Army explaining the meaning of I PURPLE YOU to jin

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
  • Jin: I purple you?
    Tae: Ha
    Jin: What‘s i purple you?
    Tae: Please explain its meaning to him
    ARMYS: I love you!
    Jin: I love you?
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  • Sassy MN
    Sassy MN  Year ago +106

    Jin: I purple you?
    Tae: Ha
    Jin: What‘s i purple you?
    Tae: Please explain its meaning to him
    ARMYS: I love you!
    Jin: I love you?

    • tae spoon
      tae spoon 8 months ago

      I know now what that meansss thaaannkszs

    • hchtae
      hchtae Year ago +1


      KIM TAEHYUNG aka BTS V Year ago +2

      Guys can someone tell me the link when tae said RAINBOW HAS 7 COLORS BECAUSE BTS HAS 7 MEMBERS

    • no soy nadie.
      no soy nadie. Year ago

      Thank you

  • Hiphop Dhiren Hiphop Dhiren

    Jungkook why are you caught that girl hand so much why hassss....😤😡😠

  • Abbigayle Philippe
    Abbigayle Philippe 7 months ago +4

    This is how Tae explains it: purple is the last color of the rainbow and purple means "a long time" so when we say "I purple u" we mean "I love u for a long time"

  • Kim Taejin12
    Kim Taejin12 11 months ago

    Taejin oppa

  • Dóri Jacs
    Dóri Jacs Year ago +14

    Literally a beautiful taejin moment 🙌💜

  • GallyiTravels
    GallyiTravels Year ago +17

    i always wondered why the fans are on their knees in front of them. I mean, i love BTS but i'm not gonna bend the knee in front of them just because they are superstars. They are humans and i am a human too. Is it a korean thing???

    • Heather Feather
      Heather Feather 6 months ago

      Nah I'm korean and it's just so your eye level and sitting in a chair would be bad cus you only meet for like 3 sec and then swich

    • Angie R
      Angie R 10 months ago +1

      It's so that they are at eye level with them and they don't block the view for other ARMYs but I've seen other variations where they are sitting on chairs. However, now they are simply making the table height higher so that they can be standing up and both comfortable for both BTS and ARMYs.

    • Newbie Kpop fans
      Newbie Kpop fans Year ago +2

      gallyi hahaha then try to stand up infront of that low table 😂

    • xKaruvi
      xKaruvi Year ago +7

      Well the tables are pretty low. Wouldn’t it be strange to just be looking down at them if you stand up? I’d prefer to be at eye level, that’s probably the reason they’re on their knees.

    • angel park
      angel park Year ago +19

      I think because they can be on an eye level and so that the armys behind can see them too i have never been to a fansign neither tho i have seen one that are the other armys sitting or what but i am pretty sure that our boys are really humble they wont do that to disrespect anyone so chill❤❤

  • metanoia
    metanoia Year ago +39

    I love how they still do meet and greet/fan signs, they really love ARMY.