    Jerrod Tibor 7 days ago

    It makes a lot of sense. I have gotten the impression that Grindy didn't share Dumbly's feelings for him, but I always thought Grindy manipulated Dumbly using his feelings. A peek into the future would have given him that information about how to get Dumbly to do the blood pact.

  • Savage_Sandvich
    Savage_Sandvich 7 days ago

    Then whos skull is it?

  • Jamie Davidson
    Jamie Davidson 8 days ago +1

    J... when you get your mind-projection skull, you can carve a nifty saying on it and a date at any time AFTER the original owner is done with that skull. Just a thought.

  • Lasyltherni
    Lasyltherni 8 days ago +1

    In 2019, you don't lose an ability to write "2018" on an object if you decide it represents something significant, and add a phrase to it later that later becomes connected to it.

  • Karissa DeHaven
    Karissa DeHaven 8 days ago

    11:00 wait so who’s scull was it?

  • Oma Cool
    Oma Cool 9 days ago +1

    Dont see how it can be A CON because in the end DUMBLEDORE W O N. GRINDLEWALD WAS NOTHING.

  • Mr app gamer
    Mr app gamer 9 days ago +3

    Wizards: we are the most powerful race ever
    Muggles: hold our atomic bombs

  • Victoria Starratt
    Victoria Starratt 10 days ago +1

    J, I'm pretty sure that Bathilda was Grindlewald's Great-Aunt

  • Eric Edwards
    Eric Edwards 10 days ago +1

    We're time truners a thing in 1888?

  • John Gale
    John Gale 14 days ago

    Wasnt Grindelwald in love with his main squeeze Dumbledore? J.K. said they were a couple.

  • Donkey FromShrek
    Donkey FromShrek 16 days ago

    I think this theory holds the same problem within it as time traveling (time traveling paradox). Because if Grindlevald could see his own future it is still destined and he hadn't to act upon it, because at the time he's seeing it, it already meant to happen. Grindlevald hadn't to see his future so he could act and it would happen, because he'd knew that it will happen no matter what.
    I don't think he let himself catch on purpose, so his future would happen like he sees it in his vision. This still doesn't explain the writing on the skull, but the theory doesn't make that much sense either.

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 16 days ago

    Coffee !? God I need it

  • DJK
    DJK 19 days ago

    Also I think I know how Dumbledore beat Grindalwald even tho Grindalwald had the elder wand, in Fantastic beast and where to find them Newt beat Grindalwald with that flying beast thing he had so the wand didn't belong to Grindalwald anymore. If you think how Grindalwald got it by just stealing it then it could easily change to Newt being the new master, Harry became its master by just taking Dracos original wand out of his hand.

  • DJK
    DJK 19 days ago

    How old is Dumbledore when he dies?? I know the answer is easily found and everyone but me probably knows but what I'm saying and wondering is that if Dumbledore is extremely old I wonder if he was taking potion from the Sorcerers stone? He knew N.F. really well and they were good friends so...???

  • NorthernKnight204
    NorthernKnight204 24 days ago

    Just because he is in regular correspondence with these people does not mean that he would know

  • imperator_paul
    imperator_paul 24 days ago

    Your german is terrible 🤣😂

  • geeh pettoh
    geeh pettoh 25 days ago +1

    Did Grindelwald actually come from Germany? Even though he had a typo on the scull, I wonder why people from Germany are alway depicted as evil 😂😂

  • Super Greyflash
    Super Greyflash 26 days ago

    You have to pay for your brand of coffee

  • Catheryn Malfoy
    Catheryn Malfoy 28 days ago


  • Kayebrianna Morrow
    Kayebrianna Morrow Month ago

    i didn’t need the Trelawney hate 🙄

  • Victor Scrooge
    Victor Scrooge Month ago

    I have a few things to say about this theory. Starting with the last point you've made. Every person with a huge amount of charisma and bad intend has a breaking point, where his emotions could break free. So that Grindelwald was expelled could be an accident caused by himself.

    The other point is the Skull itself. There is a tradition in Europe, originating in places with really few options to bury the dead. Sometimes, additional to that problem, the bodies won't decay fast enough to bury the next deceased, such as mountain regions because of the quality of the soil. These places used so-called Bonehouses or "Beinhäuser". (In Germany, the skeleton is also named "Gebein".) In these little houses, the skulls of the dead are showcased with there names and dates painted on them. Also, sometimes, with ornaments of some sort.

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Month ago +1

    So....who’s skull is it?

  • TheDoomAmbassador
    TheDoomAmbassador Month ago

    Just for the sake of clarity
    The B-looking letter is a German variant of S (called "sharp S") and the W is pronounced like a V

  • Meagan Henscheid
    Meagan Henscheid Month ago

    Does he say "in the TOWEL section below"?
    And if so, why?

  • chloe white
    chloe white Month ago

    Professor Trelawney was a descendant of Cassadra of Troy. That's why no believes in her visions.

  • Jan-Willem Lammers
    Jan-Willem Lammers Month ago

    could it be send back in time? Like creating something in the future, using a spell (or a time turner, but I hope they didnt use that) to send it to his previous self? Showing the things from the future because that skull is from the future.

  • Nolin Kuhlman
    Nolin Kuhlman Month ago

    wasn't Dumbledore and Grendlewald in love or something.

  • Matthew Luke Atmadja

    Isn’t it a Fantastic Beasts 2 theory?

  • Terry Mccorry
    Terry Mccorry Month ago

    New Movies aren’t canon to og books/ timeline y’all know it ! But can’t say it because to much content loss?

  • Nathaniel Sizemore
    Nathaniel Sizemore Month ago

    Could the skull be a form of a pensive to store his seeing so that he could then remember his visions?

  • Amanda Hiser
    Amanda Hiser Month ago

    But what if the blood pact DOES happen AFTER Arianas death...??? I could also see JKR writing a VERY sad underlying story where Grindelwald and Aberforth battle, Albus tries to break it up, Ariana dies. And after.... Grindelwald tries to win back Albus ( just like he does with Credence in FB 1&2 ) . Grindelwald initiates the blood pact , maybe promising that he would never leave Albus (obviously playing on his biggest fear and manipulating him WITH LOVE in his time of need- as grindelwald does with EVERY character we've seen) . And after all that ( and once grindelwald has everything he needs) Grindelwald BETRAYS Albus .... Leaving Albus entirely heartbroken, familyless, manipulated, and now in a position where he won't and CAN'T go up against the man who he THOUGHT loved him.

  • M B
    M B Month ago

    Yes I do

  • Rishil Tatavarthi
    Rishil Tatavarthi Month ago

    Grindelwald is the only seer we see who is actually good.

    What about Firenze???

  • Brandon Wood
    Brandon Wood Month ago

    Great theory
    But honestly I think that the movies math was mistaken and they thought “for the greater good” was conceived in 1898

  • Timothy Greensweight

    It's a opion pipe

  • raeann Howard
    raeann Howard Month ago

    Love how u break things down

  • Tracie Shepherd
    Tracie Shepherd Month ago +3

    It's NEVER to much coffee

  • Daisy Matthews
    Daisy Matthews Month ago +2

    Can we have grindolwald v Voldemort ( who is more evil ) I really want this video like this if u want to see this to

    • Daisy Matthews
      Daisy Matthews Month ago +1

      A Pokémon loving deth eater

    • Daisy Matthews
      Daisy Matthews Month ago +1

      I don't expect know why I am supporting Grindelwald because I am a deth eater

    • Thaddeus Beadle
      Thaddeus Beadle Month ago +1

      @Daisy Matthews pfff, the two dont even come close. Voldemort is the most powerful dark lord ever. That's a fact.

    • Daisy Matthews
      Daisy Matthews Month ago +1

      But Grindelwald is better than Voldemort in the dark arts I'd say

    • Thaddeus Beadle
      Thaddeus Beadle Month ago +1

      Voldemort for sure. He did not just want to rule over muggles, he wanted them dead. He wanted muggle borns dead. He wanted half bloods under pure bloods. If Grindlewald was a master of the dark arts, voldemort was the incarnation of it. Theres a difference between having different morals and having none at all.

  • Sergei Ward
    Sergei Ward Month ago

    So he’s an amazing Seer, can even see WWII but, can’t see THE GREAT DUEL between Dumbledore and himself and ultimately his demise?

  • Matt Lawrence
    Matt Lawrence Month ago +3

    What if the skull ALLOWS Mr.G to remember his foretellings of the future, eh? Didn't think of that one, did ya?

    • Theo Makowiecky
      Theo Makowiecky 19 days ago

      How would he broadcast them though?
      My thoughts are that the skull makes memories visible in the form of the smoke, but he just used it for his visions.

  • Pumpkin Queen
    Pumpkin Queen Month ago

    I call it the magical vape

  • Nicole Scott
    Nicole Scott Month ago +2

    J: how could grindlweld have used the phrase that dumbldore made a year later then him?
    Me: visions
    J:it’s not like he can see into the fut- oooh
    Me: there ya go

  • Tsk Hairband
    Tsk Hairband Month ago +2

    Rewind rewind rewind

    Hamilton reference

  • Bendik Brusevold
    Bendik Brusevold Month ago

    I watched this movie two days in a row, in theatres. I was invitedto two «cinema-birtdays», where we would all gater at the cinema to watch a movie as the party, and the first one was the day before the other. And the first day, november 18th, was the first party, we saw crimes of grindelwald. Next day, november 19th, guess What movie we saw in the other party.

  • Nienke Keuls
    Nienke Keuls 2 months ago

    But who’s skull is it now?! Because he said they first thought it was Ariana but then didn’t go further into who’s it was.

  • kimiya zargari
    kimiya zargari 2 months ago

    I don't think he saw Dumbledore writing the letter, in particular, I think he saw more important stuff like idk, their battle or them talking about the greater good or something like that. I think he saw glimpses of the future and was smart enough to put the pieces together. but I LOVE your theory. The fact that he planned to meet Dumbledore and make him fall in love with him or something just so he could get the blood pact, is mind-blowing.