Apple Watch Series 4 Review: It's About Time!


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  • Cabadam
    Cabadam Day ago +1

    Does anyone know the 6:30 watch face?

    • sunnyrogue27
      sunnyrogue27 23 hours ago

      Cabadam It’s the Explorer watch face. Have a great day. :)

  • Joe #1
    Joe #1 Day ago

    What happens. If you fall on the watch?

  • drummer386
    drummer386 Day ago

    I have a question... can the Jaybird X3, and or X4, connect to the apple watch series 4?

  • Kabsati
    Kabsati Day ago +1

    The "Space Black Link Bracelet" price is equal the the watch price? WTFF

  • fofocho71
    fofocho71 Day ago +1

    I own almost every Apple product but in the case of Apple Watch I am holding on the buy until it gets the following specs that other models, including cheap Chinese have:
    1) Battery lasts 4-5 days
    2) Screen is always on (dimmed)
    3) It has round shape

  • K R
    K R 2 days ago

    I’m so fucking pissed off, after the new Apple Watch was released, actually, after I updated to that WatchOS 5 my battery on my Series 3 GPS is not lasting two days like before, now last just one day.
    And I bought it on June, so is brand new.

  • C R
    C R 2 days ago

    Instead of a 44mm size they should’ve had a 45mm size

  • Dimitris Kritsilis
    Dimitris Kritsilis 2 days ago

    OK, Marques, honest question: Have you noticed or heard if the Watch 4 glass face is less durable than the series 3?
    I swear to you, despite caring for it like it's a soap bubble, my month-old 4 has more micro-scratches on its face than a 3 that's been through a year of workouts and accidental contact with things.
    I'm concerned that part of the Watch's radical redesign was gimping the material quality to cut costs. Wouldn't be the first time Apple did that :(

  • ghn
    ghn 2 days ago

    Can I play my music from my iPhone to the watch?

  • Blob Gobber
    Blob Gobber 2 days ago +1

    Why do you have the Apple Watch on your right hand?

  • Johnny Car
    Johnny Car 2 days ago

    YEAY can use the same bands!

  • Vannara Meas
    Vannara Meas 3 days ago

    Should apple make a circular watch?

  • Julien Lindauer
    Julien Lindauer 3 days ago +2

    You forgot the haptic digital crown ! ⌚️

  • Cole
    Cole 3 days ago

    What do you think about the Oura Ring for sleep tracking?

  • Matthew S
    Matthew S 4 days ago

    Best fitness watch.
    Cue Garmin users screams. Not disagreeing its better for most and a way better health watch though

  • Joel Joseph
    Joel Joseph 5 days ago

    What's the Scar on your hand....?

  • Wazowski Mike
    Wazowski Mike 5 days ago

    what left you with the scars on your right hand 😱

  • Joao Pedro Luz
    Joao Pedro Luz 5 days ago

    you're the best tech Channel on YT today by far, keep up with the good work!!

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner 6 days ago

    Next: Apple ring

  • Peter Kassis Akal
    Peter Kassis Akal 6 days ago

    How much did Cheerios pay you to include a box in the background?

  • T. Anderson
    T. Anderson 6 days ago

    I got one today, and I’m disappointed that the mail, messages and phone complications don’t work on the infograph or infograph modular. That’s a huge letdown.

  • Eryk Nowak
    Eryk Nowak 7 days ago

    What size is he using?

  • LA Traveler
    LA Traveler 7 days ago

    Remove Cooks balls from throat. You are crazy. The Gear # has AOD and blows the apple watch away! Its no coincidence Samsung had the talk feature first, AOD first, better display first...ect. ect. Youve been doing this long enough to not have to try and not piss apple off. Leo LaPorte has been doing it much longer and could care less if he pisses them off. Come on not saying its not good...but by a LONG SHOT? Really? Stop sniffing the apple glue.

    • Frank
      Frank 4 days ago

      Galaxy watch is an android toy.Nobody cares avout tizen os

  • Maggie Mo
    Maggie Mo 7 days ago

    Wait-so should I get the series 4 or stick to my series 3? Also..he said he carries an iPhone..does that mean he doesn't use one?

  • dr 70194
    dr 70194 7 days ago

    You say thıs ıs apple watch revıew? Or Design overvıew

  • Brian McCollum
    Brian McCollum 7 days ago

    Always on display and I would absolutely jump on the Apple watch ship. I can't tell you how many times a day I glance down at my S3 Frontier without flicking my wrist to see all the on screen data. Sometimes I just want to glance and know what time it is.

  • Jess Merrill
    Jess Merrill 7 days ago

    Great review. Thank you. !!!

  • ItzTm
    ItzTm 8 days ago

    Can someone help me decide.. should I get a PlayStation vr or an Apple Watch

  • Savag4Soul
    Savag4Soul 8 days ago

    Hi pls review huawei gt watch

  • iAppleAddict
    iAppleAddict 8 days ago

    7:10 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sudipta Mukherjee
    Sudipta Mukherjee 9 days ago

    Hey can I use it with a Samsung phone

  • syracuse orangemen
    syracuse orangemen 10 days ago +13

    If I buy this will girls like me?

    • Jose Cuevas
      Jose Cuevas 6 days ago +2

      Gold diggers will

    • Maggie Mo
      Maggie Mo 7 days ago +1

      No. I bought an apple watch for my partner and they didn't even open it for like 6 months!! They used it for like 2 months..and now..I never see them with it anymore..

    • Nikdagoat
      Nikdagoat 8 days ago +6

      syracuse orangemen if u give them the watch yeah they will but only for a little bit

    • Timothy L
      Timothy L 9 days ago +1

      Nothing can fix that bud

  • Jesse Powis
    Jesse Powis 10 days ago

    Really very helpful, thanks

  • Roasted
    Roasted 10 days ago

    Would i be allowed this in school (England)

  • Charles Morrison
    Charles Morrison 10 days ago

    Thanks for the great review

  • greenhavennn
    greenhavennn 11 days ago

    OUCH!!! Mr Brownlee's comment at 6:35 is really stinging! I'm one of those "old people" he's referring to. In all honesty, I just ordered the new S4 because I love the technology and looks. NO, I'll never use the Walkie-Talkie feature, but I love the fact it now will have ECG incorporated into it, as I have heart disease and it might come in handy during my workouts or lengthy hikes. an aging Baby Boomer, gotta admit that it's painful to hear these "old people" comments. Karma's a bitch. I used to make those same comments when I was in my 20's. LOL.
    I still love your reviews, Mr Brownlee. Always beautifully produced!

  • Xmanant 03
    Xmanant 03 11 days ago

    I just got my Apple watch series 4 yesterday and it is amazing watch !!!

  • ThePalsofFire
    ThePalsofFire 11 days ago

    Should I get the the series 3 or 4?

  • Hueco
    Hueco 11 days ago

    Wow,you are amazing man

  • Andrew Hartawan Wijaya

    Can the Nike version used with normal apple watch face like the standard version?

  • White knuckle Racer
    White knuckle Racer 11 days ago

    What’s the difference between gps or the cellular

  • D Kay
    D Kay 12 days ago

    Why do u talk like a white man chocolate man?

    • D Kay
      D Kay 10 days ago

      Sleekbog 23 nice ebonics nigga..that’s more like it!

    • Sleekbog 23
      Sleekbog 23 11 days ago


  • Sal
    Sal 12 days ago

    I'm not hating but am I the only one bothered by how he's wearing it in his right hand? Sorry if I appear to be weird.

  • Terrence Klaverweide
    Terrence Klaverweide 12 days ago

    Great stitching dude. Who was your doc? Michael J Fox?

  • Parsa Rathernotsay
    Parsa Rathernotsay 12 days ago

    As a watch nerd, I still can't buy smart watches simply because a disposable watch(especially so with smartwatches, because even if they don't break you're gonna want to upgrade to the new model) that you need to charge constantly is not something I would buy. I buy a watch as something that A: is built nice and B: will last years, decades, or even generations. Heritage is a plus. Smart watches have none of that for me.
    The safety features are really awesome though, I can't deny that.

  • Blaj Eduard
    Blaj Eduard 12 days ago

    Square watches? It's a joke, it's like driving on square wheels. I prefer Samsung watch , battery life 4days, super saving mode more than 40day battery life. And it looks like a real watch

    • Blaj Eduard
      Blaj Eduard 11 days ago

      +Sleekbog 23 note 9 here too

    • Sleekbog 23
      Sleekbog 23 11 days ago +1

      Lmao u left the apple ecosystem cus I was tired of being locked
      But if I could connect this watch to my galaxy note 9 I would
      The galaxy watch is good but besides battery, the Apple Watch is just better

  • Echo
    Echo 13 days ago

    You forgot to mention its waterproof up to 5atm.

  • muaxam Sayyid
    muaxam Sayyid 13 days ago

    Your videos is useless no HD
    No subtitles ,it lack lenses

  • Walid Soueidy
    Walid Soueidy 13 days ago

    Thank you and bless you

  • Melvin
    Melvin 13 days ago

    That scar on your hand looks super dope though. Right out of a movie

  • mukund kaul
    mukund kaul 13 days ago

    Watch day is coming back

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 days ago +4

    Dream Apple Set Up with Innovation- ipad Pro with Mac OS and mouse support. Apple watch that doesn't need to have a phone. That has a Google quality siri. That can make phone calls and face time. Add in some airpods with better audio and high quality mic. No need for a phone or laptop. If apple does this I will pay anything. Oh and one more thing. I want a glowing apple logo with the shiny OG black apple paint.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 7 days ago +1

      +Maggie Mo ipad pro with glow

    • Maggie Mo
      Maggie Mo 7 days ago

      glowing apple logo where? As a face on the Apple Watch?

  • Mohamed Kaba
    Mohamed Kaba 13 days ago

    The intro is 🔥🔥🔥

  • bharat grover
    bharat grover 14 days ago

    but for construction worker it will be way more expensive :-)

  • Siddhant Rath
    Siddhant Rath 14 days ago

    wicked cool intro.

  • Tomas Krynsky
    Tomas Krynsky 14 days ago

    Two questions, are you left handed? I noticed you're wearing the watch on your right hand. Any issues with that? Also how many millimeters is your wrist? You've got the 44mm watch in the video right? Looks very proportional on you, not sure how my wrist size compares

  • Manish Mahanti
    Manish Mahanti 14 days ago

    I live far away from my mum. She is a heart patient. Definitely getting this for her. ECG feature is so important. And fall alert.
    Rest all features will give her enough to be busy fidgeting.... =)

  • Emil Dahl
    Emil Dahl 15 days ago

    6:40 Sure, if the watch doesn't brake of the fall. Remember, it's glass and made by Apple.

  • skkane
    skkane 15 days ago

    Fuk that shit id rather get a hautemars piquet

  • Pmike404
    Pmike404 15 days ago

    I’m happy enough with my Series 1 Apple Watch. If Apple ever makes a circular watch I’ll buy that immediately. But until then I don’t really see the need to upgrade since my series 1 does everything I need.

  • M. S. Rainey
    M. S. Rainey 15 days ago

    Put the auto sleep app on it. It tracks your sleep and gives a lot of details. I love it.

  • Ratan Khalsa
    Ratan Khalsa 15 days ago

    Hey Marques, could you possibly review the Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch?

  • Darren zanderS
    Darren zanderS 16 days ago

    He’s so white for being black

  • Iona
    Iona 16 days ago

    You’re a LEFTIE

  • SBC Productions
    SBC Productions 17 days ago

    Amazing!!! I love Apple Watch just got my first one this year because last year I was convinced to wait for series 4

  • cPrxyz
    cPrxyz 17 days ago +11

    I bought уеstеrday іn a verу good prісе herе: *vdіgitаl. іnfо*

  • SEAN L
    SEAN L 18 days ago

    There is something else about a black guy talking peacefully that's so soothing and calming!

  • Vijay Rojra
    Vijay Rojra 18 days ago

    Can you explain the Difference between standard and Nike+ version as well

  • Raphael Rowe
    Raphael Rowe 18 days ago

    "Inside The Worlds Toughest Prisons" now on Netflix!

  • Mahmood Shuvo
    Mahmood Shuvo 18 days ago


  • Mahmood Shuvo
    Mahmood Shuvo 18 days ago


  • Chanaka . D
    Chanaka . D 19 days ago


  • gaming videos
    gaming videos 19 days ago +2

    No notch needed

  • Jacob Shelton
    Jacob Shelton 19 days ago

    If you corrected the orientation of the watch, you could use the dial without covering up half the watch while doing so. Just a thought.

  • Umbrace Titan
    Umbrace Titan 20 days ago

    I like the Samsung watches but the way apple curves the watch makes it look soo premium

  • S.
    S. 20 days ago

    I'm left handed so I have my watch on my right arm also..... but why dont you flip around the watch so the crown is on the left side of the watch? It looked so awkward seeing you rotate the crown 5:13

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 20 days ago

    Articulate, informative and an overall great video! Thanks!

  • Reptipetology
    Reptipetology 21 day ago

    Samsung Galaxy Watch please bro

  • Abdullah Salem
    Abdullah Salem 21 day ago

    wts the scar 4:20

  • Ivan ?
    Ivan ? 21 day ago

    What's the introo edm? Soo dopeeee

  • Josh LMBT
    Josh LMBT 21 day ago

    The dogs leach😡

  • The1&Only KiaFOH
    The1&Only KiaFOH 22 days ago

    Is it not water proof⁉️

  • Matthew Gerrish
    Matthew Gerrish 22 days ago

    Thanks man, best review I've found. Finally, I'm sold.

  • the.mighty.kyuss
    the.mighty.kyuss 22 days ago

    If just looks terrible though. I gotta admit some of the features are cool. But it straight up looks awful.

  • Pranav Raghavan
    Pranav Raghavan 22 days ago

    make another watch video

  • Dz transports Inc
    Dz transports Inc 23 days ago

    Great content

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 23 days ago

    Noooooooope. I won’t buy a device that will keep me locked into this ecosystem. Nooooooooope i won’t buy a device that will make me use my shiny new XR any less.

    ANTHONYinCALI 23 days ago

    The fact that it's not circular immediately eliminates it from 'best smartwatches' for me

  • Arunpreet Singh
    Arunpreet Singh 23 days ago

    have been using a standard digital watch but now I am planning to get an apple watch. How comfortable is it to wear on a daily basis?

  • Tristan Jackson
    Tristan Jackson 23 days ago

    That forearm need some cream dog looking a little ashy

  • Ayush Patel
    Ayush Patel 23 days ago

    I'm debating which color to get. Black or Silver?

  • Rafaelia Stavrinidou
    Rafaelia Stavrinidou 24 days ago +3

    Does it work with a galaxy phone?

    • Waldemar Agostini
      Waldemar Agostini 19 days ago

      It will not at all

    • Jose TV
      Jose TV 21 day ago

      A lot of the apps won't be compatible with the apple watch if you're using a Android. I'd suggest the gear s3 fronteir or the classic to sync with your phone.

    • Matthew Austin
      Matthew Austin 22 days ago

      Why would it

  • Melo Dee
    Melo Dee 24 days ago

    The question is can you use an apple watch with an android phone?

  • Mc Tamufil
    Mc Tamufil 24 days ago

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  • Alexis Delgado
    Alexis Delgado 24 days ago

    Me want.

  • miguel garza
    miguel garza 24 days ago

    If fossil could be in that standered that would be 💯

  • ChaKay Chin
    ChaKay Chin 24 days ago

    Finally the youtuber who doesn't need it to go to 10 min

  • amsn28
    amsn28 24 days ago

    Have you had time to review the GPS capabilities of the apple watch?

  • timinno
    timinno 24 days ago

    I wear my Apple Watch on my right wrist and I've set it so the crown is on the left side which makes operating it easier. Curious as to why you haven't.

  • Dblood85
    Dblood85 25 days ago

    The reason they don’t come out with everything, is so they can come out with it on the next generation and us to spend more $$$ for the latest one!