The Unfortunate Truth About The Civil War


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  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 2 days ago

    Well done
    Accurate and clear, that’s been my issue with take down the flag. Too much rhetoric and not enough concise definition.
    The humor did fit ~ go Harry Potter!

  • Mason Poetry
    Mason Poetry 5 days ago

    Don't forget the Republican party was still rather new... in many southern states Abe wasn't even on the ballot because the party didn't have ballot access. Many southerns were peeved to have a new "radical" President that they literally did not have a choice to vote for. Their only options being the Democrats and what was left of the Whigs

  • Eddie Newby
    Eddie Newby 6 days ago


  • austin burtt
    austin burtt 6 days ago

    also Robert E. Lee didn't own slaves he inherited them and then freed them because he was against slavery, hmmmm seems to me this teacher sucks at looking stuff up, I bet he's a democrat he probably thinks that the kkk was founded by the republican party too lmao (it was actually the democrats founded by a confederate general Bedford Forrest :)

    • austin burtt
      austin burtt 4 days ago

      +RonPaulHatesBlacks he was against slavery but he wasn't an abolitionist, read an actual history book and look at lee's quotes, he freed all of his slaves, but he wasn't gonna free other people's slaves because it's their right to own slaves, also in the war lee,longstreet and stonewall jackson all wanted slavery to stop and they all knew it was gonna die of natural causes

    ALRIGHTY THEN 9 days ago

    2:40 “so now that we fully understand how the civil war started...” huh? How can you feel that you’ve completely informed your viewers on the cause of the civil war when you glossed over the whole thing? You may as well have said “ that we know everything that there is to know about the cause...”
    Stick to comedy Cracked.

  • Turd Launcher
    Turd Launcher 10 days ago

    Very cringey video but it did have some good information.

  • Karl666Smith
    Karl666Smith 11 days ago

    hate these #dumbstatement

  • Thomas Gilbert
    Thomas Gilbert 11 days ago

    For one when you say that the slaves here in America would have been better off in Africa is b******* because they were slaves to begin with in Africa they were sold by their King for spices and water and other trade goods not only that the Kings would occasionally eat those people and cannibalism rituals which was also known as West African voodoo where they take and create Creole which was taking over here in America and made into like a seafood stew or some crap button Africa Creole was where they took people and boil them alive and they'd still eat them while they were alive just half cooked screaming so yes they would have been better in Africa because we would have had a lot less dumb people like you

  • Jared Russo
    Jared Russo 15 days ago

    Read this and learn a little. Research it and learn a lot. Ya definitely don’t have all your history right but you made some good points and highlighted some much overlooked history. Do yourself a favor and read “The Real Lincoln” by Patrick Buchanan then make a video on how the war could have been avoided had Lincoln had any sense and not been a war monger who used military for to shut down news paper that disagreed in anyway, imprisoned the entire Maryland state legislature in Ft. Lafayette, had Generals (Sherman and Sheridan) who did much by the way of modern war crimes, just to touch on the top of the ice burg. Slavery in much of America was a terrible thing and absolutely needed to be abolished. However killing 100s of thousand of Americans was not the way to do it. A good first step would simply have been not enforcing the fugitive slave act. Ridiculous that a salve had to make it to Canada to be free. Research how William Wilberforce got the whole started in the first place. We weren’t the only ones practicing slavery.

  • Cluckery Duckery
    Cluckery Duckery 18 days ago

    Holy shit, there are a ton of crying little bitches in this comment section.

  • RCATBRE !!
    RCATBRE !! 23 days ago +1

    His research is crap

  • Swirler Shark-Dragon
    Swirler Shark-Dragon 25 days ago

    Peter Pettigrew was English, not American. Also, read another book!!

  • Elouan Cabrera
    Elouan Cabrera 28 days ago

    The flag you guys talking bout is not actually the real confederate flag btw

  • Elouan Cabrera
    Elouan Cabrera 28 days ago

    We should keep the statues I don’t like confederates but society should be allowed to keep their statues

  • Julian Baxter
    Julian Baxter Month ago

    union equals federalist as in not confedrates. As in the reason u do things like make money to pay rent or pay for ur car or to pay for groceries is so that u can keep working. Union needs numbers to win to keep things that way. we're all slaves and oddly enough the union didn't see color when it came to the slave monopoly thru a corrupt system that denies people the power to make the important decisions that matter and that really affect not only their lives but all future generations.

  • OhhhJimmyboy
    OhhhJimmyboy Month ago

    I don’t see the problem with segregation if black people want to have a black only establishment or Asians do or whites ...why can’t they? Isn’t it there right to do so? Why does everyone have to like everyone else ? I agree racism is Fukn stupid but isn’t it someone’s right to be racist? And if they have an establishment on private property then why can’t they have a black only or white only spot? I don’t get it ..I’m pretty retarted when it comes to things like this I said I think racism is a waste of energy but if some one wants to waste that energy then it’s their one right to do

  • OhhhJimmyboy
    OhhhJimmyboy Month ago

    This is the only black guy on earth who’s wife cucks him with a white guy

  • NaySay Network
    NaySay Network Month ago +1

    Democrats are the party of slavery.

    • NaySay Network
      NaySay Network Month ago

      +RonPaulHatesBlacks last one was the 60s. So my grandparents age. Most young people dont vote, which means grandparent age democrats still support slavery.
      Its all good yall losin anyway.

    • NaySay Network
      NaySay Network Month ago

      +RonPaulHatesBlacks umm. Party of slavery still stands.

  • John Leitaker
    John Leitaker Month ago

    wrong, Lincoln taxed the south at 90% that caused the war. Any black country in Africa is the most dangerous place on earth. Any black city in America is the most dangerous place in America. Doubt it? go stand on any street called MLK at night and get back to me.

  • LongRod's Game Emporium

    This was kinda cringey

  • Devo Zanzibar
    Devo Zanzibar Month ago

    As a partially Black man, I gotta agree with Robert E Lee.
    Modern tech/Capitalism > Jungles and Deserts

  • Mike Barksdale
    Mike Barksdale Month ago

    So, if what Robert E. Lee was wrong, let me ask you this: why didn't black Ugandans like yourself return back to Uganda to "chill by the beautiful lake"? I don't mean to be a smart ass here, but you know descendents of black slaves in America have gone on to have a better life than Africans. People vote with their feet. Are you in a hurry to return home to Tanzania or Uganda or Ethiopia where the birthrate for single women is in the 7.5 range, AIDS hoovers around 50% and where infant mortality is around 45 per 1000? As bad as blacks have it in America, yes, they are still immeasurably better off in America and anyone who tells you anything else is lying to you.
    Do we even need to mention the fact that, GULP, black kings were the ones who sold black slaves to whites? They sold debtors, political enemies and criminals as slaves. Yes, I'm sure you're just waiting to return home to Uganda because Los Angeles is just TOOOOOO racist for you. ROLLS EYES.
    I'm NOT justifying what Lee said, but don't try and act like you'd have been better off if you were born in an alternative universe without slavery to two poor Ugandan parents who lived in a shanty town instead of the old, racist, evil US of A. We both know that is a complete fucking lie.

    • Fan Wu
      Fan Wu Month ago

      +RonPaulHatesBlacks African tribes raped, killed, abused and enslaved each other in Africa, most would have been slaves anyways, regardless of living in Africa or the US. Also black americans on average clearly have a better live in the US than most black people in Africa. So to say, because their ancestors were slaves in the US now they are priviliged in compared to black africans.

  • Ulm Destroyer 101
    Ulm Destroyer 101 Month ago

    1:02 Fun Fact, Napoleon didn't declare war on 90% of Europe, 90% of Europe Declared War On Him.
    1:29 Not. At. All. Stop creating false stereotypes of southern slave owners. 1:45 {Wrong on the same topic}
    2:10 Too bad he was fucking wrong.
    2:32 Shut the fuck up.
    3:02 No, They didn't give a fuck about that.
    3:42 Too bad, for most of ya, IT'S FUCKING TRUE.
    4:44 No treason was committed. Legal Succession is NOT Treason
    6:06 You are acting like a that is a BAD thing to celebrate your history.
    6:36 Too bad one of three of them was actually a good person, but was mistreated.

  • Mark C.
    Mark C. Month ago

    Fact #1. You are very wrong. It wasn't the Louisiana Purchase but the Mexican-American War of 1845 which presented the problem for the spread of slavery. Do your homework.

  • J Tranter
    J Tranter Month ago

    Robert E Lee's father was Harry Lee AKA light horse Harryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy who fought in the American Revolution

  • Reggie Reg
    Reggie Reg Month ago

    How can it be the war of northern aggression if the South started it?

  • Cristhian José Samayoa Martínez

    Retired middle school teacher? Why? He's a good teacher

  • Zistheone2
    Zistheone2 Month ago

    Wait, I’ve cream existed in the 18th century?

  • Brynden Rivers
    Brynden Rivers Month ago

    As a middle school history teacher, I'm sure you're guilty of perpetuating some myths too

  • Xander
    Xander 2 months ago

    fuck, dude, you are racist!

  • Daniel Davidisson
    Daniel Davidisson 2 months ago

    Cool vid dude. Truth is truth

  • Garry
    Garry 2 months ago

    Ok, I got to 5:05 and stopped the video. No offense, but mixing slavery to racism is patently false. Why not also mention, at the very least, that there were white, black, Asian, Arab, South American, you name it, slaves and slave owners? Does the *truth* not support your bias?

    • Garry
      Garry 2 months ago

      +RonPaulHatesBlacks Get a real job, troll.

  • Gerald Armstrong
    Gerald Armstrong 2 months ago here is another one for you ... you should really think about the lyrics

  • Gerald Armstrong
    Gerald Armstrong 2 months ago dude your gonna hate Upchurch

  • William Perez
    William Perez 2 months ago

    3:43 Lee was right. Would you rather be a slave to a European or an African. Also europeans didn't kill each other all the time. In the long run, African Americans have benefited from slavery because the us is on the richest countries in the world while Africa has not one first world country economically. The Hard Truth, Ladies and Gentlemen.

  • Jody Sams
    Jody Sams 2 months ago

    Abe also said white man will always be superior to blacks so he was a racist that flag stays gone the wind is true not a lie and dont hate black but you dont like me flying csa flag go fuck yourself

  • Jody Sams
    Jody Sams 2 months ago

    He own no slaves your a dumbass
    General lee was a hero he willing lee surrender to save live of family im hunting you down

    • Cluckery Duckery
      Cluckery Duckery 18 days ago

      You're hunting him down? That's almost as fucking stupid as when you said Lee was a hero.

  • Jody Sams
    Jody Sams 2 months ago

    Lot of us love blacks

  • Jody Sams
    Jody Sams 2 months ago

    Wrong wrong wrong

  • Josh G
    Josh G 2 months ago

    "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it." We shouldn't go tearing down statues and monuments because we aren't mature enough to understand the history behind them. We need to know the truth, not repeat the past, and use these monuments as a reminder of how far we have come as a country. People are so offended and ill-informed, quick to jump to conclusions, and quick to destroy the symbols of things that have happened.

  • Robert McDowell
    Robert McDowell 2 months ago

    Why NOT then go back to Africa and bask in the paradise that you perceive it to be? What's wrong with admitting that you are better off now in America?

    • Robert McDowell
      Robert McDowell 2 months ago

      +RonPaulHatesBlacks I'm sorry "Ron Paul Hates Blacks"... YOU have NO right to imply that I have entirely missed ANYONE'S point! Your username alone implies that you are NOT a bastion of "fair mindedness"! I listened exactly to what this dude was crapping on about... and, to be fair, I even watched his TRASH again for a second time!
      I think that YOU miss the point of being an American! Try to be "uplifting" and NOT disjointing, like SOOO many hopeless imbeciles are doing these days.
      If you DON'T like the greatest country on Earth... carry your ass somewhere else!
      Quit trying to destroy the ONE true beacon on Earth... LOSERS!!!

  • Jordyn Alexis
    Jordyn Alexis 2 months ago

    That ad was engaging

  • mrdave2112
    mrdave2112 2 months ago

    It was not a civil war but a war for imperial federalism of the British Crown. Your history books will not illustrate that. Watch the video, pay your taxes, and for god sake use the dollar bill.

  • Roderick Shelton
    Roderick Shelton 2 months ago +1

    You are very indoctrinated... Not educated

  • Guilherme 01SS
    Guilherme 01SS 2 months ago

    There’s a some mistakes with this video. But I like the number 1, how he portrays Lincoln how he really is!

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels 3 months ago

    People should be outraged this guy is spreading so much wrong and stupid facts that make people think the United States is bad and their only allowed to spread lies thanks to the founding fathers.

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels 3 months ago

    Funny that their teaching people the civil war was about slaves.

    • Chris Daniels
      Chris Daniels 2 months ago

      RonPaulHatesBlacks where did u find that? Snopes? Wikipedia ? If u think Ron Paul Hates blacks your so mind fucked it’s ridiculous. Right now their changing are history to fit your brainwashed narrative. Look at a history book from this year to 20 years ago to 30 years ago. They teach that Germany surrendered in world war 2. Your full of shit and I feel sorry for you. Go tear down some
      More statues. If the south was that rich and half the people owned slaves the north would have been slaughtered in the civil war.

    • Chris Daniels
      Chris Daniels 2 months ago

      +RonPaulHatesBlacks that's because they would be bankrupt if their slaves were free'd. What percentage of people do you think owned a slave? 1% maybe 2%?

  • Major Truth
    Major Truth 3 months ago

    Treason???? LINCOLN was guilty of treason as defined by the Constitution, and no one else. This guy is so fos!

  • LoopKC
    LoopKC 3 months ago

    Lake Victoria in Uganda is beautiful but it’s one of the most dangerous lakes in the world

  • Justin Enright
    Justin Enright 3 months ago

    You never mentioned centralized banking, and what other countries were financially backing the north and the south. Cough cough* France and England. You didn't mention Robert E. Lee in the Union Army. Said he had prior experience, then said what? regon over country? You can't blame someone back then for beying loyal to where he if from. I'm sure he knew when he switched sides the odds were against him. Brothers killed brothers slaves and Natives fought for the south.
    You don't mention the dates that the majority of the statues were erected. That would have helped your case for post civil war racism.
    All in all I'd give you a C if this was an American history HS presentation. Green screen lighting was a tad off. ;) you have tons of potential! Get deeper, explore every angle, and keep having fun. I have me snorting jalapeno juice on my channel so if ya ever ain't got shit to do! ;) I'm just a Jayhawk from Kansas with Red Boots!

  • J Merck
    J Merck 3 months ago

    This was nothing more than an undercover racist remark video. I am all against slavery and racism but slavery was the best thing that happened to blacks, or would you rather be the potbelly kid with flies in his eyes on the commercial begging for just $.10 a day. American slavery was the best thing that happened to blacks...maybe not at the time but you wouldn't be where you are today without it

  • Frederik
    Frederik 3 months ago

    Fun fact: the money for the Louisiana Purchase was borrowed form a British bank.
    Quick remark tough: did Washington, Adams, Jefferson and the lot not choose region over country? So you're only a traitor if you lose your civil war?

    • Frederik
      Frederik 3 months ago

      For the xth time: I DO THINK IT IS WRONG. Just because I realise that people in the past didn't think so does not make me a racist!

    • Frederik
      Frederik 3 months ago

      There we are... Almost to the word identical even. I was almost beginning to wonder if you had gotten any sense for perspective

  • Dj Tapatio
    Dj Tapatio 3 months ago

    That son of a bitch nat turner killed the abolition movement in its cradle

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 3 months ago

    Yeah, because Uganda is such a peaceful wonderful place, with a thriving economy, stable government, a genocide free clean cities, and a quality of life that's unmatched by the western world.

  • Mondo Gonzo
    Mondo Gonzo 3 months ago

    Leftist even lie about history. Try doing a video on Albert Pike. He's the only confederate general in Washington DC with a statue and a memorial. Yeah.. I didn't think so. Your Master's master would never let that happen.
    Maybe you should focus on trying to get blacks to stop killing each other...on every continent on Earth throughout all of history.

  • rene L
    rene L 3 months ago

    Hmmm, never mentioned the bank of the confederacy, interesting.

  • Daniel Kirkman
    Daniel Kirkman 3 months ago

    Did you do any research or you just passing on stories
    I can see while you're no longer a history teacher you're very very bias and you only play to the fact that fit your needs

  • Josh Rick
    Josh Rick 4 months ago

    God this video sucks and you're so fucking annoying when you talk gaagaa.

  • StodOne
    StodOne 4 months ago

    if only slavery was a thing for a little more i bet that a lot of african americans wouldn't commit crime as much as they do now as they would have been trained how to live in a normal civil society i totally understood what that general wanted to say but you have to take everything out of context gee.
    Also how did confederation commit treason? As far as I know from trying to understand stupid americans explaining this shit a bunch of hillbillies with pitch forks won against soldiers so who was fighting who? To be honest i dont care about american history i dont even know why i am commenting here , compared to where I am from USA history is a joke in my opinion shouldn't be considered history yet.

  • Nate Bueche
    Nate Bueche 4 months ago

    Classic example of the winning side writing history. I'm pretty sure the south tried to succeed because they felt that the union States were gaining too much political power. Slavery was one of the factors in that war but I think it was more of a political war. You could argue that the south fought for slavery BUT the north didn't fight to end slavery, they fought to maintain Union control and to regain taxation of the Confederate states (Slave states). All that said I'm glad the union won because this country would be terrible if the south won.

  • Liza Tanzawa
    Liza Tanzawa 4 months ago

    TYVM, very informative!!

  • black rain938529
    black rain938529 4 months ago

    Robert E Lee freed half of his slaves as the civil war began, the former slaves found out what the north was doing to their slaves and most of the former slaves returned to the south to join the confederate army

  • Jeremy Cline
    Jeremy Cline 4 months ago +1

    Saying the word hashtag and just throwing out which terms to Google is no form of explanation.
    I am now dumber for having watched this.

  • Wylee elPuppo
    Wylee elPuppo 4 months ago

    I'm a homo.

  • F6FZeroKiller
    F6FZeroKiller 4 months ago

    Lol. The Civil War was about taxation without representation. Slavery was just a loop hole most people didn't care about at the time. Not to mention a lot of tribes weren't too happy about having to give up their own slaves from enemy tribes. It was a fucked up war and both sides had their reasons. It's a good thing the North won, though. Europe at the time wanted to retake certain territories and they were counting on our civil war to weaken us. However, after they saw how savage we were to each other, they changed their minds. Also... those statues need to be left alone. They are a part of American history. No one even gave a shit about them until politically backed groups were paid to "care".

  • Jeramee Quicksill
    Jeramee Quicksill 4 months ago

    Well you have a lot of good points; although, when you pat those who tear downs statues and monuments you destroy history. Those things happened, and it stands there as recognition of the horrors of the human condition, to tear them down further moves along the narrative of brainwashing and keeping the new generations in the dark about their own history. Fucking globalists amirite? Has anyone here ever seen the Georgia Guidestones? There is a lot to surmise from that monument, which nobody I've ever encountered likes to acknowledge. But 'muh mainstream news! but muh teleprompter preacher!'

  • Moxy O'Onyx
    Moxy O'Onyx 4 months ago


  • Agent Q
    Agent Q 4 months ago

    fuck this fuck this guy

  • Yankee Canivers
    Yankee Canivers 4 months ago

    Once you put the slavery issue I shut this off. Slavery is still going on in africa RIGHT NOW, but you choose to bring up the bad past. Stop the slavery going on now libya they are selling human's. Most of the slave were shipped to south america sold by arabs and warring black tribes no video on thatShame on you all

  • Jamie Penne
    Jamie Penne 4 months ago

    You also left out the fact that Democrats or the ones really pushing for racism up until the southern strategy put forth by the Republicans Andrea reason to leave it out just that it makes it less politically palatable

  • Jamie Penne
    Jamie Penne 4 months ago

    Overall pretty good but why leave out the fact that the South realize that they were going to lose political power if more States became non-slaveholding States. It doesn't do a lot to justify slavery but it might give more credibility to the idea of states rights. Overall I think it's still wrong but you seem to purposely leave it out because it makes it more complicated.

  • Weekend Viking
    Weekend Viking 4 months ago

    The statues were put up for the wrong reasons, and they’ve never been considered famous works of art so there is no loss there.

    • Fan Wu
      Fan Wu Month ago

      Better take down statues of George Washington down too, he was a slave owner and a traitor/Rebel to the crown.

  • Cole Capshaw
    Cole Capshaw 4 months ago


  • storminmormin14
    storminmormin14 5 months ago

    Should we have Benedict Arnold statues commemorating the accomplishments he achieved before becoming a turncoat?

  • K37
    K37 5 months ago

    The union offered Robert e lee a job. He turned it down

  • Danny Trantham
    Danny Trantham 5 months ago

    History is always written by the Victor. Either you know this and are fucking with me....or your very naive. Either way your a mediocre troll at best. Good luck. P.S. ......every culture owned slaves. Your all sheep.

    • Danny Trantham
      Danny Trantham 4 months ago

      +RonPaulHatesBlacks Idc bout jews, russians, germans. Im Italian kid. Mussolini bitch😂😂😂

  • Hobson Gaming
    Hobson Gaming 5 months ago

    What about the American revolution we were traitors but we built statues and buildings in their honor

  • Hobson Gaming
    Hobson Gaming 5 months ago

    No it’s history it has affected us all and all of Sudden it’s a big problem and some of them have been there for a hundred years(statues)

  • Keith Austin
    Keith Austin 5 months ago

    Bitch the Confederacy was around the same length of time someone is in highschool. This heritage stuff is bullshit.

  • Comrade Ash
    Comrade Ash 5 months ago

    My great-great-great-great grandfather freed his slaves before the war and used his inherited fortune to fund his own cavalry unit. He fought to protect South Carolina and rose to the rank of Lieutenant General. By the time the war ended some of his properties had been burned to the ground by Sherman and Grant's troops. He later became a senator and many of his supporters were former slaves.

  • MordanGeeman
    MordanGeeman 5 months ago

    The South was garbage during the civil war, but we shouldn't erase history to make people feel better. Creating a nation is dirty work and it is bound to have misteps, terrible events, and bad systems in place. Rome was not built in a day and neither was America. Slavery is an ugly part of our history but it isn't exclusive to our country and to be fair it shouldn't be held against folks who are alive today and never had a hand in it. We can all agree today that slavery is bad and that should be something that unites us instead of divides us. I'm not saying forget about the past, but dwelling on something bad that occurred 200 years ago between our ancestors shouldn't prevent us from getting along in modern times.

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      So, we should erect monuments to traitors? That doesn't make any sense.

  • Kazi Supreme
    Kazi Supreme 5 months ago

    Lol let's get the black guy to talk about slavery

  • the Christian communist

    I do think they should still have the statues maybe not in public but atleast in a museum because they are history, and it does matter. Or even just keep them where they were originally placed for people to decide if the statue has its own right to stay depending on which person it was made after. Instead of fights and riots.

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      The monuments aren't history, they are propaganda. You don't get context from a statue. Many of these monuments proclaim the CSA's fight for white supremacy as just and proper. They are a reminder for the white community to fight for their supremacist, and a reminder to the black community of their place. Not to mention, allowing monuments to traitors to stand just doesn't make sense.

  • James Edward Newell
    James Edward Newell 5 months ago


  • C K
    C K 5 months ago

    Why's your map blue in the north and red in the south? Should be flipped since the Democrats were predominantly FOR slavery while Republicans such as Former Pres. Lincoln were against it. The Republican Party was for abolishment, then afterwards when slavery was abolished and there was only segregation the democrats and republicans did a switcheroo and both parties sort of flipped their standards around.
    Also for those wondering, no, I don't consider myself a Demoncrat or a Republican. I believe we should have more tea party and independent representatives so there's less squabbling between the elephfats and A$$es. And more work being done.

  • Urban_Nation
    Urban_Nation 5 months ago

    Just saying, the left is creating reverse segregation

  • Regis Caruso
    Regis Caruso 5 months ago

    So why haven't they torn down any northern slave owner statues.

  • Regis Caruso
    Regis Caruso 5 months ago

    The well informed dude forgot to mention that General Lee, the Southern general freed his inherited slaves when he went off to war, whereas General Grant, the Northern general didn't free his bought slaves until after the war.

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      Lee didn't free those slaves until 1862. And he only did it because of a court order.

  • Steve Reynolds
    Steve Reynolds 5 months ago

    1:49 and stopped, can't listen to like, like, like, like, lol don't use this person ever again cracked

  • Jerry Herry
    Jerry Herry 5 months ago

    The way he talks is annoying, he talk quietly most of the time so I increase the sound, but than he yells PEW PEW and I loose hearing in my left ear. 👂

  • Jordan Reynolds
    Jordan Reynolds 5 months ago

    Nice video, totally agree but I would have to say that I do disagree with you on tearing down the statues because that was built back way long ago, and yes we all now know slavery is wrong but I feel we need to leave reminders like that to help us remember what a horrible mistake we made by thinking that one soul was worth less than another.

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      You don't build monuments to mistakes. No one is going to forget the Civil War because there isn't a monument to the CSA.

  • George Phillips
    George Phillips 5 months ago

    People want to take down statues and change state flags, but not the political party that want that wanted the expansion of Slavery to other states and start back to slave trade from Africa. If a change should be done the Democrat Party should change its name because of its deep roots in slavery.

    • George Phillips
      George Phillips 5 months ago

      I believe that politicians are not the answer we need in America. It's people helping one another, but sadly we as a nation we don't help our neighbors. We look at the color and size of a person,and not who they really are as a human being.

    • George Phillips
      George Phillips 5 months ago

      It still doesn't change their past. The Kansas Nebraska act and trying to pass run way slave laws and many other atrocities. True change is needed. History has a way of revealing the truth about all of our past.

  • Joe DiMaggio
    Joe DiMaggio 5 months ago

    This guys an idiot, you would fight for your country if a foreign army invaded it as well. If blacks weren't better off here why did your "Ugandan ancestors" immigrate here?

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      No. This isn't ancient Rome attacking some lost-to-time enemy, then demonized through their recording of events. We have mountains of documentation from that era. We know exactly what the South was saying and doing. We absolutely know their motivations. So, if you find expanding and ensuring the perpetuity of African chattel slavery noble, then that's your prerogative.

    • Joe DiMaggio
      Joe DiMaggio 5 months ago

      +Scott Ledridge history is on the side of the victors you say?

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      They may have considered the US Army to be foreign, but that doesn't mean they were right in their consideration.
      People have the right to rebel, but they have to win that rebellion. Our Revolution was illegal, but we won. The South's rebellion was illegal, and they lost. One was for a noble cause, the other was ignoble.

    • Joe DiMaggio
      Joe DiMaggio 5 months ago

      +Scott Ledridge to the CSA the US army was a "foreign" army..... People have the right to rebel, no?

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      The US wasn't a "foreign army". If the South didn't want a war, they shouldn't have rebelled and started a war.
      Immigration and slave trade are very different things.

  • Definitive Entertainment

    Cool video! Shitty presenter. Jokes fell flat, and he’s hard to understand. It’s like Kermit the frog whispering..

  • 1274627 26e66262
    1274627 26e66262 5 months ago

    If we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it, leave the monuments but ensure a plaque explains why they were wrong.

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      Who writes the explanation on the plaque?

  • Dylan Wilson
    Dylan Wilson 5 months ago

    Actually the civil war was not about racism it was about the yanks treating the south folk like shit so the revolted tyrannical government see this was the right they had

  • Afro
    Afro 5 months ago

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    II I__

  • johnnymcblaze
    johnnymcblaze 5 months ago

    Big government vs small independant state hood. The slavery issue was a smokescreen. Race hate and divide and conquer still serve this purpose. And the wheel turns.

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      That's why primary sources are so important when someone tries to dismiss what you say as a sweet lie. Whether one wants to accept the primary sources, they are what they are.

    • johnnymcblaze
      johnnymcblaze 5 months ago

      +Scott Ledridge People with take a sweet lie over a hard truth anyday.

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      They obviously liked what they heard.

    • johnnymcblaze
      johnnymcblaze 5 months ago

      +Scott Ledridge The words of a few brought to the ears of the many.

    • Scott Ledridge
      Scott Ledridge 5 months ago

      My point still stands. The secessionists were clear with their intent to expand and ensure the perpetuity of slavery. They published declarations of secession, speeches, etc... making their motivations very clear.

  • Crown the Raven 13
    Crown the Raven 13 5 months ago

    Thank you for clearing that up for me....let's face facts, the truth considered dangerous in the eyes of those who would benefit from a lie.

  • Brent Walls
    Brent Walls 5 months ago

    You have to comment on taxes one way or the other if your going to talk about why the civil war started at all