Lindsay Lohan Talks ‘Beach House’ And Her Mentor, Oprah | TODAY


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  • Nicholas R Fant
    Nicholas R Fant 3 days ago

    I need to say, I killed squid for her and everyone, started writing and inventing and stocks for her, and my family call it just schizo now, and no injuries!? I love Lindsay like an estranged wife. #herbieshomeneeded

  • Lalhmu Dika
    Lalhmu Dika 5 days ago

    What does she mean.the show is all about

  • zosai88
    zosai88 5 days ago

    Hope shes really back for good.

  • Karl M
    Karl M 6 days ago

    I wish LiLo the best in her new endeavor. Amanda Bynes too. I mean, both - along with Hilary Duff and the Olsen twins of course - are part of my childhood/tween/teen/young adult years and it's sad to see them fall off the rails but they are doing good now. BTW I hope today's young female celebs (I'm looking at you, Lili Reinhart, Sadie Stanley, Madelaine Petsch, Bailee Madison, Camila Mendes, G Hannelius and Sofia Carson) will be careful in navigating Hollywood fame and they should avoid alcohol, bad drugs and smoking so that they won't end up like LiLo or Amanda.

  • Jasmine Shelton
    Jasmine Shelton 6 days ago

    I genuinely do feel sorry for her upbringing; it's proof that fame and fortune truly cannot bring you happiness in the end.

  • First Last
    First Last 13 days ago

    No one cares, Except the Saudis she is banging

  • lucia 28
    lucia 28 19 days ago

    You can still here a hint of an accent

  • So Fresh
    So Fresh 23 days ago

    She can't even move her face.

  • heriberto Camarillo
    heriberto Camarillo 23 days ago

    Love her 😘😘

  • Gigi Gigi
    Gigi Gigi 27 days ago

    Definitely the Facial Injections made Lohan to look older...her natural thin face was just gorgeous...every women that goes to Facial Injections look alike.

  • Gigi Gigi
    Gigi Gigi 27 days ago

    Without doubt, she is an Excellent Actress.

  • froboy21
    froboy21 Month ago

    Un viernes de locos ❤

  • Lana Lace
    Lana Lace Month ago

    I'd love to see what she'd look like without the botox and lip filler. Right now she looks terrible. I love her, but that's so ugly. Really aged her. She was so pretty in Mean girls.

  • Z V
    Z V Month ago +7

    I don't have a clue what it must be like to grow up in a toxic industry in the public eye but I do admire anymore who has the courage to stay alive, get up, dress up, show up and try to better their life!

    • Karl M
      Karl M 6 days ago

      Z V John Cusack said in 2014 that Hollywood today eats and spits young actors out.

  • Shellz Zabat
    Shellz Zabat Month ago

    I want Hoda and Jenna to go do a segment in Mykonos.

  • axe6651
    axe6651 Month ago +1

    She looks fat

  • Chanel Coco
    Chanel Coco Month ago

    I can never take her seriously- whenever I see her face all I can think of is her “Derka Derka Jihad” type Arabian accent when she tried to kidnap those two Arabian boys and the mother pushed her over and I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die 😂

  • michelle ca
    michelle ca Month ago

    Her makeup is flawless!

  • Jonathan Tuitasi
    Jonathan Tuitasi Month ago

    You got this girl!!

  • Adiradam
    Adiradam Month ago

    Love her she is a strong woman 😘

  • Little miss Sunshine

    Oh come on guys. Theres a lot of singers/actress who’s been hooked up with drugs for a long time and still is slaying the beauty game.

  • Chinitaqueenaj
    Chinitaqueenaj Month ago

    Love her interview look. So natural! Admire u Lindsey been watching your show over and over. I hope you continued this new era of your life :) I'm a fan

  • Emmy Leigh
    Emmy Leigh Month ago

    Let me see if I've got this right .... a severe alcoholic and drug addict has opened a what now??? And everyone is tons younger than her? HOLLYweird has found someone else yet to try to cash in. Lohan doesn't have ANY come backs in her ......... it's like trying to give a wino a flea bath. Seriously .... Hollywood is pathetic !! Geeeezzzz !

  • uglylife
    uglylife Month ago

    What's up with the comments saying she looks 50 or 60? she doesn't--not even close. She doesn't have any visable wrinkles. I would say that partying, drugs, and the trauma she's been through have aged her, but not a whole lot. She looks 35 when she should look closer to 30. She's still beautiful and I'm proud of her.

  • Mecikar Abderraouf
    Mecikar Abderraouf Month ago

    Stella Dalglish is my love. Scotland 🔵💙 wish the best lohan , but honestly without me . Never , and don't be stupids all... I love your songs just , so be careful , and good luck.🚮

  • Lisa
    Lisa Month ago

    Lisa Vanderpump in the making

  • Memnarch Planeswalker

    I wonder how she feels about Emma Stone having the career she ruined.

  • NytroNick
    NytroNick Month ago


  • Bailey110489
    Bailey110489 Month ago

    This is so awkwArd

  • DJScratkherzOriginal No.925

    Do u have any Pink?

  • DJScratkherzOriginal No.925

    I’m from Africa.:)

  • DJScratkherzOriginal No.925

    So fetch

  • purple tea
    purple tea Month ago +4

    Wow she turned her life around!!! Good job lindsay!!!

  • Leah Jordan
    Leah Jordan Month ago +2

    I freakin love Lindsay! I can't help it lol!

  • phackdaphish
    phackdaphish Month ago +4

    She's a PHOENIX...rising from the ashes!!! She's overcome so much throughout the years and here she is being BOSS!!! I don't I think I have ever had a guilty pleasure until I saw the first episode of "Beach Club" was the next video that played on my TVclip and I just sat down and watched it and I love it!!!

  • Marco Miraflor
    Marco Miraflor Month ago

    Lindsay lindsay lindsay my love ♥

  • HenryUp!
    HenryUp! Month ago

    Omg she looks so good in this interview!!

  • shqipe L
    shqipe L Month ago

    Lindsay Lohan is a washed up actress

  • Alberto Rubio tirado

    She dose not look like lindsay any more

  • Dr. Josh Axe
    Dr. Josh Axe Month ago

    I hope she finds true happiness eventually

  • universe amor
    universe amor Month ago

    i love her

  • Tramaine Campbell
    Tramaine Campbell Month ago

    God bless her I'm glad she's back

  • Yesid Mejia
    Yesid Mejia Month ago

    So beautiful! 😍✨

  • santa gurl
    santa gurl Month ago +3

    I’m like watching any new clips or interviews of Lindsay 👍👍😍 I miss her so much she’s the perfect iconic IT girl 👍👍👏👏😱😱😘😘

  • Nicholas Bennett
    Nicholas Bennett Month ago

    I’m so happy for her

  • Marcus Motamedi
    Marcus Motamedi Month ago


  • Ryan Shelby
    Ryan Shelby Month ago +1

    Ugh. She needs to break away from that environment immediately. She’s hanging around superficial, greedy people. The energy is not serving her

  • Don C
    Don C Month ago

    Today is so yesterday.

  • James Trout
    James Trout Month ago +2

    She seems happier and more put together than she has in years. Hopefully she keeps up the good work!

  • Miss Youtubebe
    Miss Youtubebe Month ago

    She and Britney survived. Happy for them.

  • theodorakisedu
    theodorakisedu Month ago

    B*tch club! Lol

  • erin davison
    erin davison Month ago

    So annoying how they guided the interview, clearly the title of the video was written before the interview was even filmed

  • Bob Escabar
    Bob Escabar Month ago

    I Really want a Mean Girls reunion with the original cast

  • Bob Escabar
    Bob Escabar Month ago

    I really want a mean girls reunion with the original cast

  • Shaun O'Rourke
    Shaun O'Rourke Month ago +4

    2nd's all about redemption. She deserves a come back.

  • Lo Pereira
    Lo Pereira Month ago +2

    She looks so healthy! 😍

  • salvatore zapparata

    Lindsay BRAVISSIMA

  • V K
    V K Month ago

    I'll always be rooting for you Lindsay ❤

  • Amelia Evans
    Amelia Evans Month ago

    She has made mistakes and she is a survivor of the vices that grip a person in vulnerable situations.
    She's not looking for sympathy she's looking to get on with her life.
    I love her vulnerability and realness. She's been through and is still going through it.
    You can do it girl xxxx

  • Sluga Bunny
    Sluga Bunny Month ago +1

    stop hanging out with bill and oprah and you might be ok..
    you still look very sad... I love the show

  • Lance Lansdale
    Lance Lansdale Month ago

    Lol didn't she have a mix of like 20 accents going on a little while back because she was "learning new languages" and the dialects were rubbing off on her? Did that just magically go away?

  • Tiaan Burger
    Tiaan Burger Month ago +2

    She looks like the old Lindsay, I think she looks amazing, looks present

  • Littleblacklawyergerman Blakgerman

    Poor little GIRL. looks 50.

  • THE Moriah Catherine

    I just love her! I'm glad LL is back baby!😆

  • Tylek Butts
    Tylek Butts Month ago

    She looks 50 😳

  • AnimeGirl 8792
    AnimeGirl 8792 Month ago

    Ok one interview I see that her makeup look so natural and not muddy.

  • debrak04
    debrak04 Month ago

    Something is off with her face

  • Mandy M
    Mandy M Month ago

    Good for her!!! You go girl!! ❤️❤️

  • Mariela Lerado
    Mariela Lerado Month ago +7

    I’m so proud of her!
    Yes, she’s been through a lot and made mistakes, but she’s trying to change that!
    Keep going, Lindsay!!

  • modarXmodar
    modarXmodar Month ago +1

    I like how shy she is, Lindsay is cute... I know there is probably no hope for a new movie but I really miss her awkward acting

  • gatuna86
    gatuna86 Month ago

    she is 32 and she looks 42

  • Rachelle Drake
    Rachelle Drake Month ago +2

    Praying for her rise and her healing even though she has displayed entitled tendencies. I think betrayal, loss and mistakes have really impacted and humbled her, though.

  • Josxyz74vvTV
    Josxyz74vvTV Month ago +1

    She looks better than she has in years she looks more like how she looked in the parent trap just as an adult.

  • Womens Whork
    Womens Whork Month ago

    She looks good to me

  • maria alejandra Mercado

    She has learned a lot from horribles situations... i think she is someone to learn from

  • A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice

    I don't think she runs those clubs herself nor that she is an owner.

  • AA
    AA Month ago +1

    0:20 When she looked the best. I don’t recognize her face nowadays

  • happy feet
    happy feet Month ago

    Am so happy to see her back. Still the teenage queen to me

  • Eddie Stephen
    Eddie Stephen Month ago

    Ive always have loved her. My heart goes out for these ladies who needed help and instead were probed and made fun of. I'm in full support of them. Go Lindsey. You look fab dahhhling.

  • Kate O
    Kate O Month ago

    Lindsay will be alright. She's a survivor... a very wealthy survivor and still rising.

  • Sophia’s Vlogs
    Sophia’s Vlogs Month ago

    Glad she’s back. I hope she will do well.

  • Angelgurl2
    Angelgurl2 Month ago

    Surprisingly she looks healthy, but still sad aura

  • henrik echers
    henrik echers Month ago

    LOve you Lindsay. Hope all the best sweetie.

  • majorxdf
    majorxdf Month ago +1

    Drugs are bad, m'kay.

  • jewel and friends
    jewel and friends Month ago

    I hope this is for the better in the long run. She been through alot

  • Tommaso Urbisci
    Tommaso Urbisci Month ago +6

    get back in television.............but she's always been a movie actress.

  • Sandra Rhodes
    Sandra Rhodes Month ago

    Get a haircut long hair doesnt look good on you anymore !

  • Sandra Rhodes
    Sandra Rhodes Month ago

    Why did lyndsey change her apperance to do the elizabeth taylor movie she was such a pretty girl now shes had to much plastic surgery and lip filler

  • Nick j
    Nick j Month ago +1

    So she is an alcoholic drug addict in recovery and opens up a chain of night clubs for the rich white people mostly. This isnt going to end well. What kind of contribution to society is that. If i had money and status that would be the last thing i would do. How about a chain of nice shelters for woman and children. How about gyms and youth programs threw out every small town in America so the teens can have a healthy place to hang and do good stuff instead of getting into drugs. OH how about rehabs for low income to no income young adults. Please an f in night club for the filthy rich, i can see all the snow in the bathrooms already.

  • Venice Waves
    Venice Waves Month ago

    clicked this because I thought it was my favorite band 'Beach House'. dammit.

  • Turbo Gav
    Turbo Gav Month ago

    Probably the most boring interview ever. She should go back to the children stealing show she did, that was good.

  • C M
    C M Month ago +1

    I feel like she ended up turning into a Tara Reid.

  • ginasutube
    ginasutube Month ago +22

    Lindsay, no matter what, know that many good people want nothing but success & happiness for your dear. let all the negativity roll off your back. also perhaps consider filling some spare time or making time to visit colleges or high schools to give your words of wisdom to the young girls who most certainly will encounter challenges you can help, to prevent the worst. it will in turn be amazing therapy for yourself as a bonus. this would give you the good press & a real sweet in your face to the negative Nellie reporters out there.
    I wish you had a reality show where you helped prevent others from making mistakes.... or a simple journey of using your lessons to strengthen others SOMEhow. something that keeps you busy, excited, gratified & letting people see a side to yourself not even you knew was there until it unfolded naturally. you know, when God can use you, there's nothing bigger or greater. sometimes it's not what you're currently focusing on nor having imagined.

    • Anthony Grant 2.0
      Anthony Grant 2.0 Month ago

      Who appointed you guru? That was about as softball an interview as they come.

  • Birthtuba
    Birthtuba Month ago

    peace&wisdom to everyone there through the deep darkness of trump.trump is destruction/lawless failure like hitler the racist liar

  • Birthtuba
    Birthtuba Month ago

    beach blanket bingo

  • Anfooey Fooey
    Anfooey Fooey Month ago

    Lindsay was cute til plastic surgery took over her face.

  • Charly Liam
    Charly Liam Month ago +4

    These women are so shrill.

  • Rachel
    Rachel Month ago +6

    I have to say she’s looking much better than what I remember a few years ago. Seems she’s grown up a lot.

  • Bobbi Bouchea
    Bobbi Bouchea Month ago

    Glad she's back lol

  • Connor Malbeuf
    Connor Malbeuf Month ago +48

    She is very poised. Great interview.