Sean Evans Takes a Brooklyn Pizza Tour with Paulie Gee | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Apr 25, 2017
  • Sean Evans rides hard for his beloved Chicago deep dish, but regional pride can't blind him for the glories of a perfect New York pie. To better understand the legacy of Brooklyn pizza, he enlists the help of slice sherpa Paul Giannone-owner of Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint-to introduce him to some of the borough's old-school pizza joints. They end the tour back at Paulie Gee's to make a special Neapolitan pie fit for a spicy-food connoisseur like Sean.
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  • Luke Tuchscherer
    Luke Tuchscherer 6 days ago

    I love Sam's! It's round the corner from us!

  • The DanMan
    The DanMan 22 days ago

    *calls gordon*

  • Dylan Cranson
    Dylan Cranson 25 days ago

    the editing was terrible

  • Kalbe Arts
    Kalbe Arts 25 days ago

    Watch his fucking hands every time he speaks

  • Kevin Young
    Kevin Young 28 days ago

    A Brooklyn pizza tour without visiting L&B Spumoni Gardens?!?! I guess I'll allow it...

  • The flying dutchman

    2000 years ago Italians didn't have tomatoes, so that last remark is absolute bullshit!

  • Sentinel Infinitude

    gabagool ova here

  • StanTheBrick
    StanTheBrick Month ago

    Anyone fasting? lol

  • ioannis theodorou
    ioannis theodorou Month ago

    Lmao he reminds me or how to curb your enthusiasm

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    They didn’t have pizza 2000 years ago. They didn’t have tomatoes in Italy until 400 years ago.

  • The Funhouse
    The Funhouse 2 months ago

    Sean doesnt really say whether he likes any of the slices after taking a bite.... hmm

  • Andrea Germanetti
    Andrea Germanetti 2 months ago

    Sean you have to try the pizza at Houdini Kitchen Laboratory in Ridgewood . The best in NY

  • sean aberdeen
    sean aberdeen 3 months ago

    Back in Brooklyn they got a saying, "hey I'm walking hereee!"

  • Mario Soto
    Mario Soto 3 months ago

    The real sicilians must be like;WTF is this shit?...mafanculo tutti americano,they copy sumting and then they fu k up!

  • Sonny Jauregui
    Sonny Jauregui 3 months ago

    He looks like a really good movie director...I didn't copy this

  • EliteSports24
    EliteSports24 3 months ago

    I wish Paulie G were my grandpa

  • The Yeetmiester
    The Yeetmiester 3 months ago

    "I got no clams."
    "Fuck You."

  • Crixus
    Crixus 3 months ago

    Sean doesn't actually say how good the food is...? Why not!?

  • Crixus
    Crixus 3 months ago

    Chicago will never admit that their deep dish pizza is shit

  • cr0wsb0nes
    cr0wsb0nes 3 months ago

    Sorry paulie... no tomatoes in Pompeii 2000 years ago

  • Chingon Carrillo
    Chingon Carrillo 3 months ago

    It low key bothers me that Paulie didnt eat the crust

  • YoseiHito
    YoseiHito 4 months ago

    These niggas Italian asffff

  • Vedant kale
    Vedant kale 4 months ago

    Since 2000 years? One 0 can make a whole lot of difference paulie!

  • Brian Staehly
    Brian Staehly 4 months ago

    You should really try new haven,ct apizza...modern, pepe's, sallys, bar, zuppardis(west haven) brother, it's the best in the world!

  • Major Bewbage
    Major Bewbage 4 months ago


  • Screw You!
    Screw You! 4 months ago

    Deep dish sucks!

  • Adam Cheklat
    Adam Cheklat 4 months ago

    Pizza was made during the time of the Roman Empire? They really went Veni, Vidi, Vici on that one.

  • floww bucket
    floww bucket 4 months ago


  • Forrest Trump
    Forrest Trump 4 months ago

    Take wet cardboard, pour grease on it...THAT'S NY pizza.

  • Ian Sunjhoreea
    Ian Sunjhoreea 4 months ago

    So did Sean feel the same way about his pizza? Because that video was brutally cut :3

  • sumake
    sumake 4 months ago

    I grew up in bay ridge and ninos was my first slice. What I wouldn’t give for a ninos slice right now

  • Teun -
    Teun - 4 months ago

    I immediately dislike people who call pizza pie

  • yaboysneaks
    yaboysneaks 4 months ago


  • faith constentine
    faith constentine 4 months ago

    Aw pizzas look lush,💋👌💕

  • Brandon Shalkowski
    Brandon Shalkowski 4 months ago

    episode is full of guys with passion. that makes for the best in people

  • Joseph Ibarra
    Joseph Ibarra 4 months ago

    Grimaldi's DUMBO is the best

  • Thanos Kavalas
    Thanos Kavalas 4 months ago

    Grimmaldi's under the brooklyn bridge is THE BEST. worth a wait and apparently Sinatra's fav.

  • John David
    John David 4 months ago +1

    2:14 Wait was that *NINOOOOO*'s pizza?????

  • Kill People
    Kill People 4 months ago

    Why do they fold their pizza like that when eating? I thought only Mexicans did that

  • BMW W.
    BMW W. 4 months ago

    These ppl r the most unhealthy ppl ever...but live

  • Zachary Osmond
    Zachary Osmond 5 months ago

    Hello my name’s NINO

  • Davis Church
    Davis Church 5 months ago

    Pizza was first invented in 1889 not 2000 years ago

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 5 months ago

    It's interesting because everything PG does is so hip and cool today but he's older so it gives it more credibility. There are alot of young restaurant people now who do cool things but the food is lame. I'd visit PGs for sure.

  • wrcardon
    wrcardon 5 months ago

    To be honest... a pie shop is better than a slice shop.

  • wrcardon
    wrcardon 5 months ago

    Paulie is a doll. Can't wait to go and eat his pizza. There is a lot of good pizza... but wood fire and coal fire are the best if done well. Whole pizza will always be better than slices (the can't compare based on physics).

  • Katie Marigold
    Katie Marigold 5 months ago N.Y. style.

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 5 months ago

    What???? You ended the video with no reaction to the pizza you've been leading up to from the start? What the .... ???

  • Baboon
    Baboon 5 months ago

    Ni Difaras - no pizza. GTFO Chitown deep dish casserole fuck

  • Insane King18
    Insane King18 5 months ago

    The only problem i have with most pizza is that usually the crust is either plain or dry or burnt and no flavor what so ever

  • curtislee
    curtislee 5 months ago +1

    I am apology

  • blake hebert
    blake hebert 5 months ago

    Sean is just such a genuine guy. Fuckin love him no matter what he’s doin.

  • Peyton Ward
    Peyton Ward 6 months ago

    I love their accents

  • Prost!Stuttgart
    Prost!Stuttgart 6 months ago

    A day In the city with Martin Scorsese

  • 1 2
    1 2 6 months ago

    @5:48 dudes a certified ball buster. lol

  • Owen Gee
    Owen Gee 6 months ago

    Hey guy that's my name ur using

  • John Cole
    John Cole 6 months ago +1

    Looks like no one in New York knows what sauce is...

  • Sean Lawless
    Sean Lawless 7 months ago

    good show

  • Richard Shapiro
    Richard Shapiro 7 months ago

    the best pizza in the world comes from RPM in seattle. Yall got the history, but they are taking it to another level...yeah, im biased.

  • WGSXFrank
    WGSXFrank 7 months ago

    The interactions and respect between the owners of these different restaurants is awesome! Here in NEPA (old forge area, the so called "pizza capital"), owners get nasty with each other often. No respect, and honestly, most of the pizza here is vastly overrated by my fellow locals.

  • Ryan Leyva
    Ryan Leyva 7 months ago

    Send me some pizza

  • Austin Rousee
    Austin Rousee 7 months ago

    Chicago style till I die

  • Quebic165
    Quebic165 8 months ago

    Paulie Gee talks in a way that I almost expect him to casually go fugedaboutit

  • Michael Covington
    Michael Covington 8 months ago

    Beer n pizza, not fruit punch old man

  • Max Miller
    Max Miller 8 months ago

    sean needs to stop saying things like “trifecta”

  • Lady Zode
    Lady Zode 8 months ago

    Paulie is a statewide treasure. So adorable 💗

  • Chey Mįlíoņ
    Chey Mįlíoņ 8 months ago

    Joe's pizza I hope it's in the video.

  • Shahin KHM
    Shahin KHM 8 months ago

    paulie looks like the older version of john oliver

  • R0gue0ne
    R0gue0ne 8 months ago

    I could just watch pizza making all day. As long as I could eat pizza all day.

  • seymourglass26
    seymourglass26 9 months ago

    So cool to see a veteran of the game who cares more about food than competition. He'll talk good about good food, even if technically these guys are competition. It's about the love of a good thing. Beautiful.

  • Clemente Uson
    Clemente Uson 9 months ago

    Pizza has not 2000 years of history... That guy don't know what is pizza and what is fucking talking about.

  • z.browning
    z.browning 9 months ago

    I prefer Grandma pie to regular slices. Sicilian is too much bread.

  • Jesus Luna
    Jesus Luna 9 months ago

    Hi I’m ninoooooo

  • Garrett Wilbourn
    Garrett Wilbourn 9 months ago

    Bring "Mike's Hot Honey" to Hot Ones!!

  • hawJeye
    hawJeye 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who was like “WHAT!? Grandma pizza is thick fluffy crust!?!

  • GarlicPepper
    GarlicPepper 10 months ago

    "who sends you more business than me?"
    "you do" 🤔

  • Matt Troutman
    Matt Troutman 10 months ago

    why am i just now seeing this. and why is el pres not taking him to the best pizza places in MANHATTAN

  • Devin Lavoie
    Devin Lavoie 10 months ago

    "I got no clams" mutters under breathe "Fuck you" hahahha

  • David
    David 10 months ago

    Does anybody else hate that nun movie ad

  • Zaggy
    Zaggy 10 months ago

    "I got no clams." "Fuck you."

  • ellie downey
    ellie downey 10 months ago

    i started this being like nearly full and no where near hungry now i want fuckin pizza lol

  • RazielSin
    RazielSin 10 months ago

    And again he may be in NY now but the Best pizza comes from Jersey!!!!

  • Ok? Okay.
    Ok? Okay. 10 months ago

    It looks soooooooooo good

  • NattMara DepthSlayer
    NattMara DepthSlayer 10 months ago

    you gotta give some Buffalo Ny pizza some attention

  • brunz
    brunz 11 months ago

    fuck I'm HUNGRY

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien 11 months ago

    Martin Scorsese makes pizza in NY?

  • 5 X Flyer
    5 X Flyer 11 months ago

    Ay yo Paulie!🤗

  • XSRCdesign
    XSRCdesign 11 months ago

    I like this guy

  • Renovator
    Renovator 11 months ago

    NYC is simply the best city on earth.

  • Anita Boddie
    Anita Boddie 11 months ago

    Mmm true Italian pizza...I miss that. My uncle made his family's traditional Neapolitan pizza a lot. Loved it.

  • Juan Lopes
    Juan Lopes 11 months ago

    Pizza is not 2k years old

  • Beef Stew
    Beef Stew 11 months ago

    Is it just me or does Paulie just not eat the crust

  • Mari Anna
    Mari Anna 11 months ago +1

    I don't like a corner

  • Maveth The Reaper

    Just Love these first we feast vids and they just get better and better, sean Gj

  • IK
    IK Year ago

    5:18 i think he got possesed by a demon wtf omfg

  • ECHO༄
    ECHO༄ Year ago


  • Philip Pesci
    Philip Pesci Year ago

    Who's been making what in the Naples region for 2000 years?

  • Andy Marquet
    Andy Marquet Year ago

    "I dont got no clams"
    "Fuck you."

  • Brennan Costello
    Brennan Costello Year ago

    Paulie G is the man

  • 1600
    1600 Year ago

    He looks like an italian Jon Oliver

  • Andres Colmenares

    how could they be making pizza for 2000 years when tomatoes came from the new world?

    • Anita Boddie
      Anita Boddie 11 months ago

      Andres Colmenares before red sauce they used Olive oil.