FUNNY Brain Teasers That Only The SMARTEST Can Answer | Riddles w/The Blonde Squad

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • Abby Wolfe
    Abby Wolfe 23 minutes ago

    Answer to last riddle:the table is set but it's night

  • Foxys and Freddys Show
    Foxys and Freddys Show 29 minutes ago


  • Milky_bean
    Milky_bean 29 minutes ago +1

    I Love your work

  • Erin Burns
    Erin Burns 47 minutes ago

    You are kicking the soccer ball with your foot that is why they call it foot ball

  • sarah baillie
    sarah baillie 50 minutes ago

    I don't sleep with my pjs

  • Carlos manuel Ortiz
    Carlos manuel Ortiz 57 minutes ago


  • Gacha Wolfie Lover
    Gacha Wolfie Lover 2 hours ago

    The stove is missing the levers

  • Marie Curie
    Marie Curie 2 hours ago

    How could it be night time with our stars but just with the moon?

  • Anna hamster
    Anna hamster 3 hours ago

    Dose lizy have a channel?

  • Emily Tait
    Emily Tait 3 hours ago

    I love you videos but what cuutchry do you live In

  • shanella nicdao
    shanella nicdao 3 hours ago

    I think I will name my turtle angel if it,s a girl
    And if it,s a boy I will name it angelo

  • Max Croll
    Max Croll 6 hours ago

    There are four burners and only three nobs.

  • abs dimaampao
    abs dimaampao 6 hours ago


  • Stacey D
    Stacey D 7 hours ago


  • Solo The Bunny
    Solo The Bunny 7 hours ago

    For the leftover sandwich I'm hungry

  • Aimee Chandler
    Aimee Chandler 8 hours ago

    I guessed all of the riddles

  • Arif Beg
    Arif Beg 9 hours ago

    There were 3dorr nobs

  • Joshua Lindsey
    Joshua Lindsey 10 hours ago


  • Joshua Lindsey
    Joshua Lindsey 10 hours ago

    That’s karma when she lifted the party or club OR SOMETHING .-.

  • SulamanPlaysGames
    SulamanPlaysGames 10 hours ago

    Sorry but that’s how that you supposed to spell “Oceania”

  • Nitika Ortiz
    Nitika Ortiz 10 hours ago

    Don't were pajamas only sometimes

  • Fallen Star
    Fallen Star 10 hours ago

    The pie has apple in it, not jelly or something
    Username: PurrLee

  • Jesse Searcy
    Jesse Searcy 13 hours ago

    I have a lot of 100 yeah

  • Peony Gaming
    Peony Gaming 13 hours ago

    The blonde squad is so smart ,smarter than anyone in the entire earth

  • Olivia Vargas
    Olivia Vargas 14 hours ago

    Is Zach really your bf

  • Selena Chay
    Selena Chay 14 hours ago

    I mean right

  • tanimara maldonado
    tanimara maldonado 15 hours ago

    I think I know bc in the floor is black and white and there is three of the color black and it is down if I win username: sofifi3579

  • Juliana Knight
    Juliana Knight 15 hours ago

    There are two types of names for ⚽️

  • AJ Buresh
    AJ Buresh 15 hours ago

    the spoon in the cup does not have a shadow

    • AJ Buresh
      AJ Buresh 15 hours ago

      my uuername is buresh26

  • mary mtz
    mary mtz 17 hours ago

    The spuon

  • Hilary Mendoza
    Hilary Mendoza 17 hours ago

    the other blue cup it don't have the spoon

  • Zerenity Polk
    Zerenity Polk 17 hours ago

    I think its the apples

  • psycho friends
    psycho friends 18 hours ago

    The pie

  • Elley Welch
    Elley Welch 18 hours ago

    dangmattsmith used your thumbnail in one of his videos.

  • ncool 9182
    ncool 9182 19 hours ago +1

    One question WHY DO PEOPLE WATCH YOUR VIDEOS. THEY'RE TRASH. GO WATCH FLAMINGO. honestly, u've just gotten worse since i left ur channel at like 200k. so... yea ur trash i hate ur vids. DISLIKE.

  • yngrid cuevas
    yngrid cuevas 19 hours ago

    I subscribed :D

  • Elizabeth Dorelus
    Elizabeth Dorelus 19 hours ago

    Zach made me laugh after my brother abused me and my ten-year-old brother I'm only 7 though

  • Raivyn Griffin
    Raivyn Griffin 20 hours ago

    One like to save lizzy

  • Kayla Voisine
    Kayla Voisine 22 hours ago

    The apples isn't with the pie username IPScrazyunicorn

  • Ximena Martinez
    Ximena Martinez 22 hours ago +1

    The oven is missing knobs

  • MIBRO5308
    MIBRO5308 22 hours ago +1

    Guys which one is more dumb lizzy ailx

  • Mark Colette
    Mark Colette 22 hours ago


  • Jade Pham
    Jade Pham 22 hours ago

    I love alex

  • Kimone Roth
    Kimone Roth 22 hours ago

    You don’t eat pie with a spoon 19:59 (I LOVE YOU ALEX ❤️❤️❤️

  • AnoushkaNair09
    AnoushkaNair09 22 hours ago

    in other countries soccer ball is actually called football

  • Eva Barbarino
    Eva Barbarino 23 hours ago

    Blown up the toilet lol

  • traceyyguzmann
    traceyyguzmann 23 hours ago +1

    Zach throwe that hamburger 🍔 outside it’s old

  • Margaret Patrick

    my name is maggi but it was spelled maggy

  • seji and xiyeng yang

    And the pie was on a bowl

  • seji and xiyeng yang

    Username is xiyengyang

  • seji and xiyeng yang

    There were 3 nobs on the oven

  • aliyah marano
    aliyah marano Day ago

    EW Zack pooed!I DONT mean to be MEAN I mean to be silly

  • areene erakoze
    areene erakoze Day ago

    No plates

  • Keira Cheeseman
    Keira Cheeseman Day ago +1

    I am like lizzy

  • Sience Lalenoh
    Sience Lalenoh Day ago

    I love you Bloond squad❤❤

  • Radha Persaud
    Radha Persaud Day ago

    The pie was left out although it is nighttime and it isn’t in the fridge or anything. My username is akonomes and I am a Boy not a girl

  • Xxgacha wolfieXx

    I litarelly died by zach😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤗

  • Vetshella Vh
    Vetshella Vh Day ago

    wait a minute... WHEREZ MEH TIEEEEE hey have you seen my tie Gacha kawaii Potato *.*

  • Jamee Cabungcal
    Jamee Cabungcal Day ago

    dude its the ring
    its missing

  • ima grill
    ima grill Day ago

    Who's older Lizzy or Alex please answer

  • Sydney White
    Sydney White Day ago +1


  • Rtba Abaas
    Rtba Abaas Day ago

    Well alex that was dumb bec ur just gunna kill your self like that but i love you vids

  • Shaylee Scott
    Shaylee Scott Day ago

    I don’t know if any body knew XD but 16:39 on purple hair girl look at her hand why is it a diff color?? XD

  • crazy XPgirl
    crazy XPgirl Day ago

    What i was to late it was 2 days ago and that was when i went to the dentist :(

  • Kailey Lam
    Kailey Lam Day ago

    No Edweed

  • Kailey Lam
    Kailey Lam Day ago


  • Kailey Lam
    Kailey Lam Day ago

    boy on the right

  • Kailey Lam
    Kailey Lam Day ago

    Malanie's Manager

  • Kailey Lam
    Kailey Lam Day ago


  • kirbe12
    kirbe12 Day ago

    the moon is closer then normal name kirbe11 im thanos