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    BITS BY BEE Year ago +491

    hey betch you know you can drink the tap water right

      THE SACRED TEXTS 2 months ago

      The water here in oss is littery (almost)free mineral water

    • Chloe wilson
      Chloe wilson 2 months ago +1

      +Pascal That sounds so impressive indeed. I would love to go there one day. Saw this video about the ppl in Denmark and the Netherlands. Ppl were cycling and walking everywhere. The only time people walk here is to McDee's or Burgerking.
      Have a good one. Thank you.

    • Pascal
      Pascal 2 months ago

      +Chloe wilson and i do! I live in the southern part of the netherlands called brabant. We have a big underground natural water reserve, groundwater as we call it. Deep in the ground. And our waterplants also filter alot. Besides, we are the water country :) when a massive rain falls or the rivers are starting to flood, we just let the water run free in the direction we want and make a controled flood. Like in Den Bosch. Normally its wide open fields outside of the city, but when the rain pours down and the rivers give way, parts of the outside of Den Bosch are flooded. We call those area's polders. And a normal grazing meadow for lifestock becomes a man made "lake". And also citys and villages are constructed in a way that massive rain can actually go into the ground. In a "concrete jungle" water cant go anywhere. Here we have lots of green parts everywhere. I live in a city, 4th floor. I look outside and i count atleast a 100 tree's just looking out one window :) And funny enough, if i look outside my kitchen window i see what we call a sluis. A gateway for boats of all sorts so they can elevate themselfs to our city's level. Basicly a boat elevator hahahaha, wich connects to a canal running threw our city to deliver goods into the city, pretty cool actually. Hell we created our own land called Flevoland and therefor adding an additional 5% to our country's surface. We embrace water, the most abundant and destructive force full of life on this planet :D

    • Jeroen Verzaal
      Jeroen Verzaal 2 months ago +1

      +Pascal AMEN! ;)

    • Marta Leszczyńska
  • Hidde
    Hidde 2 days ago

    I always cycle without nu hands

  • Yamila Hussain
    Yamila Hussain 3 days ago

    1 euro to pee in a toilet that you can literally eat out of because is so clean it's worth it. And why do everyone think we are "so nice"? It's makes me wonder in what type of world they live to think helping someone that fell out of a bike is "nice". It's not, we call that "being normal".

  • CannabalisticOwl
    CannabalisticOwl 4 days ago

    This guy is so hyped about the netherlands DAMN.

  • Ronald Tempel
    Ronald Tempel 4 days ago

    About the french fries. There's a reason we have a lot of those here. They were invented by the dutch, in Flanders. Which Nowadays belongs to Belgium. But at that time Belgium wasn't a seperate country yet.
    You don't eat pickled herring like that. You just take one bite at a time and chew it before you swallow it.
    Just go to your hotel, find a McDonald's or any restaurant for that matter, usually the toilet is free there. The only places you've got to pay for using the toilet is at train stations or at the public toilets in the bigger cities.
    Also, you can just drink tap water here. It really is clean.
    Don't take this the wrong way. Love your video. Awesome that you tried all those things.
    Btw, did you try to cycle here in the Netherlands?

  • paraglide01
    paraglide01 6 days ago

    Fun fact, the name Yankee's comes from the dutch name Jan Kees, which was a very common name in New Amsterdam the dutch settlement now known as New York. And dont forget we the Netherlands are the biggest worldwide logistic hub for drugs and kiddie porn.

  • Amy Verhoeven
    Amy Verhoeven 9 days ago

    😂😂😂😂whe take our cheeses very seriouse😂😂😂

  • Janina Piłka
    Janina Piłka 9 days ago

    Dont lie you dont like "the lot of encty"

  • Klaas J
    Klaas J 9 days ago

    its fubar since 2015

  • Cire Yeregam
    Cire Yeregam 10 days ago

    If you fall of your bike?...yeh,they help you up,and stealing your serious

  • ikke
    ikke 10 days ago

    its your human right to take a piss you have to pay if you want to do it in a toilet haha nice video man like it a lot..

  • Teije Hoekstra
    Teije Hoekstra 12 days ago

    Hi i am from the Netherlands

  • AddictiveMusicMixes
    AddictiveMusicMixes 13 days ago

    You can drink water from the tap in the Netherlands everyone here does so. We have the cleanest water of the world when it comes to tap water. Bet you didn't know about that.

  • Niek Warnas
    Niek Warnas 14 days ago

    “They are really good in biking”
    If you do it everyday. You will learn skills and one-handed sfeering. Or no hands driving/sfeering

  • Youna Wolf
    Youna Wolf 17 days ago

    I love herring iam dutch

  • sdw_Games
    sdw_Games 17 days ago

    You dont have to pay 1 euro everywhere

  • feedviral
    feedviral 22 days ago +1

    ffs do NOT swallow the whole fish.

  • Milou B
    Milou B 22 days ago

    3:06 you have to chew too😂

  • Anthony Brongers
    Anthony Brongers 27 days ago

    I'm from the Netherlands myself, and I think i can speak for all dutch people when I say that even we hate to pay for the bathrooms. Worst thing is they say it's for cleaning, but most of the times the toilets are nasty af xD But yeah, if you search around a bit most of the time you can find a free one

  • Belia Luedke
    Belia Luedke 29 days ago

    Really liked it. :)

  • Anna Noordmans
    Anna Noordmans Month ago

    The Netherlands have the clearest water in the world, so you can drink out of your sink. But great video! (I think it is very funny to watch, because i am dutch) and yeah at school we learn A lot of English and it is de most important school subject. If you want to ASK something About the Netherlands (it doesn’t matter What it is) you can do that 😄 (Ps: I live in the north of the Netherlands that is called Friesland and we speak here dutch and Fries and Fries is the most similor langue to English)

  • Gwayne-樣/-sama Anime On Piano Easy

    90% of middle/high school students rides bikes without hands with navigating 😂

  • Kimberly Love
    Kimberly Love Month ago

    We learn english on the age of 4 so most of the people can speak English😝🤪

  • Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie

    A lot of people when they go to The Netherlands, they just go to Amsterdam. If you visit again I recommend taking the train and travel through the country. It’s really easy to travel to the main city’s, for example Maastricht is very underrated! I live there and it has a very rich culture, they also have caves that you can get a tour through (they are ginormous) Also den Haag is very nice and Rotterdam too!
    I think you already heard but you can drink tap water here, like everywhere it’s very normal. Also you have to ask for the check, they don’t just give it to you. I heard that was very odd to people from other countries.

  • KxS
    KxS Month ago

    I went to the Netherlands: boring asfuck, nothing to do, everyone is a farmer, not even a sephora, no malls, everything closes at 6pm, no nightlife. Never again. Fucking boring country.

  • Jerry Vdm
    Jerry Vdm Month ago

    He is one of those people that keep on talking because they are afraid of actually listening to themselves, ... he is afraid of his own empty bullshit, ....

  • Jerry Vdm
    Jerry Vdm Month ago

    If you point that thing at me once, ... I will shove it up your ass, ... Got it ?

  • Berend Kuipers
    Berend Kuipers Month ago

    first impression: YOU talt too much and you are a dumbass!Q Dumb fuck

  • Julia Jansen
    Julia Jansen Month ago

    Who else here is Dutch? 😄

  • Lennin Altunay
    Lennin Altunay 2 months ago

    6pm! No, 8-9 pm

  • mijke de jong
    mijke de jong 2 months ago

    The histery is AMASING

  • mijke de jong
    mijke de jong 2 months ago +1

    Haha how you say bitterballen🤣 (it,s not a insult)

  • mijke de jong
    mijke de jong 2 months ago +1

    Thank you i,m Dutch i love my country to!😁

  • Lars Noom
    Lars Noom 2 months ago +1

    Everyday ik bike without using my hands to school 😂

  • BooknerdNova
    BooknerdNova 2 months ago

    How can you be out of water? Every place here has got a tap and you can actually drink that water. It's cleaner than what comes from a bottle!

  • Joshboston
    Joshboston 2 months ago

    its fun how you sort of carefully expressed "black people" compared to Filipinos, Hawaiians which you pronounced very clearly...

  • Kevin Schaaps
    Kevin Schaaps 2 months ago

    This is the first video I see from you, so I am wondering: is Niky Stone your real name? It is such an awesome porn name. :D

  • K4J'5 F0RTN1T3 PR0DUCT10NS

    Thx men iam from the netherlands

  • David CarpNL
    David CarpNL 2 months ago


  • Yulia van Doezelaar
    Yulia van Doezelaar 2 months ago

    I live in Zeeland, the south part of Holland

  • kiro shin
    kiro shin 2 months ago

    truffeloil whut ?
    ;) im so glad you like it here , welcome ..

  • p.s.
    p.s. 2 months ago

    Wooden shoes and cheese most americans only know whats going on in the u.s. they know nothing about europe

  • p.s.
    p.s. 2 months ago

    French fries are not french

  • 629
    629 2 months ago

    I only bought bottled water when at a venue, otherwise, I just filled up on tap water.
    I adore Dutch people and culture.
    Just reentered US 2 days ago and so sad.
    I want to go back to Nederland!

  • marius offing
    marius offing 2 months ago

    French fries and mayo equates to good food???? Right....

  • K0ljaW0dann
    K0ljaW0dann 3 months ago

    somebody should have told you you can drink the tap water.
    that's the easiest way to spot a tourist in the netherlands, when they carry a 6pack of water bottles XD

  • Stefan van der Valk
    Stefan van der Valk 3 months ago

    Too much jumpcuts dude. And also you can drink from the tap.

  • onemokly
    onemokly 3 months ago

    In Holland the tap water is beter than the bottles.

  • Kayla
    Kayla 3 months ago

    you have to pay for the bathroom so they can keep it clean

  • Kayla
    Kayla 3 months ago

    1:55 I've never seen a person being amazed about a friet tent

  • Francine Kruitwagen
    Francine Kruitwagen 3 months ago

    There are also a lot of places where you don’t have to pay for the bathroom! 😄

  • Mike Vandenbergh
    Mike Vandenbergh 3 months ago

    You will hate the Netherlands if you meet apollo

  • Mark Ter Haar
    Mark Ter Haar 3 months ago

    I"m from Zeeland Michigan many of the things you say about the dutch are very True here as well. Blunt, friendly, hard working.

  • l j bakker
    l j bakker 3 months ago

    there is probably tap water in the bottle you bough

  • l j bakker
    l j bakker 3 months ago

    try a bitterball with mayo

  • Mr. Heineken
    Mr. Heineken 3 months ago

    Haring isn't "raw fish" it's cured with lemon and onions.

  • Anouk Vries
    Anouk Vries 3 months ago

    I live in the Netherlands and I really like your video! But I just wanted to say that I never have to pay to use the bathroom. So maybe you just went to the wrong places?

    • Anouk Vries
      Anouk Vries 3 months ago

      Oooh I think you’re talking about public restrooms. But you can always walk into a restaurant and ask if you could use the bathroom. (Or don’t ask and just do it). That way you won’t have to pay ;) (and no that’s not considered rude in the Netherlands, a lot of people do it!)

  • Neobro Xrayzz
    Neobro Xrayzz 4 months ago

    Toilets are free to use in the nl if you're a costumer and not a dude just going for the toilet

  • Jose Partida
    Jose Partida 4 months ago

    I was freaked out by the public restroom situation. I was outside of the Amsterdam Arena waiting for the Ajax match to start and I saw public urinals and this dude was just doing his business while families walked by. I had to go and just thought, fuck it! When in Rome!!! Lol

  • Sander Noordijk
    Sander Noordijk 4 months ago

    Utrecht is the best chity ever 🔥🔥🔥 small bet the best

  • Dinahii
    Dinahii 4 months ago

    First impressions of a jumpcut every second for no reason

  • brian van der werf
    brian van der werf 4 months ago

    get kibbeling next time and riding bike is no big deal, everyone knows u just have to sway your legs to steer your bike if ur not using your hands what els would you do if u wanna eat a sandwich and have to search for the next song on your list

  • Hoppe’s 9
    Hoppe’s 9 4 months ago

    Why are you wearing your sisters shirt?

  • Sam
    Sam 4 months ago

    Go also to the Veluwe it is an amazing green area of the Netherlands

  • Orfa
    Orfa 4 months ago

    i love how excited you are

  • Iris Verlaan
    Iris Verlaan 4 months ago

    It's funny because last summer I went to America (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Honolulu etc.) and I think the people their are very kind compared to dutch people (like me lol)

  • jackpotsearlytapes
    jackpotsearlytapes 4 months ago

    Our government is (just) smart enough to keep us “happy” but they are also screwing us in slow motion just like most governments do. Especially since the Euro they stole half of our purchasing power in 16 years.
    And the french fries and mayo are not really good food...😂

  • Monk Petite
    Monk Petite 4 months ago

    Let’s turn this around .. Dutch man first impression of the USA... it’s going to be a hard call to the USA ..

  • Zwammertje
    Zwammertje 4 months ago

    Funny thing is, all Dutch talking about the water. One thing they all miss: you didn't eat pickelt hering(zure haring) this would be sour and is not eaten with the raw onions. The one you ate is the salty hering. Just a detail...
    Nice to see your enthousiasm (hope thats even english) about our country.

  • TheMagnificentZoltar
    TheMagnificentZoltar 4 months ago

    In The Netherlands, taxes are a lot higher, but social security is also on a higher standard. E.g. going to the hospital is more affordable but filling your tank at the gas station would probably freak you out.

  • Naomi Janssen
    Naomi Janssen 4 months ago

    If you stole my bike it would literally try to kill you. +you can't get out of water. In Brabant you can tap water out a kind of pomp. It's just so clean. (From the Netherlands)

  • King Humes
    King Humes 4 months ago

    tap water in most of central europe and uk is fine to drink. also, google going dutch or go dutch. this is where the stereotype that dutch are quite tight-fisted with money. i said its a stereotype-i didnt say it was untrue lol

  • Mi Fe
    Mi Fe 4 months ago

    Hahaha yes i know the toilet is insane.. even dutch people get pissed off by it trust me :)

  • thinthle
    thinthle 4 months ago +1

    French ? Don't you mean Belgium fries ? The only french ones I know are the ones at Macdonalds.

  • Amber Rozenberg
    Amber Rozenberg 4 months ago

    You Should try An frikandel it isnt a hot dog it tast really different But its sooo dellicous you can Buy this on every snackbar. The most dutch people are eating that as An snack with french Fries

  • Wouter Zandbergen
    Wouter Zandbergen 4 months ago

    Nice vid dude
    Im a dutch person

  • Tim Brinkman
    Tim Brinkman 4 months ago

    Geert wilders is the dutch version of donald trump

  • Lesley Mendelsohn
    Lesley Mendelsohn 4 months ago

    don't swallow the fish..bite in it lol....

  • Pelin Gul
    Pelin Gul 4 months ago

    Dude! NL is in fact a great country but definitely not in terms of food!!! It would make the top 3 places on earth in terms of uninteresting 'local' food.

  • My Piano Music
    My Piano Music 4 months ago

    bro, there is 22.000 miles of bike roads and even without roads where bikes can just ride on

  • Andy Dufresne
    Andy Dufresne 4 months ago

    Last night, I went to bed feeling terrible after reading five articles about corruption in the U.S. while trying to tolerate my horrible neighbor who is bent on making me miserable in spite of me trying my best to talk things out with him and be friends. I lay in bed dreaming up a letter I would write to the Dutch government begging them to let me move there permanently. I'm reaching the point of being ready to renounce my American citizenship.

  • Leonie Brouwer
    Leonie Brouwer 5 months ago

    It's not frensh fries. It is just fries.. . You like the patatje oorlog
    But we can not call it that anymore becouse is means fries war.

  • Andre Janssen
    Andre Janssen 5 months ago

    Swallow the fish like a seagul


  • Tapiola666
    Tapiola666 5 months ago

    Dude you can chew the fucking haring. We are not savages.

  • Art B
    Art B 5 months ago

    leuke video !!!!!!!!!

  • Daan Jollie
    Daan Jollie 5 months ago

    You don't have to pay every where and not all places close at 6 pm

  • Don Coervers
    Don Coervers 5 months ago

    I see the video is 2 years old now, but have you been to the middle and the south of the Netherlands ? because people are different in each province of the Netherlands. In the South, where i come from there are more hills, its not that flat like in the rest of the country. I am glad that you like it here..

  • DammaRamma
    DammaRamma 5 months ago

    Its mindblowing how little Americans know about there own history

  • Johan v.Zeeventer.
    Johan v.Zeeventer. 5 months ago

    Goed uitgelegd.

  • Rebel The Pony
    Rebel The Pony 5 months ago

    I cant get it that you like it here so much.. i hate it i hate the netherlands

  • dodonl
    dodonl 5 months ago

    we are perceived to be greedy also good sales men there is a saying which is more like a joke (he would sell his own mother in law) i think some of us actual would if it was legal XD we tend to say what we think if you think we are telling you something straight ahead without sugarcoating it trust me we are already doing our best to sugarcoat it, also we love our beer and there is the Heineken camp who loves Heineken and usually would say thats the best and there is the anti Heineken camp who basically say Heineken is dish water and prefer hertogjan or bavaria or anything else instead

  • 10animallover10
    10animallover10 5 months ago

    Thank you for the compliments! Glad you liked it here :) I was kinda shocked when you said that in Las Vegas, people would probably laugh when someone fell of a bike. The person could need help, could have hurt themselves. It's only natural to help people when they fall. Yeah we have so many bikes here XD More that the amount f people actually XD
    And you are totally right, paying to go to the bathroom is what I too don't like. I mean, it is mostly too expensive. I know that they ask money because the public bathrooms are some peoples' work. They clean it for the public and I do find it only fair that they get some money for it in return, but it's gotten much more expensive. First it was like 25 or 50 cents, now 70 cents or even 1 euro..

  • J
    J 5 months ago

    I live in the netherlands & i LOVE how u talk about ur gf and mayo

  • Annemiek Van Norel
    Annemiek Van Norel 5 months ago

    you dont swallow the whole haring at once lol, you take bites out of it when you hold it like.. above your mouth

  • Bassie Adriaan
    Bassie Adriaan 5 months ago

    "Its like narnia here" lmao

  • ladali krapels
    ladali krapels 5 months ago

    its so funny to watch this as a dutch

  • No I don't
    No I don't 5 months ago

    How the heck are you out of water. O.o This guy doesn't have a faucet?

  • Michael Abbink
    Michael Abbink 5 months ago

    We got the best tap water

  • Michael Abbink
    Michael Abbink 5 months ago


  • Carina Van Loon
    Carina Van Loon 5 months ago

    Haring" do not swallow, but chew on it. A little bit weird but the taste is oke. I like your comment about dutch people. Yes we love our cheese and we grow up on a bike so thats a piece of cake.