War for the Planet of the Apes - Movie Review


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  • Joshua Saragih
    Joshua Saragih 9 days ago

    War is the right word I think, it's not only outside war with gun and bomb but also inside war, colonel lost the war since he killed his son, this movie is about Caesar's war.

  • Svetoslav Petkov
    Svetoslav Petkov 16 days ago

    Awful movie. It's at the level of 3th class action thriller. I can't believe Jeremy is naming it awesome, it's SHITTACULAR!

  • Sammy Sawicki
    Sammy Sawicki Month ago

    Full awesomtacular sweep in the apes trilogy

  • Mr. cat
    Mr. cat Month ago

    You should watch ' In Bruges '

  • Trevor Thornley
    Trevor Thornley Month ago

    I hope the special effects win an Oscar this time

  • imurderragdolls
    imurderragdolls Month ago

    Loved the movie, but I honestly hated the ending. It felt so unnecessary and unbelievable.

  • Theman Joe
    Theman Joe 2 months ago

    rise was good, dawn was great, war was amazing.

  • Tomas Favetto
    Tomas Favetto 2 months ago

    someone needs to give these monkeys some oscars!

  • subject18blueknight
    subject18blueknight 2 months ago

    this movie made mw shed a tear

  • Joel
    Joel 2 months ago

    Seeing an ape shoot a guy with a shotgun was so badass

  • guts on the mic
    guts on the mic 2 months ago

    future directors needs to take notes

  • Soldier Of Freedom
    Soldier Of Freedom 2 months ago

    I agree, i never cried so much watching a movie....."War" did it for me. And I can hardly wait for the next one. 🐵

  • Shot On The Spot 16
    Shot On The Spot 16 2 months ago

    Im so glad fox wasn’t with Disney before this trilogy ended

  • Luis Salinas
    Luis Salinas 2 months ago

    Great Movie, Oscar Contender, Must see Trilogy.

  • Poop Frogg
    Poop Frogg 3 months ago

    This whole trilogy is phenomenal! I love all three. Brilliant, just brilliant!

  • shihab shajib
    shihab shajib 3 months ago

    plz review shawshank redemption

  • Xpzilla
    Xpzilla 3 months ago

    Anyone else prefer Dawn?

  • TAO Self
    TAO Self 3 months ago

    2:53 Jeremyjahns throwing life lessons mid-review. This is why I never get tired of your stuff man

  • seanc41556
    seanc41556 3 months ago

    Dawn of the planet of ape's was shite, is this better?

  • Jeremy Ray
    Jeremy Ray 3 months ago

    So refreshing going to a movie review and the critics also like the movie you liked.

  • 32Bit
    32Bit 3 months ago

    You really gave top marks to this trash, Jeremy just went from a "Buy it on blue ray" to a "forgot in T-minus.." following this review

  • André Barreto
    André Barreto 3 months ago

    Yep no action movie... but had tears on my eyes twice

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 4 months ago

    It's great how literally the only white ape died.... 😀 (Dying inside because ik I'm white(

  • Janet Estherina
    Janet Estherina 4 months ago

    Title makes me expect more gorilla warfare, got war sci-fi drama instead lol

  • MBarrett 50cal
    MBarrett 50cal 4 months ago

    arguably the title war makes sences since prisoner camps are what best describe the horrors of war

  • Jaci unscripted
    Jaci unscripted 4 months ago

    i cried so much watching this aaaa so sad :'(

  • Marcella Rastaban
    Marcella Rastaban 4 months ago +2

    _Rise_ was a prison drama.
    _Dawn_ was a political drama.
    _War_ is a war drama.

  • blacksheep
    blacksheep 4 months ago

    People are misinterpreting the title of this movie. The "war" is held between two groups of humans which is actually what helps the apes survive. Without the war, the avalanche would not have wiped out those humans making the planet that much safer for the apes to inhabit!

  • Lost Cosmic
    Lost Cosmic 4 months ago

    Very good movie.

  • chrisellersagangsta
    chrisellersagangsta 4 months ago

    I thought this movie was gonna be the fight for power between man and apes showing how the apes started ruling the world instead it's just a bunch of pointless bullshit and the ending is stupid as shit

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas 4 months ago

    Fucking Christ was this movie stupid. I got so fucking annoyed at all the plot holes, and cliches, and all the brainless dumbass sheeps below me watching it without thinking.

  • Jose Maldonado
    Jose Maldonado 4 months ago

    Why did the army at the end charge in with infantry when it wasent needed? They literally could have taken everyone out with only the helicopters. Also, did no one think firing missiles at a mountain would'nt cause an avalanche. And how the did ceaser go all the way to the land at the end with a wound and not die earlier, how did no one notice? He could've been saved.

    • Jose Maldonado
      Jose Maldonado 4 months ago

      The humans dying off in that avalanche was really stupid. Also, how did no one in the camp notice all the apes leaving, is everyone asleep? To muxh plot convience for my taste.

  • Steven DuCharme
    Steven DuCharme 4 months ago

    Needs more War!!!!!! GRRRRRR

  • Gpiforever1
    Gpiforever1 4 months ago

    Movie was awesome it doesn’t get any better than this

  • Negro Neutron
    Negro Neutron 4 months ago +1

    It was boring tbh

  • JohnQuincySmith1
    JohnQuincySmith1 5 months ago

    When I walked out of the movie, I thought it was okay and maybe as good as Wonder Woman earlier that year. Now, I am thinking that this film deserves Best Picture, Andy Serkis and Woody Harrelson deserves oscar statuettes, and deserves to be called the best film coming out of this decade.

    • Metal Head
      Metal Head 4 months ago

      It definitely doesn't deserve to be best film... if this is the best movie that has come out of this decade we are all in trouble. I didn't think the movie was shit but to call it the best movie of the decade is way off base imo

  • thedavid00100
    thedavid00100 5 months ago

    Amazing movie!!

  • Elizabeth Kotite
    Elizabeth Kotite 5 months ago +1

    this movie sucked. it was so boring.

  • Kieran Wilson
    Kieran Wilson 5 months ago

    I want a travel movie with morris as leader and then a time jump with Cesar son as lead who is haunted by his father's death with flashbacks to help him when near death

  • Soju
    Soju 5 months ago +1

    The ending of the battles between the humans took a sharp left lol

  • asifur rahman
    asifur rahman 5 months ago

    ill have a very hard time watching this film. im all for HUMANITY n i cant see us go EXTINCT

  • Jeremey Branch
    Jeremey Branch 5 months ago +4

    Ape John Connor 😁

  • Lilly Lee
    Lilly Lee 5 months ago +1

    Honestly compare to the other 2 movies this one suck the villain I feel there was no use for him also the girl it's like she was just put in there cause they had no choice cause they wanted to put a viurs plot stupid my opinion this moive sucks compared to the other two

    • Lilly Lee
      Lilly Lee 5 months ago

      President Donald Trump right on

    • President Donald Trump
      President Donald Trump 5 months ago +1

      they threw this movie together quickly while making the 2nd film just to sell tickets without making a conclusion to the story.... thats why there was no war and the plot was stupid

  • A ctionMS
    A ctionMS 5 months ago

    The movie had heart. Every character has his resons and motivations. The character development was on point, wich is incredibly hard to do when you already had 2 movies spent with Caesar, but they still handled it brilliantly.And the acting... man, they successfully passed the uncanny valley and got straight to the summit of relatable. Amazing movie. In a time of lifeless action blockbusters it was exactly what I missed.

  • 1NavyLT
    1NavyLT 5 months ago

    Jeremy... dude, I gotta admit, I love this review. Glad I subscribed. Be safe and well and keep up the good work.

  • Eon Ziggy
    Eon Ziggy 5 months ago

    Awesome review

  • Owen B.
    Owen B. 5 months ago

    Every comment section for a wftpota review is just as bad if not worse than Chris stuckmann's force awakens review.

    • President Donald Trump
      President Donald Trump 5 months ago

      that's because they got paid off to not trash to ridiculous plot and money play to milk the franchise

  • Cal Mc
    Cal Mc 5 months ago

    I preferred the second film of this trilogy this one was just slow and boring at parts I was really looking forward to this film I'm still thinking about weather it was good or bad I think there will be more but the second one was amazing

  • rujan singh
    rujan singh 5 months ago

    Caesar is Moses !!!

  • elliott j-s-r
    elliott j-s-r 5 months ago

    I cried a lot the next one should take place where the original movie took place

  • 12canadianboy12
    12canadianboy12 5 months ago +6

    This movie suuuucked. What a disappointing film to end the trilogy on. Misleading name too, there wasn't even a war

    • President Donald Trump
      President Donald Trump 5 months ago +1

      yeah it totally sucked because they decided to milk the series rather than give a conclusion. they're already planning the next movie so dont expect any real conclusion for like 6 more films.

    • Owen B.
      Owen B. 5 months ago +4

      12canadianboy12 there WAS a war just not fighting. Look up the definition of war on Google.

  • Larry Singleton
    Larry Singleton 5 months ago

    I'm sixty years old. I haven't found any reviews by these young punks reviewing movies that are worth a damn..... .....until now.
    Congratulations. You don't give away the plot. You present this review with intelligence up the ying-yang. Good work.
    As for the comments. I almost hate to read them. There's always some idiot who gives away a critical part of the movie. Like the $#$%ing ending. And this is a reflection on the younger generation. When I was a kid giving away the end of a movie or book was one of those things you just didn't do. It was considered one of the most inconsiderate things you could do.
    Unfortunately, rude seems to be the standard behavior with kids today. Like the "new rude" that is those Audio Terrorists in their "boomer cars". Who have single handedly destroyed the traditional peace and quiet and quality of life of whole neighborhoods. These people are thugs and social predators with about as much morals as any other child molesting, woman raping social predator.
    And I won't go into what's happening in our colleges; Jew haters, traitors, communists, socialists, Islamic terrorist front groups, anarchists, more thugs tearing at our values, beliefs, traditions and history.
    You want to see an example of these bottom feeding scum? I'll post a letter down below. Check out the video Pioneer Disturb.

    • President Donald Trump
      President Donald Trump 5 months ago

      I haven't lived in America in years and I have to say, I almost forgot how great it is to be away from that black/brown trash culture. Maybe it's white trash culture as well, but I've never known any white trash since they live out of the way and keep to themselves.

  • Candy Chan
    Candy Chan 6 months ago

    Bad Ape is best ape!

  • Isaiah2175
    Isaiah2175 6 months ago

    I swear this movie made me cry 3-4 times

  • Austin123p0rk
    Austin123p0rk 6 months ago +2

    This movie sucked ass... it's called show not tell woody Harrison wtf
    I never gave a fuck if a character died cuz the character development is shit
    Fuck you jeremy to gotta be a dumbass to think this movie was good

    • Austin123p0rk
      Austin123p0rk 5 months ago

      Wow thanks for the info trump. I can always count on you for leadership

    • President Donald Trump
      President Donald Trump 5 months ago

      Next film already being planned to start 2nd act trilogy trying to copy star wars for big $$$, but hey might be a great saga in the end and they can still redeem it by making this trilogy just about Caesar and act 1

    • President Donald Trump
      President Donald Trump 5 months ago

      They're paid to give A+++ reviews because 20th Century FOX sacrificed this movie in order to set up a 3 trilogy saga payday. It's obvious this plot was throw together on set of part 2 to avoid a conclusion.

  • Daniel DeMayo
    Daniel DeMayo 6 months ago +2

    this is a joke right? the costumes from the originals still look way better than this cgi shit....how is anyone support to relate to characters that aren't even real? its like watching a cartoon.....i just can't buy it....

    • Daniel DeMayo
      Daniel DeMayo 6 months ago

      they were never supposed to! it was supposed to be silly. its about us not the apes....it was a way for us to see into our own silly culture but as an outsider....if it was real, like in the new movies, it wouldn't work right.

    • MystikalScope Productions
      MystikalScope Productions 6 months ago

      Daniel DeMayo dick head the costumes many ppl didn't buy even back then

  • Dracke Stalen Torgen
    Dracke Stalen Torgen 6 months ago +1

    it should have been dawn, war, rise

  • Oliver Epstein
    Oliver Epstein 6 months ago +3

    Horrible movie

    • Oliver Epstein
      Oliver Epstein 4 months ago

      Metal Head this mf dumb asf😂😂

    • Metal Head
      Metal Head 4 months ago

      Owen Buckner Yeah a rapist that knew the little girl had the virus that would effect him if he stayed around her, the fact that you would think that is beyond me...

    • Owen B.
      Owen B. 5 months ago +1

      Oliver Epstein you didn't even know that guy was her father. He could've been a rapist.

    • Oliver Epstein
      Oliver Epstein 5 months ago

      Owen Buckner yeah I would definitely feel sympathy for the animal that just killed my family. Umm nope

    • Owen B.
      Owen B. 5 months ago +1

      Oliver Epstein
      1. The girl looked like she was 8, maybe 9 years old
      2. The ape was being nice
      If someone was being nice to you and they died and you were 8 years old, would you be sad? Of course, you would. Because your a kid who doesn't know any better.

  • Ironwolf
    Ironwolf 6 months ago +1

    I love how the comments seem 50/50 about this movie being brilliant or trash.

  • the wookiee fuzzball87
    the wookiee fuzzball87 7 months ago +1

    its a masterpiece its the the dark knight rises for batman its a great film brillaint i should say so give andy serkis a godamn oscar nominee already

  • Darry M
    Darry M 7 months ago

    Found it unbelievable that the humans got the drop on the apes every single time in the movie.

  • Dan MDA
    Dan MDA 7 months ago

    best reboot

  • Sven K
    Sven K 7 months ago

    Liked the first one, Loved the second one but this movie was so extreme slow paced, predictable and boring. I give it a c just because of the awesome cgi

  • His Snake is Solid
    His Snake is Solid 7 months ago

    The last of us: Ape edition

  • alaskawinter923
    alaskawinter923 7 months ago

    I seriously want Andy Serkis and whoever designed this movie to do the sequel to Warcraft.

  • The AV Wiz
    The AV Wiz 7 months ago

    At long last the Oscar goes to Andy Serkis! (I'm pretty confident about it)

  • canadavatar
    canadavatar 7 months ago

    I think Dawn was still better than this one!

  • Tyler Fidoe
    Tyler Fidoe 7 months ago +2

    The plot in this movie was really bad. The writers just slapped a few ideas together without much thought. Can't believe people get paid a lot of money for such rubbish

  • zzxp1
    zzxp1 7 months ago

    I wish i have the will force to watch the previous ones to see this on theaters but man talking monkeys, i grew up in the 90´s so i've had enough dose of talking animals for the rest of my life.

  • 2 Percent
    2 Percent 7 months ago

    I guess I am the only one that hated this trilogy

    • 2 Percent
      2 Percent 5 months ago

      Thought so lol. Its not that they are bad movies its just that they are not my kind of movies. In my opinion they are boring.

    • Owen B.
      Owen B. 5 months ago

      2 Percent all three? Yep.

  • Maximus1Decimus
    Maximus1Decimus 7 months ago

    From the time that I saw the first one on the big screen. I was in awestruck at how amazing it was, and giving Caesar a life with James Franco's character was something that I greatly admired about the first one. He realized later however that he was destined for greater things, and Koba being the one primate that couldn't just let his hatred go to be free with his other ape brothers and sisters. I have loved every movie thus far -- and while I have yet to see this newest one -- I can only expect great things.

    • W Mendez
      W Mendez 6 months ago

      You will either love it or hate it, I hated it and fell asleep multiple times...if you want to see a drama, you might love it, I wanted action

  • Quinn Johansen
    Quinn Johansen 7 months ago +1

    This movie is a masterpiece

  • hobbyhands
    hobbyhands 7 months ago +3

    If there is one thing I like better about the 1968 version was the music.

  • Abrash Khan
    Abrash Khan 7 months ago +1

    Just watched this, a bit late, but this movie is brilliant. Emotion evoking, interesting and it makes you think.

  • Meme Star
    Meme Star 7 months ago +1

    This trilogy is arguably better than the originals and i truly promote that much more believable and grounded in reality

  • Reuben Burgess
    Reuben Burgess 7 months ago +2

    I thought it was extremely meh, went on for too long and used way too many cop out plot points.

  • william crow
    william crow 7 months ago +3

    this is a proper film. like, this was a MOVIE.

  • Ofer Mizrahi
    Ofer Mizrahi 7 months ago +1

    Best movie of the year

  • إنه_البنز
    إنه_البنز 7 months ago +2

    Most boring movie of the year

    • إنه_البنز
      إنه_البنز 5 months ago

      Owen Buckner Why would i spend my money on something 100% i'm going to complain how shit it was afterwards

    • Owen B.
      Owen B. 5 months ago

      Because it's transformers and every paid money to seeing it because it's fucking transformers.

    • إنه_البنز
      إنه_البنز 5 months ago

      Owen Buckner why in the hell would i watch that

    • Owen B.
      Owen B. 5 months ago

      So you were entertained by transformers 5?

  • ExtremeComments9
    ExtremeComments9 7 months ago

    It was like watching Apocalypse now, Lord of the Rings and Prison Break in an ape remix.

  • D Hill
    D Hill 7 months ago +4

    If you going to watch this bring your pillow.....snooze alert 😪

  • Jim
    Jim 7 months ago

    Caesar is ape Moses. He frees is apes of slavery and takes them to the promised land (lake tahoe or wherever they were). SPOILERS! HE dies right after seeing the promised land, just like Moses. The avalanche even drowns the humans like the red sea drowned Pharaoh's tribe.

  • ajmittendorf
    ajmittendorf 7 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Sebastian Albert
    Sebastian Albert 7 months ago

    One...Of...The...Best..Trilogy I ever had the pleasure of enjoying. From the originals to the rebut (not the 2001 movie). This was the most heart warming satisfying trilogy I had ever watch, I can not put into words the sadness and the emotional connection with Caesar's character. From Rise of the planet of the apes to Dawn of the planet of the apes and then War for the planet of the apes. No series like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, comes even close to my expectation that planet of the apes as delivered. I will truly miss this epic journey from the first time I have seen it. I hope that what ever comes next will be just as exciting and as gratifying as the trilogy was. I have never experienced a movie like War for the planet of the apes in my life.

  • Llama Lloyd
    Llama Lloyd 7 months ago

    CEASER DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jayson todd
    jayson todd 7 months ago

    Put your hands in your pockets ...twit

  • Joao Alves
    Joao Alves 7 months ago

    Caesar is ape Lenin

  • Drew Sanders
    Drew Sanders 7 months ago

    I agree with you on every single topic 100%

  • Jared Longoria
    Jared Longoria 7 months ago

    Some idiots were "whispering" throughout the whole movie and laughing at their private conversation during serious/dramatic points. And to top it off they were criticizing the movie for being "over the top"(can y'all believe it, a science fiction movie being outlandish and ridiculous) and acting as if they were the most sophisticated of critics. Might go for another viewing since those asshats annoyed the shit out of me the whole time, great movie though.

  • Oskar Sverdrup
    Oskar Sverdrup 7 months ago

    In what way can u say dawn came before rising?? Makes 0 sense, first of all rising was released first, and secondly dawn is in a later time line. You got me confused Jeremy. 0:28

  • NeonTime
    NeonTime 7 months ago +2

    Did we not watch the same movie? War for the planet of the apes was cheesy and predictable with a completely black and white conflict that ruined a well written franchise.

    • NeonTime
      NeonTime 6 months ago

      W Mendez most improperly rated biblical allegory of 2017

    • W Mendez
      W Mendez 6 months ago

      EXACTLY ...Compete crap

  • jayp115
    jayp115 7 months ago

    I think he was more ape-Moses

  • Aidan Phillips
    Aidan Phillips 7 months ago +1

    Well, the humans shouldn't think that humanity shall cease to exist as the Pacific is completely unaffected - way to go Oceania, this is why it's marvellous being away from every1else! And don't forget those in Antarctica. Or those little islands like Pitcairn Island.
    Even tho Oz is already the best country in the world, we will most certainly be the best in the world now! Followed by NZ

  • Ali Dohia
    Ali Dohia 7 months ago

    Im not gonna say anything but Caesar dies

    Da BUTCHER 7 months ago

    I find it perplexing that it was so0o easy to pull against the humans.

  • Jodie Cooper
    Jodie Cooper 7 months ago

    Ugh. I saw this movie, and I didn't like it at all. Too loud, and too many jumpscare noises.

  • TheyCome FromTheSkies
    TheyCome FromTheSkies 7 months ago

    The cgi was so good my son thought they used actual apes lol

  • samhain2099
    samhain2099 7 months ago

    Bored for the planet of the apes

  • Paul LaMieux
    Paul LaMieux 7 months ago

    Jeremy is my go-to for movie reviews. Who else???

  • Ben R
    Ben R 7 months ago

    Wow. I am shocked at the amount of people that don't like this movie. So you just wanted a two hour long battle sequence with no story? Your making me loose faith in humanity. This movie had great characters including Caesar, the villain actually had depth and a back story, the story was interesting, and it set up the original 1968 Planet of the Apes movie perfectly. There is no reason to dislike this movie except that their wasn't enough action to keep your attention.

    • Metal Head
      Metal Head 4 months ago

      Ben R the villains backstory was what exactly? that he had a son that he had to kill? People like different things I for one like to be entertained with story something this movie had very little of and is an overused story at that. The Humans in this movie were extremely stupid and couldn't even guard the entrance to there base, the little girl just walks right up to all of the apes without even 1 guard noticing...