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    BITS BY BEE 11 months ago +450

    hey betch you know you can drink the tap water right

    • Marta Leszczyńska
    • incalove333
      incalove333 2 months ago +2

      Dude i am Dutch, you are suposed to bite the fish do not swallow it whole. You will die haha. I like your vid though. :) I am happy you like my country :)

    • saskia 80 Illustrator
      saskia 80 Illustrator 2 months ago

      I wanted to write that XD I am dutch and have american friends. They are nice ^_^
      I think its normal to help other people. But not all dutch people help. :)

    • selwyn bogaers
      selwyn bogaers 3 months ago

      U can buy weed legal too

    • Marlies vO
      Marlies vO 3 months ago

      Chloe wilson I visited Florida earlier this year and at one point we had bought a bottle of 'spring water' that tasted and smelled like petroleum. It was so weird.

  • marius offing
    marius offing 25 minutes ago

    French fries and mayo equates to good food???? Right....

  • K0ljaW0dann
    K0ljaW0dann 2 days ago

    somebody should have told you you can drink the tap water.
    that's the easiest way to spot a tourist in the netherlands, when they carry a 6pack of water bottles XD

  • Stefan van der Valk
    Stefan van der Valk 9 days ago

    Too much jumpcuts dude. And also you can drink from the tap.

  • onemokly
    onemokly 11 days ago

    In Holland the tap water is beter than the bottles.

  • Kayla
    Kayla 12 days ago

    you have to pay for the bathroom so they can keep it clean

  • Kayla
    Kayla 12 days ago

    1:55 I've never seen a person being amazed about a friet tent

  • Francine Kruitwagen
    Francine Kruitwagen 17 days ago

    There are also a lot of places where you don’t have to pay for the bathroom! 😄

  • Mike Vandenbergh
    Mike Vandenbergh 17 days ago

    You will hate the Netherlands if you meet apollo

  • Mark Ter Haar
    Mark Ter Haar 18 days ago

    I"m from Zeeland Michigan many of the things you say about the dutch are very True here as well. Blunt, friendly, hard working.

  • l j bakker
    l j bakker 22 days ago

    there is probably tap water in the bottle you bough

  • l j bakker
    l j bakker 22 days ago

    try a bitterball with mayo

  • Mr. Heineken
    Mr. Heineken 25 days ago

    Haring isn't "raw fish" it's cured with lemon and onions.

  • Anouk Vries
    Anouk Vries 27 days ago

    I live in the Netherlands and I really like your video! But I just wanted to say that I never have to pay to use the bathroom. So maybe you just went to the wrong places?

    • Anouk Vries
      Anouk Vries 27 days ago

      Oooh I think you’re talking about public restrooms. But you can always walk into a restaurant and ask if you could use the bathroom. (Or don’t ask and just do it). That way you won’t have to pay ;) (and no that’s not considered rude in the Netherlands, a lot of people do it!)

  • Neobro Xrayzz
    Neobro Xrayzz Month ago

    Toilets are free to use in the nl if you're a costumer and not a dude just going for the toilet

  • Jose Partida
    Jose Partida Month ago

    I was freaked out by the public restroom situation. I was outside of the Amsterdam Arena waiting for the Ajax match to start and I saw public urinals and this dude was just doing his business while families walked by. I had to go and just thought, fuck it! When in Rome!!! Lol

  • Sander Noordijk
    Sander Noordijk Month ago

    Utrecht is the best chity ever 🔥🔥🔥 small bet the best

  • Bonjour Shibe
    Bonjour Shibe Month ago

    First impressions of a jumpcut every second for no reason

  • brian van der werf
    brian van der werf Month ago

    get kibbeling next time and riding bike is no big deal, everyone knows u just have to sway your legs to steer your bike if ur not using your hands what els would you do if u wanna eat a sandwich and have to search for the next song on your list

  • Hoppe’s 9
    Hoppe’s 9 Month ago

    Why are you wearing your sisters shirt?

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    Go also to the Veluwe it is an amazing green area of the Netherlands

  • Orfa
    Orfa Month ago

    i love how excited you are

  • Iris Verlaan
    Iris Verlaan Month ago

    It's funny because last summer I went to America (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Honolulu etc.) and I think the people their are very kind compared to dutch people (like me lol)

  • jackpotsearlytapes
    jackpotsearlytapes Month ago

    Our government is (just) smart enough to keep us “happy” but they are also screwing us in slow motion just like most governments do. Especially since the Euro they stole half of our purchasing power in 16 years.
    And the french fries and mayo are not really good food...😂

  • Victor Klein
    Victor Klein Month ago

    Let’s turn this around .. Dutch man first impression of the USA... it’s going to be a hard call to the USA ..

  • Zwammertje
    Zwammertje Month ago

    Funny thing is, all Dutch talking about the water. One thing they all miss: you didn't eat pickelt hering(zure haring) this would be sour and is not eaten with the raw onions. The one you ate is the salty hering. Just a detail...
    Nice to see your enthousiasm (hope thats even english) about our country.

  • TheMagnificentZoltar

    In The Netherlands, taxes are a lot higher, but social security is also on a higher standard. E.g. going to the hospital is more affordable but filling your tank at the gas station would probably freak you out.

  • Naomi Janssen
    Naomi Janssen Month ago

    If you stole my bike it would literally try to kill you. +you can't get out of water. In Brabant you can tap water out a kind of pomp. It's just so clean. (From the Netherlands)

  • King Humes
    King Humes Month ago

    tap water in most of central europe and uk is fine to drink. also, google going dutch or go dutch. this is where the stereotype that dutch are quite tight-fisted with money. i said its a stereotype-i didnt say it was untrue lol

  • Mi Fe
    Mi Fe Month ago

    Hahaha yes i know the toilet is insane.. even dutch people get pissed off by it trust me :)

  • Bram Ligthert
    Bram Ligthert Month ago

    Dude they are not French fries, our fries are actually Belgium but slightly thinner

  • thinthle
    thinthle Month ago +1

    French ? Don't you mean Belgium fries ? The only french ones I know are the ones at Macdonalds.

  • Amber Rozenberg
    Amber Rozenberg Month ago

    You Should try An frikandel it isnt a hot dog it tast really different But its sooo dellicous you can Buy this on every snackbar. The most dutch people are eating that as An snack with french Fries

  • Wouter Zandbergen
    Wouter Zandbergen Month ago

    Nice vid dude
    Im a dutch person

  • Tim Brinkman
    Tim Brinkman Month ago

    Geert wilders is the dutch version of donald trump

  • Lesley Mendelsohn
    Lesley Mendelsohn Month ago

    don't swallow the fish..bite in it lol....

  • Pelin Gul
    Pelin Gul Month ago

    Dude! NL is in fact a great country but definitely not in terms of food!!! It would make the top 3 places on earth in terms of uninteresting 'local' food.

  • My Piano Music
    My Piano Music Month ago

    bro, there is 22.000 miles of bike roads and even without roads where bikes can just ride on

  • Andy Dufresne
    Andy Dufresne 2 months ago

    Last night, I went to bed feeling terrible after reading five articles about corruption in the U.S. while trying to tolerate my horrible neighbor who is bent on making me miserable in spite of me trying my best to talk things out with him and be friends. I lay in bed dreaming up a letter I would write to the Dutch government begging them to let me move there permanently. I'm reaching the point of being ready to renounce my American citizenship.

  • Leonie Brouwer
    Leonie Brouwer 2 months ago

    It's not frensh fries. It is just fries.. . You like the patatje oorlog
    But we can not call it that anymore becouse is means fries war.

  • Andre Janssen
    Andre Janssen 2 months ago

    Swallow the fish like a seagul


  • Tapiola666
    Tapiola666 2 months ago

    Dude you can chew the fucking haring. We are not savages.

  • Art B
    Art B 2 months ago

    leuke video !!!!!!!!!

  • Daan Jollie
    Daan Jollie 2 months ago

    You don't have to pay every where and not all places close at 6 pm

  • Don Coervers
    Don Coervers 2 months ago

    I see the video is 2 years old now, but have you been to the middle and the south of the Netherlands ? because people are different in each province of the Netherlands. In the South, where i come from there are more hills, its not that flat like in the rest of the country. I am glad that you like it here..

  • DammaRamma
    DammaRamma 2 months ago

    Its mindblowing how little Americans know about there own history

  • Johan v.Zeeventer.
    Johan v.Zeeventer. 2 months ago

    Goed uitgelegd.

  • Rebel The Pony
    Rebel The Pony 2 months ago

    I cant get it that you like it here so much.. i hate it i hate the netherlands

  • dodonl
    dodonl 2 months ago

    we are perceived to be greedy also good sales men there is a saying which is more like a joke (he would sell his own mother in law) i think some of us actual would if it was legal XD we tend to say what we think if you think we are telling you something straight ahead without sugarcoating it trust me we are already doing our best to sugarcoat it, also we love our beer and there is the Heineken camp who loves Heineken and usually would say thats the best and there is the anti Heineken camp who basically say Heineken is dish water and prefer hertogjan or bavaria or anything else instead

  • 10animallover10
    10animallover10 2 months ago

    Thank you for the compliments! Glad you liked it here :) I was kinda shocked when you said that in Las Vegas, people would probably laugh when someone fell of a bike. The person could need help, could have hurt themselves. It's only natural to help people when they fall. Yeah we have so many bikes here XD More that the amount f people actually XD
    And you are totally right, paying to go to the bathroom is what I too don't like. I mean, it is mostly too expensive. I know that they ask money because the public bathrooms are some peoples' work. They clean it for the public and I do find it only fair that they get some money for it in return, but it's gotten much more expensive. First it was like 25 or 50 cents, now 70 cents or even 1 euro..

  • Jann
    Jann 2 months ago

    I live in the netherlands & i LOVE how u talk about ur gf and mayo

  • Annemiek Van Norel
    Annemiek Van Norel 2 months ago

    you dont swallow the whole haring at once lol, you take bites out of it when you hold it like.. above your mouth

  • Bassie Adriaan
    Bassie Adriaan 2 months ago

    "Its like narnia here" lmao

  • ladali krapels
    ladali krapels 2 months ago

    its so funny to watch this as a dutch

  • No I don't
    No I don't 2 months ago

    How the heck are you out of water. O.o This guy doesn't have a faucet?

  • Michael Abbink
    Michael Abbink 2 months ago

    We got the best tap water

  • Michael Abbink
    Michael Abbink 2 months ago


  • Carina Van Loon
    Carina Van Loon 2 months ago

    Haring" do not swallow, but chew on it. A little bit weird but the taste is oke. I like your comment about dutch people. Yes we love our cheese and we grow up on a bike so thats a piece of cake.

  • Saby
    Saby 2 months ago

    Dont believe the naive storries of how the netherlands is..these are all experiences from people who dont really understand the bad sides of our country...people are not helpfull at all. Like everywhere you have good people and shitty people. Most people are to affraid if something bad is happening to you, they walk away and dont act. They are cowards...sorry but its true. Dutch people are also fuckimg naive..

  • Peet
    Peet 2 months ago

    Diversity, well maybe you like it, but it's ruining our country !

  • Thijs Tuinstra
    Thijs Tuinstra 2 months ago

    Love your open hearted video. Try Friesland too, hosting European cultural capital Leeuwarden. Or even better, I invite you to come over and I will show you around!

  • Kimberly Kragten
    Kimberly Kragten 2 months ago

    haha it is funny to see how Americans react to your country (the Netherlands) but some things i didnt know we did. but pleas stop cutting so harsh in your edits next time. it is not to offend you. but it remains nice to see that Americans like the Netherlands🤗👍

  • inspector Tj
    inspector Tj 2 months ago

    I live in the netherlands and have never had to pay for using a toilet😂 but hopenyou like/liked it here! 👋👋👋

  • jeroen klugt
    jeroen klugt 2 months ago

    Don't swallow the haring in one.. you choke.. we too take bites.. the kroket is filled with ragout.. different fillings like cheese, swrimp, viele... the Bitterbal is a smaller version as more like a snack/ one bite thing. The cheese stores in amsterdam are tourist shops, we buy our cheese at the supermarket, a lot cheaper.. or of you are near one, the factory itself..

  • Dimara van Busschbach
    Dimara van Busschbach 2 months ago

    If you ever go back to Holland pleas visit some small villages if you think amsterdam is great nature wise you have seen nothing yet (l recommend visiting some citys in flevoland ) they are so small and green.

  • Stefan van R.
    Stefan van R. 2 months ago

    You’re not supposed to swallow the whole haring hahaha. Taking bites is the way! 😂
    I love your video, your enthusiasm.
    There are so much more foods you should try. You should visit Haarlem the next time you’re in the netherlands.
    Greets from a blond dutch guy haha 🙋🏼‍♂️

  • Johhny Barendrecht
    Johhny Barendrecht 2 months ago

    You ate raw haring. Pickled haring you eat from a toothpick. Raw haring from the tail

  • Guerrilla Library
    Guerrilla Library 2 months ago

    By all means get the ))))BLEEP((((( away from Amsterdam to really experience the Dutch culture. I love Utrecht and Leeuwarden in the northern Friesland province. I'm going back for the 2nd time this year. I know people and my way around. It's like home away from home. Gouda and Zwolle are also nice areas.

  • Paul
    Paul 2 months ago

    Now is the time for a nice haring with onions and pickles!

  • Jessica N
    Jessica N 2 months ago


  • Jessica N
    Jessica N 2 months ago


  • Jessica N
    Jessica N 2 months ago

    So sweet! 😃

  • p d
    p d 2 months ago

    Jeej fun video... Cutting everything to make things sounds just really unnatural.. 0:19 seconds in... Gonna try to get through at least one minute... Here go's..

  • t k
    t k 2 months ago

    hahaha, helemaal uit zn dak om de snackbar😁😂😂😂

  • Killuminati911
    Killuminati911 3 months ago

    I would like to go to LV

  • Lennart Niehof
    Lennart Niehof 3 months ago

    You know you van drink tap water anywhere in the Netherlands right?

  • T. Peters
    T. Peters 3 months ago +1

    Dude... The tapwater here is better than most bottled water. Don't insult us haha

  • sausagefinger12
    sausagefinger12 3 months ago

    Are you really representing america, by the way which country OF AMERICA, America has a dosens of countries. Shall i say go back to a school

  • Pixel Pix
    Pixel Pix 3 months ago

    Dutch people can becicle with 1 hand

  • care factor zero fu
    care factor zero fu 3 months ago

    they have waiters at mcdonalds,mean

  • AJyfm700R
    AJyfm700R 3 months ago

    Who the fuck told you to swallow the fish ?🤣 you are supposed to take bites like you did !

  • ronALd
    ronALd 3 months ago

    Boerenkool met worst en vette jus is very dutch.

  • RandomVideos
    RandomVideos 3 months ago

    If you visit the Netherlands NEVER buy big bottles of water, because it is waste of money. The Netherlands has the cleanest tap water of Europe.

  • MrReflus
    MrReflus 3 months ago

    We dont have French Fries we have fries or we call it patat haha! Yeah you look totally Dutch! Haha

  • megan versteeg
    megan versteeg 3 months ago

    Ew Amsterdam... No

  • Björn- ster
    Björn- ster 3 months ago

    A stereotype American explaining his stereotype experience in Holland.

  • Marlies vO
    Marlies vO 3 months ago

    Hey! I'm from the Netherlands and I'm glad to hear you like it there. I have an amazing food related tip for you: de Zeeuwse bolus! It is a kind of pastry from the part of the Netherlands I am originally from; Zeeland. You will not be disappointed haha
    And about paying for the bathroom: I hate that too. They only ask for money if you're not a customer at that specific place. For instance when you're just walking into a bar just for a toilet visit.
    Also: The Netherlands has like the best tapwater in the world. It is delicious and perfectly safe to drink.

  • Debbie
    Debbie 3 months ago

    Im a Dutch girl and my mom is from Canada. I like your vlog about our country and people. Thanks a lot 🤗🤗🤗

  • remconet
    remconet 3 months ago

    Wow he got so much wrong LOL

  • FlipFlicks
    FlipFlicks 3 months ago

    Narnia 😂

  • Vincent VAN DIJK
    Vincent VAN DIJK 3 months ago

    Very poorly edited.

  • Leila Tu
    Leila Tu 3 months ago

    I moved here like 10 years ago. I had a COMPLETELY different experience you had. Maybe because I'm not white. I'm from Texas and when i came here i found most people to be rude and arrogant. I hated the customer service. I disliked people telling me i had to learn dutch (i didnt mind until everyone was forcing it on me) even the colored dutchies. I do feel a lot has changed here in 10 years though. Well i still miss the southern hospitality. And The Hague was not as diverse as it is now as it was when i moved here. It really had mostly dutch, surinam, Indonesian and chinese people. I only knew like 2 or 3 americans when i went to the university here. But now i see people everywhere.

  • rubikfan1
    rubikfan1 3 months ago

    the peanut sauze is called pindasaus. (litererly translate to peanutsauze).
    its the best every!!!

  • Tessa Verwei
    Tessa Verwei 3 months ago

    When you’re back in the Netherlands you need to go to Sealand that in the south of the Netherlands but the nature is amazing we have a lot of beach and forest here also we have the second longest bright in sealand also you have a little attraction park with animals from the sea so with seals its zo nice

  • gxsilenthunter1
    gxsilenthunter1 3 months ago

    We have the cleanest tap water on the planet and most of it is recycled from sewage water, that's the amazing part of it

  • TheSoufiane
    TheSoufiane 3 months ago

    Lol at these snobby Dutch people in the comments; Arrogant and think their country is the best just shut up

  • Thegametributer
    Thegametributer 3 months ago

    The secret radio station with polka kicks ass there!!!! Besides people cycle without hands on the steering wheel there...

  • Jasper Kooij
    Jasper Kooij 3 months ago

    Cool video, I found it very funny because I'm Dutch and I recognized many things you said

  • Jules Jacobs
    Jules Jacobs 3 months ago

    The tap water tastes better than bottled in my opinion, especially in Limburg.

  • gyqz
    gyqz 3 months ago

    I can see how a lot of Dutch people would gravitate towards you, because you are being honest without throwing shade ( one of the 'must have' Dutch traits) and you are so exited about our culture without being over the edge.
    Thank you for this amazing video!